Radiance NYE Drops Head-Banging Lineup To Ring In The New Year

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If there’s nothing more you would love better than to rage your face off this New Year’s Eve, look no further than Radiance NYE.  This one night party in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will feature a huge head-banging lineup consisting of Excision, Zeds Dead, Bear Grillz and more.  Radiance NYE will take place at the Wisconsin Center

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Bassnectar responds to fans’ complaints about Atlanta New Year’s Eve show

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For more than 21,000 people, New Year’s Eve plans included hundreds of watts of bass, and at the center of the 808, Bassnectar. The sold out event attracted a massive crowd to Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, where Nectar fans from near and far convened to catch the electronic expert’s set, the bridge between 2017 and the new year. Despite Bassnectar’s presentation of a set exceeding two-hours in length, some fans felt that they’d encountered a pit in the “Peach State.”

Although billed as the Bassnectar camp’s “most special event to date” by the event’s marketing team, fans lamented long lines to enter the venue, an alleged lack of organization regarding water station arrangement, set lists, the aggressive behavior of fellow fans, and overcrowded medical tents. “In the medical tent, I had never seen so many people seizuring and acting in manners that led me to fear that they were knocking on death’s door,” writes RedPilledRanger on r/bassnectar. “The crowd was rude, the lines were sh*t, we didn’t get much Bassnectar music, and drugs f*cked people up again,” wrote LeftyBackhands.

Bassnectar and his team have since responded to the Internet supported outrage regarding the New Year’s Eve event, inviting attendees to send “constructive” feedback that could be pivotal in the production of future Bassnectar branded events to feedback@bassnectar.net. The statement acknowledges and deems the long entry lines as problematic, but suggests this was a “reality check for all events in the future.”

“There will be thorough security checks everywhere,” the Bassnectar camp writes, citing national shootings as a catalyst in the institution of extended security procedures. The message additionally elaborates on complaints surrounding water stations and general health and safety conduct.

The full message features a note from Bassnectar himself, the artist thanking attendees and promising “as short of lines as possible” at his Spring Gathering in Chicago in March.

A message from the Bassnectar Team: from bassnectar

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12 Fresh Party Fashion Trends to try out this New Year’s Eve

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Ring in 2018 with one of these fashion forward trends.

Zeds Dead and Jauz announce new track, back-to-back NYE tour

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Rounding off a hugely successful year on both accounts, Zeds Dead and Jauz are sending off 2017 with a huge announcement.

On Dec. 27, the trio will be releasing a heavy collaboration called “Lights Go Down,” which will be out on both Deadbeats and Bite This. Paired with the song’s release, they will be throwing three back-to-back New Year’s Eve weekend sets in New York, Arizona and California. The mini tour will launch at the New York Expo Center in NYC on Dec. 29, followed by the Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona and the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California, both on Dec. 30.

Pre-save “Lights Go Down” here.

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Resolution Is Counting Down to the New Year With Alesso, Feed Me & More!

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The Pacific Northwest is in for a treat this New Years Eve Weekend!

Eats Everything is going to donate his New Year’s Eve booking fee to charity

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Eats Everything‘s final show of the year is bound to be a special performance, and not just because he’s treating London to a six-hour set to cap 2017. The Bristol-bred underground tastemaker has announced that he’s donating his entire booking fee for New Year’s Eve to Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, a philanthropy organization that works alongside the dance music industry to create fundraising efforts for children in need.

The venue has yet to be announced, though fans are likely going to get an intimate venue and a gang of special guests for the show. Leading up to the event, the Edible Records head honcho is attempting to raise £30,000 (nearly $40,000) as part #HaveADrinkOnUS, an initiative to help provide clean water to the countries around the world. Those that can’t make it to London this year for New Year’s can click here to donate to the cause, and fans planning to attend the show can purchase tickets here.

