Jamie xx, Four Tet, Floating Points, and Daphni NTS mix is a music collector’s dream

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Jamie xx, Four Tet, Floating Points, and Daphni NTS mix is a music collector’s dreamJamie Four Tet Mi

Four of the most prolific audiophiles in electronica have come together to release a two-hour mix proving not only that music abides by no boundaries, rules, or expectations but also that artists, too, can share the AUX. Jamie xx, Four Tet, Floating Points, and Daphni took their talents to NTS Radio: an online underground radio station that clearly respects the Four Agreements with their tagline, “Don’t Assume.”

One record at a time, the mix tests the capacity of sound. Entering through an atmosphere of ambiance, the music traverses the boundaries of what one might find sonically appealing. Full vibrations run abound from all contributors, creating a space welcoming to infinite possibilities.

20 minutes in, the listener is in a completely different realm; abundant, soulful energy erupts. Jazz flute, funk horns, and vocals penetrate the space in an effortless sonic flow. The journey progresses into psychedelic rock, European folk, all while staying completely consistent in the task at hand. The mix isn’t demanding, but it does ask something of the listener: their mere attention. This is a mix not to hear but instead, to listen. With the mix, these four experimental geniuses have exuded a nod to true librarians of music with seamless poise.

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Autechre deliver second session of their NTS Radio residency

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Over the years, electronic music duo and seminal Warp Records signees Autechre have become one of the most respected IDM acts of all time.

Formed in 1987, Autechre explored techno, electro, and hip-hop prior to shifting into their more experimental IDM style of today. Autechre’s music stands apart in its complex rhythms and subdued melodies. Oversteps, their most recent album, was released in February 2010.

Earlier this month, Autechre announced a widespread release of their new month-long NTS Radio residency which features all new music throughout the month of April.

Their NTS Sessions consists of four two-hour shows, one for every Thursday in April. Now, the second installment is here and it’s a captivating dive into the mysterious world that is the best of swirling IDM. Both entrancing and enticing, it’s plenty easy for listeners to get lost in. Luckily, when all is said and done, the collection will be available in a 12-LP and 8-CD boxset, as well as digitally in MP3, WAV, or FLAC formats.

Stream it here.

♫ Listen: DJ PUPPY – NTS 10-9-17 (NTS set)

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DJPUPPY soundtracks wordless narratives, vague stories, heard in passing, across the street, down the aisle, through open car windows in hot traffic, off the screen, fragments of lives, performances of self. With generous amounts of original material, DJPUPPY builds plot lines, tangibly, evocatively, a mess of them, as we’re listening to worlds, here, not just one. Gestural actors contort their faces into that of snarking dogs and sneering auteurs. Collections of characters flutter beneath a hazy horizon. Some of my favorite parts of this mix find DJPUPPY singing into their chest, crashing, screaming, then silence drops like a breath. How beautiful, a warm piano impressing a footstep into thin dirt. An idea to be repeated.