Modeselektor returns with gritty techno track, ‘Kalif Storch’

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German duo Modeselektor released their first track in three years, “Kalif Storch,” off their compilation series, Modeselektion Vol. 4., out June 1.

Handpicked by Modeselektor themselves, the 17-track fourth edition will feature a myriad of offbeat, like-minded producers, ranging from seasoned club acts like Vatican Shadow and Peder Mannerfelt to equally eccentric, newer talent like Skee Mask and Solid Blake. Modeselektion Vol. 4 is packed with off-the-wall techno, ample bass, dub, and rave and club sounds alike, to reflect the stylistic kaleidoscope that Modeselektor has been living for more than a decade.

“Kalif Storch” is a pulsating, acid techno track named after a German nightclub in Erfurt. The composition shifts between hip-swinging, bass-heavy safari sounds and ambient, cosmic interludes.

Photo Credit: Pfadfinderei

Bicep transfixes in new ‘Rain’ EP and video

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Bicep’s just unveiled a new EP, Rain, and video by director Luke Wyatt, AKA Torn Hawk.

A producer, DJ, and NTS host, Wyatt’s video juxtaposes clips of old film footage, overlaid VHS glitches, and computer-generated images with snakes and mysterious mazes. Somatic in its sound encapsulation of Bicep’s entrancing sound, Wyatt appropriately fuses Bicep’s widespread sourcing of seemingly disparate musical materials in an enthralling maze of devouring proportions.

Released on Ninja Tune, “Rain’s” followed by the disparate channeling of gamut club music influences on “Helix.” Much like the winding form of a double helix DNA structure, “Helix” twists and turns through the beloved 90s house, garage, ambient, and breakbeat sounds that catapulted the dancefloor-minded duo to stardom in the first place, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Watch: Bicep – “Rain”

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International flexxx: Bicep have a new video, as well as an EP, as well as a new-ish Four Tet remix, out right now (and all this off the back of last year’s self-titled album!). This here “Rain” video comes from one Luke Wyatt, otherwise professionally known as Torn Hawk, and in a way, his A/V ethos aligns rather nicely with Bicep’s; vaguely nostalgic, strangely euphoric, and pretty much perfect for mashed heads at any time of day/night. The early testimonials are in:

Praise indeed. Pick your Rain EP poison wisely, and be sure to catch Bicep at next year’s Warehouse Project!

Leon Vynehall announces debut album for Ninja Tune, titled Nothing Is Still, shares new new track “Envelopes (Chapter VI)”

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Ok, so it’s not *that* uncommon to build your entire career on singles, remixes, and EPs (instead of their longer cousins) in the world of dance music; actually, it’s pretty much the standard. but EVEN STILL: Leon Vynehall has left us in awe of his organic approach to house music and insane hi-hat game so many times before, it’s hard to believe the album he’s just announced will be the British DJ’s first official full-length release. Nothing Is Still is set to come out June 15 on Ninja Tune; Vynehall has also made available the lead single of the LP, titled “Envelopes (Chapter VI).”

Crystalized on 2014 and 2015’s EPs Music for the Uninvited and Rojus (Designed to Dance), Vynehall’s own brand of deep house has always sounded like it would lend itself to the long format best: slowly unraveling and cinematic, his sprawling creations carry just as much substance and thought as chapters in a book. That said, Vynehall’s upcoming volume might not even be house music, per se. Inspired by his grandparents’ journey and immigration to New York City in the 1960s, whose story he recounts across the nine tracks of Nothing Is Still (as well as an accompanying novella and short videos), this “defiantly atmospheric and textural” record explores contemporary minimalist influences from the likes of Gavin Bryars and Phillip Glass. It was written and performed by Vynehall with the help of ten-piece string section arranged by Amy Langley, pianist Sam Bester, and Finn Peters playing saxophone and flute.

After the June release of the album, Vynehall will be taking a new live set-up on the road (dates to be announced). Before that happens, you can pre-order the album here and listen to “Envelopes (Chapter VI)” below:

Nothing Is Still tracklisting:

01. From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II)
02. Movements (Chapter III)
03. Birds On The Tarmac (Footnote III)
04. Julia (Footnote IV)
05. Drinking It In Again (Chapter IV)
06. Trouble – Parts I, II, & III (Chapter V)
07. Envelopes (Chapter VI)
08. English Oak (Chapter VII)
09. Ice Cream (Chapter VIII)
10. It Breaks (Chapter IX)

♫ Listen: Young Fathers – “Wow”

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My party and I use the fire for everything, but telling stories. This century is too hyperkinetic — or do I mean telekinetic — for telling stories.

