Figure’s New EP ‘Incident 86’ is The Heaviness You Need

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The purposefully-ominous bass producer, Figure is known for his horror-inspired persona and dark, demonic bass-heavy sound. Figure is consistently a must listen for all the devote bass heads. And this remains true with the release of his brand new EP, Incident 86. Dropping this past Friday, this EP consists of three brand new songs all heavy,

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In the wake of their recent tour commencement, dubstep aficionados SVDDEN DEATH and AFK have released their coinciding riddim track “BZZRK,” via Bassrush Records. The BZZRK Tour will sweep across North America, with two dates still yet to be announced, throughout the remainder of the spring season, with each of the bass brethren playing a few shows on the tour solo.

“BZZRK” is a screeching, chop-heavy riddim tune that does precisely what one of the few vocal samples in the track suggest: “blast heat.”

Dr. Ozi Hits Us With Heart Stopping “Vital” EP

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Dr. Ozi just recently released a head turning EP via Never Say Die Records. This “Vital” EP is full of everything we have come to know and love from the dubstep maestro, jam packed with everything a bass head could ask for. The EP is made up of 4 seemingly nasty and grimey songs that

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Ghastly Has Been Dropping Some Hilarious Content on Socials

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The mans with one of the raddest heads of hair in the industry has captivated millions across the globe with his vertebreaking sound. Announcing an his album “The Mystifying Oracle” will be dropping in the Spring, along with a tour across North America, David Lee Crow has not skipped a beat on his socials. If

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DJ Snake to Release New Track ”Magenta Riddim”

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Today, DJ Snake took to Twitter to announce that new music will soon be on it’s way. Next week, he will be releasing his newest track, “Magenta Riddim.” New Music Next Week 🔥 #MagentaRiddim — DJ SNAKE (@djsnake) February 18, 2018 Now, I know what you may thinking, will this popular DJ be releasing a

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Scrufizzer Flips Vato Gonzalez “Bassline Riddim” Delivering MC Focused “Bump & Grind”

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Something about European/British accent rapping gets me fired up. Vato Gonzalez dropped “Baseline Riddim” back in April of 2017. If you have not heard it, it comes highly recommended from DJ’s across the globe. The track took over festival and club stages all summer and through the new year. The original was released on the

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Ganja White Night explore the dynamic depths of low end bass in seventh LP, ‘The Origins’ [Interview + Album Review]

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ganja white night the origins 500x500

Who exactly is Mr Wobble?

It’s question that has been on the minds of many since Ganja White Night released a series of music videos late last year. One that has answers partly in the release of their newest and most ambitious album to date, dubbed The Origins, out now on their own imprint SubCarbon Records

“We created SubCarbon when we started making music because it was the only way we could be released. Big labels weren’t interested in our sounds.” 

 February 2018 saw Benjamin Bayeul and Charlie Dodson’s seventh LP since they extensively explored their riddim-inspired sound almost 12 years ago. “We’ve tried to release an album every year since we started in 2010,” said the two Brussels-based producers. They wanted to do everything but rush The Origins album, which the pair had been working on since the fall of 2016, so as to avoid making the twelve track compilation more than just a shallow “collection of easy-to-mix tracks.” 

Photo courtesy of Ganja White Night

The Origins LP is anything but shallow. The album takes a deep dive in many ways.

First, it’s a dive into re-examining their own roots; a new exploration of the hypnotic, immersive sounds that incapsulated fans many years ago. Cinematic intros, playful experimentation, and otherworldly sounds mark the album’s landscape. In a lot of ways, The Origins is an intoxicating ethnic journey with a careful sense of adventure — a psychedelic trip into the worlds of dub, riddim, and low-end bass, more broadly.

Speaking to the evolution of their signature wobble sound, the duo elaborated on how it took them a good amount of time to manifest their ideas into reality: “You can really feel a difference when you listen to our old albums. Sound techniques evolve and the new material sounds more refined. We always had these ideas in our heads, but it’s crazy to see how ideas develop over time into actual sounds.”


