S. Carey – “Still, Still, Still”

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When he’s not drumming and singing for Bon Iver, S. Carey is crafting airy indie folk. Last month, he shared the warm lead single for his upcoming album, Hundred Acres. He comes to us today with a conversely chilly song that’s not on the record. “Still, Still, Still” is beautifully layered and atmospheric, ringing … More »

S. Carey – “Fool’s Gold”

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Bon Iver member and fellow widescreen prog-folk craftsman S. Carey returned last spring with “Brassy Sun,” a track written for Netflix’s Flaked that also heralded the arrival of a new Carey album in 2018. Many months later, 2018 is almost upon us, and therefore so is the new album. Today we learn all the … More »

Edwin Shares New EP ‘You Have No Idea, Man’ [Premiere]

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You Have No Idea, Man is a record that was made in the dead of winter in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by two brothers who now live on opposite sides of the country. In those moments spent together, the brothers have created a piece of work to assuage the frigidness of the outside, drawing from the warmth of acoustic guitars, shimmering synths and reflections upon love that has come and gone.

The title of the EP, You Have No Idea, Man begs for a response. No idea about what? Is it the sinking feeling that comes with an unbearable to desire to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same way? Is it the self-doubt that accompanies rejection? If you couldn’t empathize with these feelings before, Edwin shapes a world that presses you to confront them head on.

The EP, produced by S. Carey (Bon Iver) and Brian Joseph (Sufjan Stevens, PHOX), is characterized by live rock instrumentation mixed with subtle electronic elements and natural samples, echoing the sounds of familiar places that become haunted when dealing with heartbreak. There are beautiful moments throughout the record of rising melodies and soothing harmonies, like soft waves under a sailboat, carrying us so smoothly through this emotional journey. The second song on the record, “Let’s Both Agree,” ends with the lyrics, “let’s both agree to wait and see,” a line that leaves a trail of tension, like a lingering unanswered question. The next song is appropriately titled “Waiting,” a piano ballad that sits on the border of dedication and craving for someone so slightly out of reach. The EP comes full circle with the energetic and reflective release in “I’ve Only Gone,” when the lyrics claim a new understanding, singing, “I quickly learned under the pressure I’m the one who needs support.”

This record is an intimate account of self-realization that grows deeper and wider with every listen, until you find yourself completely subsumed in it. Through these listens we recognize our own “Uncontrollable Pride,” our need for patience, our bad habits, our self-worth, our dedication and our dependency. By the end, you’ll definitely have some kind of idea, man. Make sure to stream the EP above and catch Edwin on their West Coast tour.

Tour Dates
11/7  –   San Francisco at Stow Lake Boathouse
11/8  –   San Francisco at Brick & Mortar
11/9  –   Portland at Mississippi Studios
11/10 –  Seattle at High Dive
11/12 –  Mar Vista at Sofar
11/14 –  San Diego at Soda Bar
11/15 –  Los Angeles at Hotel Cafe

74 Artists On Their Favorite Tom Petty Song

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I once got busted trying to steal a magazine from my hometown library. The 8/8/91 issue of Rolling Stone apparently had one of those sensors on the last page and it beeped from my backpack on the way out. I was gonna bring it back. I just wanted to take it home to read the … More »

S. Carey – “Come To Me”

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S. Carey - "Come To Me"Our First 100 Days, the 100-day anti-Trump charity project from the Secretly Group and 30 Days, 30 Songs, gave us two of the past week’s five best songs. And now it’s given us another good one in the form of “Come To Me,” an eight-minute track from Bon Iver’s S. Carey … More »

Bon Iver perform a raw edition of ‘Babys’ for a Take Away Show in Berlin

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In fall of 2016, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and The National’s Aaron Dessner staged their nameless collaborative gathering of 81 artists showcasing their new work at Berlin’s Funkhaus venue. During the rehearsal process, another musical treat was filmed that is now available for all to see.

Vernon recruited one of his oldest colleagues, Sean Carey, to perform a unique show that would see the two talents covering Bon Iver’s classic, “Babys.” Though the two musicians somewhat broke the show’s tradition in that they had a live audience, they kept to the primary pillars of putting forth a raw, unrefined show by playing only using their voices and their pianos. The result is a precise, and haunting version of “Babys” which showcases their artistic excellence. Watch the full video above.

H/T: Stereogum

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Watch Bon Iver Play Stripped-Down “Babys” In Take Away Show At Berlin Studio

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Bon Iver take away showThe Take Away Shows, the long-running video series from the French website La Blogothèque, are usually the musical equivalent of a Dogme 95 film. They capture musicians playing out in public, unamplified, with no camera cuts and all natural lighting. But in the latest edition, the people behind the series have broken tradition, filming … More »

Anti-Trump Charity Project Offers 100 New Songs From Artists Like Angel Olsen, Mitski, Toro Y Moi, & Mountain Goats

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a0144000676_10Our First 100 Days is a charity project that will release one new song per day for the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency. Artists such as Angel Olsen, Mitski, Toro Y Moi, the Mountain Goats, How To Dress Well, PWR BTTM, Strand Of Oaks, the Range, S. Carey, Will Oldham, Jens Lekman, … More »