Premiere: Listen to the first tracks of Coyu’s debut LP, ‘You Don’t Know’

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Premiere: Listen to the first tracks of Coyu’s debut LP, ‘You Don’t Know’Coyu You Dont Know Artwork

Seven years of intense introspection and studio work have birthed You Don’t KnowCoyu‘s first ever album. The artist and his label Suara have gone through a metamorphosis as of late, heading in both darker and more progressive directions at the same time. It only feels natural that a completed body of work that encompasses all the sounds that have led the artist to where he is today would finally arrive. You Don’t Know is set to debut in mid-June, but ahead of time we’ve been able to snag an exclusive taste of what to expect through a four-track sampler.

Don’t expect an LP that serves a club function; You Don’t Know branches far beyond a singular sound and shows off just how versatile Coyu can be. While the sampler opens with a jarring “My First Pill,” a high-paced techno tune featuring The Horrorist, “Happiness? Go Ahead” is a gritty, industrial-leaning breaks number with harsh textures and eerie vocals playing center stage in a kickless soundscape. “Insania,” a modular, glitchy number, makes out to be one of the most experimental pieces on the whole album and once again finds beauty in the abstract. Coyu closes out the sampler with “Unite,” another roller of a techno tune equipped with acid lines and chugging percussion built for war. Ultimately, this small piece of the album puzzle succeeds in showing off a well-rounded artist who’s here to tell a dark tale come his album’s official unveiling in June.

Order a copy of the sampler, due February 25, here.


Wolfgang Gartner – Ectoplasm

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Wolfgang Gartner – EctoplasmWolfgang Gartner Ectoplasm

“Ectoplasm” is Wolfgang Gartner‘s entrance into 2019, and a cunning one at that. The tune takes the veteran producer’s classic aesthetic of creeping electro melodies and high emphasis on funk, but pumps sonic steroids into the mix. It doesn’t take long before the 4/4 kicks patter off into bone-shattering bass and robotic synths that devour all in their path. He’s certainly showing no mercy on this number, and it makes one wonder if he’s heading in a heavier direction for 2019.

The new release follows up his six-piece Medicine EP from November, which bears similar motifs. Its tracks saw a mashup of the electro house influences that gave rise to the Wolfgang sounds with contemporary bass house—much like “Ectoplasm” bears the same foundation, albeit with dubstep as its standout mixer.



Jay Som – “Simple”

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Jay Som has shared a new track, “Simple,” as part of Adult Swim’s singles series. It’s the Oakland-based musician’s first new solo material since “Hot Bread,” a one-off that was released around this time last year. Her debut album, Everybody Works, came out in 2017, and she also teamedMore »

Secretly Canadian and Chimera Music team up to reissue John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Wedding Album

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NEWS PIECE: In case you weren’t aware, today (February 18) is the lovely Yoko Ono’s birthday.

NEWS PIECE: In case you weren’t aware, Secretly Canadian has been not-so-secretly partnering with Chimera Music (the “collaborative artist-run label and arts collective” of Sean Lennon and pals) since 2016 to release Yoko Ono’s musical output from 1968 to 1985.

NEWS PIECE: In case you weren’t aware, today, Secretly Canadian has also announced the latest release in the grand roll-out project: 1969’s Unfinished Music No. 3: Wedding Album. (Your favorite! Right?) This latest reissue will be…reissued on March 22, which is not-coincidentally two days after what would have been Ono and Lennon’s 50th wedding anniversary. Aww. <3

NEWS PIECE: In case you weren’t aware, back on March 20, 1969, John and Yoko got married in Gibraltar (you know: the one “near Spain?” Thanks, John.) And for their honeymoon, the lovebirds spent a solid week lying in bed at the Amsterdam Hilton, inviting members of the press to come up to their room for interviews and photos in an attempt to use the publicity generated by the “Bed-in” to…somehow…instantiate world peace, I guess?

…Aaaaand when that didn’t quite work as well as they’d hoped, they made Wedding Album, an “enduring snapshot of a vibrant pop-cultural moment, with the hostilities of the Vietnam War as its bracing backdrop” which captures “the humor, earnestness, and spontaneity” that marked the early years the couple’s wedded bliss! Cha-ching!

NEWS PIECE: In case you weren’t aware, the original, created by graphic designer John Kosh, included “a box filled with souvenirs of Lennon and Ono’s nuptials: photographs, a copy of the couple’s marriage certificate, both Lennon’s and Ono’s drawings, a picture of a slice of wedding cake, and more,” all of which have been faithfully recreated for the new edition — which, btw, you can pre-order here in your choice of limited white-vinyl LP, compact disc, and digital formats.


War might not be over yet, but your fevered wait for a solid reissue of this weird piece of time-and-place-specific ephemera sure is. Happy Birthday, Yoko!

