Woodstock 50 to Continue Amid Turmoil

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You would have thought by now that we all learned our lesson from Fyre Festival – but apparently that isn’t the case for the gang over at the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. Amid a plague of obvious danger signs, the fest shows no sign of stopping. Originally scheduled to take place at Watkins Glen on

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Techno Tuesday: Catching up with Moscoman on the ‘New Tel Aviv Wave,’ Gather Outdoors, and more

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Techno Tuesday: Catching up with Moscoman on the ‘New Tel Aviv Wave,’ Gather Outdoors, and moreTechno Tuesdays

Techno Tuesday is a feature on Dancing Astronaut documenting the culture of underground dance music. We’ll bring you exclusive interviews, tracks, and narratives from artists within the techno, tech house, and deep house world in an effort to shed light on some of the best talent outside the world of mainstream dance music.

Record label owner and global sound purveyor Moscoman is an artist who needs little introduction. First becoming a pillar of the Tel Aviv underground, his sound that effortlessly smudges the lines between disco, electronic, global music, and house have since made him a subject of international intrigue. He eventually made Berlin his home base, where he launched Disco Halal in 2016. In just a few years, the imprint has earned a high reputation, playing an ever-increasing role in the rise of left field dance music with notable signings from Chaim, Red Axes, Trikk, and more. Moscoman also made waves in 2017 with his hybrid imprint/eight-part series, Treisar.

The artist has continued to build upon his recent successes in 2019, putting out well-received EPs from Trikk and Nicola Cruz & Auntie Flo while stopping by fellow avant garde leader DJ Tennis’ label Life and Death for Wave Rave. Like its name, the eclectic four-tracker is rife with new wave/1980s influences—with futuristic overtones. His and his artists’ output remains impeccable, and it’s clear that Moscoman has fully stepped into his own as an artist,

He also follows a busy tour schedule, with one of his key upcoming dates being Gather Outdoors. The festival, organized by New York scene shapers Teksupport, is putting on its first edition at the Holiday Mountain Resort in the Catskills region of New York. Moscoman joins the likes of Francesca Lombardo, Brian Cid, Audiofly, and more at the festival’s Members-curated Oak Stage.

Curious to know more about his take on the rise of global sounds in dance music, lessons he’s learned through his long-reaching career, playing Gather, and his curatorial influence, we had a brief chat with Moscoman for this edition of Techno Tuesdays.

Techno Tuesday: Catching up with Moscoman on the ‘New Tel Aviv Wave,’ Gather Outdoors, and moreMoscoman Press Creidt Nuphar Blechner
Photo credit: Nuphar Blechner

Learn more about Gather Outdoors and get tickets to the festival here.

If you weren’t able to DJ and produce for a living, do you think you’d still be working in the industry full time? We saw a Twitter exchange about publicity?

Ha, the PR tweet was a joke amongst friends, but i’m super into everything around this industry!

I would do something maybe in management or any other way to help out artists, and of course my daily label work is one of my favorite things.

‘Disco Halal’ has been described in the past as “a very Berlin based label” – can you give us a rundown on how your sound has changed and evolved since moving to Berlin from Tel Aviv?

I reckon that only in Berlin I really found my voice, and thus begun this era of New Tel Aviv wave. Both happened at the same time simultaneously. Disco Halal is a Berlin Label, but its influences are worldwide. There isn’t really a play-by-play of what happened. But in terms of content, it moved from editing remixing other people music to releasing originals and giving people a platform to release their truth.

On a similar note, you’ve also advised that Berliners tend to have a more restricted mindset. But in recent years with artists like yourself, Acid Pauli, Powel, etc, it seems as though the city’s mind has “opened” more toward world sounds and more melodic material. What do you think has led to this change?

Tourism, inwards and outwards. More DJs playing outside of Berlin and more outsiders play in it all became a melting pot, people need to dare more to standout these days (and throughout history for sure).

Why do you think people connect so deeply with your sound? It’s been crazy to see how much you and your brand have grown over the past few years.

I believe people connect to us because its very Mediterranean in its core. It’s like your mother’s cooking, its something you are familiar with or something you want to be familiar with. It comes from the heart and soul of all of us, its a story of unity somehow.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned since launching your own labels [Treisar project and Disco Halal]?

