Stream Nothing’s New Album Dance On The Blacktop

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Nothing-Dance-On-The-BlacktopPhiladelphia’s Nothing are a curious case: A shoegaze band that never actually gazes at their shoes. The members of Nothing come from their hometown’s legendarily nuts hardcore scene, and they come off as bruisers, not wallflowers. Live, they throw themselves around stages with abandon. On record, they love an intricately constructed all of guitar-fuzz as … More »

Nothing – “The Carpenter’s Son”

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Nothing - Dance On The BlacktopY’all, this new Nothing album is spectacular. You probably already realize this if you’re at all familiar with their discography, but if you have a taste for super heavy shoegaze capable of transporting you into a state of crushing supernatural reverie, Dance On The Blacktop is an LP you’ll want to spend some time with … More »

Nothing – “Blue Line Baby” Video

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Philadelphia shoegaze quartet Nothing are shifting their outlook on the horrors and suffering that surround us. On their forthcoming third LP Dance On The Blacktop, Nothing are trading prior cynicism for a will to endure. We heard lead single “Zero Day” last month alongside our cover story on the band, and today they share … More »

Nothing Have Something To Live For

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Dominick Palermo’s never been one for motivational speaking, but he’s down to give it a try — that is, once he’s had a few drinks. More »

Stream Death Of Lovers The Acrobat

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Three members of Philadelphia shoegaze tough guys Nothing — Domenic Palermo, Nick Bassett, and Kyle Kimball — also play in the shimmery dream-pop side project Death Of Lovers. Back in 2013, Death Of Lovers, which also includes keyboardist CC Loo, released their debut EP Buried Under A World Of Roses. And later this … More »

Hospital Productions announces 20th anniversary event in NYC, featuring Dedekind Cut, Nothing + Prurient, Godflesh & more (gee, I hope there’s cake…)

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Imagine for a moment that it’s your favorite label’s birthday, and it’s the big two-oh. You’re happy, excited, and, although you may be loath to admit it, a little proud; but a thought lingers in the back of your mind: you may need to get a gift. What do you get the label that has everything? Well, don’t fret, friend, because the answer is simple: you just have to RELAX and let THEM throw YOU the bitchin’est, hardest partyin’, most unforgettable 20th birthday bash you and your friends could ever conceive.

I choose to believe that was the exact thought process that led your friendly neighborhood extreme music label Hospital Productions to put together their amazing 20th anniversary event in New York City this year. The all-day festival event will feature a smattering of your favorite artists and a handful of extra special performances and collabs, including Godflesh performing their 1989 debut Streetcleaner, a team-up between Nothing/Jesu (Justin Broadrick of Godflesh)/Prurient, and the first performance in over 10 years from elusive noise project Skin Crime. Other **NOTEWORTHY** artists on the bill include Dedekind Cut, Alberich + Lussuria, Ames Sanglantes, Becka Diamond, and…you know what? Just read the thing yourself.

“When and where does all this celebratory nonsense go down,” you ask? November 5. @ Warsaw. @ 2 PM sharp. RSVP soon — or really, just buy your tickets here — so they know how much you love them.

Also, if you’re one of those suckers who lives outside of NYC, but you still find yourself eager to ring in the next decade of Hospital Productions dominance, the label is prepping three more worldwide events to commemorate this historic milestone in Portugal, Georgia, and Germany. Live outside those countries? Sorry, but you’re fucked. Pop open a frosty Zima and listen to Cocaine Daughter in your basement by yourself, I guess.

Anyway, happy b-day, Hospital! Here’s to many more years to come! *clink*

Hospital Productions 20 Years social gatherings:

08.26.17 – Montemor-o-Velho Castle, Portugal – Festival Forte
09.22.17 – Tbilissi, Georgia – Bassiani
10.14.17 – Berlin, Germany – Berghain
11.05.17 – New York, NY – Warsaw

Nothing – “Curse Of The Sun” Video

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Nothing - Curse Of The Sun videoThe tough, grizzled Philly shoegazers Nothing released the impressive album Tired Of Tomorrow earlier this year, and they’ve already made videos for its songs “Vertigo Flowers,” “Eaten By Worms,” and “A.C.D. (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder).” Today, they’ve got a new one for the wistfully heavy “Curse Of The Sun,” and it fits … More »

15 Memorable Sets From Lollapalooza 2016

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CHICAGO, IL - JULY 29:  Thom Yorke of Radiohead performs during 2016 Lollapalooza Day Two at Grant Park on July 29, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/WireImage)This year at Lollapalooza was a big one, with the festival adding an extra day for its 25th anniversary. It wasn’t the 25th Lolla — there were some years off between its inception as a touring festival in the early ’90s and its rebirth and subsequent shift to its current form — but it felt … More »