Luca Testa & Kom – Balenciaga

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Italian producer Luca Testa has teamed up with KOM for his latest release, “Balenciaga”. The 4-on-the-floor beats and dirty synths lead into a gritty, deep breakdown give “Balenciaga” an old-school House and Electro vibe.  You’ll be guaranteed to bob your head the whole way through “Balenciaga”, making it a club worthy track.  With support from

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Panda Funk Releases New Soulful Track “Infected” by Garabatto & Charlee Muse

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Recently, Deorro’s record label, “Panda Funk” has released a new single produced by Garabatto titled “Infected.” The new track is very soothing yet relaxing, providing an essence of true vibes. Charlee Muse’s vocals complement that track, adding some soulful melodies to the new work. Garabatto’s bassline truly morphed into the vocals phenomenally, perfecting an eccentric

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NMF Roundup: Mr. Kristopher offers acid house action, Savoy show off their rock edge, and Killsonik make a comeback

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The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

Awoltalk and Ian Munro link up for the Official Goods Records’ inaugural release of 2018, an aggressive trap number punctuated by pronounced drum elements and low pitched bass lines.

Andrew Rayel puts forth the sequel to Moments (Remixes – EP1), the followup EP an electric offering featuring remixes from Radion6, Whiteout, and more.

Bass experimenter Mr. Kristopher exemplifies the expression ‘the third time’s the charm,’ dropping off the third part of his Brooklyn Trilogy series. Pt. 3 emerges from the sonic depths of Kristopher’s studio, evincing acid house action and haunting techno tones.

John Christian and electronic duo VAVO assert that three isn’t just company, but good company on the drum rhythm driven “How Low,” released on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label.

Savoy assert their rock edge in “Don’t Quit Me Now.”

Trance virtuoso Oliver Smith stuns via “Inside,” a release hailing from Smith’s melodic wheelhouse.

Dubstep duo Killsonik re-commence their electronic comeback on “Never Dream Of Dying,” a number dramatized by eerie string work at the intro, and punching bass thereafter.

UKF Dubstep caters to dub lovers in UKF Dubstep 2017 – Album Mix, an eclectic conglomeration of tracks shaded in dubstep tones.

Deorro’s Panda Funk label sees label veteran GARABATTO deliver a vocally centered statement on “Infected.”

Datsik has released a seven-track EP, Master of Shadows. He teamed up with Virtual Riot, Excision, Ganja White Night and more for the bass-heavy compilation.

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Deorro delivers on explosive new track ‘Andele’

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Hitting on his Mexican roots here, Erick Orrosquieta, better known as Deorro, gives listeners a flavor of how dominant the Spanish language can be in making a hit record. Recently coming out of temporary retirement, the LA-native has been pushing the boundaries of his career in 2017, currently working his way throughout the US and Canada on the “Existence Tour Bus.”

With his new single “Andele,” Deorro sticks to what he’s good at: delivering explosive, fan-favorite festival hits. Crashing into an entrancing vocal loop that includes the word famous “Andele” chant, the track builds up into an insanely rapid drop with sharp, pounding synths that will have any crowd “hurrying” into their best fist bump.

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Deorro Drops Refreshing Progressive Heater “Andele”

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Deorro is back with another Latin Flavored Progressive hit. The “Five More Hours” DJ has made a name for himself for his high level production incorporating a diverse sound set and a multitude of cultures. Here we are today and Deorro has geared back towards “Perdoname” and “Bailar” with another track that we may not

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Deorro does ‘Burn Out’ with latest release on Panda Funk Records

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Deorro has spun his wheels and left us in a cloud of smoke with his latest release on his own Panda Funk Records, “Burn Out.”

Deorro is known for having an experimental and heavy sound. “Burn Out” accomplishes all of those things. It’s a simplistic, minimal, and bare tune that delivers a punch throughout. A whiny synth, deep house bass, and hardstyle rhythm ensures that the energy remains consistent throughout the fiery adventure that is the record.

Deorro has begun his Existence Tour on October 7th in Honolulu, Hawaii. He will be making two more stops: one in Las Vegas and the other in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Get tickets here.




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Jay Pryor – “Fall For You”

Want to smell like Hardwell? Now you can.

YouTube play counts will soon count towards Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart

Decadon x Contrvbvnd – Where You At (Free Download) [Panda Funk]

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From grimy dub to overwhelming trap beats, Decadon and Contrvbvnd have been absolutely slaughtering the production game in 2016. Teaming up for an end of the year, hyphy anthem that will have any crowd salivating for more, the pair of artists team for their collab “Where You At” on Panda Funk’s label for a massive hit you won’t want to miss.

Combining forces for an absolute trap banger that will have your a** shaking and neck breaking, “Where You At” features haunting melodies that prepare you for an absolute torrent of bass filled epicness. With glitched vocals, an intense percussion line and enough bass to make your grandma think there’s an earthquake, this latest hit is one that you can’t sleep on. The tune is out now for free on Soundcloud for a limited time, so make sure to check it out and snag the free download ASAP. You know you don’t want to miss this.

