Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

All puns aside, the last thing we expected was Tchami to drop a new track right as his Prophecy Tour kicked off this week. Set to hit numerous cities in North America, the Prophecy Tour will keep Tchami busy over the next several weeks, but the Parisian producer nears the end of the first week of the tour by dropping an entirely new track. The best part? It takes his music in a familiar yet exciting new direction.

“Adieu” finds Tchami exploring a more uplifting side of his sound, one with almost tropical-sounding percussion, soft synths and a powerful sample. A fuzzy warble punctuates the track, hinting at Tchami’s darker side before he rings it in in favor of a more house-inspired mood. Originally known for his future house songs with glitchy vocal samples and dark synths, “Adieu” contrasts to Tchami’s signature sound without sounding alien, a rare feat for a producer known so well for a darker persona. We’re intrigued to see if he explores more of this lighter, house-inclined sound in the future, but for now we are happy to see Tchami step into the light.

Listen to “Adieu” below:

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Source: Tchami Bids “Adieu” With New Track

The Chainsmokers, Migos & More Reveal Their Favorite Superbowl Halftimes Of All Time

In anticipation of Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at this Sunday’s Superbowl, Billboard reached out to several of music’s most notable figures to ask their favorite and most memorable halftime shows from history. From Migos to The Chainsmokers to Mike Will Made It, the music industry’s most recognizable names chimed in to give their best Superbowl throwbacks just in time for this weekend’s game.

Andra Day, Mario and The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall said that, in their opinion, the best halftime show ever was performed by the late Michael Jackson during Superbowl XXVII. Even though Jackson was his favorite, Alex Pall said that from now on, Bruno Mars and Beyonce should take over halftime shows.

“We still don’t know how he teleported around the stadium like he did but it was the most awesome thing ever. But since Michael is gone, we need to just let Beyonce and Bruno do every Super Bowl henceforth, no discussion. I’m pretty sure the entire world would get on board with this plan.”

Jeezy was in agreement with Pall, as he cast his vote for Bruno Mars’ Superbowl XLVIII show. “I like that guy, man. We should get in the studio — I have to hit him up.”

Migos’ Quavo said that Janet Jackson’s Superbowl XXXVIII show was the most memorable, while Chase Bryant chose The Rolling Stones and their Superbowl XL performance.

Finally, Mike Will Made It chose Beyonce as his favorite halftime performer, citing her iconic Superbowl 50 showcase.


Source: Billboard | Image: Rukes

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Source: The Chainsmokers, Migos & More Reveal Their Favorite Superbowl Halftimes Of All Time

Watch These College Kids React To Daft Punk [Video]

If you’re reading this, you know who Daft Punk are. You know they’re an iconic French duo, considered legends of electronic music, and have been around since the ’90s. You know their names, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, you know their albums, and for damn sure you’ll recognize their classic tunes off the first beat… It’s a bit hard not to sound the slightest bit snobbish when they get brought up, because any fan worth their salt just gets it.

So join me in cringing while watching these college kids react to Daft Punk, not really sure what to make of Homework or Interstella 5555, and then gleefully joining in when they’re finally treated to the Grammy-winning “Get Lucky.” Thankfully, the second half of the clip is dedicated to chronicling duo’s rich and influential history, so there’s no need to seek out these plebes and tell them yourself.

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Source: Watch These College Kids React To Daft Punk [Video]

Hardwell Releases 2017 Edit Of “Spaceman” For Free For 48 Hours

Hardwell just made our 2017 a little more bearable with this unexpected edit of “Spaceman,” featuring new vocals from Bright Lights!

Hardwell was playing HOA302 today and dropped this during the set, and further surprised fans by offering it up as a free download for 48 hours only, beginning today 2/3. With the new vocals from Bright Lights, even this classic feels re-energized and ready for the new year.

