Tycho designed an app to curate playlists based on users’ local weather

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Tycho designed an app to curate playlists based on users’ local weatherIphone Rain

Accomplished producer Tycho is diving into the realm for technology with the launch of a brand new a web application that is the first of its kind. The artist worked with app developer Lee Martin to create Forecast, the web application that designs playlists based on the weather in the users’ location.

The app is simple in its design, inspired by many of Tycho’s single and album cover artworks. As it is simple in design, Forecast is also easy to use. The application locates the user, and within seconds curates a weather-inspired playlist that can be saved either to Spotify or Apple Music. Whether you’re looking to lean into the rainy day blues or you’re reaching for poolside pop, Forecast is ready for action, so give it a try.

8.08 Day: A bass lover’s neck-breaking nirvana [PLAYLIST]

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8.08 Day: A  bass lover’s neck-breaking nirvana [PLAYLIST]808 Day

8/08 day is an annual cause for resounding celebration. The iconic Roland drum machine played a quintessential role in electronic, hip-hop, and pop’s development, with its imprint permanently stamped on a vast amount of top-charting singles of the ’80s and ’90s. While, the mechanism became antiquated by the turn of millennium, on account of oversaturation, lack of availability, and Roland’s plans to propel newer gear to the forefront, this was far from the end of its legacy. 

Fast-forward another decade: the 808 revival had begun. Rappers like Kanye West found that the instrument added a unique, crisp edge to the low-end of their productions, whilst dance music innovators like Aphex Twin found other creative ways to utilize the 808 for maximum impact. Today, a good deal of producers appreciate the vintage appeal it offers; so much so, that Roland even revived the 808 in 2017. 

We honor this musical staple with a series of larger-than-life tunes by Skrillex, Eptic, RL Grime, Dillon Francis, Bassnectar, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, and more from heavy-handed listeners’ legion of 808 legends who have allowed this instrument to shine in the dance space over the years. In 808, we trust.

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 170, featuring Bob Moses, Kasbo, Hot Chip, and more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 170, featuring Bob Moses, Kasbo, Hot Chip, and moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut’s Bella Bagshaw, dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. She brings you her favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—in attempts to alleviate the often agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Bob Moses has that rare amorphous sound that makes listeners want to dance, cry, and wonder all at once—which is oddly perfect for Sunday morning restlessness. “Enough To Believe” will surely offer its consumers bouts of all three.

Beach House singer, Victoria Legrand may be a jack of almost all trades, but she’s certainly a master of one: dispelling end-of-weekend woes with her dream-pop croons.

One of the earliest San Holo-sponsored bitbird offerings, Kasbo‘s “Found You” is a like a one-way flight to the sonic heavens—expedited.

Taken straight from Hot Chip‘s latest LP of the same name, “A Bath Full of Ecstasy” is an indie dance track in the iridescent, off-kilter vein Hot Chip has remained renowned for throughout their tenure in the studio. The track’s whimsical guitar strums and quixotic vocals catapult a sea of swimming colors through the listener’s unsuspecting psyche: a paragon hangover cure, if one ever existed.

ALT:Vision’s Laxcity is all too adept in the art of chill-out. Taken straight from his brand new EP, “Refined” is the nuanced, sonic equivalent of letting your hair down and getting lost inside some sunny Sunday musings.

Pregame for 4th of July shenanigans with this playlist

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Pregame for 4th of July shenanigans with this playlistLakeunionfireworks

4th of July is here, which for many translates to an array of barbecues, pool parties, and general debauchery that caps off with a wild fireworks show. Those who don’t have to work the next day often continue well into the night in the name of the USA’s birth. Thus, we at Dancing Astronaut thought we might help assist the festivities—and provide a versatile pregame soundtrack—with a collection of tunes fit for celebratory activities. Artists from FKJ, to Zedd, to Chemical Brothers are represented to take listeners from day to night.

ORBIT: Hayden James curates euphoria-inducing ‘Between Us’ playlist [exclusive]

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ORBIT: Hayden James curates euphoria-inducing ‘Between Us’ playlist [exclusive]Hayden James Credit Cybele Malinowski 1

Australia is a breeding ground for cutting edge electronic artists, and Hayden James is a shining example. He emerged into the international scene with his radio friendly “Permission To Love,” which immediately cemented his position as a crossover master. He’s since been capturing hearts around the music world with his knack for breezy soundscapes and silky texturing in each of his songs; it’s no wonder that when he announced he’d be putting out his debut LP, the world began waiting with much anticipation.