Not to want too much too fast, and everything has its moment. The smart ones know when the moment is right (I’m still working on that point!)

Do you ever feel as though you’ve sabotaged yourself at times in your efforts to release other artists’ music over your own on Disco Halal? Why not?

No, in life you give and get back, and never directly. This label is not my personal playground, it’s made for the music, for the fans and of course for the artists that are helping us to create and develop it.

Who are some artists you’ve signed as of late that are particularly noteworthy, and what makes these artists unique?

I have a personal relationship with all my artists, and I love to hear what they say and what they’re after. No one is after huge success really, and all are after their true artistic selves. That can be annoying as a label manager, but as an artist myself so i can also understand it. Ultimately every person is unique, but only a few standout.

Having lived in two distinct music towns, what are the similarities and differences you’ve noticed in terms of innovation, support for the arts, etc between Berlin and Tel Aviv?

You can’t really compare stuff. Tel Aviv has been about survival, Berlin invented many of the rules of this scene, when I moved I had no idea that things will pan out they way they are so I didn’t really notice too much. I would say that there’s great music from every city, and party wise there are better parties in Israel at this point, because the Berlin club market is over saturated which makes stuff a little bland. That said, the key clubs still hold their own.

How do you determine when the timing is right to release a certain track, or EP? Thinking about how you waited until the right moment (2018) to release your debut EP on Disco Halal.

I go with my gut, to be honest, no magic. I don’t live within patterns so I honestly do whatever i want all the time. It’s not always right, but it’s never quiet.

What inspires you the most creatively these days?

Free time.

You’re about to play the debut Gather Outdoors festival, which has a very specialist/underground lineup. What do you think this says about the US dance scene as a whole?

I love the change. From the first time I played in the US ’till now its been a crazy ride and I’m so happy that there’s place for people like me in the US Scene.

What excites you most about playing Gather?

The amazing line up, friends, and of course visiting the borscht belt for the first time!

Brooklyn Mirage adds second Alesso show due to overwhelming demand

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Brooklyn Mirage adds second Alesso show due to overwhelming demandAlesso Live Credit Rukes

The warm weather on the East Coast brings with it Brooklyn Mirage season. The palm tree bedecked New York venue has newly reopened for another vibrant year of event production on Stewart Ave. The Mirage’s calendar of summer bookings features a wealth of celebrated live acts, including electronic music vet, Alesso. From evergreen electronic classics like “Calling” and the Grammy Award-nominated “If I Lose Myself,” to comparatively more recent productions like the country-inflected “Let Me Go,” Alesso’s catalog is essentially a wide-spanning highlight reel of house music.

With his latest EP, Progresso Volume 1 now out and ready for live set inclusion, Alesso’s highly anticipated return to New York City will begin on September 13 at the Brooklyn Mirage. The rapidity with which Alesso’s inaugural Brooklyn Mirage booking sold out is a testament to the acclaim that enshrouds the producer, and has preluded a newly announced followup show, due to overwhelming demand. Alesso will appear at the Brooklyn Mirage again on September 14, to take attendees on a ‘sweet escape’ from the everyday through his momentous live production. Fans can secure tickets to Alesso’s secondary show, here.

Featured image: Rukes

Mr. G touches down at Gather Outdoors for momentous USA debut

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Mr. G touches down at Gather Outdoors for momentous USA debut190309 PRINTWORKS Kaoz JakeDavis @hungryvisuals 1399

Colin McBean, or Mr. G, is a true pioneer. Moved by the sounds coming out of Detroit and Chicago, he became one of the first to import house and techno to his home of UK and is widely considered a godfather of the country’s contemporary rave scene. The legend has been sought after in the states for well over two decades, but has notably declined offers to play. That is, until now. With a renaissance of underground sounds currently unfolding across the country, the timing feels right for Mr. G to make his take the decks stateside at Teksupport’s Gather Outdoors festival.

Sunday, May 26, marks the day of Mr. G’s landmark debut. True to his M.O., the iconic DJ will be bringing his live kit along with him for a particularly unique showing. Fans and curious onlookers can expect a heady mixture of soulful, grooving house cuts imbued with the infectious energy and signature aesthetic that Mr. G brings to each of his sets. His inaugural performance stateside will be one to remembered, and is primed to become a permanent part of American dance music history.