Listen below:

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Source: Hardwell Releases 2017 Edit Of “Spaceman” For Free For 48 Hours

Boys Noize purveys a thrilling, warehouse-appropriate mix for ‘The Ransom Note’

With rampant overdrive and reverb, the warehouse music Alex Ridha pulls into yet another Boys Noize mix grabs its listeners by the chest and throws them into a dark dance floor filled with sonic booms, thuds, and hisses. In the culture surrounding this music one can find leather-clad punks bouncing from dusk to dawn to repetitive acid-synth arpeggios in clubs around the globe. A complex melting pot of techno, punk rock, and disco house gives Boys Noize the unique sounds and image many associate with the project.

There is something beautifully sinister to be found in the sweaty incantations that a mix like this places over its listeners. In this featured mix for The Ransom Note, Ridha teases out samples from and remixes of tracks in Mayday, his latest feature length album. Listeners can hear vocals from “Overthrow,” “Euphoria,” and “Midnight” cutting in and out between hypnotic kick drums and erratic breaks.

In an interview with The Ransom Note that accompanies the release of the mix, Ridha opens up about the inspiration, motivation, and history behind his music. Tracing his roots back to the 1980s house with names like Farley Jackmaster Funk, Steve Silk Hurley, Marshall Jefferson, and DJ Pierre, Ridha accounts his early days in DJing as a 15-year-old in Berlin gay and house clubs.

The atypical culture surrounding Boys Noize mentioned above seems rooted in Rihda’s 1990s experiences, such as seeing 2manyDJs mixing techno with punk-rock by Iggy & the Stooges. Ridha ends the mix by mixing punk rock with techno, enigmatic of the Boys Noize project, but also historically ironic because Iggy Pop hated techno. When interviewers ask, “what does your music sound like,” Ridha responds appropriately: it’s like “punching into a sunny side up egg.” Ridha’s jovial attitude brings to mind the yellow smiley face symbol iconic to acid house and adopted under the Boys Noize name for nostaligic merchandise. The interview is full of comical remarks by Ridha, and the mix features a transformed vocal with his unique “drink more water” introduction, which is a recurrent trope throughout many of his mixes.

Listen to the mix here:

H/T: The Ransom Note

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Former Vice Music Editor Accused Of Using Platform To Recruit Drug Smugglers

A former music editor with VICE Canada has been accused of using the platform as a recruiting ground for young journalists towards an international drug smuggling operation, according to a startling report published by the National Post on Thursday. A large portion of the allegations was provided by three current and former VICE journalists, who said they had each been offered $10,000 by the editor, Yaroslav Pastukhov, to line their suitcases with an illicit substance and transport it from Las Vegas to Australia. They said they did not accept his offer.

Jordan Gardner, Pastukhov’s roommate and an up and coming Toronto-based electronic musician, was arrested by Australian authorities alongside three other Canadians and one American after being caught at the Sydney airport with up to $6.6 million worth of cocaine in the lining of their luggage. The Australian Federal Police described the act as a the work of a “a transnational criminal syndicate.”

According to Gardner’s lawyer, he and his companions attempted to back out of the plan in Las Vegas, but were threatened against it by armed men.

Two of the journalists who provided the National Post with the allegations said that when Pastukhov first made them the offer, they believed it to be connected in some way to an assignment with VICE itself. They said part of the conversation was made in VICE’s Toronto offices, and that the use of the company’s internal messaging system was also utilized.

Chris Ball, VICE Canada’s head of communications, said the following in a statement sent to the Post:

“Upon learning of these allegations in early 2016, Vice Canada took immediate and swift action to address these claims through our Human Resources department, enlisting an employment law specialist to consult throughout and engaging an outside criminal law firm to conduct an investigation on our behalf and contact the Toronto Police Service. Based on the results of the internal investigation the employee was promptly terminated on February 16th, 2016.

“Vice Canada takes allegations such as these very seriously as the safety of our employees is our first and foremost concern. In fact, our employee handbook quite clearly states that ‘the use, possession, sale, transfer, offering or furnishing of illegal drugs or illegal use of other controlled substances while on duty or on Vice premises is prohibited.’”

Investigations into the writings of Pastukhov by the Post revealed that drug use was a frequent subject of his work. VICE’s first two decades were defined largely by the comfort and frequency with which its journalists and founders wrote about drugs, the Post wrote. One of its founders, Shane Smith, even told Joe Rogan during a podcast interview in 2013 that he spent time “slinging coke” as a teenager.

