Watch: emamouse – “Puppy” / Eye Cavity

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outta 5

Styles: peaceful dread, cartunic androgynous electronics, SNES waltz designer PRO, someone left the window open, god was on my bed when I got home today, that’s how my day was..

Others: purchasing a point-and-click big-box computer game from COMPUSA in 1993 because it contained 4/4 sex and language ratings but it looked like a Disney movie on the front cover so your parents were chill with it

Eye Cavity by emamouse

♫ Listen: Lockbox – Scorpio

This post was originally published on this site

About a month ago, friend of TMT MMJ launched his PRIMORDIAL VOID imprint with the bonkers Primordial Chaos. He’s already moved on to Scorpio, a new EP from Chicago’s Lockbox, just in case we thought he wasn’t post-serious. Scorpio is a fucked, heterodox mess of acid, electro, and breakcore. It’s tagged #INVADER ZIM and #NIRVANA on SoundCloud. Like an astrological chart, I think you can peer into this puddle of slime and see a wonky reflection of yourself, some jagged shard of confirmation and perspective. I dunno when the next motley assemblage will pop out of the VOID, but after this one I’m standing right at the edge, looking down, beginning to lose my balance.

♫ Listen: Various Artists: PRIMORDIAL VOID – Primordial Chaos

This post was originally published on this site

Let’s primarily focus here on the Primordial Chaos compilation being the first release on MMJ’s new imprint, PRIMORDIAL VOID: a Massive debut compilation release collecting 20 electronic and live recorded works, featuring Jeff Witscher, Gobby, HKE, Olan Monk, Mukqs, Lockbox, Sentient Gyre, Terribilis, Oxhy, Emamouse, LXV, Theodore Cale Schafer, Angelo Harmsworth, M/M, Waterhouse, Constellation Botsu, Yolichika, Kazumichi Komatsu, Snakepiss, and Modelock & EMBASSY. No-lie, every track is worth it. Told Marcel a while back that he’ll be someone people expect to product/recommend good shit as we all get older. Primordial Chaos is living up to that standard. And sets a potential above ground. In a spastic, paranoid, and tru-g0D mode sonics. Stream and explore: