Gucci Mane – “Hurt Feelings” Video

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Earlier today, Gucci Mane announced that he’d be releasing a new album, Drop Top Wop, on Friday — that’s in two days, on the one-year anniversary of his release from prison — and now the prolific rapper has shared the first track from the album (which was produced entirely by Metro Boomin). “Hurt Feelings” … More »

Vektroid returns as Peace Forever Eternal for epic new album Nextcentury

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After recent excursions into noise, hip-hop, and the not-so-distant past, Vektroid re-emerges in 2017 as Peace Forever Eternal, yet another moniker to slap on to an ever-growing body of work. On this epic 19-track release, titled Nextcentury, Vektroid invokes her vaporwave skill set, slicing and looping through a sacred tapestry of hyper-edited time-fuckery, slap bass and pitched vocals and janked rhythms simultaneously enlivened and crushed by her violent yet cartoonish cut-ups.

No word on when this was recorded. Also no word on when/if No Earth will come out. But keep extending your consciousness through our media technologies, and the information you seek will find you one way or another.

Nextcentury by Peace Forever Eternal

Nextcentury tracklist:

01. Reveille (In Loving Memory)
02. Newport Endless
03. Theme From Girl Panic
04. Flash, Wipe East & West
05. New Stone For The High Castle
06. S.B.S. (Sleepy Baby Sound)
07. Top! Music USA
08. Bad Boy Blocks The Exit
09. Omega Audio Systems
10. The Stallion & The Interstate
11. Daemons In The Growth Pool
12. Gold Dawn Communications
13. Tomorrow Doesn’t Care
14. Into The Big Tower
15. Days Of Memorial Earth
16. Sonogram Rain House
17. It All Turns Blue
18. Grace & Purity
19. Dream Is Over

♫ Listen: Tabs Out: Laser Focus #15 – Dinzu Artefacts

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Tabs Out is an all-cassette podcast that’s been documenting the prolific tape underground with obsession, humor, and expertise since 2012. Tiny Mix Tapes has teamed with Tabs Out for a show called Laser Focus, in which tape aficionados/fetishists Mike Haley, Dave Doyen, and Joe B hone in on a specific label or artist. Check out the archive here.

Joe McKay, who also handles operations over at Spring Break Tapes, started Dinzu Artefacts just about a year ago, focusing its lens on the depths of earnest ambient portraits, found sounds, and hygienic concrete styles. Those “museum sounds” paired with Dinzu’s stark look made it very clear from the start that this was not a sub-label/side-project undertaking, but something that would stand on its own legs.

We talked with Joe over Skype at his Los Angeles estate and made fun of his dog, got put on hold so he could talk to the refrigerator repair guy, and even got around to discussing and playing all nine of the impressive releases in the Dinzu catalog. We even found out what a Dinzu is (spoiler: it’s nothing).

art for HepCollective’s Unified Silla Period

Gucci Mane drops the top so we can all see the release date, full tracklisting, and artwork for imminent Drop Top Wop album

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Fuck. Gucci Mane has me existential-crisis-ing ALL OVER MY CHEERIOS right now.

Like: do I even need to be here?

Not unlike the good people at HotNewHipHop, I clocked into work today and got all geared-up to express to you — via the “compelling-because-of-its-imperfections” artistry, the reassuringly black and white solidity, and the soothing, mellifluous flow of the goddamned Hallowed Written Word — all of that juicy SHIT mentioned in the headline!

But hey. SCREW IT, right??

G-Mane already TOOK CARE OF IT HIMSELF with the click of TWO casual little PICTURES on his Instagram!!!

So…FINE. You wanna know the “official” release date? (hint: it’s like, umm, oh ya know: 48 hours from now) — oh, and the tracklist?? — OH YEAH, AND THE COVER ART??? — for the rapper’s forthcoming, 11 zillionth new album Drop Top Wop?


I’m getting a beer.


A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on May 24, 2017 at 7:19am PDT

A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on May 24, 2017 at 7:18am PDT

Premiere: A7PHA – “HAND 2 HAND”

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Man, woman or child, you need some cajones to rap with Doseone. The Anticon granddaddy has been relatively quiet on the MC front of late, his attentions directed instead at instrumental endeavors like the DISC ROOM Soundtrack, but that only means the at turns raging, ebullient, whimpering and manic beast-man-child that is Adam Drucker’s id-rap persona must’ve been fuming inside of him, pitter-patter pith begging for its release.

Yes, it’s a brave man who agrees to buckle up beside the Doseone, but while Mestizo might not be Drucker’s match in terms of drop-of-the-dime phrase turns and cadence shifts — after all, few if any are — he does come off fueled by a turmoil combustible enough to power this Mac truck of a collaboration, to stoke the flames of Drucker’s every-MC funeral pyre as it were. That the two arrive at the A7PHA LP intersection stocking-masked up and hoodied down like they’re about to Enter the 36 Chambers seems fitting, not because there’s a classic in the making, but because once again more than a few might be headed toward the fire pit.

Watch the two square off in “HAND 2 HAND,” premiering below.

