Bassnectar Brings the Heat to Hampton for Bass Center XI

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They weren’t kidding when they said the Wooks invade Hampton, Virginia. There were a lot of ways I could have spent my Labor Day weekend. Electric Zoo, Made In America, laying on my couch with my dog bingeing Ozark Season 2 with a case of Leinenkugel. But, I chose to see what all this fuss was

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Monstercat announces stacked ADE lineup

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Monstercat announces stacked ADE lineupMonstercat Ade 2018

As 2018’s edition of Amsterdam Dance Event draws near, Monstercat has announced a stacked lineup of talent for their third year.

On Oct. 18, Monstercat artists of the Uncaged persuasion will descend on Melkweg’s ADE for an unforgettable series of performances. The array of talent includes Noisia, Feed Me, Modestep, Pegboard Nerds, Gammer, Muzzy, Going Quantum, Tokyo Machine, and Orri + Friends.

The Bassrush event will take place from 11:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Early bird tickets and tier one tickets are already sold out, but additional tiers and a final set of tickets will be released as the event nears.

Learn more and buy tickets here.

Noisia release intergalactic drum and bass remix of ‘Asteroids’

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Noisia release intergalactic drum and bass remix of ‘Asteroids’Noisia Asteroids

Noisia has revamped their single “Asteroids” with Prolix. The original came off their 2014 EP, Purpose. Filled with signature drum ‘n’ bass mastery, the rework utilizes a metallic, higher octave synth sound while keeping in touch with the complex polyrhythmic structures. Upright grooves take over the second drop, changing the swing of the drums ever so slightly. These literal dancing astronauts created a space narrative about sound exploration and hyperspeed intergalactic travel.

During the trio’s Outer Edges shows they came up with the idea to remix “Asteroids.” Nik ended up changing the synth, the crowd response was positive, so they decided to release the remix. The owners of the Vision, Division, and Invisible imprints continue to deliver hi fidelity sounds.

Photo Credit: @noisia_official/Instagram

Pendulum’s long-awaited remix album has arrived

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Pendulum’s long-awaited remix album has arrivedPendulum 1

Drum ‘n’ bass dynasty, Pendulum, sent the EDM world reeling when they reunited for a live set at Ultra in 2016 after a five-year hiatus, with new tour dates and festival appearances following soon after. But as of this March, fans have been writhing in anticipation after the group announced there was a remix album in the works, consisting of both their most-famed hits and personal favorites.

Finally, the prolific collection has arrived, with offerings from some of the scene’s most profound presences, including Skrillex (the previously shared “The Island, Pt. 1 (Dawn)“) and drum ‘n’ bass counterparts, Noisia (“Hold Your Color”). Other outstanding offerings include that of Pendulum’s own dubstep duo Knife Party, consisting of the former’s founding members, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, for a full-throttle hardcore remix of “Blood Sugar;” as well as a racing rendition of “Witchcraft” from Pegboard Nerds; and ATTLAS gets uncharacteristically dark for a “Streamline” switch-up.

Pendulum will be touring modestly this summer, making stops in Romania, Ibiza, and even the U.S., for all of which fans would be hard-pressed not to hear some of these new momentous revisions.

Bassnectar announces line-up for Basscenter XI

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Riding the massive success of his sold-out Spring Gathering event in Chicago, Bassnectar has announced a third family-style event for 2018. BassCenter XI returns to Hampton, Virginia’s Hampton Colosseum, a sacred space dubbed “the Mothership” by bassheads.

Following Bassnectar’s summer gathering, Freestyle Sessions, which touches down in Colorado in early June, the Bassnectar project will venture out east for Labor Day weekend. As a celebration of fall, Basscenter promises to be the creative pinnacle of the year from Bassnectar’s team.

The two-day spectacle, held September 1–2, 2018, will feature line-up support from Stylust, Ill-esha, Hatcha, Ana Sia, the legendary Dutch DnB trio Noisia, and the in demand Barclay Crenshaw — Claude VonStroke‘s new alter ego. Pre-sale tickets begin Wednesday, April 11th with general on-sale beginning Friday, the 13th at 11am EST.

