Premiere: Rodriguez Jr. – Cluster#1

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Premiere: Rodriguez Jr. – Cluster#1Rodriguez Jr

One of Mobilee‘s brightest stars, Rodriguez Jr., is back on the imprint with an EP representative of his forward-thinking melodic sound. Malecón Azul was inspired by life on the road, and it seems influences gathered from around the world have inspired two distinctive tracks.

We’ve elected to focus on “Clusters#1,” which follows up an airy, yet poignant title opener with a grittier, almost shadowy aesthetic. The warm analog synths Rodriguez Jr. is known continue to play a strong presence in this single; however, a more prominent low end and percussion give off a more “heads down” feel to the finished product. As always, the French producer ensures excellence in his mixing and arrangement, crafting a well-balanced piece with subtle layers that keep listeners intrigued until the very end.

Order a copy of “Clusters#1,” and the rest of Malecón Azul , here

Russian Baths – “Tracks”

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Russian Baths have been recording hypnotic, chaotic noise rock since 2016. We even premiered their first-ever single, “Ambulance,” back in the day. Now, the Brooklyn band are gearing up to release their debut full-length album soon, and we’re premiering one of its new singles. “Tracks” is filled with raucous energy, tamed … More »

Fern Mayo – “Echo”

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It’s been a bit since we’ve heard from Fern Mayo — their debut, Happy Forever, came out in 2015, followed by the three-track Hex Signs the year after that — but today the Katie Capri-led project is releasing a new single, “Echo,” the first taste of a new full-length that’s coming … More »

Gong Gong Gong 工工工 – “Notes Underground 地下日記”

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Beijing-based rock duo Gong Gong Gong 工工工 are ready to make waves with their spartan setup. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Tom Ng and bassist Joshua Frank — who were born in Hong Kong and Montreal, respectively — the band eschews traditional percussion in favor of string-focused, hypnotic, spitfire tracks. Gong Gong Gong made their debut 7″ … More »

Julien Chang – “Of The Past”

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Julien ChangJulien Chang (pronounced “chong”) is a classically trained university student from Baltimore. He just signed to Transgressive and is today sharing his first single, “Of The Past.” The track merges the Prince-influenced instrumentals of Blood Orange with the vocal style of Tame Impala. It’s psychedelic and jazzy yet wide and wavering, incorporating several different tonalities. More »

Pieta Brown – “Ask For More”

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Pieta Brown - "Ask For More"Recording an album live in a studio nowadays might seem a tad archaic with all of the editing software available. But that’s exactly what Iowa native Pieta Brown has done, with satisfying results. Her newest album, Freeway, is due out in September on Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records. It was recorded at Justin Vernon’s April Base Studios … More »

Chris Gantry – “Box Of Crayons” (Feat. Bill Callahan)

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Chris Gantry - NashlantisOutlaw country legend Chris Gantry returned from a 35-year absence with 2015’s Gantry Rides Again. He’s kept on riding ever since. Two years ago Gantry — an associate of Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson perhaps best known for penning Glen Campbell’s hit “Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife” — finally released the album that derailed his … More »

Premiere: Follow Me – Jam & Spoon (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

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Premiere: Follow Me – Jam & Spoon (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)Jerome Isma Ae Press Shot

“Follow Me” is one of the most well-known hits by the German outfit Jam & Spoon. The original is a timeless, perfectly trance anthem—a level of caliber effortlessly reached by the genre pioneers during their illustrious years on the circuit. While quite a few have already stepped up to the remixing plate, Black Hole has enlisted a new batch of veterans and rising stars to take on the classic once more.

Jerome Isma-Ae‘s take on “Follow Me” is easily a standout selection. Since his return to the darker, more underground sounds of progressive trance, the producer’s music has found its way into the afterhours’ crates of a vast amount of respected DJ talents. This new remix promises to do the same, with Isma-Ae dousing the original’s cornerstone synth riffs in shadows and slowing the tempo down to create a slow-burning, hypnotic effect. It’s quite the fine re-work, and another testament to Isma-Ae’s skills in the studio.

Sis – “Night From Scratch”

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Sis - "Night From Scratch"Sis is the Berkeley-based effort of singer and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Gillespie Mason, along with husband and wife duo Carly Bond and Rob Shelton of Meernaa. Mason is the founder of Native Cat Recordings, and on the label, the trio are releasing their second full-length soon. It’s called Gas Station Roses, and today we’re premiering its lead single, … More »

WHY? Share Four More New Songs From AOKOHIO

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WHY?The experimental pop group WHY? have been releasing what they call “movements” of music lately, groups of songs that will feature in a new visual album. Titled AOKOHIO, the video component stars Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black and is directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte. Today, the Yoni Wolf-led group is sharing four songs comprising the fourth … More »