Varg changes his name to Varg2™ following cease and desist notice, announces Fuck Varg EP on Northern Electronics

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Haha, holy crap. Just try and fathom the pettiness of a band trying to enforce copyright over their name.

That’s what the German metal band, Varg, apparently did when they discovered that Swedish producer Varg (Jonas Rönnberg) exists and has been making waves in the vaguely ambient techno realm since the early 2010s.

Rönnberg co-runs (alongside Anthony Linell a.k.a. Abdulla Rashim) the Northern Eletronics imprint, he’s released albums on the similarly Scandinavian Posh Isolation label, and those albums include the ongoing Nordic Flora series, which has certainly done its part in confirming the Varg enigma and his loose, to put it mildly, dedication to techno and its sub-genre relatives. The jury’s out on whether the German Varg inspires similar intrigue, but regardless…

Rönnberg is officially, and bitingly, going by the name Varg2™ now. And if that wasn’t enough to showcase how he feels about the whole situation, his first release under the new name is entitled Fuck Varg, and it’s out December 12 on Northern Electronics.

Pre-order the release here, and have a listen to the track “Thirst” below. Speaking of him not being a techno fan… I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Fuck Varg tracklist:

01. I’ve Spent €3000 On A New Laptop, And This Is What It Sounds Like?
02. Thirst (Dressed In Nothing But UV Paint And Biodegradable Glitter)
03. This Room Has Many Faces, Many Gods And Many Faces (Dressed In Nothing But Cum And Bedazzled Angel Wings)
04. Parasites (Honest Music For Dishonest People) [ft. G19]
05. Parasites (Honest Music For Dishonest People) [ft. G19] (VTSS Remix) {Digital Only}

E-Saggila returns with new album on Northern Electronics, releases versatile new single, demands your lunch money

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If this so-called “subtlety” and whatever you’re yammering on about involving “tact” are so important, then how come E-Saggila’s music gets to be so vastly badass without them? Go solve that equation, you friggin’ nerds.

Yeah, you heard me, go tell your mom on me, I don’t care. Neither does the wickedly talented one and only E-Saggila. After wiping the floor with you dorks with last year’s Dedicated to Sublimity, the Toronto power-producer is debuting on Varg’s Swedish Northern Electronics label with My World My Way, releasing August 2. (That’s right: HER way. And if you don’t like it you can meet her in the courtyard at 5th period.)

Always playing with the tensions between violent dancefloors and academic hallways, E-Saggila lets loose the best of both worlds on the new record’s first single, “Pattern Obligation.” Starting off with an adventurous IDM trip, the chronically fast-tempo track switches gears just past the halfway mark into a full on body-melting banger. That means you have about two minutes and 42 seconds to hand over the milk money before your head ends up in a urinal.

Cruising on rave, powerviolence, gabber, and heavy leather boots, My World My Way is gonna hit you so hard your grandpa will feel it. Now listen to the new track and scram, before she decides to stop being so nice, capeesh?

"My World My Way" album art by Ivan Chebotarev
album art: Ivan Chebotarev

My World My Way tracklisting:

01. Aziza
02. Crimson Liquescence
03. Stars Dying in Succession
04. Alia ft. Thoom
05. Pattern Obligation
06. My World My Way
07. One Last Midnight ft. Oil Thief