Pendulum reveal stacked track list for ‘The Reworks’ album

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Pendelum new album 2018

Just days after the announcement of their forthcoming album, Pendulum have revealed another huge component of The Reworks: a track list.

The 12-track remix album will include reworks of iconic songs like “Watercolour” and “Witchcraft” from music greats like Skrillex and Noisia. From the looks of the diverse lineup of remixers, innovation and talent are sure to shine on this compilation of some of Pendulum’s most beloved tracks.

The Reworks will be the band’s first album in seven years, and releases will begin on March 16 leading up to the June 29 official release.

The Reworks

Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)

Pendulum – Blood Sugar (Knife Party Remix)

Pendulum – 9000 Miles (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Pendulum – The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn) (Skrillex Remix)

Pendulum – Propane Nightmares (Grabbitz Remix)

Pendulum – Crush (Devin Townsend Remix)

Pendulum – Tarantula (Icarus  Remix)

Pendulum – Witchcraft (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

Pendulum – Watercolour (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)

Pendulum – The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn) (ANZI Remix)

Pendulum – Still Grey (DJ Seinfeld Remix)

Pendulum – Streamline (ATTLAS Remix)

Holy Ship 2018 Live Sets: Testpilot, Rezz, Noisia & Many More

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As the 2018 edition of Holy Ship! has come to an end, fans around the world are trying to capture all of the memories from this past year and thanks to Wake aN Blake, fans can now watch a good amount of the Holy Ship 2018 Live Sets. Thanks to this YouTube user, fans can

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Get an Insider’s Look at Noisia?s Spectacular Studio [WATCH]

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A sight to see.

10 essential DnB classics to reinvigorate your weekend playlist

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10 essential Drum ‘n’ Bass classics

Drum ‘n’ Bass is one of the oldest sub-genres of modern dance music, having differentiated from rave/hardcore techno back in the early 1990s in England. Characterized by high-tempo beats and intricate bass lines, the genre rapidly gained traction in underground dance music venues all over the world, before finally emerging as a separate genre in the mid-90s.

Peering into the unique past of Drum ‘n’ Bass, we look at ten of most influential and radical songs that helped shape this niche genre.

Words by Kanvar KohliFeatured image via Philippe Wuyts Photography/Ultra 2016.


Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows

Andy C and Ant Miles created a true masterpiece back in 1992, right around the time Drum ‘n’ Bass was established as a separate genre. “Valley of the Shadows” can actually be regarded as one of the first ‘liquid’ DnB tracks, as it features soothing melodies and smooth beats. Interestingly, this track samples vocals from NASA’s Apollo 11 countdown and continues to be an instantly recognizable club classic, while setting the benchmark for DnB tracks nearly 25 years after its release.


Shimon and Andy C – Night Flight

The late 1990s and early 2000s are fondly remembered by many as the “Golden Era” of Drum ‘n’ Bass. A glittering example of the trippy tunes prevailing in the era is “Night Flight” by Shimon and Andy C. What instantly stands out about the track is its tasteful minimalism. Staying true to the genre, large portions of this track feature only energetic drums and a supremely groovy bass line, eliminating unwanted elements such as leads and synth melodies. The track has aged like a fine wine, and would fit in perfectly at a modern club setting.


Bad Company – The Nine

Another specimen from the genre’s “Golden Era,” Bad Company’s greatest ever hit is a fast paced, futuristic single way ahead of its time. “The Nine” features one of the hardest bass lines ever conceived by man. Despite its age, the crisp combination of hi hat samples and evil, growling bass line can be marveled at even to this day. The show-stopping track has been rated as the best Drum ‘n’ Bass track of all time by a variety of publications, cementing its place in bass music folklore.


Black Sun Empire – Arrakis

Fast forward to 2004 and Drum ‘n’ Bass had definitely evolved into a more intricate genre. Fresh sounds were layered into tracks, adding a new dimension to singles from this era. This concept is perfectly illustrated by Black Sun Empire’s ferocious single “Arrakis.” The Dutch trio is renowned for their harsh and uncompromising style while remaining true to the core of Drum ‘n’ Bass. “Arrakis” definitely has a lot more going on than its basic predecessors; a higher level of mixing which adds an unmistakable polish to the brilliant track.


