Autograf flip Nirvana classic in mellifluous ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ rework

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A standout of any rock catalogue, Nirvana’s iconic alt jam “Smells Like Teen Spirit” represents a formidable challenge to any intended remixer, yet Autograf rise to the occasion, producing a stripped down re-imagination of the track that is barely recognizable when compared to the gritty original.

Autograf handle the remake with dexterity, substituting the song’s raucous guitar and vocal elements for a minimalistic vocal supplied by Queen Sessi, overlaid atop a melodious and transformative collection of tempered synths. The remix hits a number of sweet sonic spots, the silken structuring of the track signifying that the production all-stars reserved what is irrefutably one of their most masterful releases for a strong end of year finish.



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