Stream Oh Sees’ New Album Smote Reverser

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Oh SeesJohn Dwyer’s perennially shifting project Oh Sees is releasing a new album, Smote Reverser, at the end of the week. It’s yet another wildly ambitious project from the crew, a fittingly massive follow-up to last year’s Orc and Memory Of A Cut Off Head. Smote Reverser finds the band storming through … More »

Oh Sees – “C”

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Oh SeesSoon enough, Oh Sees are releasing yet another new album, Smote Reverser. It’s the first we’ve heard from John Dwyer’s San Francisco band of wizards in about six months, which is a long time in Oh Sees land. We’ve already heard one Smote Reverser track, “Overthrown,” and today we’re getting another one via … More »

Oh Sees – “Overthrown”

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It’s been five months since anything came out under one of the Oh Sees’ many names, which means that John Dwyer has been slacking, at least compared to his normal heavy flow of material. Last year, he released two albums associated with his San Francisco psych-rock project, Orc and Memory Of AMore »

Indiana University announces festival dedicated to author Kurt Vonnegut, feat. Thee Oh Sees, Father John Misty, Shabazz Palaces, and more

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The world undoubtedly needs more author-themed music festivals — and since a festival dedicated to George Orwell would necessarily involve the booked artists violating our personal liberties, we should all be more than enamored/supportive of the following Granfalloon-come-true : A Kurt Vonnegut Convergence, a new hybrid “conference and festival” which the Indiana University Arts & Humanities Council (and TMT writer Ed Comentale, full disclosure) are hosting this May 10-12.

Vonnegut passed away in 2007, and there’s little debate as to his ridiculously awesome legacy of writing ridiculous/absurd novels that simultaneously hold mass appeal. He was also a notable non-basketball product of The Hoosier State, so it obviously makes sense that the IU vicinity in Bloomington would be the site to honor the iconic, curly-haired satirist. I’m told via press release that IU’s Lilly Library is “home to the largest collection of Vonnegut books and manuscripts in the world.”

That library will be the site of an archival exhibit set up for the “convergence,” while a two-day “academic conference of panels and keynote speakers” essentially rounds out the non-musical homages.

Musically, however, we’re looking at performances from Father John Misty, Damien Jurado, Oh Sees, Noname, Shabazz Palaces, Baths, Waxahatchee, Amy O, Voces Novae, and Rodeola at various Bloomington venues. FJM in particular is recognized in press as a noted Vonnegut fan. (Though TBH, I can’t imagine any non-fans accepting this particular gig. It seems too risky to basically vouch for an unfamiliar author.)

Anyway, check out the FULL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS HERE. And don’t forget, my dear prospective attendees: “If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you’re a one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind.”

Damaged Bug – “Pilot’s Pipe”

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John Dwyer, the ever-prolific mind behind psych-rock institution Thee Oh Sees, released three diverse studio albums last year under three different names. Orc marked Oh Sees’ name-change from Thee Oh Sees, Memory Of A Cut Off Head was released under the moniker OCS, and More »

Oh Sees – “Dead Medic” & “A Few Days Of Reflection”

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John Dwyer’s ever-morphing rock project released two new albums last year, one as Oh Sees (Orc) and another as OCS (Memory of A Cut Off Head), and they wrapped up 2017 by releasing a limited edition 12″ featuring two outtakes from the Orc sessions. On Side A is a sprawling, groovy … More »

Oh Sees – “Drowned Beast” Video

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John Dwyer’s frequently-name-changing project Oh Sees (or Thee Oh Sees, or OCS, or whatever) put out a new album called Orc a few months ago, and today the San Francisco band has shared a video for “Drowned Beast.” It’s a colorful, eye-popping clip created by Dr D Foothead. “I wrote this song mostly in the … More »

Hear Marc Maron Interview Oh Sees’ John Dwyer On WTF

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The comedian and podcaster Marc Maron is one of our great interviewers, and he never sound more excited than when he gets to sit down and chop it up with a rock dude. And on he most recent episode of his WTF podcast, Maron goes in deep with one of our great rock dudes. John … More »

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

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We got a good Halloween album this year, but we didn’t get enough good Halloween video. There were plenty of good music videos this past week; they just weren’t Halloween-specific. I was looking forward to seeing more bands eaten by zombies or whatever. Try harder next year, music video directors! This week’s picks are … More »

Oh Sees – “Nite Expo” Video

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Thee Oh Sees, or Oh Sees, or OCS, or whatever John Dwyer is calling his band these days, have a new album coming out next month. But today, they’re looking back to this summer’s LP Orc with a colorful animated video for “Nite Expo” from director Alex Theodoropulos. “Animation and role-playing games were … More »