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Oliver release ‘SnowTape’ ahead of SnowGlobe performance

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With California’s SnowGlobe Festival only a month away, excitement is growing for the iconic South Lake Tahoe New Year’s Eve celebration. The state’s own groovy house duo Oliver are warming up the airwaves with a special “SnowTape” to drum up excitement for the festival. The hour-long mix includes a wide range of Oliver’s funky, disco-inspired tunes like their recent remix of Tove Lo‘s “Disco Tits,” along with some wavy ’80s IDs they have yet to release. Throughout its 59 minutes, the mix is a soulful slice of house and disco heaven sure to thrill music lovers of all persuasions.

This year’s SnowGlobe lineup includes Dillon Francis, Porter Robinson, Zedd and many more. Learn more and get tickets here.

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Jauz & Zeds Dead are Throwing a Massive Warehouse Rave for NYE Weekend

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Deadbeats is going way Off the Deep End with RPM Presents for New Year’s Eve weekend.

Berlin?s Iconic Berghain Announces Epic Line up for a 60 Hour NYE Extravaganza

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The techno mecca of the world in Berlin is all set to host a whooping 60 hour event to bring in 2018 in style!

[Interview] Epizode Festival founder Roustam Mirzoev talks improvements, curation strategy ahead of 2018 edition

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From its industrial home in the heart of Detroit to the dusk-till-dawn underground events that dominate Europe’s rigorous party scene, techno knows no boundaries. In recent years, the genre has since exploded in Asia, further playing into the genre’s exponential growth across the globe. One festival in particular stands out among the rest.

It’s called Epizode Festival.

Epizode, which made its Vietnamese debut nearly one year ago, is an 11-day, immersive musical experience hosted on the country’s largest island, Phú Quốc. Picturesque views of the Gulf of Thailand and year-round tropical temperatures encapsulate the Epizode Festival experience to facilitate the natural charm of a techno-laden beach haven. The fest’s distinguished lineup featuring the likes of Carl Cox, Dixon, and Jamie Jones, amongst a handful of other house and techno mainstays, is enough to make any two-stepping aficionado swoon.

Ahead of Epizode Festival’s 2018 edition, Dancing Astronaut sat down with founder Roustam Mirzoev to discuss introducing an all-techno event into Vietnam’s growing music scene, and how Epizode creates an authentic presence amid the growing destination festival circuit.

Tell us about Epizode Festival’s roots: how did the idea come about, and at what point did you start producing the festival?

The roots of Epizode are undoubtedly coming from the legendary project Kazantip Republic. The president of Kazantip – Nikita Marshunok and his core team – were doing just the same more than two decades at the Crimea peninsula, since 1991. Then they moved the event from there in order to ensure that the visitors will be safe in 2014, and were looking for a proper location which would be suitable not just for a one-time event but to settle permanently. After several attempts, we finally landed on Phu Quoc, working together with the great people from Mikhail Danilov’s Sagrado Corp. from Moscow. So this is essentially a continuation of Kazantip, but better and more exotic than ever before! The name “Epizode” came to us in 2016 and I think it matches our ideology even more. I have been personally heavily involved since this year’s edition, while having the honor of playing Kazantip festival and organizing events there many times before so was already really familiar with the team. It was always a highlight of my touring schedule for obvious reasons.

Why Phu Quoc Island specifically, and how difficult or easy was it to get the country on board for a week-long electronic music festival?

Actually, we had little to no problems with the authorities. We have a great team working locally with them. The economy of the land is currently growing drastically and they welcome new projects that can develop the land further. Besides that, their approval was also heavily influenced by the fact that we are not a festival in the common meaning of the word but rather a gathering of people who just want to have fun, not only dancing to the high-quality sounds from the best world-known DJs, but also to enjoy the happiness, relax at sunsets, exchange emotions, experience each other and the unique atmosphere we create.  We bring a certain unmistakable vibe that people long for. You can compare it to Burning Man; it’s just not so extreme and takes place at an ocean beach instead of a desert with a lot semi-clothed people running around and having the time of their life.
epizode 2017

Considering Vietnam’s music scene is still developing, did you feel as though you were taking a risk by creating a strictly techno festival in a country where the genre is less prevalent?