2xCD/Book bundle The Photographs of Charles Duvelle coming July 30; I try to write in a meaningful way, try to make you FEEL SOMETHING

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Wow. This is a big thing. It’s a big thing both in its “thingness,” its physicality — and also its immaterial, historical quality. How about that? It’s a 4D thing. The Photographs of Charles Duvelle bends time and space more than any other album in history. How cool is that? It’s like a massive celestial object with its own gravity. It’s like a quantum string. It’s like the übermensch thinking they’re the center of the world. I write to you, reader, across these dual planes in an attempt to reach you! To make you feel! To break the hyper-speed music news cycle that deadens our minds and our senses!! Lo and behold!!! Let me DE-REIFY us!!!!

OK…look, I see you leering at me through the screen. I’d better get to the point: I have to write about the actual album and give you the frickin’ “press lowdown” on the music and the formats and the release date and where you can get the thing. If I don’t, my editor banishes me from the TMT forums, and then I can no longer info-tain TMT’s audience of millions — and then I just become another Raskolnikov kid bumbling about musicology in a Bushwick coffee shop. AND THEN I have to start my own blog. (Do you dislike me yet?)

Well, here goes nothing. Or maybe it will be “something?” Or maybe. Or maybe… it will be more than something. Ahhh-hhhem:

Charles Duvelle, an important figure in musicology and a pioneer of field recording. The Frenchman traveled all over the world to document the musical practices of indigenous cultures, releasing hundreds of recordings on his own imprint Disques Ocora. Check the discography for an encyclopedic archive of the world’s musics. Carl Sagan even included one of Duvelle’s Benin recordings among the Voyager Golden Records which were sent off to space on the Voyager spacecraft, to be picked up perhaps by E.T., or maybe by the Engineers (if they’re still out there; I’m seeing Alien Covenant tonight and I’m psyched).

But as the Voyager continues to drift — and as E.T. awaits his first taste of Duvelle’s lovely ear for human sound-making — those of us still on earth just get more and more of it! The Sublime Frequencies label has put together a big ol’ bundled package that includes a 2xCD compilation of unreleased and extended recordings from Africa and Asia and an art book showing off 246 of Duvelle’s field photographs, as well as a lengthy interview conducted by Sublime Frequencies co-founder Hisham Mayet. The book is a luxurious thing, “printed on 170-GSM LumiSilk matte art paper and bound in gray buckram with gold-foil stamping on the cover and spine,” paying tribute to Ocora’s great design work. Check out all the info, including full press release, bundle contents, and track samples, through US distributor Forced Exposure. There you can pre-order for the July 30 release. Until then, check out the CD sampler embedded below to help you can get a sense of the phenomenal textures found in this collection…and those human bodies that actually made them.

There. I hope this content was/is…”meaningful?”

The Photographs of Charles Duvelle tracklisting:

Disc One: Prophet Kaleidoscope

01. Sakara (Benin)
02. Court Orchestra Of Naba Tigre (Burkina Faso)
03. Wame Igini Kamu (Papua New Guinea)
04. Duet Of Sanzas (Bissa)
05. Samy Faly (Madagascar)
06. Pili Pe (Papua New Guinea)
07. Medzang Me Biang (Gabon)
08. Malinke Balafons (Guinea)
09. Laments (Papua New Guinea)
10. Cengumé (Benin)
11. Bopal Solo (Burkina Faso)
12. Balante Balafon (Guinea Bissau)
13. Mbalé (Centrafrican Republic)

Disc Two: Asian Blows

01. Sohan Lal – Sodina (India)
02. Kheo Oudon – Khene Lao (Laos)
03. Madurai Ramaswami Gautam – Dhrupad (India)

Premiere: Sarah Chernoff – “Markings On You”

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Let’s say you spent years living as a ‘superhumanoid’ — at a certain point, would you try to just be a regular humanoid?

This is one of the questions posed by Sarah Chernoff on her solo debut, Warm Nights. The former leader of pastel hued electrobliss outfit Superhumanoids, as well as collaborator to similarly rollerskating-friendly acts Miami Horror and Classixx (that’s her on “A Stranger Love”), has put all the drum machines, synths, and gated reverb on the shelf to give us a record of radically sensitive, soulful, and, yes, warm music.

Imbued with more than a little 70s adult contemporary influence (Chernoff namechecks both Minnie Riperton and the Carpenters in her press notes, which we love her for), Warm Nights sees Chernoff getting back to her piano based, down in the Valley, blue-eyed R&B roots and making it feel easy like Sunday morning.

Today, we’re happy to premiere the video for “Markings On You.” She explains the video to us simply in an email: “We recorded bass, piano and vocals live for this track in a beautiful studio called Knobworld, so I thought it would be special to capture it on video. My friend Michael Raines, who also directed the Dark Minnie music video came in and got some really beautiful footage of the day.” Watch Sarah and the band at work right now, right here.

Warm Nights will be available August 15.

Watch This: 3LAU’s official music video for “On My Mind” starring Gronk and Mojo Rawley

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Robert Gronkowski of the New England Patriot’s and Mojo Rawely of WWE have made their debut music video appearance on 3LAU’s video for his newest single “On My Mind” featuring Yeah Boy. Hardcore 3LAU fans are probably not surprised to see the duo featured in the video, as Gronk is a frequent feature on producer Justin Blau’s social media accounts.