Pendulum – Blood Sugar

Undoubtedly one of the greatest Drum ‘n’ Bass acts of all time, Pendulum changed the modern perception of the genre forever. Pioneering the use of synths in their singles, which have since become a staple in almost all songs, the band ushered in the second wave of Drum N Bass to the masses. “Blood Sugar,” taken from Hold Your Color in 2005, is one such track which uses the Pendulum sound to great effect; expertly blending synths with a high octane DnB core for intense head-banging action.


Noisia – Stigma

No Drum ‘n’ Bass list would be complete without Dutch bass masters Noisia. The legendary trio is revered by many a producer due to their glorious sound design and uncanny ability to alter the course of the entire genre with their genial music. “Stigma,” released in 2008 is one such single. The extremely energetic track kicks off with a suspenseful intro, aided ably by the warbling bass line and thick drums, which turn the track into a true bass monster; widely regarded as one of their best ever singles.


B-Complex – Beautiful Lies

Slovakian producer B-Complex is one of the contemporary greats of Drum ‘n’ Bass, cementing her place amongst the elite with her 2009 single “Beautiful Lies.” The soul of the track is permeated with a distinct Hip-Hop influence, clearly audible in the intro and break. The track features sublime production, as B-Complex expertly mixes in catchy vocal samples and piano chords into the bass drop -one of the contributing factors to the track’s status as a modern classic.


Netsky – Memory Lane

Netsky’s meteoric rise to stardom was a result of his ‘liquid’ style, which greatly widened Drum ‘n’ Bass’ fan base due to its easy listening appeal. One of his greatest hits came in 2010 with “Memory Lane.” Featuring a catchy hook and beautifully layered melodies, it serves as a benchmark for liquid DnB singles several years after its original release.


Sub Focus – Tidal Wave

Sub Focus is a true veteran of the genre, starting off in 2002 and still going strong in 2017. Having carved out a rock-solid reputation over the past decade, he first tasted commercial success in 2005 with “X-ray/Scarecrow.” One of his best ever works was the supremely serene “Tidal Wave.” The track gained significant popularity due to its ethereal vocals and it’s ridiculously catchy music, making it one of the standout Drum ‘n’ Bass hits of 2013.


Tristam and Bracken – Frame of Mind

Rounding off the list of classics is Tristam & Bracken’s legendary collaboration “Frame of Mind.” The duo had previously released some eye-catching music, but nothing of the magnitude of this particular single. The track became an instant hit after its initial 2013 release and continues to be a staple in most Drum ‘n’ Bass live sets and playlists. The reason for this unprecedented success is the ease with which the vocals melt into the sublime instrumentals, which strikes the perfect balance between low frequency drive and mid-range finesse. “Frame of Mind” is quite possibly the most popular DnB track of all time, ensuring its status as a classic.

What So Not drops off new ‘Divide & Conquer’ remix package featuring Noisia, Slumberjack and more

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What So Not is starting to heat up in the second half of 2017, returning to an occupied touring itinerary that kicked off at Coachella and has brought him from Paris to Tokyo this summer to crowd test new music. Following last year’s RL Grime and Skrillex-assisted mega-collaboration “Waiting,” Emoh went radio silent with a much-deserved break in Australia — a short hiatus that effectively churned out the producer’s debut studio album. Now, according to What So Not, his record has been completed, and is presumably in post-production. To tease his fans’ insatiable appetites ahead of the forthcoming album, the Aussie beat-maker has shared a new remix package for 2016’s Divide & Conquer EP, out now via OWSLA and Sweat It Out, lead by a highly-anticipated Noisia remix of the EP’s title track.

The Dutch electronic legends lay down a thunderous drum n’ bass treatment on the remix EP’s only “Divide & Conquer,” rework. The rest of the collection covers inventive new versions of “Lone,” and “Trust.” Slumberjack proctor a vibrant future bass rendition of “Lone,” while Ribongia offers up a tribal, textured take on the track. Fellow Sweat It Out affiliate Plastic Plates drops a jazzy, funk-inspired “Trust” rework, and MYRNE takes the track in a heavily trap-leaning direction, offering a wide variety of fresh new remixes on What So Not’s first official solo endeavor.

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