Gardner, a member of the duo Èbony, met Pastukhov in the Toronto music scene in 2014, the Post wrote, leading to a glowing feature by Pastukhov in Thump. They became roommates, eventually causing Patstukhov to recruit Gardner into the cocaine smuggling ring.

Eiden Halvas, legal counsel to Gardner in Australia, told the Post that Pastukhov is part of a plan to recruit young Canadians without criminal records into becoming drug mules.

“What they’re doing is they’re manipulating young kids such as Jordan and Jordan’s friends and the manipulation is very strong. They were lied to, they were all vulnerable or in vulnerable situations and they were taken advantage of… They’re finding young Canadians, or young individuals who for all intents and purposes don’t have any criminal histories and are productive members of their community, and manipulating them into making the wrong choice.”

Havas told the Post that Gardner left Toronto in mid-December 2015 to fly to Las Vegas, where he was to pick up the luggage to take to Australia. When he met with the people dropping off the bags downstairs at the hotel he was staying in, Havas said Gardner could smell the glue used to keep the drugs hidden.

“They were told certain things about the packaging and how it’s tamper-proof and this and that. So then Jordan gets the bags and the first thing, he tells me, is you can literally smell the glue from the bag… It’s like a five-year-old’s arts-and-crafts project …. And he’s just like, ‘You guys are a bunch of liars, this isn’t what I was told. I don’t want to do this any more.’ At that stage, one of the men pulled out a gun, held it to his head and said words to the effect of, ‘If you don’t do this, we’re gonna get your girlfriend and your parents, we know where they live’… They got him to a situation where they pulled a gun to his head, they knew where his family lived. The family received death threats. They put him in a position where he couldn’t return.”

On December 2, shortly before 8 a.m. in Australia, Gardner and his companions’ bags were searched and discovered to contain 37 kilograms of cocaine in 81 sealed packages. Gardner, Robert Wang, Nathaniel Carty and Kutiba Senusi plead guilty. Their companion Porscha Wade plead not guilty; her trial is scheduled for September.

The Post described several other VICE journalists who came forward to reveal their interactions with Pastukhov relating to smuggling offers, as well as stories about frequent and relatively nonchalant drug use among VICE employees and inside VICE facilities.

To read the National Post’s full report, click here.


Source: The National Post | Images: VICE Screengrab, Court Documents

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Source: Former Vice Music Editor Accused Of Using Platform To Recruit Drug Smugglers

John Mayer Tries His Hand At Live EDM & Actually Kills It

John Mayer has proven himself as one of the greatest guitarists of our generation, and seeing the guy play around with ideas is always mind-blowing. Now, the musical genius has uploaded his take on EDM, and it’s pretty damn cool to see the different elements come together from a single guitar.

The clip takes on the style of today’s iconic house, with a stripped down melody bursting into a percussion supported lead. It’s a simple arrangement, and technically speaking it’s not that ridiculous, but that doesn’t make it sound any less cool.

Live EDM 🍭

A video posted by johnmayer (@johnmayer) on Feb 1, 2017 at 9:54pm PST


Photo: AMY TA / NPR

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Remixes For Grey, Zedd & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” Released Today

Grey, Zedd & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” recently went platinum in the US, a huge accomplishment for an artist of any size these days (what with dwindling sales numbers and all). But even more exciting to us is this remix pack that came out today with cuts from KIIDA, Killagraham (of Milo & Otis), and Bali Bandits.

KIIDA puts a pretty dope house spin on the track, amping up the energy with some rough synths and a bouncy rhythm. Killagraham’s remix is a more laidback future bass take on the original. And finally we get to Bali Bandits, who easily have the most unique song of 2017 so far – where they got the inspiration for this remix, we might never know (until it inevitably comes up in their next interview). With an exceptionally bouncey, disco-tinged sound, this is our favorite of the bunch.

Check them all out below!


Image via

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Source: Remixes For Grey, Zedd & Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” Released Today

Arty Releases His First Track As Alpha 9 In Seven Years

It’s never easy for an artist who’s spent nearly a decade honing their craft to cope with the demands of fans; this is especially true in electronic music, when sticking to one style or genre of music can be crippling to an artist’s creativity. Such was the case for Arty, who began to fall out of love with the passion of producing a couple years ago.

