Like The Stay Puft Man Before Him, Marshmello Just Keeps Getting Bigger

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Who knows how many centuries the fortune under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson went untapped before the Grosh brothers happened upon it. The Pennsylvanian preacher’s sons had become seasoned prospectors during the gold rush years of the mid-19th century, and that experience served them well in Nevada’s Virginia Range southeast of Reno, where in … More »

You Gotta Respect Fall Out Boy’s Commitment To Being A Little Much

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Fall Out Boy have always been a lot. God gave singer-guitarist Patrick Stump indestructible musclebound vocal cords that cannot be contained, and he fully indulges their powers. Musically, his songs tend to be big and bold, often dispensing with conventional notions of good taste in their pursuit of stadium-sized glory. As a lyricist, bassist Pete … More »

Welcome To Superstardom, Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello stuck the landing so emphatically that it’s easy to forget she leapt in the first place. This time last year the 20-year-old Cuban-Mexican singer from Miami was fresh out of Fifth Harmony, her generation’s most popular girl group, assembled by Simon Cowell from an array of teenage strangers on the short-lived American edition … More »

New Music Friday: Lilly Ahlberg arrives, Justin Timberlake still enjoys sex

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Song of the week:

Lilly Ahlberg — Bad Boys
Well it’s nice to start off the year with a new Swedish popstar and Lilly Ahlberg is just that, except she also spent her younger years in Australia, Norway and the UK, and was born in Italy, so there’s a lot to take into account. Stylish subtlebanger Bad Boys is pitched halfway between Tove and Zara, which leads us to Tora, which in turn is Japanese for ‘tiger’. We rest our case. There’s plenty more coming from Lilly during 2018 so you could say that Bad Boys really is
oh God it’s coming
just the tip
please no
of the
don’t do this

Additional notes on this week’s musical releases:

  • Production on the new Justin Timberlake single is great unless you imagine Jamiroquai releasing it and obviously it’s incredibly reassuring to know that Justin remains a firm fan of sexual intercourse. Filthy seems to be a song about an orgy, which is a bit much for January but don’t forget popstars work to a very different calendar to the rest of us. In popstar world January is very frequently known as SEX MONTH.
  • Speaking of banging, there is a hilariously awful rework of I Wanna Sex You Up knocking around near the bottom of this week’s playlist. Lines like “we can do it ’til we both wake up” and “makin’ love until we drown” really don’t make any more sense in 2017 than they did in 1991.
  • Also, don’t worry everyone, cupcakKe’s got it all sorted out. “Boy on boy, girl on girl, like who the fuck you like, fuck the world.”
  • Is Q1 the new Q4? Along with new Justin there’s new music this week from Bruno and Cardi, Lana Del Rey (with Børns), Kendrick and SZA, and Rita and Liam.
  • If you play the Superorganism track using the Spotify app on your phone a video thing comes up and it’s all quite exciting really, well done to whoever pushed that one through over the Christmas period.

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Alan Walker releases remix of Avicii’s ‘Lonely Together’

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Alan Walker has been a producing powerhouse in 2017. He’s kept up the momentum all year with a range of songs, including remixes, originals and even a rework of his own song. He’s finishing the year on a high note with a powerful, pop-based remix of Avicii and Rita Ora‘s “Lonely Together.”

Walker uses his signature bouncing synths and a clapping pattern to usher in the chorus, where he’s played up the fun elements in the track by using a stutter effect on Ora’s vocals. It’s a lighthearted, breezy rendition of the Avicii track, perfect for bringing warmer vibes to an otherwise chilly season.

The remix package also includes remixes from DJ Licious, Jaded and Dexter.

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No One Recognized Rita Ora On The Voice In Germany

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Poor Rita Ora, forever cursed to wander this earth as a famous but like, not that famous a person. The British pop star has never really caught on in America — although not for lack of trying — and apparently, she never really caught on in Germany either. Entertainment Weekly reports that not … More »

Tori Amos, Rita Ora Say They Were Not Aware Of Accusations Against Terry Richardson Before Working With Him

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Many female artists have been photographed by or worked on music videos with Terry Richardson, among them Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus. Richardson has had a reputation for mistreating some of his female subjects for years now, and earlier this week, Condé Nast reportedly blacklisted him from working with any … More »

New Music Friday: Rita Ora at the top, a ‘veritable’ jamboree of Q4 madness elsewhere

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Song of the week:
Rita Ora — ‘Anywhere’
Yes obviously Rita’s best single since ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ is a full-on pensivebanger of almost dangerous proportions BUT the big news today is that New Music Friday has gone Q4 MENTAL.

  • Taylor Swift!
  • Two different One Direction members!!
  • Two different Jonas brothers!!!
  • An Emeli Sandé writing credit!!!!
  • A Kelly Clarkson normal song!!!!!
  • A Kelly Clarkson Christmas song!!!!!!
  • A Fifth Harmony (sort of) Christmas song with an absolutely disgraceful and amazing key change!!!!!!!
  • A Justin Bieber remix featuring some left-over guide vocals from Julia Michaels!!!!!!!!!
  • Fever Ray are back!!!!!!!!!!
  • Feat Sean Paul!!!!!!!!!!!

This. This playlist. This playlist right here. This is the true meaning of Q4.

Additional notes:

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MTV’s New TRL Is A Vapid, Obnoxious Mess

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What a time to be a live television program. The only TV many people watch in real time these days is sporting events, Game Of Thrones, and maybe primetime political talk shows — and even that last category you’re far more likely to encounter excerpted on social media after the fact. Saturday Night Live’s ratings … More »

Avicii’s new ‘Lonely Together’ video with Rita Ora makes time stand still

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Avicii has released the first official music video off his comeback EP AVĪCI (01). We’ve already seen a 5-part lyric video series for the EP, stunning space-themed animations, though now Avicii is following up the first music video to accompany the project. The new video for for “Lonely Together,” Avicii’s new collaboration with British vocalist Rita Ora, manifesting itself as one of the strongest products on the EP next to “Without You.”

The music video, which was directed by longtime fantasy video director and Avicii collaborator Levan Tsikurishvili and co-directed by Phillip R. Lopez, is an artful visualization of an ideal situation for a couple that wants to be “lonely together” for a bit. The viewer enters a world where two lovers are traveling through frozen time, from a bar on Route 66, to passing through halted bubbles at a carnival, to having a paint fight in an abandoned warehouse.

The legendary Swedish producer took an extended much-needed break from his touring career due to health concerned, though now Avicii’s hiatus seems to be coming to a close, marked by new music that may be some of his sharpest work to date

Via: Billboard

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