Premiere: Eli Brown’s unrelenting ‘Come Together’ EP encourages us to do just that [Stream]

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Premiere: Eli Brown’s unrelenting ‘Come Together’ EP encourages us to do just that [Stream]WATB037 H

Eli Brown continues his upswing of global house grooves with his introduction to Alan Fitzpatrick’s label We Are The Brave, showing off the Bristol producer’s refined production chops and affinity for good old fashioned rave fare over a three-track heater.  

Landing via Dancing Astronaut ahead of the project’s full release, the title track gives fans an appetizing look at Eli Brown’s darker tastes and tendencies.. While the UK producer’s sound has ebbed and flowed between bouncing house beats and peak-hour rave cuts, “Come Together” is a clear commitment to the latter. Brown’s drum ‘n’ bass roots also remain as evident as ever, as he utilizes deep, dimensional 909 kicks and crisp hi-hats before allowing the real star of the show to take stage. Keyed synths walk the line between melodic and menacing, ultimately concocting a tonic that’s as thirst-quenching in a dark, dank club as it is on a festival stage.

The Come Together EP can be pre-ordered here and is out in full September 13.

LOONY – “Dare You” Video

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LOONY - "Dare You" VideoLOONY is Kira Huszar, a 24-year-old musician from Toronto’s Scarborough neighborhood. Her music artfully plays around with neo-soul, hip-hop, and R&B in an artful, understated fashion that marks her as a sensible tour-mate for Rhye, with whom she’ll be traversing Western Canada in the coming weeks. And today she’s given you a great entry point … More »

Robbie Robertson – “Dead End Kid” (Feat. Glen Hansard)

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SinematicThe Band’s Robbie Robertson has a new solo album coming out. Entitled Sinematic, it was inspired in part by his work as a film score composer and his collaboration with Martin Scorsese on the upcoming crime drama The Irishman. Lead single “I Can Hear You Paint Houses” found Robertson teaming up with another … More »

Microwave – “Mirrors” Video

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Microwave are releasing their third album, Death Is A Warm Blanket, at the end of this week. The Atlanta Band To Watch announced the album last month with two new songs, “DIAWB” and “Carry,” and followed them up with “Float To The Top,’ and today they’re sharing one final … More »

Band To Watch: Dry Cleaning

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Dry CleaningBritons have a complex relationship with the Monarchy. Though adored by older generations and millions around the world, the Royal Family are almost exclusively met with scorn and contempt from younger Brits, and especially those who are left-leaning and in the music community. That makes “Magic Of Meghan,” the debut single from southeast London four-piece … More »

Sean Henry – “Rain, Rain”

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The underrated musician Sean Henry has two longer releases to his name so far — 2015’s demo tape It’s All About Me and his debut album, Fink, from last year — and this fall he’ll release another one, an album called A Jump From The High Dive. The conception of the … More »

Dead Soft – “I Believe You”

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Dead-Soft-Big-BlueDead Soft are a Canadian trio that traffic in a fuzz-drenched, hook-laden sound that recalls everything from grunge to classic ’80s alternative to power-pop. Founded by Nathaniel Epp (vocals/guitar) and Keeley Rochon (bassist/vocalist) and rounded out by drummer Alex Smith, the band have been scrapping along for much of this decade — DIY releases, relentless … More »

Premiere: KOAN Sound preview forthcoming ‘Intervals Above’ EP with soothing ‘Vibrant’

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Premiere: KOAN Sound preview forthcoming ‘Intervals Above’ EP with soothing ‘Vibrant’Koan Sound © Sarah Koury KoLAB Studios 1

Leading up to the release of their new EP, KOAN Sound have been steadily trickling hints of its contents to the music world. The six-track Intervals Above has seen its first three tracks—”Strident,” “Boundless,” and “Radiant,” respectively—make their way to listeners ears over the course of the past month, no doubt met with celebration to those who were eagerly anticipating follow-ups to December’s Polychrome LP.

The second-to-last track to make its way before the EP is released in full on Sept. 6 is “Vibrant,” a refreshingly soothing piece that sparkles with all its title suggests. A twinkling introduction crescendoes gradually to incorporate blissful yet minimalist percussion, steadily building more complex layers. The dreamy tone carries throughout the majority of the song, though the final two minutes usher in a slow-pulsing bassline that gives the tune a more foreboding outro. From start to finish, though, “Vibrant” fills listeners’ ears with the mystical, journey-like atmosphere they know they’ll only find in a KOAN Sound song.

