The Wild Ride Of Rap Music In The ’10s

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Drake-and-Future“From doing records from sampling, I started learning the science about what happened to soul music,” the Alchemist told me 13 years ago. One evening, at New York’s Baseline Studios, I sat in a backroom full of ancient, dusty records, and I listened to the Alchemist and Just Blaze talk about disco. The … More »

Tones And I Is Turning The World Into “Dance Monkey” Junkies

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Tones And IThis year has already given us one Kevin Garnett “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” viral triumph by the name of Lil Nas X. You probably know that story by heart: A savvy young meme-maker who may or may not have built his online following by running a Nicki Minaj fan account heavily promotes his country-rap … More »

Madame X Is The Best Madonna Album In A Long Time

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Madonna - Madame X“Hey young people – you’re getting older every second. It’s what we do. One day someone will tell you to stop and you’ll be all like ‘fuck you’ just like Madonna.” That was former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes on Twitter the night of the Billboard Music Awards. Madonna and Colombian reggaeton star … More »

Ciara Is Living Her Best Life But Not Making Her Best Music

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CiaraWith all due respect to her formative influences and one-time contemporaries Destiny’s Child, Ciara is a survivor. More »

Predicting The 2019 Grammy Winners

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Post MaloneIt’s that time of year again: the time when we as a culture must reckon with the insane/mundane prestige-populist fever dream that is Grammy logic. More »

Pitbull Has Remixed Toto’s ‘Africa’

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There is potentially no artist as paradoxical as Pitbull. The world does love to hate Mr. 305 but in the same breath people freaking love songs like Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’ and Afrojack’s ‘Give Me Everything’. That being said, Pitbull’s latest release is nothing short of a declaration of war on music. For DC Comic’s latest movie

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Pitbull Blesses The Rains With “Africa”-Sampling Aquaman Song

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You guys really like “Africa,” huh! The bit seemed ironic at first, but I don’t know what to believe anymore. Earlier this year, Weezer covered Toto’s 1982 hit after a fan ran a viral campaign requesting the cover. Now, we’re hearing it sampled in a new Pitbull song for the forthcoming Aquaman soundtrack. More »

Pitbull’s cover of Toto’s Africa is everything you want and far, far less

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What a guy.

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28 Essential Reggaeton Songs From The Early 2000s To Now

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I was born in San Francisco, CA to two Chicano musicians who connected over their complete obsession with playing and studying music. Once we were old enough to hold instruments, my sister and I expressed some reticence about performing with our parents, but due in part to the closeness of the Mexican family unit and … More »

New Music Friday: Poppy goes metal, Raye gets conversational, Pitbull reworks a summer hit, and more…

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Notes on this week’s new releases:

P-o-p-p-y-she’s Poppy‘s new single, her best since I’m Poppy, sounds like Gary Numan doing Teenage Kicks. (Some brilliantly relatable reference points, there, for our teenage reader!) It works well alongside the new Christine and the Queens single — they come at pop from different angles but they’re both proof that popstars can have fun pushing sonic and visual boundaries.

Raye‘s new single is probably her best solo track to date. There’s a great conversational element to the lyrics (“we could have been cool, well maybe not that cool, but I would’ve fucked with you and you know you would have too”) with some enjoyably dramatic pretend string swooshes in the chorus.

The Years & Years album is out today! Producers across this album include Greg Kurstin, Kid Harpoon, Mark Ralph, Jesse Shatkin, Olly Alexander (!), Steve Mac and Grades so they were clearly not fucking around with getting this one out the door. The best song on the album is Rendezvous, and that is a fact.

Sharks‘ post-Wait output has meandered slightly, but we believe in Life After Love.

This week’s playlist features songs called Madonna, D’Angelo and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Quite the dinner party lineup but, one cannot help but feel, also a really exciting and dynamic group of people to form a private detective agency. You’d definitely watch one and a half seasons of that on Netflix, wouldn’t you?

We regret to inform you that Pitbull — who’d also be a great Netflix detective, in fact cancel the one we mentioned above because Pitbull PI must happen immediately — has once again been rifling through his Ultimate 80s Summer Hits playlist. This time the wheel of summertune stops on Arrow’s Hot Hot Hot (you know it, it’s the one that goes “hot hot hot”), except Pitbull changes “hot hot hot” to “free free free” so let this put to an end any debates that still rage over Pitbull’s genius.

And it’s quite a week for gents who were once in boybands: Justin Timberlake, Max ‘The George’ Wanted and Niall Horan all have singles out. Niall’s is marginally better than Max’s; Justin’s, described by Billboard as a “surprise summer jam”, is not at all surprising and not that much of a jam, but it’s been released in the summer and one out of three ain’t bad.

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