Unfinished Music No. 3: Wedding Album tracklisting:

01. John & Yoko
02. Amsterdam

Lunar Lunes: Chet Porter remixes ODESZA, Walker & Royce spread the ‘Word,’ YehMe2 takes on the Spice Girls + more

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Lunar Lunes: Chet Porter remixes ODESZA, Walker & Royce spread the ‘Word,’ YehMe2 takes on the Spice Girls + moreODESZA Bumbershoot 8 Jonathan Gipaya

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes serves as a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

As part of ODESZA‘s newest set of A Moment Apart remixes, Chet Porter has put an ethereal spin on album standout, “Line of Sight.” Louis Futon flips James Blake’s “Retrograde” in his newest release, and YehMe2 takes on the Spice Girls’ iconic “Wannabe” in his freshest remix. BIJOU has released some new house heat on Insomniac Records, and Walker & Royce have done the same on HotBoi Records with “Word.” The Knocks reveal the latest to remix a New York Narcotic track: Wankelmut with a funky new take on “Retrograded.” DUCKY thrills with a new EP, and formidable Swarm puts a dark twist on Roniit’s “Visceral.” Dustycloud returns to Tchami‘s CONFESSION imprint with “Reckless,” and Braxton channels nighttime vibes with a new Anjuna release, “When The Sun Goes Down.” Sweekuh taps Love, Alexa and Faze on a new single, “Where Do We Let Go” and R3HAB turns the energy up on Mabel’s “Don’t Call Me Up.”

The selection is updated every Lunes (Monday).

Photo credit: Jonathan Gipaya

Music Review: Illiterate Light – Sweet Beast

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Illiterate Light

Sweet Beast

[Self-Released; 2019]

Rating: 3/5

I don’t begrudge any band for aggrandizing their happiness, especially not a group as optimistic as Illiterate Light, who can wrap a decently upbeat melody around downer lyrics like: “I swear nothing’s fair and no one cares/ I’m giving up.” But ennui being the de rigueur subject matter for so many indie outfits, I find myself skeptical nonetheless. So when the Virginian rock duo tout that aforementioned lyric alongside plainspoken, if not affecting, affirmations like: “Every time that I think of you/ I feel better than I used to” or the non sequitur couplet: “Calculated confidence/ Try to stay strong,” I know they’re not being disingenuous, but I’m certain there’s something more complicated going on here.

On Sweet Beast, the debut EP by Illiterate Light, a group whose storied history would suggest a much larger discography after forming nearly four years earlier, Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran vacillate between joy and pain, triumph and loss, at a frantic pace. If they’re not jumping from one emotion to the other at a song-by-song rate, as in the nosedive from the jubilant “Better Than I Used To” to the conflicted “Nuthin’s Fair,” they’re leaping line by line. (Take the refrain of “Two Cats” for example: “Right when you find your heart/ Your whole world falls apart.”).

But Illiterate Light’s greatest weakness is their reliance on vagueness: there are nods to normalized domestic bombings, a nondescript war, and even nuclear fallout, yet these references never move beyond sensationalism; they only feel like broad concepts deployed to evoke the largest possible emotional reaction. The band’s uptempo musicianship is the saving grace of the record, however. Although they’re probably doomed to be saddled with comparisons to The Black Keys and The White Stripes, Illiterate Light display a decent variety of influences that go far beyond the bluesy swagger of those two groups. In terms of identity, the band still have a ways to go before establishing a truly original voice. But Sweet Beast isn’t a bad start.

Rico Nasty – “Sandy”

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Rico Nasty hasn’t slowed down since releasing her first major-label studio mixtape, Nasty, last year. She’s been steadily dropping one-off singles over the past few months, including “Big Dick Energy,” “Wanna Do,” “Guap (LaLaLa),” and last month’s “More »

Stream Julia Jacklin’s New Album Crushing

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Australian singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin debuted her dreamy indie-pop meets alt-country sound with 2016’s Don’t Let the Kids Win. She followed up with her Eastwick / Cold Caller 7″ in 2017. Now, Jacklin returns with her sophomore album, Crushing. Over ten tracks, she rebuilds herself after the damage of a debilitating breakup. More »

Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 165, with Moby, Icarus, Gorillaz, + more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 165, with Moby, Icarus, Gorillaz, + moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—in attempts to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Essex’s Lapalux is nothing if not avant-garde. His rousing, off-kilter melodies from “IAMSYS” are an idyllic dose of swirling strange to get your brain in gear, even if your body is a bit more reluctant.

From Gorillaz‘s most recent album, The Now Now, “Magic City,” paints a decadent portrait of what could be this Sunday. Find some wistful comfort in knowing Damon Albarn, too, is “questioning it all.”

Pristine and plaintive, Moby‘s Porcelain is the sonic reconciliation you never knew you needed.  Languorous keys and reverberating strings will restore your likely fragile insides to their natural state.

With its languid, downtempo allure, “All I Can Do,” emulates the moody, retro synth struts of Tame Impala, alongside his own nuanced brand of smoky surrealism. A soundtrack to disintegrate.

The most compelling offering from Icarus‘s technicolor house EP, This Must Be The Place, “Running Away” breathes truth to its eponymously named escapism. Let the track wipe your worries clean with its wandering synth line and prophetic lyricism.

Louis Futon serenades with jazzy flip of James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’ ahead of debut album release

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Louis Futon serenades with jazzy flip of James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’ ahead of debut album releaseLouis Futon Debut Album

Louis Futon is releasing his debut album, Way Back When, on Feb. 22. To celebrate the occasion, he produced another fan favorite flip of James Blake‘s crooning “Retrograde.” Through sped-up vocals and a swinging groove, Futon caresses the core of the track with wet chords, guitar riffs, jazz flute, and saucy sax. The funky electro artist from Philly enlisted Berklee College of Music alum Hailey Niswanger for her prowess on the flute and guitar, which added much-needed jazz elements to the melodically complex rendition.

As always, Futon, shares a glimpse of his production process in a concise video, outlining the steps taken to create edit posted on his SoundCloud. Earlier this year, he gave listeners a taste of his debut album with the single, “Supposed to Be” featuring Duckwrth and Baegod.