74 Artists On Their Favorite Tom Petty Song

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I once got busted trying to steal a magazine from my hometown library. The 8/8/91 issue of Rolling Stone apparently had one of those sensors on the last page and it beeped from my backpack on the way out. I was gonna bring it back. I just wanted to take it home to read the … More »

Prominent DJs Resolve To Fight Trump’s Anti-Climate Agenda

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With the beginning of the Trump years upon us, there have been calls to action from every corner of the globe to continue human progress in the face of a man who many consider to be a direct obstacle to it. One of the issues which will undoubtedly directly affect future generations, is the developing humanitarian crisis that is climate change. But with heavy investments from the oil and gas industry in Trump’s campaign, it’s no surprise that in the first days of his presidency he’s begun making preparations to axe regulations for non-renewable energy and gut programs designed to keep rampant emissions in check. This is a dangerous threat to a great deal of progress that has been made around this issue, and if the administration’s plans are fully realized, future generations will be forced to live with the disastrous consequences on this planet we all call home.

So far, these startling actions include preparations to cancel the Climate Action Plan and also the scrubbing of any mention of climate change from the presidential website. In response, a collection of DJs known as DJs for Climate Action (a new non-profit entity) have come together to bring solidarity to the EDM community and to challenge the Trump administration’s wholly irresponsible mindset.

Members of this growing opposition include DJs and influencers like: A-Trak, Anna Lunoe, RJD2, Gigamesh, Soul Clap, DJ Spooky, Bag Raiders, Louisahhh, DJ Shiftee, Treasure Fingers, Skratch Bastid, The Hood Internet, Dre Skull, Michna, DJ Bruce, Sammy Bananas, DJ Apt One AKA Michael The Lion, Willy Joy

The first action that DJs for Climate Action has taken is the crafting of an open letter to reassure people who are discouraged and to inspire renewed resistance to Trumps anti-climate agenda. They’ve also come out with a logo to represent the group as well.  The below letter makes it more clear than ever that artists and tastemakers everywhere are building a global community to fight back against those who would deprioritize the needs of a planet experiencing ongoing climate destabilization.

Take a look at the letter below and follow the social media links to get involved:

“With the inauguration of this new US President comes a host of dangers for the Climate Movement. The government’s positions on energy and the environment are expected to shift drastically, risking the progress we have made over the past decades.
Our work promoting awareness and action around Climate Change has instantly become more difficult, but also more important than ever before. We find inspiration and motivation in this fact, and will turn up the volume against a retroactive agenda.
Our new logo, designed by friend and fellow DJs4CA member Mike Davis, is a symbol of this renewed enthusiasm towards our goals. It reflects our positive outlook – focusing on the things we can do, and looks forward to the promise and possibility of tomorrow. It uses everything we’ve learned about Hope and Change and reminds us to never let go of those lessons.
Now, more than ever, we commit to using the power of music to amplify our voices and align people towards protecting our planet’s future. In our upcoming Pledge for Action campaign, we will call on YOU, all DJs, musicians, music lovers, and all citizens who care about our planet’s future, to join our coalition and make a difference. Sign up and follow us to stay updated on our work and how you can get involved.”



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Source: Prominent DJs Resolve To Fight Trump’s Anti-Climate Agenda

Big Gigantic Ignites Shows Along the Brighter Future Tour (Concert Review)

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Among the cities along the first week of Big Gigantic’s Brighter Future Tour, the Boulder based duo made a point to express how happy they were to be back in Asheville, NC. EDM has a minor foothold in this artistic mountain city, but seeing as it’s been a long standing source of awe at the Moog Synthesizers location and a choice few electronica festivals over the years, (Including Moogfest and Mountain Oasis) the existing current here is strong.

The concert itself was a late season festival reunion. There were wristbands from Bonnaroo, Coachella, Electric Forrest, and many others. Equally as set up for the oncoming Big G explosion was the venue itself. The Orange Peel ‘social aid and pleasure club’ has hosted a wide range of diverse EDM acts over the years. It hosted one of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters shows back in 2011 as well as earlier performances by Paper Diamond, ExcisionMadeon, Break Science, and two back to back NYE sets by RJD2 this past year and the year before. Big Gigantic’s reprise at the Peel last month was definitely worthy of the sold out shows it’s been known for here.

As the night took shape, Big G mostly played the material off of Brighter Future, with some crowd pleasers from years past peppered in for good measure. Most notable from the first few songs was “Highly Possible” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, which the pair rocked the rafters with. Also making an appearance from years past was “It’s Going Down” which revived that bass thumping fury that the crowd still remembered.

The throwbacks continued into the encore with infamous snippets from Rusko and Knife Party (“Hold On” and   “Bonfire” respectively). It also included great reminders of Big G’s previous album with “Touch the Sky” and “The Night is Young.”

Although the Brighter Future Tour officially wrapped up a couple weeks ago, you can still catch Big Gigantic two more times this year closer to New Year’s Eve. They’ll be forming The Big Gigantic Incident with The String Cheese Incident on Dec. 29 in Broomfield, CO and playing the Snowta Festival in Minneapolis, MN for an epic New Years countdown performance.

It was also just announced that the duo will play both weekends of Electric Forest in 2017.

Check out the links below for more information about how to catch the last couple Big Gigantic performances in 2016!

Big Gigantic Incident | Snowta NYE

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Big Gigantic Ignites Shows Along the Brighter Future Tour (Concert Review)