Jaenga unleashes fiery new ‘Toulambi’ EP via Deadbeats

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Jaenga unleashes fiery new ‘Toulambi’ EP via DeadbeatsJaenga

Though he has only been releasing music for a few years, Jaenga‘s name is already well-known in his niche. Cruising to the hottest bass music destinations in a massive purple school bus, the New York-based DJ and producer has made a presence at festivals like Electric Forest, Camp Bisco and Mysteryland. The emerging artist follows up a remix to Zeds Dead’s “Kill Em” last week with his debut Toulambi EP on Deadbeats.

A four-track offering, Toulambi explores a variety of sounds within the bass music landscape. The EP opener, “Gravity,” introduces a subtle yet menacing bass line reminiscent of Zeds Dead’s earlier work. The track is followed by “Monsters,” and it’s at this point in the EP that Jaenga shows what he is capable of. With hard-hitting drums, fierce stabs on the low end, and a simple yet fitting vocal sample, this track is sure to enthrall bass lovers everywhere. On the second half of the EP, “Toulambi Tribe” sees Jaenga giving his take on trap music, while he displays his flair for drum & bass on “Never Gonna.” With each song presenting a different side of his diverse production, Toulambi acts as the perfect taster for new fans and a treat for his loyal following.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 65

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 65Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

I first heard i_o‘s “Low” in the early months of 2018 when he sprinkled the track in a mau5trap mix. Its thumping bass and sultry vocals immediately caught my attention, and in the months since, I’ve replayed that snippet of the mix more times than I’d care to mention. This is i_o in his finest form: churning out preposterously filthy beats with a catchy vocal loop that lures the listener from the get-go. “Low” makes up the first half of his latest EP, which is out now on mau5trap.

So much respect for American drum & bass producers who are pushing the scene here in the States! One of my current favorites is BoxPlot, a Boston-based artist who’s been building a following through releases like “Sunroad” with Flite (who’s also American!) on Liquicity. His latest is a rework of Mint Royale’s 2002 “Blue Song.” BoxPlot has modernized the track and brought it swiftly into 2018, switching up the pace considerably by adding a truly intimidating drum & bass backbone to the song.

Following his “Mirage” release in July, Monstercat mastermind Rogue has returned to deliver “Badlands.” This track is a breath of fresh air in a genre where there’s often little variety in sound: future bass. Badlands is beautifully complex, lush with airy melodies and an overall ferociousness that’s apparent from the first few seconds. This intense atmosphere makes it perfect the compilation its a part of: the latest Monstercat x Rocket League compilation.

After building anticipation through singles like “Just Life” and “Behind Those Clothes,” Jaguar Dreams have at last unveiled their debut self-titled EP. The seven-track collection of songs leads the listener on a somewhat nostalgic journey, dwindling down with the last song, “Tapts.” This one’s a bit darker than its predecessors but is equally beautiful. “This first EP is a collection of songs that came about somewhat effortlessly in a shack in the middle of the jungle using basic instruments,” they tell their listeners in the EP’s description. “We produced and arranged everything back in our studio in NYC and the collection became a true culmination of our collective pasts embodied in a new shape that felt right.”

While I can’t understand a word of this song, its beauty is so utterly apparent. “Hislerim” manages to build a bridge between what many would consider a “heater” and a more melodic, ethereal piece. It ebbs and flows from bass-filled choruses to verses of gorgeous vocals backed by minimalist instrumental elements. This song has it all: twinkling piano melodies, heavenly vocals, a hefty dose of bass — and still comes together in a neatly packaged, comprehensive way. Good music truly transcends language barriers.

Swervedriver – “Drone Lover”

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SwervedriverAfter breaking up for a decade, the ’90s British shoegaze band Swervedriver took almost another decade to release a new album. But in 2015 they released I Wasn’t Born To Lose You, and that seems to have broken open the floodgates because they already have another new album waiting in the wings. Future … More »

i_o tempts listeners with a dance in ‘Low’ places on new two-track EP

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i_o tempts listeners with a dance in ‘Low’ places on new two-track EPVhs I O E1542405102991

From the smoldering crevices of a mau5trap backroom, i_o is feverishly taunting listeners to get “Low.”

Hot out of the oven of his new two-track Low EP, i_o uses the lead track–which avid fans will recognize from mau5trap’s mix series (Ep 6) where it was teased earlier this year–to continue his maniacal spiral into the deepest throes of torrential techno. As the bass line throbs like its hooked up to an EKG, a decadent female vocal cut declares: “I don’t wanna get high / I wanna get low.” The LA producer’s intentions for the Low EP become clear with the second track, titled “Move,” solidifying the devilishly dancey motif with its skittering hi-hats and abundant low-end bass–topped off by another hypnotic, looping vocal, of course.

When he’s not on Twitter faux-beefing with his like-minded producer pal, No Mana, he’s relentlessly churning out gritty, pulsating dance music as a mainstay on mau5trap, in spite of i_o-scorning “techno purists,” who helped spawn his pervasive recent single, “Not Techno.”

deadmau5 drops off eclectic ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ project

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deadmau5 drops off eclectic ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ projectScreen Shot 2017 12 17 At 11.13.19 AM

2018 is certainly a good year to be a deadmau5 fan. After releasing his orchestral cover album, where’s the drop?, and the collaborative mau5trap-focused project, mau5ville: Level 1, the production extraordinaire has put out the next iteration of the mau5ville series, mau5ville: Level 2.

