Philip Selway, undisputed greatest drummer, member of Radiohead, and guy named Philip, announces film soundtrack, shares title track

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On the whole, I think we can all agree that Philip Selway is underappreciated. And I don’t just mean as a great drummer…or as a member of Radiohead. I mean: even as a famous Philip! Granted, when you’re competing with Philips the likes of Collins, K. Dick, Punxsutawney, and Head Screwdriver, standing out can be a challenge. But surely, Philip Selway at least deserves to have his name on the Wikipedia page for “Philip,” sub-heading “Other Notable Philips,” no?

Well, let’s give Mr. Selway his due and see what he’s up to these days…Oh, here’s something: On September 15, Bella Union will be digitally releasing Philip Selway’s score for the upcoming Polly Steele-directed film, Let Me Go, with a physical release to come on October 27. Neat! Maybe this’ll finally put good ol’ Philip on the map.

For the score, Selway wanted to create something that reflected the film’s emotional complexity. So, while the score is grounded in piano and strings, it also makes use of things like musical saw and bowed vibraphone to give things a little more of a haunted, uneasy feeling.

Treat Philip Selway like one of the other notable Philips he is, and listen to “Let Me Go” below. Once again, the OST is out digitally on September 15, physically on October 27, and it can be pre-ordered here. Now can someone please go add Philip Selway’s name to the “Philip” Wikipedia page and make that whole first paragraph outdated? I would do it myself, but I’m a little busy at the moment…

Slander & Yookie – One Life feat. Zach Sorgen (Original Mix)

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After releasing a collaboration earlier in 2017, Slander and Yookie have rejoined again to release their latest work — a single by the name of “One Life”. Deviating away from their bass-heavy roots that characterized their sounds, both acts have worked together to bring out a softer, feel-good approach to this song.

Overlapping with upbeat vocals from LA singer Zach Sorgen, this playful track uses an animated melody to work with its underlying vibrating bassline, similar to Marshmello‘s signature sound style. Using the vocals to transform this piece into a dreamy piece on every music seekers playlist, “One Life” strays away from the thrashing bass-lines and shows fans a softer side to these two groups.

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AC Slater & Sinden – Heavyweight Sound (feat. Dread MC) [Original Mix]

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Night Bass founder AC Slater has had an extremely busy summer. In addition to his extensive Summer Phases tour, the DJ has put out four singles in the past month, along with curating releases on his imprint. Showing his affinity all things British, Slater brings out U.K. house heavyweight Sinden and the Bristol-based Dread MC for his latest effort.

Titled “Heavyweight Sound,” this high energy track features eerie, extended synths and simple yet catchy vocals from Dread MC.  The song drops into a deep, hypnotic groove sure to keep everyone on the dance floor.

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Music Review: VIOLENCE – Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden

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Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden

[PTP; 2017]

Rating: 3/5

Former NON-affiliate Olin Caprison (VIOLENCE) isn’t shy about letting their hand bleed: this project is about power and the cosmetic machinations that mask its inherent violence, and Human Dust to Fertilize the Infertile Garden is a work built from and bent on this machine’s dismemberment. It’s clear from its first few metallic beats and insectile swells that its focus is examining different assemblages of symbols de- and then re-colonized from different existing traditions (industrial, grime, R&B, black metal, hip-hop, noise). Its intellectual appeal, it appears, rides on an assumption that obscuring these musical roots through hypersynthesis will illuminate and eliminate an arbitrary gap between these expressive modalities, leveling white-washed pop sensibilities with an intersection of marginalized expressions. Its aesthetic appeal, however, derives from our enjoyment of these familiar modalities separately.

Like in a strategic card game, Caprison is most successful on Human Dust when their hand is held close and their focus is on performing, bluffing, and playing suits that work in their favor. Caprison plays a remarkably adaptive game here, executing a strange and ostensibly counter-productive string of gambits, yet they fall behind when this unpredictable strategy becomes apparent as a gimmick. If this music is indeed a weapons demonstration against systematic inequity, Caprison’s strategy is one of obfuscation. Deeply original in its radical cosmopolitanism, Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden lacks a kind of stainless luster that makes contemporaries like Chino Amobi, Elysia Crampton, and Arca so perpetually affective at disarming grime.