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Oscar Olivo – Go Home

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The Panda funk movement over the past several years has not only turned into a global movement, but one that paints a true picture of what the dance music industry should be. Becoming a home to countless up-and-coming artists, Oscar Olivo was the next natural choice for Free the Pandas. Having just released “Go Home”, this progressive vocal

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Deorro Discusses Latin Music, Making Hits, and Being a Leader

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There are few artists in the EDM scene capable of such diverse ventures as Los Angeles native Erick Orrosquieta, better known by his stage name, Deorro. Not only has he collaborated with powerhouse artists such as Steve Aoki and MAKJ, Deorro has made inroads into the top 40 world with his massive hit “Five More Hours” with R&B singer Chris Brown. Additionally, he’s the head of the iconic Panda Funk movement, all those party pandas you see at shows, yup, that’s Deorro’s influence right there.

Deorro is now making inroads into the Latin music scene, with his new smash track “Bailar” featuring Latin music heavyweights Elvis Crespo and Pitbull. I got to sit down and chat with Deorro at this year’s edition of Nocturnal Wonderland, and the head panda shared his thoughts on his new track, inspiring his fellow Latinos, and what it’s like to be leader and not a follower.

Tell me a little bit about your new track “Bailar.” What made you want to do something with your roots and go with that Latin sound, and how did you get Pitbull on the track?

“The song is actually six years in the making. My dad started DJing and I would go in the backyard and check out the stuff he would do. Merengue would pretty much be the peak hour music, especially like ‘Suavamente’, back in the day. So when it comes to the roots and all of that to where I am today, in the EDM world, I always thought merengue and what I drop, I need to do something like that to kind of like bring that old school vibe that I would actually witness and try and apply it to today. So Bailar is probably like the 15th attempt of that idea. At first it was just instrumental, so then I sent it over to management, and my manager was just like ‘Wow!’ and he asked if I was going to put vocals on it. I was like, yeah, let’s get Elvis Crespo, I was just joking. And he was like alright, cool, I’ll try. I was like, it’s cool man, if anything, we’ll just leave it like that. And the next day he was like here’s Elvis’ personal number, that was fucking insane. Elvis loved it, he’s the king of merengue, the fact that I got to work with him, just man. I made it clear to him, I told him that I respect merengue so much, it wasn’t out of nowhere, like, hey, I can do merengue too, you know. I told him that I’ve been working for a long time and told him how all the instruments came together, but that guy’s crazy. Pitbull, honestly, he heard the song, and he loved it bro. For me, I’m just like fuck yeah man, that’s dope! Elvis and Pitbull, probably the biggest names in Latin music. The fact that the song has gone so far is incredible. It’s also a good reminder for myself, mentally, this is what happens when you work hard for six years, on one song, just one idea. For me it’s an incredible journey, I’m glad to get the chance to hopefully motivate the Latin community. I want to get those people that believe they can’t do it and get them up to try something. There’s got to be a way where my voice saying that is amplified, not only by Elvis Crespo’s, but Pitbull’s as well. He’s going to playing this in front of his audience, so that’s insane, man.”

It’s not the first time you’ve worked with a big mainstream artist, obviously Chris Brown.

“So far, the processes have been the same. I’ve put out an original track and then the top 40, the big stages of the world welcome it. I mean, I’ve yet to go into the studio with Chris Brown, like ‘Let’s make a hit, bro.’ I think that would be too much pressure for me. Hopefully, I can continue doing it like that. I like how I can create something from an original state of mind where I’m just having fun instead of like, I’m going to make something EDM and then something that’s a hit. I feel like that’s kind of already limiting yourself. So hopefully, more and more opportunities like this come, if not, it just means I have to keep working hard.”

Where do you see not only the music going, but Panda Funk as well? It’s come so far, you come to a rave or festival and you see pandas everywhere, how is that to you?

“One thing that I always try to remember is that it’s a movement, it’s not really a crew. It’s a mentality that we had to create what we have today, management company, label, we have an amazing team, I can’t take credit for that. I can’t take credit for the label, I may have started it, but who’s over there everyday working? We have a staff, for me to shove them away and for them to actually create their own ways and grow a process, it’s almost a little intimidating to go back. You know, it’s like, excuse me Deorro, you’re in the way (laughing). But, it’s inspiring, I think what we’ve done already is more than enough. To where, if someone tells me it’s not possible, I can’t accept that. I’ve been through the same struggles and ultimately amazing things happen. One of the things I like to believe is you set something beautiful in motion when you sacrifice what you want for what you need. I’ve been telling my team lately, you want to climb the mountain not so the world can see you but so you can see the world. Then you pass that on, you try to keep that mentality as a leader, not one that produces followers, but other leaders.”

Any messages for the fans and the Panda Funk crew out there, what can they expect in the coming future?

“I’m just going to continue making sounds that I like, like oh this works, this is amazing. And the album, it’s going to be no genre limits, a little all over the place, I don’t even know what some genres are. And when it comes to Deorro, I’ll be doing shows here and there, hopefully a bus tour comes about. And Panda Funk, we’re going to start doing shows again. I mean, we’re going to try and go to the moon eventually.”

Check out Deorro’s latest merengue inspired hit “Bailar” featuring Pitbull & Elvis Crespo below.

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