Felix Cartal – Hold Tight

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Canadian Producer Felix Cartal, known for his progressive house tunes, is back with a new single. Entitled “Hold Tight,” this track marks a different direction than previous releases in that there is no vocalist driving the core of the song. Cartal commented on producing the song.

“My last few releases have had more traditional structures and are quite lyrically driven. With ‘Hold Tight’, I wanted to see if I could make something as emotionally powerful, with little to no lyrics.” 

He has certainly done what he set out to do with “Hold Tight” whose upbeat energy and elaborate combination of synths achieves what any vocalist could. Cartal’s last solo release “Get What You Give” was a mainstay on various dance music charts, and “Hold Tight” certainly has the capacity to do just the same.

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Bassjackers & Breathe Carolina – The Fever

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The Bassjackers have teamed up with Breathe Carolina and APEK to release a hot, synth-infused, and bass heavy track dubbed “The Fever.” 

Kicking off with deep and dark vocals, the tune soon progresses to an extraordinarily energetic buildup that unleashes havoc with melodies, slippery synths, and incredible chord progression. Bassjackers, Breathe Carolina, and APEK take things down a bit after the first chorus to emphasize a filtered pluck that leads us into the next drop. “The Fever” is all about buildups, synths, and festival vibes and is a head rush you’ll actually enjoy. 

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Premiere: DubVision – Paradise

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Dutch duo DubVision know their way around the block, having been one of Netherland’s staple big room acts for the past decade and one of the spearheading acts during the Dutch big room invasion in 2012-13. Although the EDM scene has undergone some massive changes, the duo has successfully altered and evolved their sound—managing to stay in the limelight in the process.

Their latest track, “Paradise” exemplifies how far the duo’s sound and the progressive house genre have come. Gone are the rolling chord progressions from their tracks of yesteryear, replaced instead with pitch warped vocal and piano samples, aided by their timeless drum samples and big, airy synths.

We spend some of our in between gig days in and around Miami,” said the duo of the track. “Everybody knows this place because of MMW and Ultra. Its super hectic then, but Miami is actually very chill and super tropical and relaxing later in the season.”

“We stayed there for a couple of days, swam with sharks, kitesurfed, ate cuban food and drank the most tropical cocktails you can imagine just walking around in flip flops and listening to the ocean. We stayed there in our own little paradise. That was when we came up with the melody one night. It was only logical to name this track ‘Paradise’”

“Paradise” is more than just a regular track, it is a statement that DubVision are truly all in on the new era of EDM.

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Exclusive: Nicky Romero links with Teamworx on hectic big room heater ‘Champion Sound’

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Nicky Romero is back with an absolutely hectic main stage fix on his newest release with Teamworx called “Champion Sound,” out now via his own record label Protocol Recordings.

“Champion Sound” builds into an electric drop with synthesized vocals aiding throughout. The track represents what fans have come to love most about Romero’s sound, a high-energy number than flexes in the space between big-room staple and festival heater.

“It’s a really amazing feeling when you get to see an artist grow from release-to-release,” said Romero of the collaboration. “It’s one of my favorite parts about running a label.  We’ve put out several of Teamworx’s tracks on Protocol over the years and I’m thrilled to finally collaborate with them on this latest record Champion Sound.”

The producer has had a packed 2017 with a multitude of releases on top of a festival heavy tour schedule and if “Champion Sound” is any indication, fans shouldn’t expect Romero to slow down any time soon.

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Illenium transcends genres; touches listeners to their core with sophomore album ‘Awake’ [ALBUM REVIEW]

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It has been eight long months of releases and teasers, but as of midnight EST on September 21, the wait for Illenium‘s sophomore album is finally over. Nick Miller, the man behind the productions, is undoubtedly known as one of the more prolific producers of our era, thanks to his consistent output and meteoric rise. While Miller has carved out the future bass genre and helped define its sound, this LP proves he has the ability to transcend genres and appeal to a wide variety of fan bases. This is no small feat that is becoming an increasingly difficult road to navigate as a producer in a day and age, where electronic music fan bases are becoming more fragmented as the industry continues to commercialized.

Awake will only further his prominence as a producer with its 13-tracks ranging from feel good music to intense bass laced drops. Miller even dabbles within the indie electronic genre, showcasing his ability to diversify his oeuvre while still maintaining his signature style.

