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Calgary production duo, Chuurch, comprised of Justin MacLean and Jeff Wilson, have been injecting their experimental “lean bass” in electronic/hip-hop spheres for years under various aliases, including Makemdef and EviCition. However their joint venture has been heavily endorsed as of late by scene stalwarts like Zeds Dead, through their Deadbeats label which released their distortion-heavy “Purple Ghost,” as well as their official remix of ZD’s “Where The Wild Things Are.”

Now, the enigmatic double team have geared up for another high-caliber release, this time with the notorious NEST imprint to deliver “One Mind.” The minimal, yet bass-heavy track is outlined by an aggressive, deliberate beat accompanied by sinister, though playful, vocal samples, and a teeter-tottering synth pattern.

The duo describe their sound as “familiar, but you don’t know why, like déjà vu.” Their fans have coined the term “lean bass” for Chuurch’s music — something the duo are glad has stuck. “It’s also a good way to describe how the crowd looks dancing to our music,” MacLean and Wilson said. “They just kind of lean into the bass and roll with it.”

Chuurch music like “One Mind” is comprised with a live setting in mind. “We think the best way for people to get a sense of our sound is in the living setting, so for the last two years we’ve been focused on making tracks that work for certain parts, telling stories with our sound,” MacLean and Wilson said. “Knowing something will work as a good intro or putting together edits of our own tracks to heighten the tension in the middle of a set, we’re always looking for ways to amplify the live show.”

Following releases with This Ain’t Bristol and Perfect Driver, Chuurch is saddling up for 2018 EPs with both Deadbeats and Nest – the latter set for release March 23.

Getter Hilariously Breaks Down What Shred Collective Is About

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Getter has spilled the beans about his newest endeavor, Shred Collective, via an interview with NEST HQ. Getter shares that the collective’s direction will be driven democratically by its members, who consist of a number of rising DJ/producers, with merchandise and parties planned to help truly establish the brand.

Getter also delivers the tongue-and-cheek humor he’s known for, adding his own “summaries” about each member and even poking fun at himself for his twitter rants. More on Shred Collective is expected soon.

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Madou make their laid-back debut on OWSLA’s NEST with ‘Nowhere Else’ [Exclusive]

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Though Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck have prolific histories in the Belgian dance music scene, they’ve only just begun their venture into stateside consciousness. As Madou, the duo may be newcomers to the American music industry, but their tasteful production is likely to soon make a lasting imprint.

In their recently-launched project, Sablon and De Boeck proved their knack for combining an eclectic range of stirring garage, house, and downtempo elements with their first single, “Changing.” With this recent release, Madou began to define themselves as sitting somewhere in the stylistic nexus of Jamie xx, Four Tet, and Moderat.

Madou’s newest track, “Nowhere Else,” fuses these varied, sedate influences into a deep, warm melange of house and indie dance. The song’s sultry vocal line builds upon subdued bass patterns, stripped-back rhythms, timpani-like chimes, which culminate in an end product which is likely to garner significant attention in the coming months.

Already supported by The Magician in his Magic Tape 68, “Nowhere Else” is backed by OWSLA’s NEST.

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