The moment has finally arrived, and Between Us is now out on digital shelves. Clocking in at 11 tracks, the album is an expression of everything Hayden’s come to embody sonically through his industry tenure. “Nowhere To Go,” his sultry single with NAATIONS, makes the track list, in addition to a strong slate of other collaborative pieces which include Running Touch, Boy Matthews, and Faar to name a few. One listen is all it takes to add a bit of euphoria into the day.

To mark this very special occasion, Hayden James has curated a special edition ORBIT playlist for us. Plenty of album singles make their way into the mix, plus a strong list of supporting tracks which include a Honey Dijon dub, a Kaskade and Gorgon City collaboration, Purple Disco Machine, and more. Spin during daytime for amplified summer sentiments.

Order a copy of Hayden’s album, ‘Between Us,’ here

Photo credit: Cybele Malinowksi

ORBIT: Brian Cid puts together hypnotic playlist ahead of Gather Outdoors [Exclusive]

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ORBIT: Brian Cid puts together hypnotic playlist ahead of Gather Outdoors [Exclusive]Brian Cid Credit Samuel Finzi

Brian Cid has a profound understanding of music that allows him to pull off whatever style he chooses with finesse and appeal. His expertise as an audio engineer was widely demanded in the pop world, with the New York-born artist fine tuning songs from the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga. When he made the transition into dance music, he refused to adhere to trends and instead began pushing the lush, intricate prog aesthetic he’s known best for today—a style of music that had really only been pushed by a select few European and Israeli figures. Cid’s forward-thinking ear has made him one of the most respected talents to rise out of the North American dance scene.

Brian’s next destination is Gather Outdoors festival, where he’ll be playing the Oak Stage. The stage, hosted by Member, boasts a wide array artists that specialize in deep, hypnotic sounds, including a special b2b from Holmar and Philipp Jung, Chaim, Francesca Lombardo, and Goldcap. Ahead of the occasion, he’s curated an exclusive playlist that features his own music, and other hidden gems that are bursting in melody, rhythm, and drive.

On playing the festival, Cid explains, “Nothing makes me happier than playing in NY, the city that saw me rise. Gather is precisely a gathering of old & new friends where we will be able to re-connect and make our bond even stronger. This playlist fits the mood I intend to bring to stage. It’s deep, upbeat with a bit of darkness. It will make you move for sure.”

Gather is Teksupport‘s inaugural festival venture, taking place in the picturesque and historical Catskills region of New York. The Brooklyn-based promoters have been widely responsible for a resurgence of underground dance music in the city, helping to bring iconic brands like Time Warp, Mosaic, and Cocoon stateside while also hosting landmark shows like Cirez D and Adam Beyer.

Learn more about Gather Outdoors and purchase festival tickets here

Photo credit: Samuel Finzi

Techno Tuesday: An aural biography of Andres Campo across 8 tracks

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Techno Tuesday: An aural biography of Andres Campo across 8 tracksTechno Tuesdays

Andres Campo has charted an elongated path through house and techno. The Spanish performer began booking his first hometown residencies at a ripe sixteen years of age, letting his sound simmer until he reached a global boiling point that saw him earning the support of his genres’ top players. Since breaking into the scene, he’s already been booked at marquee events like Zurich’s Street Parade, Tomorrowland, and more—in addition to helping break in venues like Printworks and becoming a regular at institutions like Watergate, Amnesia, and many more. It’s safe to say Campo is a modern revolutionary.

He just released a brand new EP, Forget, on compatriot Ramiro Lopez and Arjun Vagale’s imprint Odd Recordings—a searing double-header true to Campo’s deep dive into modern techno. The musician’s roots stretch far beyond what he makes, however; so, we sat him down to review a select number of tracks by artists that have played a great influence in his life to date. Campo shows off his expert curatorial sense that clearly began at a young age, digging in his memory bank to surface hidden gems like Piropo’s “Generation,” Alloy Mental’s self titled anthem, and more while explaining how each piece fits into his larger musical puzzle.

Vitalic – La Rock 01

“Well this was the first time I saw a dancefloor jumping like a proper punk concert! I love this track and it’s still kicking today. “

Alloy Mental – Alloy Mental

INTENSE AF!! This track has too much history in my Florida 135 sets, especially at the end of the night. I’ve been playing this since its release in 2005 – it’s such an anthem.

DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access

Picture it – me as a young stoned raver in the middle of somewhere happily stabbed by this heavy acid monster sound. Ahh nostalgia…

Kick-Side – Time To Blast (TS Mason Remix)

This was my past, hard house as its best. Nothing can beat this if you are on the dancefloor. I’ve played it tons of times at my residency at Coliseum, jump jump jump!