Providing an array of originals and remixes, deadmau5 taps his mau5trap family and some special guests on this new project. He starts off with a feature from fellow Canadian vocalist, Lights, on “Drama Free.” The dark and pulsing track is then given the UK bassline treatment by longtime deadmau5 remixer Chris Lorenzo. Followed by the experimental downtempo piece, “10.8,” with Mr. Bill, deadmau5 shows the true diversity in his production skillset. With both mau5trap veteran Monstergetdown and newcomer Gallya partaking in collaborations and remixes to close out the project, mau5ville: Level 2 is a testament to the deadmau5’s ability to break new talent while providing solid releases from mau5trap’s current roster.

What So Not sets forth takes from 12th Planet, AC Slater, Daktyl and more on ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ remixes

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What So Not sets forth takes from 12th Planet, AC Slater, Daktyl and more on ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’ remixesWhat So Not Press Pic Supplied 2017

Earlier this year, What So Not released his watershed debut album, Not All The Beautiful Things, featuring a number of supreme collaborators such as SkrillexSan HoloRome FortuneSLUMBERJACK, and more. Soon after, he kept the brilliance breathing, releasing a four-track remix pack with VolacKaz James, and ZEKE BEATS of the third single off the album, “Beautiful.”

Now, the Australian solo act has unleashed an 11-track remix compilation album with additional reworks from Kidswaste, 12th Planet, AC Slater, Daktyl, graves, as well as a wealth of up-and-coming producers in the electronic space. From bass music to melodic pop to house to psy-trance, this project profoundly reflects What So Not’s versatility since the project’s inception when Flume was in the picture.

The singles tapped for makeovers include “Goh” with Skrillex and KLP, “Stuck In Orbit” with BUOY, “If You Only Knew” with San Holo and Daniel Johns, and again “Beautiful” with  Winona Oak. Some of the highlights off the project include glittering guitar melodies on Kidwaste’s rendition of “Stuck In Orbit,” Champagne Drip‘s contrast between celestial and earth-rumbling grittiness on “Goh,” Yvng Jalapeño‘s jungle-infused “Beautiful,” and 12th Planet’s mellifluously heavy version of “If You Only Knew.”

Stream Missing Earth’s Debut Album Gold, Flour, Salt

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Missing EarthMissing Earth is a new project from Philadelphia’s Kyle Gilbride, who recently returned to our ears with Swearin’s comeback album a few months ago, Fall Into The Sun. Missing Earth’s debut album, Gold, Flour, Salt, also features Swearin’s Jeff Bolt on drums and has backup vocals from Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield and Yowler’s Maryn … More »

♫ Listen: Knablinz – Orbital Pause [Side A]

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G.O.A.T. Beetz proprietor and main contributor Knablinz brings the goods. That’s been known. Now, he gets to try his hand at delivering slaps for another label. I’m looking your way, Lunar Tapes. *wink*

As with all Knablinz releases, his new one, Orbital Pause, dances across all genres and realms. At one moment exotica mingles with psych, then snapping drums intertwine with raw loops. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Birds chirp, lasers shoot, and gosh darn it if all doesn’t fit so well together. How lucky are we, huh?!

Orbital Pause releases in full on 12/3/18 in a home-dubbed edition of 100 cassettes. In the meantime, listen to the A side of the tape below:

Orbital Pause by Knablinz

Stream King Nine’s New Album Death Rattle

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King-Nine-Death-RattleThe Long Island band King Nine work within a tradition. They play New York hardcore in its most primal form: Brutal fast-to-slow hard-crunch beatdown music. They don’t bring anything especially new to that sound, but they play it with force and conviction, and the result is deeply satisfying on some animal level. King Nine released … More »

S. Araw Trio XIII (Sun Araw) announce terrifyingly-titled new album Activated Clown on NNA Tapes

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The personal life of Cameron Stallones — a.k.a. Sun Araw — remains a mystery, despite TMT’s repeated FOIA requests for his daily schedule. But there’s actually a lot that you can glean about his conscious motivations just by listening to the music that he makes (and taking note of where he makes it). Would a guy who traveled to Jamaica to collaborate with legendary reggae outfit The Congos be inclined to geographically stay put while he otherwise makes chill tunes that occasionally ooze tropicalia? There’s a resultant sense that Stallones gets gratitude out of cultural exploration, and seeing as how his homebase in SoCal is nonetheless unambiguously American, it’s no surprise that the musician lately even more inclined to experiment would relish time spent outside of his home country. A series of live releases recorded internationally tell us as much. It looks like most of those Sun Araw “band” and “trio” albums have heretofore been released exclusively via S. Araw’s Bandcamp.

The NNA Tapes label, however, is taking the promotional reigns for Activated Clown, a new release credited to “S. Araw Trio XIII” and scheduled to hit “shelves” January 11. This particular trio consisted of Stallones, bassist Tomo Jacobson, and Jon Leland; and the album reportedly came about improvisationally while the three were hanging out in Brago, Portugal (as you do).

The two lengthy tracks therein are said to respectively represent day and night, while inspiration outside of their surreal Portuguese surroundings reportedly came from “focused viewings of paranormal sci-fi horror films, 80s nine-ball billiards matches, and a steady diet of coffee and veggie alheira sausage.”

Let the sausage be thy compass! Have a listen to a sample from the album below — and pre-order Activated Clown (horrifying cover art and all) right over here. Who else is smiling right now?!

Activated Clown tracklisting:

01. Hermeto Tume
02. Mantis Suite: Invitation to Love