Premiere: Patrick Shiroishi – “子供の寂しさが聞こえるか?”

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Somewhere, there’s an ocean of refugee children’s tears.
Mean old xenophobes can’t resist the urge to dive in.
For a time some of them enjoy a nice swim
But all inevitably drown.

Dead kids watch from the shore somewhere
Not from malice nor anger nor spite
Nor for a hatefully imagined fright
Just so somone’s around.

Do you see the world from within or without?
“Can you hear the loneliness of a child?”

Patrick Shiroishi’s upcoming tape, 烏の涙 is out March 29 on American Damage. Its first single, “子供の寂しさが聞こえるか?” premieres below.

Music Review: Simple Affections – Simple Affections

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Simple Affections

Simple Affections

[Recital; 2018]

Rating: 4.5/5

Saturday (A Version)

Wisconsin is experiencing a “heat wave,” twenty eight degrees
After weeks of double-digit below zero temperatures,
it’s finally warm enough that inside actually feels shut off from nature’s cruel expanse
It’s Saturday
Cars skid by my bedroom window, through slush and rusty metal ice;
heat vent drips acid techno;
roommate shifts a broken beat in a finicky recliner
(in counterpoint with pages of Atonement flipping in his fingers);
outside, sirens pierce through thawing air and dissipate in triplet
It’s Saturday…
                 and death is finally melting…
                                                          and each expanding particle in my hearing threshold
is performing a part of a sublunary symphony

Each bedspring and lightbulb and door hinge: a harp string, a violin, a clarinet
A motet of mundanity unfolds at my feet and I am is its sole audience
Absent my attention, absent my affection, wind still crawls through cracks and cavities,
but for now I am here and I dictate its curtain call

From where I am (reposed), it’s a Simple Affection, like happy chance in a song without resolve
I blink…
                 and just before I remember I have eyelids…
                                                          it’s over…
and I softly clap and nod into a room at peace (as long as I have felt it)

♫ Listen: Patrick Shiroishi / Rob Magill Duo – “Wind in The Trees”

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this where i be in my Bobbi element

this be where Rob Magill be

Rob been busy, so I asked him, out of the infinite releases he has cooking, which should I cover: Easy Mind, Painful Head! or his recent Weird Cry Records collaborative single “Wind in The Trees” with Patrick Shiroishi? Rob said “Absolutely, ‘Wind in The Trees’.”

So here I sit, hearing the sounds of Rob and Patrick. By the window. Like a conversation about how tactful one’s verbiage of a tweet must be to fire a Secretary of State. Arguing the same points. Boasting and egging each other on. A call and response that’s both an agreement and an argument. GPS like the South Pole is our current navigational route. Nope, it’s nowhere. No hemisphere can behold this brain.

Patrick and Rob entangle emotions with “Wind in The Trees.” I’m upset on so many levels it makes me laugh, and I’m laughing about my emotions that I never thought I could have had, only here they are. All spilled out in sax notes, reeds. Wet reeds in the sax notes snow, walking around. A blizzard. Until the collaborative CD/digital release drops in late April, find Magill on tour and continue to follow every last breath of “Wind in The Trees” below: