Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 60

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 60Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

After becoming hooked on his tunes in 2014 via “Dega Dega” on Mad Decent, I’ve kept my eye on Aquadrop. The producer seems to know no limits and can swap seamlessly between genres from one release to another. His latest, “Believe In Me,” is a sultry, electro-fueled number, highlighted by luscious vocals and a grooving bassline. It’s incredibly catchy and is part of the Italian producer’s Out Run mini EP.

Savoy’s been holding onto this treasure for a while and have finally released it to the world. “Treat Me Right,” a collaboration with vocalist Laura Reed, is afire with the dramatic elements of dubstep and electro the Brooklyn trio has become known for. The song is only their second release of the year — likely because two of the group’s members have been developing a new project called Jaguar Dreams. No matter what moniker the music’s under, though, these guys consistently make some of the most innovative “electronic rock music” in the game.

Mielo and Align have linked up to bring a gorgeously atmospheric track that’s reminiscent of ODESZA in its dreamy vocals and prominent percussion elements. It’s simultaneously calming and bass-heavy, bringing two worlds together in one collaboration. “James & I met freshman year while at rowing practice for The University of Iowa,” Mielo says of the song. “I had already started learning how to produce music & James was a huge fan of downtempo electronic music, so he soon began to pursue music. We’ve been friends ever since.”

Since its release in August, Netsky and A.CHAL‘s “Téquila Limonada” has been on repeat. Its fresh-squeezed flavor permeated my brain and stuck there, so my excitement only grew when I saw the track would be getting a reworking from UK drum & bass heavyweights The Prototypes. After it premiered on BBC Radio 1, the duo uploaded a cut of it to their SoundCloud, wowing with its anticipatory builds and rapid tempo. It’s a fun reimagining that gives some new flair to an already exceptional track.

In his latest offering, Kent’s Memtrix thrilled with a combination of enthralling melodies, infectious singing and a rapid drum & bass tempo. He holds nothing back, packing a punch filled with bass and vocals that draw the listeners in. “Dare Me” makes up part one of his newly released two track EP, which is out now via Viper Records. Its counterpart, “Oxidate,” is equally dynamic, creating a journey that feels much much more epic than just two tracks.

David Guetta and Netsky Rework Classic Rock Hit In Their New Collaboration

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David Guetta has clearly been a busy man this week. Today he has not only released one of the best remixes of the year with his rework of Calvin Harris’ ‘Promises’ but also a collaboration alongside Drum and Bass legend, Netsky. In an unexpected move, Guetta and Netsky have taken on a classic rock anthem

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Premiere: Netsky links with David Guetta for fiery ‘Ice Cold’

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Premiere: Netsky links with David Guetta for fiery ‘Ice Cold’Netsky Photo Credit Diego Andrade E1539208097105

Netsky is as unpredictable as he is versatile. The drum & bass maestro’s successes have spanned nearly a full decade at this point, and he’s made a name for himself with countless original tracks and remixes that showcase his dynamic production range.

Earlier this summer, the Belgian producer revealed he’s hard at work on a new effort: Palmtrees & Powerlines. The project will embody two sides to Netsky’s style: Palmtrees for his pop-leaning tracks and Powerlines for his club-ready anthems. August saw the former exhibited in “Téquila Limonada” with A.CHAL, followed by its accompanying music video in September.

Now, Netsky flips the Powerlines switch to bring the world “Ice Cold” — a booming, anthemic collaboration with dance music veteran David Guetta. Attendees of Tomorrowland 2018 were the first to be treated to this unexpected collaboration earlier this summer, leaving them wondering if the piece would see the light of day. Luckily, sampling Foreigner’s iconic 1977 hit, “Cold As Ice,” the duo have concocted a striking dancefloor piece that’s out Oct. 12 via Republic Records and Casablanca Records. They draw their listener in with an unassuming build, mounting anticipation for what the chorus could hold. Nothing could prepare the ears for what’s to come, though: a daring, bass-filled drop that pulses powerfully with each hit.

“‘Ice Cold’ was such a fun song to make,” Netsky says of the song. “I remember both Stargate and David Guetta making me crank up this demo in a LA studio and all of us vibing to it together. Working with David was amazing, it was inspiring seeing his work routine and energy in studio.” Guetta echos Netsky’s sentiments, calling him a “great producer” and noting how pleased he is with the track’s end result.

When these two get together, it’s anything but frigid.

Photo credit: Diego Andrade

Weekend Rewind: Netsky’s legendary 2010 Essential Mix

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Weekend Rewind: Netsky’s legendary 2010 Essential MixNetsky Press

Drum ‘n’ bass had widely been considered a niche genre during the aughts, following its peak in the 90s UK rave scene. However, a select few acts had been on the path toward busting the subgenre back into the mainstream fold. Netsky fell under this category; the young producer had broken into the scene in 2008, but his penchant for crafting memorable tunes as well as his keen ear for selecting cuts for his sets quickly established him as a global phenomenon.

By 2010, Netsky had caught the attention of Pete Tong, who booked him for what is now considered an iconic Essential Mix. Through its two hours, the Belgian artist took listeners through a timeless and high-charged journey through multiple strains of the genre by artists like Dirtyphonics, Metrik, Pendulum, and more. Netsky remained the central pillar of the mix, however, showing off his songwriting skills by comprising the mix mostly of his own original work, remixes, and edits.

Take a trip into the nostalgia and enjoy the ride.




Photo credit: John Wright

Summer never ends with Netsky and A.CHAL’s ‘Téquila Limonada’ music video

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Summer never ends with Netsky and A.CHAL’s ‘Téquila Limonada’ music videoNetsky Tequila Limonada

A month after the release of his Caribbean-inspired “Téquila Limonada” collaboration with A.CHAL, Netsky has unveiled a vibrantly resplendent music video for the song.

Both the producer and his collaborator sport colorful button-ups in the music video, making their way around a lavish patio as they smoke cigars and drink Don Julio 1942 with friends. Packed full of classic cars, gorgeous women, vintage camcorders, and, of course, a hefty supply of tequila, the music video beautifully brings the breezy, lighthearted track to life. Its nostalgic visuals and grainy transitions give the music video a feel-good, retro feel — which is exactly what Netsky was going for.

“I wanted the video for this track to represent simple, happy times; friends, drinks, summer parties,” he says of the video. “It started off with the director, my friend Diego and his team, finding this incredible mid-century Spanish house in the Hollywood Hills and it all came together quite quickly from there. We invited a bunch of friends to come and have a party with us and filmed it! Gotta shout out A.CHAL for his amazing performance. Such a star. And I got to fulfill one of my dreams of playing an old vintage drum-kit in a music video.”

Netsky will be releasing more music from his upcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines project in the near future.

Sip some summer sweetness with Netsky’s latest, ‘Téquila Limonada’

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Sip some summer sweetness with Netsky’s latest, ‘Téquila Limonada’NETSKY PRESS SHOT

Belgium’s Netsky is full of surprises.

Though he’s perhaps best known for drum & bass works like “Rio” and his remix of Rusko‘s “Everybody,” the producer has demonstrated time and time again that he’s just as skillful at producing in other genres, as well. (“Puppy,” anybody?)

On Aug. 10, Netsky surprised fans with a bright, Caribbean-inspired collaboration with A.CHAL, “Téquila Limonada.” With a merry piano melody and laidback vocals from A.CHAL, this latest venture is one of the producer’s catchiest releases to date.

With the release of “Téquila Limonada,” Netsky also announced a new partnership with superstar producers, Stargate. Palmtrees & Powerlines, a collaborative project between the Belgian producer and Norwegian duo, is the result of eight months in the duo’s studio in Venice, California.

“I’ve set some big goals for myself, and I’m excited to now have such an ambitious team behind me to help achieve them,” Netsky said in a press release. “We’re kicking off with ‘Téquila Limonada’ and I’m so happy to have collaborated with A.Chal on this record. Proud to start this new relationship with a song that feels like the beginning of a new era for me.”

Stargate’s Tor Hermansen also shared his excitement for the new effort, calling Netsky a “true innovator.”

“[Netsky’s] always true to himself, never one to copy, steering clear of cliches,” Hermansen says. “We’ve been lucky enough to work with Boris both in the studio and on stage where he’s a true force and a real friend. There are big things ahead for Netsky.”

Relive weekend one of Tomorrowland 2018: sets by Above & Beyond, Hardwell, Tchami x Malaa, + more

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Relive weekend one of Tomorrowland 2018: sets by Above & Beyond, Hardwell, Tchami x Malaa, + moreTomorrowland 2018 1

The first three days of Tomorrowland 2018 are officially in the books. While there may be another packed weekend of brilliant, Belgian-based mayhem still in store, we took a look back at high points from weekend one of EDM’s most storied celebration. Whether it’s a two-hour euphoria trip with Above & Beyond at the Anjunabeats stage or a crawl through the techno trenches with Charlotte de Witte at the main stage, weekend one implores a revisit. See our top highlights from Tomorrowland’s opening weekend below.

Charlotte de Witte

Don Diablo

Axwell ∧ Ingrosso

Tchami x Malaa


Steve Aoki

Carl Cox


Nicky Romero


Oliver Heldens

Above & Beyond

San Holo

Good Morning Mix: Feint slows down for no one on UKF Podcast

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Drum & bass is in the air wherever UK producer, Feint, is found – his 2016 UKF Podcast not withstanding. The invigorating, female vocal-favoring, 45-minute segment is a technicolor whirlwind from all corners of the drum & bass spectrum, from deep liquid, to bouncy jump-up, to chaotic techstep. Feint packs a nostalgic punch in the melodic 99-track mix, with offerings from Pendulum, Sub Focus, Netsky, Metrik, and dozens of other masters of 160 BPM and above.

With releases on drum & bass authorities like Liquicity, Monstercat, and Subsphere, Feint’s smooth, melodic style has secured a spot on the the genre’s forefront.

Lost frequencies & Netsky drop 6-track remix EP for “Here With You”

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Lost Frequencies and drum & bass mogul Netsky have just released an eclectic 6-track remix EP to follow up their successful of their cross-genre single, “Here With You,” and it features some fairly big names on the European circuit.

The diverse remix package features a well-rounded selection of music from all corners of the electronic music spectrum, as well as a bonus ‘deluxe intro’ version of the intro thrown into the fray for good measure. The compilation features Bassjackers‘ energetic big-room style, Stereoclip‘s soothing deep house rework, Two Pauz‘s dark, driving reimagination, and Mastrovita X Mordkey‘s sublime electronic touch.

Standing out head and shoulder’s above the artists on the EP, however, is veteran Belgian producer Coone, who seamlessly blends the original song’s gorgeous intro with an uncompromising, raw hardstyle drop which results in a truly unique take on the original.


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Netsky and Lost Frequencies Release The Entirely Unexpected – ‘Here With You’

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Netsky is one of the most recognizable and most often mispronounced names in the electronic dance music world (it actually is pronounced Net-Sky and not Net-Ski). That being said we have not heard much from the producer in recent times. He has been entirely silent in 2017, up until now. The drum and bass prodigy

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