Chromeo releases CID’s energetic remix for ‘Must’ve Been’

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Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo has been keeping fans on their toes with the announcement of their fifth studio album, Head Over Heels, on the horizon for this June. With lead singles like “Bedroom Calling” and “Must’ve Been,” it seems as if the guys are dipping even more into R&B by enlisting features like D.R.A.M. and The-Dream.

In order to create even more buzz, the duo has released a remix from Grammy-winning artist CID, who has worked with everyone from Cedric Gervais to Kaskade and Tiësto.

CID takes the funky original “Must’ve Been” and turns it into a high-energy deep house tune that dances with clean high hats and strategic vocal chops that will start your week in style.

WATCH: Skrillex’s ID filled set from FORM Arcosanti 2018

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of Skrillex, this colloquialism runs true. Having more or less taken a step back from performing, Skrillex’s instead been kicking it into high gear in the studio.

His latest return to the stage was at one of the most underrated festivals in the world — the intimate, Hundred Waters-curated Arizona festival FORM Arcosanti — and it was a feverish testament to his continued versatility behind the decks.

What originally started as an application-only festival has since grown into a 1,000+ people event with utterly unparalleled company, and considering Skrilly’s performances are few and far between, one would hope he’d bring his A-game. Expectedly, he did. Gathered together in the Minds Garden, Skrillex transcended genre and proved that like fine wine, he’s only getting better with age.

Photo Credit: FORM Arcosanti

Kim Ann Foxman preps for Movement with a high-energy Orbit playlist

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Play and make music that makes you happy, and people will naturally feel that honesty,” proclaims the New York-based DJ Kim Ann Foxman. If there were ever a DJ who’s an embodiment of that notion, not to mention adheres to a commendable free-flowing expression, it would be Foxman. Virtually unfazed by outside trends and one with her deep love for the craft, Foxman is a rare specimen.

The Hawaii-born artist quickly ascended into the musical sphere for her role in the neo-disco outfit Hercules and Love Affair, a vibrant-live disco troupe and glittery amour. Since then, she’s become one of New York’s finest DJs, possessing an unparalleled dynamic air to her performances.  Foxman’s tapped into the same affectionately off-kilter vibes of her former entourage in a manner all her own having launched her Firehouse Recordings label in 2014, she’s been able to coalesce euphoric house flavors and New York house sensibilities with a chameleon-like aptitude towards virtually any live environment she’s thrown into.

From playing shows at Berghain‘s revered Panorama Bar in Berlin to Tel Aviv’s The Block— Foxman’s a continually exuberant act, playing to the room, and staying true to herself, and her love for music along the way.

Dancing Astronaut had the chance to touch base with Foxman ahead of her highly anticipated performance at Ghostly International‘s Movement pre-party, where she’ll be playing alongside Matthew Dear, Tadd Mullinix as X-Altera, Shigeto, and more. She’s even managed to drop off an infectious, exclusive playlist, or if you’d prefer her own words — “a bunch of nice jammers.”

“The latest one on Firehouse Recordings I’m honored to put out as its a 1994 rave jam that I’ve always love,” Foxman told us.

“The release has both original mixes and two new remixes by Deetron and myself! New Beats The House is an instant party when you play it. New Beat / House vibes! Objekt is a definite YES. I’m really excited to have him play at my next Firehouse residency at Good Room on May 24th! I also really dig the DJ Normal 4 mix of Persian “Morning Sun” on Mysticims, a pretty old school breakbeat done fresh. I love what Bézier has been doing musically for a long time, his whole new album is great, so melodic and pretty.”


Keep On Climbin’ – Mix 1 – Psychedelic Research Lab
Underground – Jace Syntax
New Beats The House – Grey House
Galactic Devotion – Nick Anthony Simoncino
House Of 1,000 Organs – Jozef F, Winter Son Original Mix
Atmospherica – Mind Lotion
Theme From Q – Objekt
Morning Sun – Persian DJ Normal 4 Remix
Organisation Maritime – Bézier

Tickets and more information for the Ghostly International Movement pre-party can be found here.

