Premiere: Roy Rosenfeld – Gran Poema

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Roy Rosenfeld

Israel is known as a hotbed for caliber talent, and Roy Rosenfeld is no exception. Possessing a keen ear for arrangement and a refusal to adhere to any genre “rule” in particular, he entered the underground circuit swinging and soon found himself held in high esteem among peers like Guy Mantzur, Guy J, and more.

His career has only continued to skyrocket, with recent releases on All Day I Dream, Plattenbank, and of course, Guy J’s Lost&Found. He returns to the latter imprint with his newest EP, an ethereal and introspective Helena.

Rosenfeld follows up the EP’s namesake opener with “Gran Poema,” which builds upon the theme set by its predecessor, adding complexity to its drawn-out, hollow base with glittering synthwork and bittersweet piano chords. New elements poke out as the song unfolds, maintaining attention until the very end and into the closing track. Given his track record thus far, we suspect Rosenfeld is sitting on quite a few more goodies that will continue to draw fans into his fold.



Pre-order ‘Helena’ here


Premiere: Darlyn Vlys – Learned To Hide Feat. Northern Lite (Chaim Remix)

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Sincopat is a label that has always prided itself on gathering forward-thinking talent into its fold, no matter the genre. Their latest find is French native Darlyn Vlys, who specializes in everything experimental — from electronica to house. He’s signed his entire debut LP The Prince in the Rain onto the label, which contains a myriad of diverse, and ear-catching tunes.

Ahead of the album release, however, Vlys and Sincopat tapped a handful of artists in similar veins to remix its second single, “Learned To Hide.” Chaim was one of those elected to provide his interpretation, and he proceeds to remake the original into a deep, hypnotic piece of music built for a club setting.

Where the original is more eclectic, Chaim adds structure, placing the original’s hook and vocals into a deep, progressive-leaning soundscape and subduing the synths to create a nuanced sound. The result? An entrancing piece of music that slowly blossoms into a symphony of well-arranged melodies and harmonies that only Chaim can build.

Pre-order a copy of Chaim’s remix, which will be released on May 25, here

Ovlov – “Spright”

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Ovlov TruAfter the beloved Connecticut-bred band Ovlov released their debut album, am, back in 2013, they went through a series of temporary break-ups and offshoots, including Steve Hartlett’s Stove project. But in the last couple years, the band has reemerged, playing a handful of shows and re-releasing their first 3 EPs in one collection, … More »

Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – “Ruins”

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The name Collections Of Colonies Of Bees is a mouthful. The Wisconsin-based band first started as the project of Chris Rosenau and John Mueller, previously of post-rock group Pele, and they went on to merge forces with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon to release two albums as Volcano Choir, most recently 2013’s Repave. Collections Of … More »

River Whyless – “Darkness In Mind”

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Kindness-A-RebelIn the time following their 2016 sophomore album We All The Light, there was a lot of change in the lives of the individual members of North Carolina folk-rock band River Whyless. Some settled down with spouses while others moved across the country searching to clarify their identity. Eventually, they came back together, channeling new … More »

Premiere: Anton Dhouran feat. Ed Begley – The Myth of Tarae (Third Son Edition)

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Third Son

The Myth Of Tarae is a veritable story in LP form, and a powerful porfolio of Anton Dhouran’s abilities as a producer. Therefore, he had to ensure that those he chose to remix his originals are equally adept at conveying, and enhancing his vision.

Third Son thus came as a shoe-on for the job. The classically-trained Brit has one MO: make good music. And that he did with his re-work to The Myth Of Tarae’s vocal-laden title track, using his usual level of trance-inducing brilliance.

He bases his interpretation around Ed Begley’s haunting verses, crafting a drawn-out progressive record around them. Subtle hints of synth fall gracefully around Begley’s voice, landing in a bed of intricate percussion. It builds slowly, but carefully, remaining driving all the way through. The final product is one built for a dimly-lit dancefloor, and a standout among the other remixes in the pack.

Pre-order a copy of “The Myth Of Tarae (Third Son Edition)” here

Feature Image Credit: Lauren Commens

tunng – “ABOP” Video

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Tunng’s Mike Lindsay has been working with Laura Marling on a conceptual project called LUMP, but he hasn’t abandoned his roots. He and his band of English folk experimentalists are gearing up to put out their first album in five years, Songs You Make At Night. Today, they share the lead single and … More »

Hear Wire’s Previously Unreleased “The 15th” Demo

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WireFew bands explored and exploded the possibilities of punk rock as early and often as Wire. The London combo emerged concurrently with punk totems the Clash and Sex Pistols and immediately set about redefining what the genre could be, essentially inventing post-punk in the process. That story was written on Wire’s first three albums — … More »

Vacation – “Action Road”

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Ohio rock outfit Vacation are the kind of band that make youtube commenters want to declare, “Punk’s not dead.” Made up of Evan Wolff, Jerri Queen, Dylan McCartney, and John Hoffman, the Cincinnati four-piece meld the best parts of fuzzy garage punk, psych-rock, and gritty pop together, their sound reminiscent of bands like … More »

Premiere: Monty & Hyroglifics ft. Benabu – The Glow

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Drum ‘n’ bass masterminds Monty and Hyroglifics have forged a bright, earthshaking new tune dubbed, “The Glow.” It serves as one of four on Folio /1, the first in a new EP series on 1985 Music which highlights the label’s most prized artists.

These two artists are clearly adept at creating an engaging, alluring mood in a track, as proven by “The Glow.” They combine the use of well-tuned, intricate percussion and unique, bassy synths that drone menacingly along with the sultry and soulful vocals of Benabu to keep things captivating from beginning to end. The production value is again amplified when we consider the quality of the sound in the track—just the right amount of reverb and echo to give the song that deep, dark, cavernous atmosphere.