Telling stories overuses repetition, which is an obstacle to what my party and I are trying to accomplish here. Here, there’s a forest, a fire, some woods, blue night, a bear, cookware, hand-washing stations, paper salt and pepper shakers, a tent, ways to celebrate the new season of new rituals. Drop that bouillon cube in the boiling, hard-anodized pot; incense of camphor and sparklers; Tuvok’s meditation lamp, other ways to celebrate.

The rest of my party tends to the fire while I meditate. Fire rages, then dims, rages, dims, but all I see is one steady, comforting flame, so I walk right into it.

Peggy Gou makes dynamic Essential Mix debut

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DX5g_IvUMAABX-j.jpg large

Berlin-based Korean DJ Peggy Gou wanted to the be the first female Korean DJ to play Berghain. Now, having more than exceeded her goal, Gou’s become the first female Korean DJ to play BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix, and she’s not showing any signs of stalling her meteoric rise to stardom anytime soon.

A dynamic testament to her compelling curation and outpouring love for music, Gou moves from Arthur Russel’s “See-Through,” South Korean composer Yoon Sang’s “The Dawn,” and J Dilla’s “U and Ur Smile” with ease. If possessing cool and collected poise were a contest, Gou would indisputably win every time, and her Essential Mix may as well serve as the perpetual soundtrack.

Listen to Peggy Gou’s debut Essential Mix here


Four Tet reworks Bicep’s ‘Opal’ into a contemplative club gem

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Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)

Four Tet has remixed Bicep’s “Opal,” a crown jewel lifted from the Belfast duo’s self-titled debut album, which coalesces the halcyon days of club culture with a unique marriage of Italo house and glitzy electro.

Celebrated for his own work as a producer, Four Tet’s remixes have always brought an identifiable, idiosyncratic approach to his source material — a capitalization on the creative avenues for tantalizing textures and dulcet deliverances alike.

Accordingly, Four Tet, born Kieran Hebden, brings his distinctive M.O. to Bicep’s club-heavy work. Employing the textural aura that drove his latest swirling body of work, New Energyand energy akin to Bicep’s own “Glue,” Four Tet marries subtle rhythmic tweaks and overlays of texture on “Opal.” By opening the track up to a more tender, contemplative feel, he extends its running time by almost twice as long, playing on each of its key components with added grace, giving them space to breathe and ruminate on the dance floor.

Peggy Gou shares lead single ‘It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)’ from forthcoming EP

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Korean-born and Berlin-based Peggy Gou is poised to take over in 2018. She’s just released a new single “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane),” equally as sleek as it is stunning, which has been lifted from her forthcoming Once EP out on Ninja Tune March 2.

Known for her groove-laden, simplistic production style, both Gou’s vehement passion and vivacious air have contributed to her ascension in the underground DJs ranks. Now she’s even singing her own lyrics for the first time in her native Korean tongue. “I’ve recorded my voice before but this time I tried to sing… I’m not a pro singer but I did my best,” she says.

Gou described her forthcoming EP in a press release:

“I really wanted to represent different styles and moods on this EP, from ‘open air’ warm-up vibes to ‘proper party’. I tried to draw on all my influences of the last few years, from electro, African music, early ’90s house music and also techno, especially Maurice Fulton and DMX Krew.”

Pre-order the EP here.

Photo Credit: Jungwook Mok

Help UK Label Ninja Tune In Its Match Fund Campaign To Aid Refugees On Giving Tuesday

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Make a difference today.

Fink releases Resurgam Acoustic Sessions EP on Ninja Tune, premieres new track “Divide”

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Two months ago, legendary label Ninja Tune released (by way of their R’COUP’D imprint) a new record by spirited Berlin-via-UK singer Fink. That album, Resurgam, was in-turn shepherded by storied producer Flood, who laid some of his trademarked hi-def knob twisting upon it.

But hey guess what folks? Even Flood needs a vacation sometimes! So when he took a few days off to go to the Glastonbury Festival, Fink and the gang said, “You know what? We’ve still got all these instruments.” Thus, the Resurgam Acoustic Sessions EP was born, featuring three album tracks redone by the band in a husky all-wooden style, plus a brand new song, “Divide,” which TMT is pleased as Flood-on-vacation to be premiering for you today down below. Take a load off and enjoy!

In other great news: Resurgam Acoustic Session is available from R’COUP’D/Ninja Tune RIGHT NOW. Go get it here.

Resurgam Acoustic Session tracklisting:

01. Resurgam (A&B Acoustic Version)
02. This Isn’t A Mistake (A&B Acoustic Version)
03. There’s Just Something About You (A&B Acoustic Version)
04. Divide (A&B Acoustic Version)