Listen Now: PEEKABOO “steps it up” with new tunes

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Listen Now: PEEKABOO “steps it up” with new tunesManiac EP PEEKABOO

Who is PEEKABOO? Those well-versed in all things bass music have likely heard of this enigmatic new act, who made his break by way of a surprise Bassnectar collaboration that sent fans into a veritable frenzy. Since the aforementioned tune, titled “Disrupt The System,” PEEKABOO has only continued to disrupt in his own ways with a series of jarring and forward-thinking bass productions.

His latest EP, MANIAC, sees the young producer in top form as he offers up four unique, left-field new pieces of music that are built for utter destruction. In particular, we’re drawn to the EP’s closer, “Step It Up,” which really ups the ante for his artistry. Three minutes of experimentalism seem to fly by as the ears are greeted with wobbly, abstract runs of bass and hollow hits of synth. He drives the track forward with encouraging vocal clips, expertly placed before each drop to elicit maximum frenzy.

“Step It Up” and the rest of MANIAC will be available on digital shelves as of July 13.


This post was originally published on this site

It’s May 4th (Star Wars day), so today I wake up ready for the usual onslaught of played out Star Wars memes and overused jokes invading my news feed. Instead however, a different invasion seems to have taken place in the form of newcomer DJ & producer, Peekaboo, and his ‘Imposters EP’ released today via

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