Piropo – Generation

This one breaks my heart… They called it euro-dance, well this track is so much more than that. It’s one of my favourites from my early years as DJ.

Mackenzie Feat. Jessy – Without You (Arpegia)(Club Mix)

While in Catalonia, Makina was a really strong style in my region (in Aragon). But in Pamplona, Basque country etc, trance was really well known; this track is in the same style as The Age Of Love. So good!

No faces meet dave 2002 – U know what

Well, this one drives me crazy. I’ve played this tons of times; at first I was apprehensive because it’s from my old school rave age, but believe me, nothing drives people as crazy as the break in this; BANGER.

DJ Looney Tune – The Egg

Imagine yourself high as fuck in a dark scary club with a proper sound system and this track wrapping around you; well I’ve been there before, and if hell is something like this, I want to stay there forever.

Andres Campo ‘Forget’ is now out on Odd Recordings. Get it here

Anna Lunoe talks motherhood on the move, delivers frenetic Mother’s Day playlist [Q&A]

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Anna Lunoe talks motherhood on the move, delivers frenetic Mother’s Day playlist [Q&A]DiMUed9UEAAZCtm E1557671803610

While motherhood and globe-trekking DJing may not be innately synonymous, Anna Lunoe ensures the two endeavors never grow mutually exclusive.

It wasn’t long after the multi-talented “Bass Drum Dealer” migrated from her native Australia to LA that she was embraced by some of the most eminent faces in dance music—most decisive of these being Skrillex himself, who quickly brought her to his NEST HQ imprint back in 2014. Since then, she’s made auspicious appearances at Coachella, Ultra, Lollapalooza, and secured sanction as the first female solo female act to perform at EDC Las Vegas’s main stage. In addition to propagating her hectic shade of the electronic rainbow, which she aptly dubs HYPERHOUSE, Lunoe has been merging music and motherhood since giving birth in 2017 to her baby girl, Willa.

Lunoe sat down with Dancing Astronaut to divulge into her maternal balancing act, the ways in which her daughter has altered her career, and new developments on the music front. And in honor of Mother’s Day 2019, she’s cooked up an unequivocally looney, hyper-as-heck playlist consisting of her favorite selects of the moment, including a few of her own most potent recent concoctions, of course.

What’s it like balancing mom/DJ/tour life?

It’s intense, a constant learning curve for everyone but it’s been insanely powerful and transformative for me personally. I approach everything in my life with more power and perspective.

How (if at all) has motherhood impacted your sound/you as an artist in general?

I’m more focused on what I want to do. There are constraints on everything, limitations to how much time I have to do things, to travel, what shows I say yes to, etcetera. I am forced to be very picky about how I spend my time. Ultimately, I think it’s made me a more sonically consistent artist, more intentional and way tougher.

Will you raise your daughter on mainly electronic music? Or where do your other sonic preferences lie?

No way; she listens to everything. But I do admit she is strangely into electronic, probably due to her heavy summer touring schedule in utero.

What does your mom think about your career/your music? 

She is slightly miffed, confused but ultimately proud and happy that I have a passion in life and a focus. I think she would like it if I moved a little closer to them, though.

Any new music or fun developments in the works you want to speak on? 

So much. There’s a new EP around the corner, Hyper House live stream by the end of the month, Red Bull remix lab, weekly radio, big summer festival plays and I have a little surprise for the fall too, if i can get it all done, that is.

Photo Credit: Heightline

Defining Sid Le Rock through ten songs [Exclusive Playlist]

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Defining Sid Le Rock through ten songs [Exclusive Playlist]Sid 003 2019 Photo By Chrisette En Chachette 1

Fifteen years of musicmaking and a penchant for crafting off-kilter, yet crossover friendly electronica across his own prime moniker and side projects like Pan/Tone have given Sid Le Rock a vast amount of clout within the production community. The French Canadian-turned-Berlinite broke out in 2004 with his Written in Lipstick LP, and over the better half of the last two decades has made a name for himself through his expressive, longform releases. His natural gift for sonic storytelling isn’t matched by many.

Le Rock has now returned to the spotlight with a brand new album in which he takes the Scenic Route to tell his tale. Set to release on Hamburg-based imprint Hafendisko on April 26, the multifaceted project glides over effervescent, hypnotic soundscapes, indie-tinged vocal works, and 4/4 stunners made with the after hours in mind. According to Sid, Scenic Route is an homage to the simpler things in life that carry a more profound, long-lasting impact amid today’s culture of instant gratification.