The duo are kicking off the US leg of their In Parallel tour in Portland with Haywyre on Sept. 12. Find tickets to shows in Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, and more here.

Photo credit: Sarah Koury / KoLAB Studios

Premiere: BoxPlot gears up for enthralling Liquicity EP with ‘Voicemail Poems’ [Q&A]

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Premiere: BoxPlot gears up for enthralling Liquicity EP with ‘Voicemail Poems’ [Q&A]Boplot

Introspective drum ‘n’ bass finds its voice in talented producers like BoxPlot. The Boston-based producer first caught the attention of the dnb world back in 2015 and has been making a name for himself via his unique brand of dreamy beats ever since.

His newest piece of work, an EP called Alice, arrives on Liquicity Records on Sept. 6. Hear its opening track, “Voicemail Poems,” and learn more about the work that went into the EP below.

Tell us a little bit about the making of this EP.

The initial idea came from my tune “My Non-Existent Friend, Alice,” but not from the tune itself. It came from the people in the YouTube comments sorta wondering “who is this person” or “why is she non existent.” That got me wondering if I should build this story further into an EP, and so I did. The making of Alice was a pretty grueling and extensive—1.5 years or so—but it was definitely fun. I’m very meticulous when it comes to writing songs because I nitpick on literally every detail and I absolutely want to make sure that it’s 100 percent the direction I want to go in. As for production techniques, I’ve finally gotten to utilize my Eurorack synth that I’ve been on and off building for a year or so. I’ve sorta designed it to where it’s basically made to be an ambient-lofi drone machine, and it does wonders when it comes to making atmospheres.

What can listeners expect from this EP?

I’d definitely consider this to be like a mini concept album if anything, but still very familiar to my Tramontane EP. I really wanted to hone in on the emotions of lust and loss and sorta play around with them. You can sorta view the timeline of these two imaginary characters and see how things evolve over the course of the four tracks. I periodically listen to the entirety of the EP end to end and I still get chills from it.

What does this EP mean to you?

While making the EP, I didn’t really think it had some sort of emotional connection to my actual self. I more or less just thought I was just writing a story just for the sake of writing a story. But after these past few months have gone by, I’ve come to realize that this body of work was actually me subconsciously telling myself how I felt over the past year. It kind of is surreal to think how when writing things you can be writing something that has no meaning or anything behind it, but in actuality it does and you don’t know it yet. 

What are your hopes for drum ‘n’ bass in the United States?

I’m optimistic about it, but I’m realistically in the middle. I’m noticing there’s now tons of hype coming from a good majority of the big EDM guys talking about how drum ‘n’ bass is so sick and are asking for tunes from people, but it’s one of those things where I sorta need to see it to believe it. Now I’m not talking about the talent here in the U.S. The talent I’m seeing from the States is actually rather insane to be honest. A great example of this is a guy named Winslow. His tunes are absolute stompers and he makes really quality YouTube videos that I tend to watch periodically and enjoy greatly. Anyway, back to the original point: it’s the promoters that are based here that I’m iffy about. For example, if you don’t originate from the UK, you aren’t getting booked. It’s as simple as that. Flite I know for a fact is working his butt off to make sure to change that, and it’s working. It’s just that these promoters aren’t willing to pick up these homebrew artists at all, or they are at times but they are getting paid in pennies. It’s a slow process yes, but that’s what it is going to have to be; a waiting game.

What’s in store for the remainder of 2019?

I do have some collaborations with some artists that I’ve always wanted to work with, but I won’t name drop them because I do want to keep things secret. I do have plans to also make a non drum ‘n’ bass EP for once since the good majority of music I actually listen to isn’t really drum and bass. Finally, I also have another EP lined up, but this time it’s for my side project, Tetracase. Nothing is completely set in stone for that one, but it’s probably going to receive the majority of my attention for the remainder of the year.

Kate Teague – “Sweetheart”

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Kate Teague - "Sweetheart"Kate Teague is a singer-songwriter from Oxford, Mississippi and she’s releasing a self-titled EP next month on Muscle Beach Records. Teague has already shared four tracks from the EP: “Good To You,” “Low Life,” “Gilly,” and “In Our Element.” Today she’s sharing yet another, and we have the privilege of premiering it. More »