Believe it or not, this was often the kind of question Nikita was asked for any place where they made the event before, regardless if it was in Crimea, Georgia or Cambodia. After a short period of time, our event always changed the whole region around it. Kazantip/Epizode can be compared to those terraforming projects from sci-fi films about the future — we land on uncharted lands, build tremendous art installations, bards, decorations and dance floors and literally transform the space, time, minds, people and attitudes around us. We have done it many times before and with Vietnam’s current growth potential are sure to do it again. Also we aren’t sticking to a strictly techno paradigm — we will also have trance, drum’n’bass and breaks artists, along with a proper representation of the local scene and other great asian and related acts. We are going for a balanced schedule that could appeal to different groups.

What are some reasons fans from abroad should consider going to Vietnam to check out Epizode?

With everything that has to do with Kazantip before and Epizode now the aim was to create something unique. Epizode is our creation, same as all past projects, and it is definitely incomparable to anything else currently existing in the world. Look, sometimes in the movies you see those “perfect moments” when everything is just right. It sounds impossible but we’ve really always managed to give this feeling to people inside the reality we created, regardless where it was. And we will do it again, even better than before. So if you are a fan of amazing music, exotic beach locations, quality people that understand you and sunsets that will make even the hardened skeptic cry, then Epizode is definitely for you. You cannot find a more hedonistic festival on that side of the world and we take great pride in that — our sense of freedom that we provide!

Initially, many people drew comparisons between KaZantip and Epizode, considering both festivals are produced by the same team. What differentiates the two, and in what ways does Epizode stand out?

It can be considered as our next level. The difference for us is probably that we don’t have to struggle with any authorities, their laws, or any kind of corruption. Phu Quoc is a really safe place where we can breathe freely. For people who are coming to us who you would call participants or visitors and we call “the great nation”, it’s also almost the same as Kazantip, only in even more beautiful place with nice specialities and unique Asian touch. Kazantip was well-known for its tradition for people to experience and enjoy sunsets together, many thousands gathered at the beach each afternoon. Now at Phu Quoc we have easily the best sunsets on this planet, amongst other things. Also the food is just incredible for those moments when you need to refill between your favorite artists’ sets! 
epizode beach

What worked really well this year, and what didn’t? What additions or improvements will attendees see next year?

Last year it was our first landing at that location. We had to learn it from scratch, got our first experiences, and managed to establish our authentic atmosphere within the shortest time. You see many of our unique art objects on photos over the whole Web. Besides that, we also built really cool forward-thinking dance floors equipped with top hardware, various awesome bars, a food court and so on. I am satisfied with our achievements from last year. We invested hard into basic things because we wanted this location to be our place not only for a year but for many to come. This time we can concentrate more on perfecting everything, for example our lineup will be much more powerful, we will do everything possible to guide and inform the new coming visitors, there will be even more special events and happenings, and so on.

What is your strategy when curating Epizode‘s lineup?

I am not a fan of names for the sake of names. There is a lot of bullshit on the market and a lot of fake artists getting undeserved hype and fees for nothing, while real musicians struggle. For me, it’s a basic question of “is the music good or not?.” I always said, a really good track must give you goosebumps, going deep into your heart. So for this year we tried to do a balanced approach. We have things like a crazy 3-day HYTE takeover with major headliners, Carl Cox for New Years celebration, personal events from Luciano and Dubfire, Dixon closing out the festival and other amazing artists and showcases spread out through the whole 10 days. It really has something for everybody and we tried to stack a massive line up, so hopefully festival goers won’t have much time for sleep haha.

Has Epizode considered going abroad – such as Europe, or possibly even the US? Ultimately, where is the festival headed? 

Epizode, as well as Kazantip or Befooz, is not a place or location. First of all, it is about people. People who are doing it and people who take part. Our mind is always open for any next change as long as we believe that it will be better for us all. It is good to have some special place on the planet that is unique like Phu Quoc, but besides that we definitely are now able to establish this authentic atmosphere anywhere else within just several months. Somewhere in the future we see a world expansion, nothing is impossible when you have a great idea, а strong team and a true community.

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