Musically, VIOLENCE’s compositional strengths (and there are countless) are also its pitfalls. Lyrically, Caprison is monolithic, affirming that they are most interested in splicing dissimilar ideas and motifs together for affect. Opener “Be Still” sounds like a microtonal shift of “Hypnotize” by Biggie, interrupted by grimey jet engine revs. In a voice reminiscent of N-Prolenta, Caprison sings: “Memories that don’t fit. Things you say don’t mix… These circles won’t square.” Beyond whatever its intended meaning is, the line seems like a thesis for what is going on (or what will be going on) sonically throughout Human Dust: things that don’t seemingly fit together exist here side-by-side as they have throughout our planet’s brutal history. On follow-up “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” an incredible rap track that rivals Lil Ugly Mane’s/bedwetter’s fuzziest jams, Caprison investigates domestic power dynamics, bondage, submission, and affirmation. Most other lyrics are lost, but Caprison strikes a suitable balance between vocal punctuations and instrumental fricatives as it plays out. What remains remarkable is Human Dust’s unwavering conceptual focus, even as it meanders through a vast plane of musical worlds; what becomes ultimately burdensome is its conceptual same-ness in how it addresses difference.

Sonically, this is about as maximalist as this kind of shit gets, which is in its extremeness an impressive yet exhausting feat (for both artist and audience). Cornerstone track “Human Dust” teems with scrap-metal strings and caustic synth squelches that drown out Caprison’s yells; it sounds at times like Death Grips performing in a demolition site in Japan with Otomo Yoshihide (a truly good thing). Its total stereo domination is a perfect foil for Arca’s subdued self-titled release earlier this year, yet as with many other tracks on Human Dust, there are stunning phrases here that get lost in what quickly becomes an electrical storm of noise that only relents for moments of ultra-compressed ambience as on “The Third Tiered Candle,” which is a molasses-y vamp before it is abruptly interrupted by a wall of distortion, a robotic monologue, and an unexpected but truly gnarly thrash solo. Closer “…A Black Child Purloined in the Profane Dream, The Heart of Darkness (Wholly Alien, One Drop of White Blood)” is a thematic recap of much of what has already passed, a reiteration of what was most affective when Human Dust’s decimation switch was turned up to 11. Its overwhelming flatlining, however, reveals that perhaps obliterating borders by weaponizing cultural artifacts for their sheer weight eliminates possibilities for aesthetic growth.

A victim of its own weightiness, Human Dust to Fertilize the Impotent Garden contains a multitude of mineable truths and weaponizable shards, but buried deep in its mix they become indistinct from those materials we have always used for partitions: clay, stone, metal. But despite its flaws, what VIOLENCE has going for it as a project is a wide potential for unearthing barriers across human planes as its seeds are sown far and deep. Four or five listens in, burnt out as I am, my burning curiosity for what kind of terrifying outgrowths are gestating here outweighs my heavy heart and tired ears.

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – “Gimme A Call” (Feat. Taylor Bennett)

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Chance The Rapper’s brother Taylor Bennett just put up a playlist of unmixed, throwaway tracks that includes an unreleased song from Chance and the Social Experiment called “Gimme A Call” that features a verse from Bennett. The Social Experiment’s last release was 2015’s Surf. Bennett says that the playlist will only be … More »

Armin van Buuren drops massive ‘A State of Trance, Ibiza 2017’ mix

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Trance legend Armin van Buuren has always been at the forefront of the scene, in both production and curation. Presumably inspired by his summer residency on the Spanish party island, van Buuren has released his 160-song “A State of Trance, Ibiza 2017” mix.

Featuring tracks from Sultan + Shepard, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, and Armin himself, the nine-hour mix explores the realm of trance through the lens of the celebrated Dutch producer. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more, van Buuren’s selections can be found in seamlessly mixed playlists, a relatively new feature sure to shake things up in the ongoing streaming wars.

