Billboard – Memories (Robotaki Remix)

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Though Robotaki is in the middle of his “I Want You” tour with Manila Killa, he somehow still has time to drop new, groundbreaking material. The tour itself has already seen major success and is just getting started, as the two young producers are set to perform all across the U.S. and Canada up until mid-November.

Robotaki has remixed Montreal native Billboard in his latest piece of work, putting a more positive, hard-hitting spin on one of the fellow Canadian’s most popular tracks off of his Memories EP. Keeping the original vocals in the same key signature, Robotaki adds in some groovy lead synths and chord progressions that brighten the track even further. The fact that Robotaki is able to continuously construct brilliant music while on his first major tour illustrates how much talent he truly possesses.

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Manila Killa & Robotaki Take Off On Extensive “I Want You” Tour

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Manila Killa and Robotaki delivered a season favorite with their single, “I Want You.” Much like Porter Robinson and Madeon did for “Shelter,” the two have created an entire tour with several dates all focused around one seriously strong collaborative composition. Their recent two sold out shows in LA appear to have had an influence on the extensive amount of dates this time around, it appears, bolstering the tour’s potential. On top of this, a remix pack is coming out featuring host a quality artists is already out.

Check out the original, tour dates, and remix pack below.


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Robotaki & Manila Killa Only One Week Out from “I Want You” Tour

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Following their collaboration “I Want You” on Moving Castle, Robotaki and Manila Killa will also be hitting the road one week from now for the single’s accompanying tour. The two artists will begin the tour with two New York stops, the first in Binghamton (9/6) and the second in Brooklyn (9/9), before adventuring close to

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Manila Kill and Robotaki drop remix compilation for ‘I Want You’

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A month after their hit collaboration “I Want You,” Manila Killa and Robotaki have released the track’s official remix EP. The 4 track compilation supplements Midnight Kids’ standalone remix, released a few weeks ago.

The EP features a well-rounded selection sounds, including Party Pupils’ deep electronic re-work, complete with deep, immersive chord progressions and groovy bass line; Bronze Whale’s sensual down-tempo, trap-inspired remix and Kuur’s solid future bass contribution.I

It’s British producer Motti, however, who steals the show with her fabulously crafted ambient piano ensemble, which oozes both refinement and raw emotion.

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Robotaki & Manila Killa – I Want You (feat. Matthew John Kurz) [Original Mix]

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Both rising stars from the Internet electronic music community, Robotaki and Manila Killa have recently formed a multifaceted alliance as the duo take on back-to-back sold out shows at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre. As Robotaki comes off supporting Madeon and Porter Robinson on their shelter tour and Manila Killa’s buzz continues to swell after his recent collaboration with AOBeats, “I’m OK,” the pair release their debut collaboration “I Want You” via online collective, Moving Castle.

Drafting Matthew John Kurz for breezy yet charismatic vocals, the production duo build a sturdy base of powerful percussion while keeping the synths upbeat and layered in an innovative way, allowing the tracks elements to breath, yet drive the song in their own rights. Between the sold out shows and slam dunk of a original, Robotaki and Manila Killa have found a synergy that could bring more success as they continue to develop the prospering partnership.

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Robotaki and Manila Killa Join Forces for “I Want You” on Moving Castle

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With Robotaki and Manila Killa set to co-headline two Los Angeles shows this week, the first of which will be tonight and has few remaining tickets on sale, the two DJs had also teamed up to produce a track to coincide with the show. The track, released today on Moving Castle and titled “I Want

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Robotaki – Monkey Bars feat. Claire Ridgely

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As the weather warms up and summer nears, we’re beginning to see that annual influx of relaxed, sun-ready tunes start to roll in.

Among the producers gearing up their catalogs for the summer months is Robotaki, who’s profile as been on a steady incline over the past year following a series of brilliant original tracks and remixes, as well as joining Madeon and Porter Robinson on their Shelter tour. The Canadian producer isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone, as exhibited in his brand new original work, “Monkey Bars.” The poolside-primed product accompanied by the warm vocals of Claire Ridgely, features easygoing synth layers with a cheery, plinking melody that drenches the listener with sunlight as they make their way through the track.

“Monkey Bars,” as described by Robotaki, is “a happy song.” The producer continues with,

“It’s for the summer days spent with best friends and someone new that makes you feel alive. Play it while you’re driving with the windows down, play it when you wake up and play it when you’re getting ready to go out.”

With that, turn this one up, roll the windows down, and breathe in the summer air.

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Fall In Love With A Ghostboy and Robotaki

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One of the freshest faces in the electronic music scene, Robotaki, is back once again with a fresh take on his hit song ‘Ghostboy’. This time Robotaki is joined on ‘Ghostboy (Deluxe)’ by C. Young and Claire Ridgely, providing strong vocal support. While the track retains its pop music ambiance and flawless hook from the

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Robotaki Drops VIP Edit of ‘Ghostboy’ With C. Young

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When Robotaki dropped “Ghostboy,” it quickly became one of my favorite songs of the year, with its combination of beautiful vocals from Claire Ridgely and the simple, feel-good atmosphere which was perfectly reflected in the record’s production. Now, Robotaki has come back with a new VIP edit featuring rapper C. Young.