Second, the album signals a nod to the roots of Mr Wobble, an animated vigilante superhero character designed by long-time collaborator and illustrator Ebo. Mr Wobble has played a role in their work since they released “Wobble Master” and “LFO Requiem.” At the outset of the new LP, he is joined by a whole new cast of characters whereby fans are given a glimpse into the very origins of how their super powers came to be.

“Mr Wobble isn’t the only guy who has the power. In different civilizations, the people receive this power, and what we see in the [Origins] video is how, in this period, of this era, at least, Mr Wobble is using it this way. We still don’t know where this power comes from, or how he’s be chosen, maybe it was an accident, we don’t know.”


Finally, the album pulls on the nostalgic allure of ancient ethnocentric sounds. Inspired by composers like Hans Zimmer, Ganja White Night has a way for constructing cinematic bass compositions that incorporate reggae, dubstep, hip-hop, and drum ‘n’ bass, with influences from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. “We have some inspirations that never change,” they say. “We’ve always been fans of ethnic sounds and ethnic voices, long intros, harmonies.”

GWN approaches collaborations in the same artistic spirit. Teaming up with Caspa, in particular, on the album’s second track, “Unique,” the three producers capture the very unique essence upon which their collective visions for bass music resonates — back before the days of violent, head banging “bro-step.” Cinematic, fun, mischievous, and stripped down to the bare bone essentials of bass, the track flips fluidly between it’s melodic breaks and stabbing synths for a hypnotic anthem that is sure to capture fans’ eardrums on the dance floor.

Ganja White Night on their “Mr Wobble Is Back” tour stop, 8/5/16. Photo cred: Brew City Bass

From cosmic introductions to intense party jams and downtempo grooves, the twelve tracks come together to tell a more complete story around Mr Wobble, the superhero who creates music from ancient mythology and uses it to awaken citizens dwelling in the modern world he inhabits. Regarding to expansion of Mr Wobble’s world, Bayeul and Dodson are still exploring the many avenues the vigilante hero may take:

“There is still a lot of mystery, and we don’t want to say too much because we have a lot of projects that we want to go deeper into, we want to do more music videos and comic books. There’s just so many ways to go deeper into the story, there’s a lot of doors open now. We just introduced a lot of characters, so there’s a lot of new avenues to explore.”

The Origins arrives just as Ganja White Night gets ready to embark on their album-accompanying “The Origins Tour.” The duo will travel to 20 US cities featuring strong support from CaspaOpiuoDownlink, along with label mates DirtMonkey and Subtronics. They plan to begin each concert stop with a special B2B DJ set from the SubCarbon roster, before transitioning into the tour openers, and ending with a GWN performance that will feature live instrumentation, editing, remixing, and improvisation much like a band playing all original material.

The “Family Matters” Intro Get’s Riddim Rework With “The Buygore Family Matters”

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What better way to promote a label’s tour than to reenact one of the most well-known television show introduction videos. Borgore has always brought the fire to promotions and his own productions, but this one I can appreciate on a whole nother level. “Family Matters” is one of the greatest shows in the history of

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INFEKT Brings The Riddim With New EP ‘Journey To Mars’

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Disciple artist INFEKT is known for his filthy dubstep and riddim tracks but with this new EP he just entered a whole new realm. The EP entitled ‘Journey To Mars’ takes you on an adventure through sound and shifty rhythms that really makes you want to grab a rail and headbang your way into a

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Never Say Die releases Vol. 5 compilation

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Never Say Die has released volume 5 of their annual year-end mix. The Oslo, Norway-based label, founded in 2009, is home to such bass heavy artists as Skism, Zomboy, Eptic, and Must Die!. The recent compilation features tracks from Trampa, Trolley Snatcha, Spag Heddy, and more.

Highlights from the compilation include label mainstay Must Die!’s “Kill it Up” and Kompany’s riddim influenced “Overheat.” The compilation is perfect for anyone looking to head bang over the holidays, but it might be safe to ask for a neck brace for Chanukah.



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