Curious to find out more about the Sid Le Rock aesthetic and ideas that have bred his sounds today, we asked the producer to make a shortlist of tracks that define him. He’s painstakingly chosen ten tracks that have both inspired him and informed his direction over the years while unearthing some serious gems from the crates. Pre-order Scenic Route here while reviewing his picks and what he has to say about their power over his career

Can – Mother Sky

“Whether you’ve been to Cologne, Germany on a Catholic pilgrimage to Der Kölner Dom (Cathedral) or a techno pilgrimage to Kompakt Records, for me, this is the band that put this fine city on the map.”

Various Artists – Decay Product -No.3 ( Debit ) [Chain Reaction]

“This is such a timeless masterpiece. One can hear the warm glow resonating from the synthesizer’s vacuum tubes, sparked by it’s enchanting melody. Chain Reaction / Basic Channel sound is the Berlin that once was before all the techno tourist traps infested this city with its circus music. Bitter perhaps? No, it is not all bad but for me and many others, this music symbolizes Berlin at its apex for experimental dub and electronic music. “

Skinny Puppy – Assimilate

“It’s my admiration for bands like Skinny Puppy and Industrial music in general, that served as the catalyst to a career in producing electronic music.”

Naturalist #5 – AtomTM

“Holy Uwe ‘friggin’’ Schmidt!. This is no ordinary human. If you have already heard of his aliases such as; Atom™, Atom Heart, or Señor Coconut, well it’s just a tiny slice of Schmidts musical odyssey. Here is one of my favourites under his Naturalist project.”

LB (aka Uwe Schmidt) – Ashes To Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)

“Again, so good. Uwe Schmidt but this time under his LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS (LB) alias, with a rework of David Bowie’s classic – Ashes To Ashes. Fun!”

Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane

I melt whenever I hear this amazing cover of Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane. In celebrating Cowboy Junkies’ – The Trinity Session, which this cover appeared on, my fellow Canadians and friends – Camara and Deadbeat have recently collaborated to reproduce this album in its entirety. So go check out Trinity Thirty.

Trans AM – Futureworld

“I’ve been a faithfully following this new wave, experimental rock group when I first caught their live show in Toronto back in 1998. I’ve been a fan ever since then. Here’s a song taken from their 4th album – Futureworld.”

M-Plant – Monobox (Robert Hood) – Realm 1

“Detroit, minimal. Whatever. This is one of Robert Hoods best tracks. It was ahead of its time. “

Ween – Little Birdy

“I adore listening to these guys. My style of music may not resemble theirs in any way. However, Ween influenced me in more ways than most. Particularly with including a sense a humour or personality…that you can hear in their productions. The heavy use of multi effects and recording process. Here’s a drugged out track that always puts in a good mood.”

Dopplereffekt – Rocket Scientist

“Well, I discussed what my essential sound of Cologne and Berlin. When I think of what is by sound definition Detroit (incl. surrounding areas), I go with electro. So many influencers… Drexciya, Adult, Aux 88, Stingray, Model 500 and this, Dopplereffekt.”

Photo credit: Chrisette en Chachette

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 169, with Flume, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Slow Magic, + more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol. 169, with Flume, RÜFÜS DU SOL, Slow Magic, + moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. Senior Editor Bella Bagshaw brings you her favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—each week, in attempts to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Let’s begin at the end this Sunday, with the concluding offering, “Spring,” from Flume’s latest mixtape. With help from the eternally strange, Eprom, Flume uses pitched-up vocals and a frenetic, downtempo arrangement, for a resplendent, redolent Sunday soundtrack.

Slow Magic’s take on Manila Killa’s “Wake Up Call” is an echoing, pensive vessel for some Sunday eschewal. Where Manila Killa’s initial offering showcases a sobering groove, Slow Magic’s is one of escapism: a palliative proposition to drift inside a soft blue dream.

Moods takes an already blissed-out Catching Flies cut, “Sunrays” and adds a lulling, looping beat, liable to send listeners into some sunny, sound-induced catharsis.

From RÜFÜS DU SOL’s enduring, sophomore album comes “Brighter,” a song privy to absolving any residual end-of-weekend regrets. Though, nearly any selection from RÜFÜS’s expansive catalog carries some semblance of sunshine.

Now let’s end at the beginning: Flume’s quixotic and vapory “Zimbabwe” rework lives on his first and self-titled album. To spend a Sunday inside Flume’s artistic evolution would surely stave off intrusive work-related thoughts; so, that’s just what Dancing Astronaut is prescribing this week.