Purchase tickets to Gather here to catch Mr. G’s premiere USA performance, alongside Jamie xx, James Murphy, Amelie Lens, and more.

Photo credit: Jake Davis/Hungry Visuals

Teksupport brings Time Warp back to New York

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Teksupport brings Time Warp back to New YorkTime Warp Ny 1

Time Warp has been a crown jewel of the techno sphere since its inception 25 years ago. Having passed that milestone birthday this year, it only felt right the German institution would return once more to New York for a two-day showing at the Expo Center in the Bronx neighborhood. Time Warp has enlisted their usual local collaborators, Teksupport to help facilitating the return.

The festival first made its way to New York in 2014 and returned in 2015 before taking a four year break. In previous editions, New York received rare appearances from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, and more. This year’s edition takes place on November 22 & 23, and with the lineup being revealed in the coming months.

Teksupport brings Time Warp back to New YorkTime Warp New York Teksupport

DIRTYBIRD’s 2019 BBQ lineups are here

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DIRTYBIRD’s 2019 BBQ lineups are hereDirtybird BBQ LA Get Tiny Photography3 1

It’s time to assemble the flock; the DIRTYBIRD BBQ lineups have arrived for each city, and Claude VonStroke has once again assembled a high caliber crew of friends and labelmates to join him on the cross-country adventure. Justin Martin, Will Clarke, Sacha Robotti, and Shiba San are just a few of the names who will be appearing at the BBQ’s stops in LA, SF, Brooklyn, Austin, and Denver.

Food and good music remain the pillars of the DIRTYBIRD BBQs; however, this year guests will have an even more immersive experience throughout the day with the introduction of the Sizzle stage. Campout-inspired activities like bingo, a “Bird Roast,” and more will be hosted, allowing fans a taste of the childhood revival that happens each fall.

Finally, head here to enter a contest to win a pair of flights and tickets to the New York BBQ to spend quality time with Will Clarke.

Bay Area (May 4 – Alameda County Fairgrounds):

Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J.Phlip, Christian Martin, Worthy, Ardalan

LA (May 5 – LA Exposition Park):

Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Sacha Robotti, Justin Jay, Wyatt Marshall vs Lubelski, + SPECIAL GUEST

Austin (June 1 – Carson Creek Ranch):

Claude VonStroke, Walker & Royce, Christian Martin, Ardalan, Steve Darko b2b VNSSA + SPECIAL GUEST

Denver (June 8 – Fillmore Outdoors) – City Vote Winner*

Claude VonStroke, Christian Martin, J.Phlip, ZDS, VNSSA, + SPECIAL GUEST

Brooklyn (June 16 – Brooklyn Mirage):

Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Gene Farris, Will Clarke, J.Phlip, Joeski, Steve Darko b2b Codes


Photo credit: Get Tiny Photography


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Being my first House of Yes and Caravan Gitane party, I was pleasantly surprised with how this past Saturday night turned out. I usually don’t stay out past 3:30am in my old age, and I was still moving at 5am. I was prepped with the fact that it’d be in a massive warehouse (awesome) with


Life and Death x Sónar Comes to NYC’s Avant Gardner

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Life and Death x Sónar is coming to New York’s Avant Gardner for an audio visual takeover this Friday, February 8th.   The night will take advantage of the entire Avant Gardner compound with music and visuals in all three rooms: The Great Hall, The Kings Hall and Spiegeltent.   There will be DJ sets

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New York’s Highline Ballroom to close after 12 years of operation

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New York’s Highline Ballroom to close after 12 years of operationHighline Ballroom

After 12 years of operation in the heart of Chelsea, New York’s Highline Ballroom will close its doors, according to venue owner, Blue Note Entertainment Group.

“Unfortunately after 12 years our landlord has decided not to renew Highline Ballroom’s lease,” Highline Ballroom owner, Steven Bensusan, said in a statement following Blue Note Entertainment Group’s announcement of Highline’s impending closure. “For over a year we were led to believe that a renewal was imminent, however it is now clear that the landlord has other plans for the building. This is obviously a growing trend within the New York real estate market impacting various entertainment venues and businesses,” Bensusan added.

