Premiere: Namito – Stone Flower

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Premiere: Namito – Stone FlowerSOL069 Artwork

The world finally got to see just how multifaceted of an artist Namito is through his first LP, Letting Go. Released on Ubersee, the expansive project which combined writing, art, and a sonic biography of his life stunned dance fans across the world. For his debut on Sabo’s Sol Selectas, the Berlin-based artist taps into his Persian roots to present a refreshed, and slightly psychedelic take on a classic.

“Stone Flower” takes vocals from an older tune out of Iran, and embeds them in a deep, 4/4 foundation. It’s dissonant and hypnotic, leading listeners down a metaphorical rabbit hole with lush rhythms, string accents, and entrancing basslines. Namito does well in fitting into the Sol Selectas aesthetic—and has crafted a top opening tune for his sets in the process.

Pre-order ‘Stone Flower’ here

Outer Spaces – “Album For Ghosts”

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Outer Spaces is the Baltimore-based indie rock project of Cara Beth Satalino. Her upcoming full-length, Gazing Globe, is out this June on Western Vinyl. The album was written while she and her partner and bandmate Chester Gwazda decided to take a break from their long-term relationship, resulting in a record of self-reflective and confessional tunes. More »

Hundredth – “Whatever”

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Myrtle Beach, SC’s Hundredth have spent the last few years elementally evolving their sound. The band’s flux from melodic hardcore to aggro shoegaze was signaled on their last LP, 2017’s RARE, which landed a spot on our list of that year’s best albums. (“The guitars are roaring. The hooks are … More »

Exclusive: Au5 previews forthcoming LP with ‘Dragonfly’

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Exclusive: Au5 previews forthcoming LP with ‘Dragonfly’Au5 Press Photo E1558459181473

In the days leading up to his Divinorum LP release, Colorado producer Au5 has been slowly unveiling singles from the compilation, showcasing his meticulous dubstep style in its finest form.

He follows up the releases of “Stargate,” “Divinorum,” and “Mesmerize” with the latest: “Dragonfly” with Evoke. The album’s fourth track leads in with a slow build and drifting vocals. Evoke asserts himself from the get-go, demonstrating the sheer power that’s to come from the remainder of the song. The bridge gives a false sense of calm before casting the listener into a deep sea of shimmering synths and bass at the drop. Over the course of the song’s seven minutes, Au5 takes his listeners on a tumultuous sonic roller coaster, soaring above the clouds and diving deep under the earth.

From the looks of “Dragonfly” and its predecessors, Divinorum will see Au5 illustrate his most detailed and intricate work yet, spanning 10 songs that’ve been three years in the making.

Divinorum in this context translates to ‘[things] of the divine.’ The album is about a journey traversing through a series of different realms beyond reality,” the producer says of the compilation.

Divinorum will be the producer’s first solo LP since 2011’s Anchus Definy. Like Anchus Definy, Divinorum will be self-released and is out May 24.

Hear New Dungen & Peaking Lights Tracks From The Self Discovery For Social Survival Soundtrack

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Indie label Mexican Summer and surf brand Pilgrim Surf + Supply are collaborating on a new documentary film about surfing and surf music called Self Discovery For Survival, out this June. A group of musicians are featured in the film alongside the surfers. Both groups visit Mexico, the Maldives, and Iceland in vignettes … More »

Stream The Glow’s Debut Album Am I

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The GlowThe LVL UP boys are all starting to do their own things: Dave Benton has Trace Mountains, Nick Corbo has Spirit Was, Mike Caridi has the Glow, and Greg Rutkin has been drumming for basically all of the projects that have been left in the New York band’s wake. But losing … More »

Horse Jumper Of Love – “Airport”

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Last month, Horse Jumper Of Love announced a new album, So Divine, with the excellent Poison.” We’re another month out from the album’s release, and today the Boston trio are sharing another new track, “Airport.” It’s syrupy and sinister, building to an interlocking set of rattled bones and mangled guitar chords. “It’s a … More »

Bad Heaven Ltd. – “strength”

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Bad Heaven Ltd.Bad Heaven Ltd. is the latest project from Snowing frontman John Galm. Rounded out by Galm’s Snowing bandmate Ross Brazuk on bass, former The World Is A Beautiful Place… guitarist Tyler Bussey on guitar and vocals, and Melissa Brain on drums, the group is about to follow up their 2016 debut Cool Hell with a … More »

Pelican Tell Us Some Nighttime Stories

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Trevor Shelley de Brauw is a pretty busy guy. In addition to being the guitarist in Pelican and RLYR — and releasing an excellent solo album, Uptown, in 2017 — he’s also a father and works full-time as a music publicist. (Full disclosure: de Brauw did press for my band United Nations’ last full-length in … More »

Just Mustard – “October”

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Just-MustardIn the past several years, a new wave of intriguing guitar bands have emerged from Ireland — groups that are honing in on a particular kind of rushing-but-brainy punk-inflected rock, or groups that dismantle and implode structures and genres to locate their own unique sound. The Dundalk five-piece Just Mustard belong in the latter category. More »