Premiere: Khen – Cornfields (Original Mix)

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Tel Aviv-native Khen has accomplished so much musically in such a short span of time in the electronic scene that he is already hailed as a household name in the progressive realm. Wielding his years of classical training and fine ear for musical arrangement into beautiful, transcendent records, Guy J quickly took the burgeoning talent under his wing.

The past year in particular has been particularly exceptional for his career – after a widely successful debut LP on Lost&Found in addition to multiple charting singles, Khen’s talents were soon noticed by John Digweed, who subsequently signed him onto Bedrock for his recent Baby Steps EP. He later scored a spot as the newest “Impact” artist by Mixmag.

Another high profile artist has had his eye on Khen since the start as well: Jeremy Olander. During the launch label for his Vivrant label, Olander even cited Khen as a talent he widely respected, and one to keep watch on. Come early 2017, the dance world saw Khen accompany his admirer for several label showcases, and will be continuing to appear at other Vivrant parties in the near future.

It only makes sense that Olander’s next move would be to invite Khen onto Vivrant officially by the way of his Cornfields EP – the second outside artist to release on the label after Eekko did the year before. Its eponymous opener is consistent with Khen’s extremely high caliber of production and emotive to its core. Fluttering synths come together to create bittersweet melodies that tug at the heartstrings while an enduring bass-line and lush percussion layers propel the piece forward. It’s quite the moving piece and acts as a perfect opener to the body of work as a whole.

Khen’s momentum is hardly slowing down; later on in the year he’ll be returning to Bedrock and Lost&Found once more for additional releases.

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Detroit-based psych hip-hop collaboration ZGTO announce debut album & share first single “Off Dat”

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Sometimes the stars seem to miraculously align for a collaboration to occur. Take for instance the meeting of ZelooperZ and Shigeto. One’s a Danny Brown-approved rapper and member of the Bruiser Brigade family, and one’s a long-time producer on the Ghostly International label. Both happen to hail from Detroit, and both were eagerly looking to collaborate on a left-of-left-field hip hop project. What’s more: their names, when combined and abbreviated, come out as “ZGTO,” which sounds so-phonetically-perfectly like ‘the ghetto’ that a debut album featuring the duo and called A Piece of the Geto could basically not make MORE perfect sense.

“It’s a representation of what two brothers from completely different environment can give each other,” explains Shigeto. “The music is freedom for us. It’s a chance to say that all of those rules that you thought existed, don’t exist.” ZelooperZ concurs: “It’s like a puzzle that was never supposed to fit together. It looks crazy but the vibe is fun.”

And speaking of looking crazy, as you can tell from the purple fields and spaced-out weirdness of ZGTO’s debut video for A Piece of the Geto’s lead single “Off Dat” streaming down below, the duo are bringing a fresh approach to leftfield hip-hop, which will be further mapped out when the full album drops on August 4 via Ghostly International and Third Man Records. Head here to pre-order, and check out the cover art and full-album tracklist down below the clip.

A Piece of the Geto tracklisting:

01. Drownin in The Paint
02. Long Ass Time
03. Whippin
04. Hollow
05. Band Man
06. Remedy
07. Off Dat
08. Atomic Fog
09. Everlast
10. Unconditional Love
11. Unfold

Mal Devisa – “You Are My Sunshine”

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The last we heard about Deja Carr — the monumental force behind Mal Devisa, who released Kiid, one of the best albums of 2016 — was from her mother, who set up a GoFundMe after Carr was hospitalized and had to cancel a handful of shows. Mal Devisa started to play live … More »

The Movielife – “Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel”

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When most people think of the Long Island emo/hardcore scene, the bands that typically come to mind are Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Glassjaw — because all those groups hit at just about the exact same time, and two of them had an insanely complicated “Layla”-esque narrative that spilled from the artists’ private lives … More »

Premiere: Buck Gooter – “I Don’t Talk to the Dead”

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Got news for you pal, just because you decide to stop talking to the dead won’t stop the dead from talking to you. The dead and the living. The dead alive and the living dead. You’ve seen the movie, right? They’re ripping off the siding, banging on the door, busting through the floorboards. Stumbling and leaning all their weight into it, the walls thunder, going thump—thump—thump, like some hard uneven Diddley beat.

Off goes the shoulderbone. Shattering pane. Stuffing their necks through the splinters. Sharp cracking sounds of a split neck doesn’t stop the dead’s head from “Dancing the Screw” into your headspace, where you posture in McGruff defiance.

Really, you’re all bark and no bite. Because you’re shaking. You’ve done everything to protect yourself from this sort of thing happening. You had the place fortified—supernatural-proof, miracle-proof, bird-proof, dead-proof, living-proof. You’ve been living upstate, in a cloaked decoy Adirondack house with a spiral passage that leads into a nuke-proof underground bunker. Now, without warning, they’ve got the place surrounded.

The supernatural forces of the universe are not too concerned with what we want and what we don’t want. It doesn’t really matter if you built your house on sand or in upstate New York in a doomsday prepper underground bunker hidden beneath a decoy Adirondack. They’re coming for you. Twisting and turning their corkscrew broken neck heads, and turning their wide clown eyes and smile towards you, saying, “Let’s talk, baby. Baby, let’s talk.”

♫ Listen: Iguana Moonlight – “III”

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The sound on Not Not Fun Records’s upcoming release of Iguana Moonlight’s Wild Palms can easily be equated to the Moscow producer’s pension for natural sound effects, trepidacious synthetics, and pulses that could be describe as one would a nightcore release. “III” is where listeners hear Wild Palms is purely about escape. Not necessarily Iguana Moonlight pacing on the run, current action-packed, chase scene, yadda, no. It’s knowing you’re on some sort of run that more like a new beginning. Changing your name and sitting somewhere at night, gazing into the same sorta Iguana Moonlight. Wild Palms there or somewhere in the breeze. Fuck it: drinks are involved, and you’re free[ish]. Oblivious matters most, y’all:

Howard Ivans – “Come On”

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One-half of the Rosebuds and Gayngs member Ivan Howard records music under the name Howard Ivans, and he’s putting out his debut full-length, Beautiful Tired Bodies, in the fall. He’s shared “Denise” and “King Of Carless” already, and today we’re hearing another smooth and luxuriant one called “Come On.” Listen to it … More »

Desiigner & Gucci Mane Team Up For “LIIFE”

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Azealia Banks – “Escapades”

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Azealia Banks has lately been doing everything in her power to destroy her own career. But she also continues to be a working musician, and a lot of the music she makes continues to be pretty good. Her latest effort is a breathy, burbling house track called “Escapades,” and it’s got … More »

Chrystel Details A Risky Relationship On New Single “Dangerous”

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