Although Highline Ballroom will vacate its current location at the end of its lease, the venue will not bid New York City farewell. “We plan on reopening Highline Ballroom at a new location in the Chelsea/Meatpacking District and are currently looking at options,” Bensusan stated. “We hope to be able to announce our plans soon.”Highline Ballroom has yet to disclose the details concerning its final event, but can be expected to soon set a date for its finale show. It is unclear whether the nightclub will honor its previously booked programming, which spans February to April.

Highline Ballroom finds company among fellow closing New York nightlife hubs, Output Nightclub and Cielo. New York’s nightlife scene, however, maintains its constant ebb and flow, with new clubs expected to open and veteran venues preparing to reopen while others shutter. East Village hotspot, Webster Hall recently announced its epic and long awaited reprisal, slated for Spring 2019.

Photo credit: Getty images

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Five tracks guaranteed to amp attendees for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s b2b performances this weekend

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Five tracks guaranteed to amp attendees for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s b2b performances this weekendCirezDAdamBeyer 3 24 18 AJRphotos 086 0

Eric Prydz will have gone b2b to b2b…to b2b to b2b with Adam Beyer under his Cirez D alias by the end of the weekend, in a double-pronged series of performances of mythical proportions. Originally announced in August, Cirez D and Adam Beyer’s joint b2b bookings generated considerable buzz among fans of the electronic luminaries, and not without good reason. The duo’s seminal, sold out b2b appearance in March 2018 during Miami Music Week evidenced the pair’s kinetic energy behind the decks, and their unparalleled live presence led many longing for a follow up Cirez D& Beyer booking.

Listeners were in luck, as Cirez D and Adam Beyer announced not one, but four ensuing fall dates. Cirez D and Beyer brought their legendary b2b format to Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium on November 23 and 24, and will collectively make their way to a Brooklyn warehouse to play some proper techno from November 30-December 1. Dancing Astronaut has compiled a list of five tracks to set the mood for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s highly anticipated East Coast arrival.

Adam Beyer – “Your Mind”

A techno oriented, retrospective review of the landmark releases of Beyer’s storied catalogue would be remiss not to mention fan favorite, “Your Mind.” The product of Beyer’s collaboration with Bart Skills, “Your Mind” is an extended, eight-minute effort that entrances with its looping vocal centerpiece, a spoken component that repeats the phrase “you’re losing your mind.” The hypnotizing track– interestingly enough, and perhaps much to listeners’ surprise–was never intended to gain a full-fledged release. The song was born as a tool mix that Beyer and Skills finished at a later date.

Cirez D – “BLACK HOLE”

Even in its acknowledgment of the rate at which, and breadth with which Prydz bestows new music upon his listeners, the title “prodigal producer” still doesn’t seem to be an adequate classifier of Prydz’s momentum. Prydz treated Pryda enthusiasts to a stimulating and meticulously constructed new EP in May 2018 by the name of Elements. The Swedish phenomenon then dropped of a three-track Cirez D EP, DARE U. Of the three heart-palpitation inducing inclusions to figure on the EP, the third and final track, BLACK HOLE, was perhaps the most exemplary of Cirez D’s dark, brooding approach to techno, and accordingly functions as an apt warm up track for Cirez D & Adam Beyer’s Brooklyn bookings.

Adam Beyer – “What You Need”

Tonally lighter than some of the moodier selections that comprise Beyer’s catalogue, “What You Need” is an airy, atmospheric reprieve from tenebrous techno. Pulsating synth work sets the track’s mid-tempo pace, while subtle, short pops of vocal accents lend a sense of variety to the near seven-minute song.

Cirez D – “BACKLASH”

Industrial melodics find full figuration in “BACKLASH.” A master at melding different sonic textures, Cirez D adds a gritty edge to the velvety underground quality of “BACKLASH” to play up sound contrasts. The effect is a general sense of surprise that follows each second of “BACKLASH,” the listener unable to predict the course that the song’s elements might take. Cirez D released “BACKLASH” in 2017, when he released the number alongside another track, “THE TOURNAMENT.”

Adam Beyer – “Stone Flower”

The Drumcode head illustrates the power of intricacy on “Stone Flower.” A tightly woven track that sources much of its potency from a titillating looping vocal two-minutes in, “Stone Flower” layers one constructional electronic embellishment atop another for depth. The result is a clean and refined production that has aged exceedingly well in the years that have followed its 2015 arrival.