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Launchpad: Amp up your Sunday with this bass-heavy playlist

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Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here.

This week’s Launchpad is meant to amp up the end of your weekend. Whether you’re going for a run, cleaning the house, or simply just reliving the highs of the weekend, this playlist has you covered.

DA Launchpad Selects:
Quiet Disorder – “Back Once Again”
This basshouse track comes out and smacks you right in your face from the first drop and doesn’t back down.

LUUDE – “Sticky Tape”
Christian Benson from Perth, Australia combines a trap production with some equally heavy bass-infused drops, all while managing to include a vocal sample from Noisa’s “Entangled.”

Quiet Disorder – “Back Once Again”
Discrete – “Livin’ at Manboo”
Why So Serious – “Familiar”
Cymatics – “Signal (M3RC Remix)”
Satellite Empire – “Thrones (Last Heroes Remix)”
Future Magic x Jilbare x PRZM – “Lawless”
Lukas Oppenheimer – “Vision (feat. Ben Walter)”
EJ – “Take Control of Me (Vion Konger Remix)”
Sober Rob – “EMP (feat. Alexander Lewis)”
Inkline – “Carbon Play”
LUUDE – “Sticky Tape”

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Sam Feldt ft. Akon – Yes (Original Mix)

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Tropical aficionado Sam Feldt and iconic singer Akon have teamed up for a playful original mix that keeps the summer vibes coming. “Yes,” out now on Spinnin’ Records, is a refreshing and fun collaboration between the two wildly talented artists.

The colorful music video features Akon playfully painting on a variety of dancing ladies with body paint. The video also features a smiling Feldt DJing behind the decks, along with a saxophone and trumpet player belting out catchy hooks. It’s simple, yet sweet, and perfectly showcases the vibe the song is exhibiting.

The music world hasn’t seen a Akon-featured song in a while, so hearing that legendary voice on a track is pleasant surprise. Those who grew up in the 2000s will be taken back to songs like “Right Now (Na Na Na)” and “Don’t Matter” just hearing the American-born Senegalese singer’s voice.

The song is the lead single from Feldt’s upcoming debut album Sunrise, out Oct. 6 on Spinnin’ Records.

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Sinego releases remix of Axel Muñiz & Alexandra Stan’s ‘Siempre Tú’

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After releasing a few of his brilliantly produced tracks like “Free” and “Travelers,” Sinego has put out his remix of Axel Muñiz and Alexandra Stan‘s “Siempre Tú” on Warner Music. He’s among one of the emerging artists working to fuse Latin music with the electronic music scene. With the smashing success of Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber‘s “Despacito,” Latin music is slowly peeking its head into the dance music scene, and Sinego is riding as one of the leading producers behind this growing trend.

Sinego is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer who dabbles in a plethora of electronic genres, but he doesn’t conform his talents to just one. His productions lean toward deep house and have reached an impressive 3 million streams on major music streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube. In the short period of one year, Sinego has racked up an exemplary discography that includes releases on the industry’s most profound labels, including Miami Beats, Atlast Media, Artist Intelligence Agency, Sicario Music, Archipelago Entertainment and Warner Music. Sinego continues to produce viral hits that amass millions of streams and will conquer the charts with pop-infused electronic tunes.

The producers behind “Siempre Tú” are Nico Stadi (Justin Bieber) and Mike Green (Gwen Stefani, All Time Low). Together, they make a dynamic duo, and Sinego is taking the production by storm by blending the Latin and electronic music elements even further.

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Excision gives fans a sneak peak into Lost Lands festival grounds

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Excision gave the bass community something to look forward to after announcing he would be holding his own music festival this past May. The festival, called “Lost Lands” will be held on September 29 – October 1 at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. Fans and festival goers knew they could expect the event to have a prehistoric theme given the lineup artwork as well as the naming convention of the festival, however Excision has just given fans a first look into the festival site itself via his Snapchat.

The expansive festival grounds are in a beautiful field peppered with trees and covered by endless blue skies. If any location were to be festival-worthy, this one surely will be. Check out the full video below.

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