Illenium-press photo

There is no stronger start to an album than “Needed You” featuring Dia Frampton. The song, which is opens to flowing vocals that melt into an incredible bass drop, resonates in the listener’s mind far past the song’s close. The track combines Illenium’s mastery of mystical elements and sounds as well as powerful bass juxtaposed with unique vocals. Should there be one song selected to describe the tone for the entire album, “Needed You” could certainly vie for this position.

Five singles from the album have been released this year including the second track “Crawl Outta Love,” whose subtle intro with Annika Wells’ vocals and piano deceivingly put the listener at ease. The track hits listeners in their core with its heightened tempo and all-consuming drop. “Fractures,” “Feel Good” — co-produced with Gryffin — “Sound of Walking Away” and most recently “Leaving” make up the rest of the tracks from Awake that were previously released. Representative of Illenium’s talent and engaged fanbase, these five tracks combined have already amassed nearly 83 million streams combined on Spotify alone.

The third track, “No Time Like Now,” although short, is where we see Illenium begin to swerve from his established style into a more indie electronic sound, with guitar forming the backbone of the song. It is a good segue into the fourth track “Free Fall,” which delves back into the resonating bass intercut with melodic vocals.

“Where’d U Go” showcases a collaboration between Miller and his roommate Said the Sky, otherwise known as Trevor Christensen. The upbeat track immediately draws the listener in with a catchy beat that falls almost immediately into an intense drop. As the track continues, vocal layers of a children’s choir lightens the track before submerging the listener back into the hard drop that would resonate with dubstep, future bass, and progressive fans alike. “Where’d U Go” is one of the more upbeat tracks of the album, so those looking for a workout anthem or night out tune should look no further.

Illenium Said the Sky

Illenium stars to venture into more commercial territory with the second half of the album, although this is far from sellout as the tracks still maintaining a distinct edge. “Lost” with Emilie Brandt veers into a progressive house vibe, with the catchy vocals carrying the track. As with all of Miller’s version of “commercial” music, “Lost” is still far different than anything one would hear on the radio.

“Taking Me Higher” wouldn’t be out of place on Passion Pit record. The track is an interesting juxtaposition of sounds, synths, and styles that melts into a perfect tune for a relaxing afternoon.

Prized vocalist MAX — who has recently collaborated with Rain Man, 3LAU, as well as Flux Pavilion — is featured on Awake‘s penultimate entry, titled “Beautiful Creatures.” Guitar once again is used as the foundation for this track and paves the way for MAX’s vocals to be the centerpiece of the song. It can only be described as melodic with a hint of mystical, and is likely to be a radio hit.

Illenium finishes the album on “Let You Go,” a collaboration with Ember Island. An orchestra compliments the vocals on this downtempo affair, and serves as a beautiful, fitting ending for a beautiful album.

While many call albums an outdated form of releasing music, we can only be thankful that Illenium ignores this and decided to create a masterful full-length in Awake. The producer has left another imprint that further solidifies his prominence in the electronic music community. It is no secret that Miller is a breath of fresh air within a genre that is receiving increased skepticism for turning pop, to say nothing of stale, and, indeed, his music has the unique ability to be played on a radio without compromising its integrity.



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Audien releases emotion packed ‘Some Ideas’ EP

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Audien’s latest release is finally here in the form of a stellar 3 track EP, Some Ideas. The EP shares styles and sounds that both new and long-term fans can easily be turned on to.

Audien isn’t calling this an EP because he didn’t have enough for a full length album (like too many do), rather, these are tracks are clearly experimental given his track record and packed full of diversity. “Message” is the reassuring stick-to-the-roots single, “Rampart,” a collaboration with Gammer, is a jaw-dropping bass track that surprises, and “Resolve” givesthe EP a continuum aesthetic by seemingly combining the soft and hard elements of the last two songs into one here.

Some Idea is everything an EP should be.

