Pantheon ft. Nyxen – Timewarp

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Australia’s booming dance music scene has brought us everyone from Tommy Trash to The Aston Shuffle to Flume, quite literally covering the entirety of the dance music spectrum in their own quirky and forward-thinking ways. Pantheon — another rising act from the land down under — has the acid house arena covered with his latest track, “Timewarp.” It’s filled with a bountiful range of nods to the old school genre throughout the track.

“Timewarp” features entrancing vocals from Nyxen, creating a new dynamic between the dark techno sensibility, acidic execution and easily likeable vocals. As head of Unknown Records, Pantheon has his hands in a few spaces, and on his latest original, his personal music goals are clear.

Pantheon Releases Timewarp An Acid Synth Techno Exploration.

This post was originally published on this site

Pantheon has recently put out Timewarp featuring Nyxen, a well-crafted adventure through techno. The Australian based producer is also the head of Unknown Records, where he curates a premiere catalog that explores electronic music from the melodic tones in his recent studio output, to the heavier, more driving hints across the techno realm. Pantheon is

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Ryan Browne – Make It Out ft Karma

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With fiery, rap-packed verses and swinging, anthemic synths, Ryan Browne and Karma boldly step into the spotlight on “Make It Out.”

The track, out now on Pantheon, showcases Karma’s raps over an old school hip-hop beat in the beginning.

“Basically I just took the scenes I see in Chicago and tried to portray them in a way to make everybody relate,” Karma says of his part in the track. “I wanted to convey the message that today’s society does need help, and were not going to get there without understanding what we’re doing wrong first.”

As the song progresses, Browne surprises with a dubstep-infused chorus that wows with impeccably produced wobbles and pounding bass.

“For me, the track is an amalgam of seemingly unsimilar influences that have landed together as one, which is exactly what I’d like to see humans do,” Browne says. “I see the song as a  sort of call to action for everyone to come together amid our differences and realize we are all one and work together as such to heal our country and planet.”

“Make It Out” brilliantly melds the hip-hop and dubstep worlds for an exhilarating hybrid of a track.

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 6

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

What starts as a light, playful tune quickly turns into something much more formidable. Icehunt’s latest tune on Pantheon wastes no time dropping the listener into a vat of heavy, glitchy bass. The producer takes turns switching between lighthearted synths and filtered vocals to a darker, bass-centered sound. It’s completely unexpected and caught me off guard the first time I heard it — but in the best way. A SoundCloud user in the comments described it best: “Was not expecting that. Awesome!”

After seeing SOFI TUKKER open for M83 last summer (and admittedly having no idea who they were), I became transfixed with their unique tongue-in-cheek style. They’re sassy and their music is cheeky and they’re just all-around great. For “Best Friend,” which was recently featured in an iPhone X commercial, they’ve brought along talented friends The Knocks, NERVO and Alisa Ueno. “Best Friend” is probably one of their catchiest songs to date, with a grooving, downtempo bass line and funky filtered vocals.

Oh, Ember Island. The things you do to my emotions. This talented Swedish trio has been on the rise over the past few years with a slew of creative covers and thought-provoking originals. Lately, they’ve been releasing songs from their forthcoming EP through a set of beautiful videos. “Hide Me” is probably my favorite of theirs to date. Singer Alex’s vocals are soaring and flawless, and her strong harmonies give the song an incredibly sturdy backbone. The video for this track is incredible, too. Ember Island’s debut EP comes out in November, and if it’s anything like this, my little heart won’t be able to handle it.

I am so, so happy Arty‘s back to making music under his Alpha 9 moniker. He’s been releasing a lot of pop-oriented music lately as Arty, which is great, but I’ve really missed this kind of ethereal music from him. Earlier this week, the world caught a glimpse of “Lily,” which comes out on Flashover Recordings in early October. He started his journey with the label in 2009, and it’s so awesome seeing him go back to his roots. Though this is only a clip, it’s apparent trance is still deeply ingrained in Alpha 9 as an artist. Can’t wait to hear more like this.

Cheating a bit here because this isn’t a song — it’s a mix. When The Midnight’s “Kyra” randomly began playing on my stream earlier this year, I was hooked immediately. These guys have masterfully modernized ’80s music in the best way: with a combination of heartfelt lyrics, disco beats and groovy saxophone breaks. Being a total sucker for anything with a saxophone, I perused the rest of their music and was wholeheartedly impressed with everything from their Days of Thunder and Endless Summer albums. A few weeks ago, they took over Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy show with an absolutely impeccable guest mix. I couldn’t not share it.

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