The video takes viewers on Gronk’s journey of love, lust, and sushi with 3LAU starring as the bartender and Mojo as a sushi server.

“3LAU played “On My Mind” for me a couple days before the Super Bowl in Houston and asked if I wanted to be in the music video,” said Gronk of the track, which was relased on 3LAU’s not for profit record label Blume.  “It ended up being a lot of fun to shoot and what makes it even better is that the money from the song is being donated. It’s great when you can give back while still trying something new and having an unbelievable time.”

3LAU commented on the thought process behind the video, stating: “For the “On My Mind” video we were able to develop a story that brought an additional layer to the track. We ended up with a hilarious and relatable scenario that should be a departure from what fans may initially expect from the song.”

While the video is not what one might have expected from the track (and the sushi antics may not quite be relatable) , it is certainly hilarious to behold, and we welcome any future collaborations between 3LAU, Gronk, and Mojo. Watch the music video via 3LAU’s YouTube channel.

Morton Subotnick orchestrates documentary film and 50th anniversary Silver Apples of the Moon LP reissue

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My original title for this write-up had the word “seminal” in it. But “seminal” doesn’t even begin to describe Morton Subotnick’s caliber as a pioneering composer of electronic music; nor does it seem to do justice to the paramount influence of his 1967 full-length LP Silver Apples of the Moon.

Made with the use of the original Buchla synthesizer (whose very creation was, in fact, commissioned by Subotnick), this pioneering and otherworldly piece was created specifically for a release on Nonesuch Records as “a musical composition for which the performance was the recording” ( But for all its historically significant backstory — and despite its rigorously experimental nature — Silver Apples of the Moon is also simply a gorgeous record to listen to.

Did I say 1967? Yes, it’s been exactly fifty years since the release of the album, and Subotnick is celebrating the anniversary in several ways. First, the composer has started an Indiegogo campaign to fund a documentary film about his life, produced by the I Dream of Wires team Waveshaper Media and featuring “a series of candid interviews and illuminating conversations with key figures from [Subotnick’s] past and present.” Secondly, the contributor perks for the campaign include black, orange, red, and blue anniversary vinyl represses of Silver Apples of the Moon, as well as a cassette version (for the first time since the original release)!

Finally, “the ‘founding father’ of electronica” is set to perform at New York’s Lincoln Center in July and premiere a new “multi-media tone poem for voice, electronic sound, and live imagery,” titled “Crowds and Power.” Tickets for that epic-sounding new work can be purchased here.

Once again, head over to Subotnick’s Indiegogo site now for more details and/or to lend your support to the project, and watch the official trailer of the documentary below:

Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 196: Mixed by LAKIM

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Soulection has arguably developed into one of electronic music’s most respectable names. The multifaceted LA collective has been a monumental driving force in kickstarting the careers of indie-electronic and urban-electronic stars like Sam Gellaitry, Ta-ku, Mr. Carmack, GoldLink, and LAKIM.

Hailing from Virginia, LAKIM has been one of Soulection’s original needle-moving acts with notable accomplishments including an official remix for Janet Jackson and production credits for GoldLink. With unparalleled tastes and impeccable mixing abilities, the innovative producer gives Dancing Astronaut an hour of groove-ridden, steamy cuts that blur the lines between the urban, electronic and indie. This mix includes favorites from Sam Gelliatry, Tennyson & Mr. Carmack, Geotheory, and more.

– Jafunk – Why Would You (Bambarra 2 Step To Me Edit)
– Sam Gelliatry – dntstp
– PYRMDPLAZA – Didn’t Know
– LAKIM – Don’t Need You (Teeburr Remix)
– Scott Morter – Jack Sounds Good
– Lunabe & Djeff – Temed
– Bill Summers – Brazilian Skies (DJ Spinna & Ahmed Sirour Remix)
– R. Kelly – Ignition (Clyde Rerub) (Fingalick)
– Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Jasper Staal Remix)
– Tennyson & Mr. Carmack – Tuesday
– Ase Manual – 50000 Just To Book Me (Habibiboi Remix)
– Osunlade – Cantos A Ochun Et Oya (Juan Valentine Edit)
– Dotorado Pro – Flauta Magica
– Color Plus & Kanyon – Whip & Flip
– Eugene Cam – Comminicate
– Habibiboi – Step Dance
– BCOTB – 404
– Supraman – Resonate
– Motorbass – Flyin Fingers (Good Junk Bootleg
– Roska – This May Take A While (JD Reid Remix)
– More//Night – Garage Ish
– Geode – Embrace
– Geotheory – Lovebug
– Kuhn – Slime Beach
– LAKIM – Love Is Mutual
– Wiley – Flying (LAKIM Remix)
– LAKIM – Wait & See
– LAKIM – White Gold
– LAKIM – A Conscious Mind
– Janet Jackson – Go Deep (Kaelin Ellis Refix)
– Bi5cut – Gold Watches On Deck

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