Patient Sounds’ Matthew J. Sage releasing UFO-themed mailorder serial THE DUPONT PARCELS

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If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I find a quality multimedia UFOlogy box subscription service that’s right for me?” then Matthew J. Sage — owner/operator of Chicago label Patient Sounds — has news to make your hair stand on end, Giorgio-style.

Released by label subsidiary, Patient Presses, THE DUPONT PARCELS is a serialized novel with corresponding materials to be delivered in ten monthly installments. The story concerns a certain Jacques Dupont, who was “tasked by an unspoken authority to collect interviews and artifacts associated with a recurring pattern of unidentified lights in the sky over West America.”

Each monthly mailbox visitation contains interview transcripts, miscellaneous ephemera, and downloadable sound files; all the information necessary to puzzle out Dupont’s journey through the covert world of UFO encounter. Right to your door. And below, from Sage’s SoundCloud, you can check out a couple of teasers: the “(prebroadcast alert)” and “Jacques’ Theme.”

Sage writes, “If you like cowboys, aliens, psychedelics, hobos, tantric sex gurus, the dust bowl, time travel, and other such things, you may be interested.”

Well, if that doesn’t beam you over to Patient Sounds to sign up, then Scully, I don’t know what will.

No worries, no hurries: Patient Sounds readying a fresh batch of tapes featuring Electric Sound Bath, Daniel Klag, and Peter Speer

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The Chicago-based private press and music imprint Patient Sounds just gets it. From econo-chapbooks to collage collections, digital samplers to its digital periodical WINDOW; the “experiment in manifestation” has provided a safe landing spot for creative nose-divers since 2009. For this little story, we are concentrating on PS’s forthcoming trio o’ cassettes, which will be ready to pre-order and stream on March 20 (physical tapes are due at the end of March).

First up is the latest spine-tingler from Electric Sound Bath entitled The Forces. Anyone who has heard the duo of Brian Griffith and Angela Wilson knows what to expect here: complete elevation to a state of cosmic consciousness by dint of tender bass, synths, and soothing singing bowls. Those unfamiliar with ESB…well, doesn’t the above sound blissful?

Equally enchanting is the work of Daniel Klag and Anticipation is the perfect title for his forthcoming release. Not only is Klag a king of sustaining anxious weaves and tones, but Anticipation is the much-anticipated follow-up to Klag’s other gem on Patient Sounds, 2016’s Devotional. Producing both grandeur and intimacy through music is no mean feat, but Klag seems to pull it off effortlessly.

Multidisciplinary marvel Peter Speer seems to have a finger in every artistic pie known to humankind. Thankfully, the only constant found throughout his numerous projects is brilliance. By playfully patching synth modules, Speer excels especially at nature sound experiments, bringing the outside inside. Check out his “duet for thunderstorm and biplane” pastiche “Teardrop Turn” here.

Keep an eye and ear out for forthcoming tapes from Tiger Village, Willy Smart, Chris Whitley, Lake Mary & M. Sage, Cody Yantis/Rene Margraff, and Sacred Aviary over the next few months. And when you pre-order your ESB, Klag, and Speer cassettes, look out for the latest installment of WINDOW, Patient Sounds’ digital periodical, which is available March 20 as well.

Electric Sound BathThe Forces:

A1. Outpouring
A2. Chamber of the Heart
A3. Etheric
B4. Sigil of Aves
B5. Stream of Silence
B6. In

Daniel KlagAnticipation:

A1. Anticipation
A2. Sinews
B3. Empath
B4. Forming
B5. Ritual

Peter SpeerIndian Boundary Park:

A1. First Snow
A2. Teardrop Turn
B3. Pt75 ac 1988
B4. Constanze M 757

♫ Listen: Peter Kris – Dutch Flat

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It’s nice to see Peter Kris in a (relatively) good mood on Dutch Flat (Patient Sounds) — all that dank, grimy, industrial dub he specializes in through his “day job” as a member of German Army probably gets under his skin after a while, and the only remedy is taking a step back and clearing his head. And by clearing his head, I mean he scorches the crap out of that thing until there’s nothing but blank wasteland and serene smiles for miles and miles…

But what is a “Peter Kris good mood”? Is it that lobotomized sense of placid mental cleanliness that I’m also currently experiencing now that Kris’s guitar has supernova’d and scoured the crevasses of my brainpan? Is it the gallows humor of knowing moments before extinction that the end is nigh and there’s nothing you can do about it but grin? Is it some sort of psychic chicanery whereby upon experiencing Dutch Flat your body is left behind as your spirit ascends into the greater Universe? Can the “mood” even be defined as “good,” a Peter Kris one or not?

It sure can, because for me, in the end, I feel nothing but great about myself, good enough to maybe even drop a couple good-natured Peter Criss references up in here to get a chuckle out of you. But pay your attention to Peter Kris-with-a-K — he beams light through his amp as nuclear fission, beams subatomic particles through his amp as dark matter. The result is within you.

PS093 – Peter Kris – Dutch Flat by Peter Kris