Photo Credit: Tim Sweeney

Watch: Birdman & Mannie Fresh – “Designer Caskets”

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jDean lived in New Orleans. First time he an I met, it was at 285 Kent for a DJ set B2B w/ Sun Araw & D/P/I. Prior to their “performance” we went out to my car and smoked a bong that doesn’t exist any more. Then we danced the night away listening to random funky, dancehall, and hiphop burners mixed up by the legends themselves.

After, jDean and I became internet “partners,” which I referred to him as my internet boyfriend, and he and I would video chat with lots of early-on vaporwave folks like SPF420 or Saint Pepsi or Macintosh Plush on Fridays and Saturdays. All the while, I’m falling in love with jDean’s Tiny Mix Tapes reviews, Chocos, DeLoreans, and interviews. And when his albums dropped, I consistently and completely geeked.

When Tiny Mix Tapes held their first SXSW showcase, he hitched a ride out and stayed the night with me and Mr. P in some random hotel, and he carried all the weed. He posted my picture all over Grindr so people could find me, and eventually see him with a pepperoni pizza t-shirt on. Eventually, jDean missed the TMT/SXSW showcase to meet up with someone, and Mr. P and I stayed alone in a hotel bed together all night.

In the months after, Mr. P and I receive SnapChats and IGs from jDean about staying in bathhouses for weeks at a time, smoking meth in elevators and single person showers with multiple bodies stuffed in both locales. Eventually, we saw articles about jDean’s arrest in New Orleans. When he was released, all I got were gchats asking for money for food, which I’d respond with asking for an address to have pizza delivered. No response.

Big Tymers is back, b. Cash Money got a whole mixtape out right now and it’s flames, durr. “Designer Caskets” marks a new era that sounds very similar to an old w/ Birdman & Mannie Fresh. Can’t wait until jDean and I make our return. Looking forward to that forever.

Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood – “Save Me”

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Mark-Lanegan-and-Duke-Garwood-With-AnimalsMark Lanegan, the former Screaming Trees frontman and de facto Queen Of The Stone Age, just never stops working. These days, Lanegan comes across as a sort of ronin figure, lending his huskily ravaged drunken purr to whoever might need it. (Just last week, he showed up on an incredible Neko Case song called “More »

Stream Dear Nora’s Skulls Example

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Dear Nora Skulls ExampleSkulls Example is Dear Nora’s first new album in 12 years, and it feels like the project has been gone for a long time but also not very long at all. It feels long in the sense that a lot has changed in the last decade, and also in that it takes a while to … More »

Bernice Are Finding Their Shape

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BerniceThe roots of Bernice — an experimental pop group based in Toronto, led by vocalist/songwriter Robin Dann — already go back a while. They began playing together in the beginning of this decade and independently released a debut in 2011, followed by an EP in 2013. But a proper follow-up took some time to materialize. More »

Ovlov – “Spright”

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Ovlov TruAfter the beloved Connecticut-bred band Ovlov released their debut album, am, back in 2013, they went through a series of temporary break-ups and offshoots, including Steve Hartlett’s Stove project. But in the last couple years, the band has reemerged, playing a handful of shows and re-releasing their first 3 EPs in one collection, … More »

♫ Listen: James Ferraro – Four Pieces for Mirai

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Etching found on a copper plate in a city apartment, 2056. By Unknown.

Four Pieces For Mirai by James Ferraro

Cash Cash releases ‘Finest Hour’ remix by Madison Mars

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Madison Mars Cash Cash Remix

Cash Cash released a remix of their most recent dance pop track, “Finest Hour,” by Estonian DJ/producer Madison Mars. The three best friends from New York City aren’t shy about collaborating, coming off their “Jewel” remix package released in April. From alt-rock to EDM superstars, the trio made their transition from band to electronic music through the art of the remix. Now, they’re paying it forward.

Mars keeps Cash Cash’s uplifting melodies and adds a driving, future house sound filled with glitchy vocal chops and groovy sidechaining. The remix is a sped up version, transforming Cash Cash’s original vibe from radio hit to festival banger. Moroccan vocalist Abir’s voice is a breath of fresh air, gracing us with a dose of soul on the track.

Debuting in late 2015, Mars has already seen much success. He earned 50 million streams on Spotify in his first year. Don Diablo’s Hexagon label released his first three originals. Since then, he’s released numerous originals and official remix for notable artists such as Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Pink, Galantis, Sting, and Shaggy.

Photo Credit: @madisonmars/Instagram