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Gianni Don Carlo Drops Spinnin Debut “Every Time I See You”

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One of Spinnin Records latest signings, Belgian-Born Gianni Don Carlo has arrived. Having secured International shows across Europe, the 18-year-old phenom has hit us with a stomping house beat in “Every Time I See You”. With 2017 bringing him a radio show on Radio Decibel as well as a performance at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

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Elephante: The Hustle of the Come Up, His Feels and Pain Behind The Swag of Bleaching Hair

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Tim Wu, known by you and your friends as Elephante, has been taking over Festival stages across the globe over the past year. The Michagan Native and Harvard grad has dropped some timeless tracks including “Troubled” earlier this year. His ear for melody and ability to manipulate sound has brought Tim heavy hitting remixes to

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Arty remixes Moby’s Iconic ‘Porcelain’ and discusses his creative process and Moby’s Influence

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Moby, otherwise known as Richard Melville Hall, is one of the founding fathers and most influential figures in dance music. Many say he is the reason dance music found popularity in the U.S. and the U.K, thus catapulting electronic dance music to the global phenomenon it is now. The American musician recently wrote a memoir Porcelain: A Memoir, where he dedicated a chapter to his experience remixing his song “Go.” In honor of this, Moby has asked a wide range and some of the most respected music producers of today to remix four of his most seminal tracks “Go,” “Why Does my Heart,” “Natural Blues” and “Porcelain.” Over 40 artists will release their remixes of one of the four tracks in the spirit of creative spirit and collaboration. The project is called Black Lacquer

Few are more versatile than progressive house and trance producer Arty. The Russian DJ and producer, whose real name is Artyom Stolyarov, was drawn to music at a young age leading his grandmother to enroll him in music school at the age of eight. Originally a pianist, Stolyarov graduated from music school at the age of 14 and decided to forego becoming a professional pianist because his passion for the instrument had faded. What did not fade, however, was his passion for video games and electronics, which thus led him to discover electronic music production.

Upon entering the music production world, Arty quickly created a name for himself, and in 2009, the producer was signed to Anjunabeats. Stolyarov creates under two different monikers– Arty for his progressive house hits and Alpha9 for his Trance anthems. Still with Anjunabeats today, the producer was asked to remix Moby’s “Porcelain,” which he considers to be one of his all time favorite songs. Arty comments on not only how honored he is to be given the opportunity to remix an iconic song, but how difficult it is to change something that many consider to be “perfect” as is. Arty’s take on the song is a slight variation of the original with its addition of a few upbeat chords and a vocal layer. Arty discusses Moby, his influence on himself as an artist, and his creative process when approaching this legendary remix.

Read Our Interview with Arty below.

What does this track mean to you / why did you choose this track?

“Porcelain” was the first record that I heard from Moby since this track was the part of huge commercials on Russian TV back in early 2000’s. From then I fell in love with it, so when Moby’s management reached out to me about the remix opportunity, I could only think of “Porcelain.” Having a chance to remix your childhood song is not something you want to miss out on. It’s a huge responsibility, but at the same time, a great opportunity. I just tried to do my best.

How has Moby impacted not just this industry, but you as a musician? What does Moby mean to you?

He shaped the dance music industry and has always been a huge inspiration for many generations of producers. He has been able to make all sorts of styles by putting his signature sound behind his productions and songs. He is an Iconic musician.

Can you tell us about your creative process and why you made the decisions you did in your remix of this song? 

Since this song means so much to me, I didn’t want to take too far from original. So my remix is more of me revisiting the record and trying to imagine how it would sound nowadays. As easy as it sounds, making this remix was quite challenging, plus you unintentionally put so much pressure on yourself because of the status of the song. But in the end I was happy with final result.

 What will Moby’s musical legacy be?

I’m sure that his music will stay forever in many people’s hearts, and it will inspire more musicians in the future, since, in my personal opinion, his music is timeless.

You can only listen to one version of “Porcelain” for the rest of your life. Is it your remix, another remix, or the original?

It would definitely be original song, since none of the remixes would beat it.

If Moby were to remix one of your songs, which one would you want him to remix? 

If this dream would come true, I would ask him to remix “Kate” or “Last Kiss,” cause those are probably the most meaningful and personal songs I’ve ever made.


Fransis Derelle releases perfect love story track “Hollywood Dreams”

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Firmly cemented as a beloved Circus member in 2017, Antuane Walker, better known as Fransis Derelle made his official Circus Records debut releasing his stunning rework of Flux Pavilion’s “Cut Me Out” and was quickly followed up 808 stomper “Imaginary Friends,” collabed with Hopsteady. Now, the Salt Lake City Native is dropping his next big

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