The song’s tone, arrangement, and production remain the same, but the addition of male rap vocals in each verse gives the song the grittier edge it deserves. It definitely serves to balance out Claire Ridgely’s whimsical voice and storytelling by providing the story with the male perspective it so sorely needed.

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Your EDM Exclusive: Robotaki Talks Shelter Live Tour & Forthcoming EP

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2016 has already seen plenty of acts across the dance music spectrum make huge waves within their respective genres and sounds. Toronto-based producer Robotaki has had an absolutely stellar second-half of 2016, and is certainly poised to make even greater strides through 2017. Whether it was remixing the biggest song of the year, making waves with his debut original “Ghostboy,” or wooing the crowd as the opener on every North American show of Porter Robinson & Madeon’s Shelter Live Tour, Robotaki couldn’t be stopped.

Even though being given the opening slot on one of the most iconic tours of the year might be cause for celebration, Robotaki is taking his meteoric rise in stride. “I’m just still so grateful just to be here man.” In this case, ‘here’ meant having just played to his sold-out hometown Toronto crowd – including his parents who had never seen him play prior. And it’s here inside his shared green room with Danger, who’s busy continuing to warm up the gathered crowd, that the producer opens up to me about a long-standing relationship with Madeon, the tour itself, his plans for the future and more.

What has the experience been for you so far from getting the news, to playing you the first Shelter show? This is also your first ever tour isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s pretty much my first ‘line of shows’ ever and just to just be on a bus right off the bat is the craziest thing ever. I remember when I went to Atlanta for the first show and met the entire team, right away I knew everybody here was like-minded and so friendly. I knew it was going to be easy to work with these people, everybody was just so inviting, almost like a family, and I really love that perspective of the tour. I guess it’s almost symbolic being the ‘Shelter Live Tour’ and it feels really nice to be here!


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So you and Madeon actually have a bit of history, he’s been on the record about how much he loves your work, what does it mean to you for him to actually ‘support’ you by bringing you on the road?

There are so many different layers to what I’m feeling just being here, the first thing is that I’m just so privileged and lucky to be here. He reached out to help me and he’s been listening to my music for 6+ years since that original blog interview so it’s just been this crazy full circle kind of moment for me. jasmine_safaeian_1691

Image Source: Yasi

What was turning point for you from wanting to go into music into working on music full-time?

I like to think there was an epiphany, and it does seem nice on paper to say that. I think I needed to mature first and school was my way of doing that and when I went to graduate school I learned a lot about myself. After those two years when I finally got my degree I felt like I deserved to try out something I wanted to and had kept up for a hobby for a decade. That’s also why I feel so lucky because the tour started right as I got out of school and it just worked out.

Do you see yourself as a role model for other Asian-Americans trying to get into the music industry?

I definitely do consider the position I’m in as a position of responsibility because there are going to be a lot of people listening to what you say and there are going to be a lot of people inevitably going to adopt the same morals and identity that you have. And so the fact that I’m Asian-American makes me feel more responsible to demonstrate that ‘this is what being a good person means’ and I want to demonstrate that as much as possible. Just slightly being in the spotlight right now just makes me want to be that person so much more.

You just dropped your latest single “Right There”, can you tell us a little bit about the track?

So “Right Time” is this somber follow-up to “Ghostboy” which touches on this ‘human relationships’ thing and everybody goes through that right? Like terrible relationships or just not being able to bond with other people and that’s why “Ghostboy” touched me and I wanted to make a track about it, because I used to be such a ‘weird person’. First and second years of university I wouldn’t socialize, I would just stay in my room and make music and I didn’t realize the impact that had on people around me and being ‘that ghost’ wasn’t good so I felt I needed to make a track about it! Anyway, “Right Time” is about people that take advantage of you even though they don’t realize they’re doing it and that’s reflected in the lyrics. A lot of people do that and they don’t mean it. It’s a mellow track with just this break at the end that’s supposed to reflect like that ‘what the f***?’ turning point.

Tell me about the artworks for both singles, who did the artwork and what’s the story behind them?

So Michał Bednarski did both of them, we first hit him up because we loved his choice of colors and the minimalistic direction in the art. With “Ghostboy” we asked him to show some emotional objects around the bedroom that could represent attachment and maybe make it a little sexy or suggestive! For “Right Time” we were obsessed with the idea of looking out the window of airports or airplanes, there’s something so emotional about airports with people meeting each other and leaving each other and that’s what the airport is. For anyone in a long distance relationship, I hope they can relate!  Because that’s what the artwork is, just like looking out the airplane window at the time.


You’ve brought ‘relationships’ a few times, is this a recurring theme in your upcoming EP?

I want to say it is, but I want it to just represent some emotions that people understand, I don’t want it to just be ‘feels and stuff’ necessarily, I want people to just have fun with it. I want to explore every facet of human emotions, experiences, and my production to show that I can do many different types of music!

Catch Robotaki on the Shelter Live Tour, tickets available here.

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