As he wrote in a letter to fans on Facebook, the pressure from wanting to create what he wanted and to please his fans simultaneously created a rift in his creative process, and it became more of a job than a passion. And that wasn’t good anymore. But last year, he managed to find a foot hold and regained that innocent teenage love for production, leading to his first production as Alpha 9 in 7 years.

Read what Arty has to say below, and listen to “The Night is Ours.”

Hey everyone, Arty here and I wanna share some thoughts with you that I’ve been living with for a while now.

First, thanks to all of you for being with me in this amazing musical journey, I just realized it’s already been 9 years since I’m doing what I love the most and your support is the one of the few things that keeps me motivated and inspired,
I appreciate it so much and I always will!

But I also appreciate the desire to explore myself in different musical styles, trying something new and pushing this idea forward all the time. Since the beginning of my career I’ve always been saying that I don’t wanna stuck in one certain genre, and the reason is not because I don’t like it anymore. The real reason that is for me as an artist, listening, getting inspired and making as much diverse music as possible is one of the things that helps my creativity and keeps me from being stagnated as a musician…which is the worst.

That’s why at some point the music I was making has started to go further and further away from its original roots.
Some of you accepted it, some if you didn’t. Yet all of the records I made always came from my soul, whether it’s trance, dance or pop. Over these years I’ve been always listening to your feedback. You might think that for an artist it’s extremely easy to start ignoring his fans, their demands and just do what his heart or mind says.
Well, it’s not. And that’s where idea of discovering new sound clashes with listener’s voice and all of this happens in my head. “IN MY HEAD”, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it. Your feedback and support was always with me throughout this journey, but when some of my records didn’t match your expectation, unconsciously I started to build this pressure on my shoulders and I started to compromise my music in an effort to make both me and my fans satisfied.

2016 was amazing year for me. It was a year of re-discovering myself as an artist and as a person as well, considering it took me a minute to get out of my album’s routine and its aftermath, which was close to a nightmare. But the freedom afterwards felt like nothing else. I didn’t feel myself so inspired and productive in a long time, and it was probably the first time I opened my eyes so wide. Closer to the end of last year I noticed how much my music was different from what I’ve done in the past, and I felt like I had been neglecting my long-time fans and it didn’t feel fair. And that’s how I came up with idea of bringing the Alpha 9 alias back. It gives me the freedom to not be bounded to a specific genre, allowing me to experiment and keep pushing my boundaries with Arty, while I can be as close as possible to my long-time fans using Alpha 9 moniker.

I remember myself as a 17 year old kid, running back home from university classes every day, absolutely blinded by just the idea of making music. No pressure from managers, labels or promoters, just pure passion. For the first time in a long time I feel like that kid again and I don’t feel this pressure anymore.

Also I wanna make it really clear, although Alpha 9 is still me, it’s a totally separate project from Arty, focused on totally different music. I’m taking Arty music further towards the dance scene, while Alpha 9 will be a progressive/trance oriented project, this applies to branding, releases and live sets.

Below is the link for my first track back as Alpha 9 “The Night is Ours” that came out today on Armind. As a sign of appreciation for your support, the first 1000 downloads on this link are free.


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Trilantic Capital Partners acquire Pacha for €350 million

Pacha Group’s sale has been finalized, with venture capital firm Trilantic Capital Partners paying €350 million for control over the brand. The group is known as an esteemed pillar of the Ibiza nightlife industry, known for owning Pacha, Destino, and Lio on the island itself, as well as various additional club and hotel ventures across the world. News of the sale initially emerged in 2016, under an original asking price of €500 million.

Trilantic Capital Partners is a swiftly rising international firm whose primary business takes place in Spain and Italy. Included in their purchase are all of Pacha’s global businesses, which will assist Trilantic in building an even larger presence in other countries such as Australia and Germany. Details have yet to emerge on how business will change for the iconic nightclub group, save for their new owners advising that they’d be increasing staff on all Pacha-owned Ibiza destinations.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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