Tycho unwinds with ethereal EP, ‘Stress’

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Tycho unwinds with ethereal EP, ‘Stress’Tycho 1

Tycho has unveiled his newest EP, Stress, in all its atmospheric glory via Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune. A master of ambient textures, the Epoch producer delivered his fifth studio album Weather earlier this summer in a compelling vocal-centric integration by way of Saint Sinner. The latest three-tracker features a brand new single, “Stress,” the Grammy-nominated artist collaborative track with Saint Sinner “No Stress” from Weather, and the accompanying instrumental.

According to Tycho, Stress serves as previous LP Weather‘s companion album.

“The albums explore the same core concepts from two totally different perspectives. Stress builds on the foundation of ‘No Stress’ and expands into new spaces, further defining the message of the song,” Tycho posted on social media.

The Stress EP gifts two conversely titled tracks boasting ethereal soundscapes reminiscent of Tycho’s warm downtempo stylings. Titular track “Stress” offers up blooming instrumentals and soft vocals while “No Stress” pairs Saint Sinner’s soothing qualities with expansive bliss.

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Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of 2019

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Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of 2019Madeon Top Tracks Eoy 2019

2019 has been a remarkable year for new music.

The past twelve months brought with them a collection of highly anticipated LPs: Madeon‘s Good Faith, Avicii‘s posthumous Tim, Gesaffelstein‘s Hyperion, Illenium‘s ASCEND, along with a Flume mixtape. Notable collaborations like REZZ and Malaa‘s “Criminals,” Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta, and Nevve‘s “Island,” and GRiZ and Subtronics‘ “Griztronics” hit the airwaves in blazes of glory. Supergroups like Dog Blood (Skrillex and Boys Noize) and Get Real (Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet) showcased the power of doubling up on brainpower. And, of course, countless singles had us hitting repeat more times than were calculable: Dillon Francis‘ “Still Not Butter,” i_o‘s “House of God,” Habstrakt‘s “De la Street,” Alesso‘s “Progresso,” and so many more.

In no particular order, we present a 30-track collection of our favorite songs of the year, chosen by DA writers and editors.

RAC reimagines Tycho’s silky ‘Pink & Blue’ with Saint Sinner

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RAC reimagines Tycho’s silky ‘Pink & Blue’ with Saint SinnerRAC Photo Credit Claire Marie Vogel

When Tycho‘s “Pink & Blue” was first released, fans welcomed the contemplative tune and its silky vocals courtesy of Saint Sinner. The San Francisco-based musician had in the past focused mainly on instrumentals and composition, and the majority of his work didn’t include vocals.

This took a turn with Tycho’s fifth studio album, Weather, which debuted in July. He tapped songstress Saint Sinner for five of its eight tracks, instating a new chapter in his discography. This seems to have resonated with esteemed producer RAC, who lends his creative touch to a new official remix of “Pink & Blue.”

RAC’s interpretation of “Pink & Blue” sees the song take on a more pop-oriented, lighthearted atmosphere. It’s a brighter, breezier take on the tune, giving listeners the chance to absorb all three artists’ creativity in a new way. See what RAC said about this opportunity below.

Photo credit: Claire Marie Vogel

5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMA

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5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMATycho 1

Just a few weeks after releasing his quixotic new Weather LP, producer/musician/visual artist Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, took a well-timed opportunity to open up the Reddit floor for fan questions. The session sheds light on Hansen’s first deep delve into vocal-driven productions, his approach to composition, and his extracurricular listening habits, to name a few.

Within Weather, Hansen explores exceedingly instrumental electronica soundscapes with the help of equally lush and delicate counterpart, Saint Sinner. Hansen shares that, for quite a while, he’s felt that a number of his productions were missing a certain ineffable (at the time) component. As it turns out, vocals, specifically Saint Sinner’s, succeeded in gratifying that elusive itch.

Find Dancing Astronaut’s five takeaways below:

1. As a fan, he has a complex relationship with music, as well as an unsurprisingly nuanced palette.

5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMAImage 1

2. His creative mindset is rather fluid.

5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMAImage 3

3. Experimenting with vocals on the new album was the level-up he’s been searching for.

5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMAImage 4

4. Saint Sinner was the missing piece in the Weather jigsaw.

5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMAImage 6

5. He breaks down his narrative-intensive, journey-oriented compositions.

5 takeaways from Tycho’s Reddit AMAImage 9

via/ Reddit

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Tycho teams up with vocalist Saint Sinner on new track, ‘Japan’

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Tycho teams up with vocalist Saint Sinner on new track, ‘Japan’Tycho Japan

Scott Hansen, widely known as Tycho, has continuously excelled at painting vivid sonic landscapes, but the inclusion of Saint Sinner in his latest single, “Japan,” represents a true maturation of the San Francisco producer’s iconic downtempo dexterity.

Tycho’s signature languid guitar plucks and lo-fi influences are still evident in “Japan,” but act more as the track’s infrastructure, with Saint Sinner’s vocals adding a touch of flare to a tried-and-true sound. The result is an adaptable indie-downtempo hybrid, fit for everything from a beachside set to the coffee shop.

The deliberate drum patterns carry “Japan,” allowing it to effortlessly flow from verse to chorus and back, but it’s evident that Hansen’s focus here is giving Saint Sinner the proper stage to shine. This is surprisingly apparent when listening to the track’s instrumental version, which fills the void left by the vocals with fresh arrangements and complex additional melodies.

“Japan” is out now on Ninja Tune and will appear on Tycho’s forthcoming album, Weather, out July 12.

Weather Tracklist
01. Easy 
02. Pink & Blue 
03. Japan 
04. Into The Woods 
05. Skate 
06. For How Long 
07. No Stress 
08. Weather 

Tycho gives glimpse into upcoming LP with ‘Pink & Blue’

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Tycho gives glimpse into upcoming LP with ‘Pink & Blue’Tycho Press Shot Ghostly 1

Bit by bit, Tycho is allowing peeks at his forthcoming Weather LP. After delivering “Easy” in April, he’s now released “Pink & Blue,” a satisfyingly low-key collaboration with Saint Sinner.

The sophomore release from Tycho’s fifth studio album is a smoldering, contemplative piece, aided by the Saint Sinner’s sultry vocals. He opens with them right away, introducing unobtrusive percussion elements in the background. As the song progresses, so do the track’s instrumentals, which perfectly complement Saint Sinner’s lush vocals.

“When setting out to record Weather I wanted to finally fulfill what had been a vision of mine since the beginning: to incorporate the most organic instrument of all, the human voice,” Tycho told Mom + Pop.

He’s also treated fans to an instrumental rendition of “Pink & Blue” for listeners who want to soak up the track’s instrumental components to the fullest.

Weather is due out July 12 on Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune. Pre-order it here.

Tycho – “Pink & Blue” (Feat. Saint Sinner) Video

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Tycho - WeatherTraditionally, I have not been a Tycho fan. I’ve often found Scott Hansen’s music to be the sonic equivalent of a screensaver, a form of ambient Muzak fit for little else besides zoning out while completing a mindless task. “Easy,” the single he released last month, was that kind of song. I didn’t … More »