Rolling Loud 2019 Lineup

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Rolling-LoudThe massive Miami rap festival Rolling Loud started off in 2014, and it has grown enormously, expanding to three days and spinning off affiliate festivals elsewhere. These days, Rolling Loud is a huge deal within rap — a weird hybrid of Coachella and Birthday Bash, where young internet-spawned cult acts routinely perform to … More »

Miami city commissioner to Ultra Music Festival: pay $2M annual fee to city to renew Bayfront Park contract, or relocate

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Ultra Music Festival organizers will face a steep price tag if they wish to keep Miami’s veteran music event in its longtime location of Bayfront Park in the years to come.

The Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA) circulated a petition in July 2017 that called on Miami’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board to return access to Bayfront Park — DNA residents’ “neighborhood park” — to downtown Miami locals. “Since the beginning of 2017, Bayfront Park has been closed to the public or in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud,” the document read. The petition surpassed 1,100 signatures when it reached the hands of Miami Commissioner Frank Carollo.

Now, the feud between downtown Miami dwellers and large scale Bayfront Park hosted music events like Ultra Music Festival will come to a head as Carollo presents UMF orchestrators with a financially oriented ultimatum: pay $2 million annual payments to the agency that oversees Bayfront Park, or take Ultra elsewhere.

UMF organizers’ previous contract permitted the festival to occupy Bayfront for a five-year period. In exchange, Ultra Music Festival paid the city of Miami a sum comprised of a usage fee and a ticket surcharge that was then tacked onto the cost of each individual UMF admission cost. The city collected an average of about $663,000 from UMF over the five-year stretch, notably enjoying an elevated profit of $742,000 in 2018. Given that Ultra’s contract expired in 2018, festival organizers will need to make swift and strategic moves if they plan to keep Bayfront Park as Ultra’s home location.

While Miami residents like Rev. Pedro Martinez continue to call upon city officials like Carollo to ‘stop the prostitution of the park to multiple events,’ Ultra lobbyist Ray Martinez reiterates the global value inherent in the festival that, in many ways, put Miami on the musical map. ‘Let’s look at the positives,’ Ray Martinez said, ‘We talk about Miami wanting to be a world-class city. Ultra is a world-class event. It is the Art Basel of electronic music.’

Rolling Loud is also expected to face steep fees if it seeks to return to the park in future years of festival production. Neither Ultra nor Rolling Loud have commented on the recent contract related complications.

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Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane Among Last-Minute Rolling Loud Cancellations

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Lil-Wayne-and-Gucci-ManeIf you’re buying tickets to a rap festival, you probably already know that things are not necessarily going to play out quite in the way you might’ve envisioned. This past weekend, for example, the massive all-rap festival Rolling Loud came to Miami, and there were last-minute changes. Not all of those changes were bad. Meek … More »

Rapper Gives Fans Who Were Fired For Listening To His Music $20,000 Each At Rolling Loud Festival

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Rolling Loud Miami is easily the premier hip-hop event in the country. Attracting artists of all backgrounds and sizes the festival has curated some of the most impressive lineups in rap we have ever seen. This year Rolling Loud hosted acts such as J. Cole who is fresh off the release of a new album

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Rolling Loud 2018 Lineup

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Last year, the Miami-based rap festival Rolling Loud put together a pretty impressive lineup. This year, they’ve outdone themselves. The festival, which comes to Miami Gardens’ Hard Rock Stadium 5/11-13, features just about everyone who matters from today’s rap landscape, with only a few prominent exceptions. J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Future … More »

City of Miami Commissioners meet to decide fate of Bayfront Park-based music events

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The setting of large scale Miami-based music festivals, Ultra Music Festival and Rolling Loud, is subject to change following the City of Miami’s recent “Sunshine Meeting” on December 15. A response to the petition prepared earlier in the year by The Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance, the “Sunshine Meeting” united Miami Commissioners to meet to discuss the future schedule of events situated at Bayfront Park, including whether annual events like Ultra and Rolling Loud would be permitted to continue to use the venue.

The Miami Downtown Neighbors Alliance garnered more than 1,154 signatures on its based petition, which expressed Downtown Miami residents’ collective desire to have “daily access” to Bayfront Park, locals’ “neighborhood park.” Residents complained that the park had alternatively been closed to the public more often than it was open, the park “…in a state of disrepair for over 100 days because of mega-concerts like Ultra and Rolling Loud,” according to petitioners. The petition proposed a uniform ban on all music-related events in Bayfront Park.

The City of Miami has yet to make a formal announcement regarding its decision to either permit such music oriented events to continue to find their foothold in Bayfront Park, or to conversely oust the events altogether. A statement should soon arrive from City Commissioners, the content of which will undoubtedly prove impactful in the landscape of Miami music productions.

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