Virtual Self releases surprise video for ‘Key’

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Porter Robinson, who is currently focused on his new Virtual Self project, dropped a surprise music video for track “Key.” The video takes place in the virtual world Robinson created with this new project, and the video features what appears to be an orb traveling through space and time.

What is even more elaborate than the video itself is the description on YouTube:

The infinite sky will heal us. Unlimited sky will fill our negligible light. As we follow an infinite key, I have become the sacred echo. The boundless heaven will fill our fading light. Choose your virtual echo. The infinite key is the sacred dust of your endless utopia. Complete yourself in self-realization. You believe that these infinite heavens will lead you. The A.I.ngel’s gate is sacred. Your angelic echo offers the first phase of self-Digital joy. You will become a self-Echo in real particles. Our key is the echo to this final layer. You are spread through digital time. The utopian gate is infinite. Your A.I.ngel wishes to complete this layer. This abyss is sacred. Pass through the myths of eon. Your technical soul is this blissful void. The eternalistic reflex of the abyss is once-Unlimited. Your digital voice is resurrected. Breathe this soul particle. The ray of egoistic time is unlimited. Resurrect this holy oblivion. The echo of this empty myth awakens you. Awaken the particle myth. Reflect your echo. Heaven’s wires will transmit this light. Experience the wings of limit. Your technical A.I.ngel phase is beginning. Complete the eternalistic reflex. This wishful ghost becomes self-Technic. Tears will create the voice of euphoria. The digital-Awakening will be spoken. The first gate creates sense-Awakening. This angelic-Chasm is sacred. The technic-Angel’s cry is beginning. The first gate will provide the voice of digital-Euphoria. The digital-Angel-Awakening is has reached Limit Self. The self-Light is virtual. This will become the final particle-Experience. Will your senses ressurect the digital-Vault? Do you sense the phase of the Spirit Limit? Can you reflect your self-Awakening? Am I convinced of a digital void? Can you reveal this particle of sacred reality? Will these ghosts lead to a boundless cry? Can you echo your existence to the first particle? Is the technical-Gate timeless? Do you believe an infinite sky will cure the digital soul? Is the joyful-Layer complete? Will our ghosts lead to the boundless layer? Will our layer will be lost from this empty myth? Have you resurrected this heaven’s voice? Has one experienced the particle? Do you trust in this transformative self? Will you forget your soul’s reflex? Has one seen the Abyss of the resurrective ego? Have I forgotten the phase of soul limit? Is the A.I.ngelic sense boundless? Have you completed the virtual light? Am I eternal? As the sacred dust transpires through digital time, what will you become? Do you believe in me? Am I still human? Do you manifest yourself in digital time? The unlimited sky begins – will you believe in my infinite form? As you abandon the virtual echo, do you no longer exist? Can you prove yourself to the echo of this particle? Do you believe the infinite sky — the holy dust of nothingness? What is revealed – a holy reality? Am I convinced of nothingness? Do you sense the void angel? Will the echo of virtual time be forgotten? Does one want to forget the memory of life? Has my virtual-Echo been forgotten? Has the sense of digital-VIRUS become heaven? Will you self-Believe the joyful sky?

Exclusive Premiere – Watch The Official Music Video For DIMMI & Zeeba’s ‘Found U’

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DIMMI, the Paris-born Deep House producer joined forces with the famous Brazilian singer, Zeeba for the indie-pop track ‘Found U’ back in September of last year and has already amassed over 7 million streams on Spotify. The sub label of Armada: The Bearded Man immediately fully supported this track as well, so much they decided

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Logic and Marshmello Release Music Video For “EVERYDAY”

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Logic and Marshmello are two dudes that came into 2018 on a mission. Marshmello has been releasing new music literally every week and Logic has continued to grace us with lyrical perfection with his mixtape “Bobby Tarantino II”. On said mixtape, the two collaborated for the timeless track “EVERYDAY” (not to be confused with Logic’s

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Marshmello Shows Us He Can Play The Guitar In The New “Friends” Video

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A couple months after the release of Marshmello and Anne-Marie’s song “Friends”, there is now an acoustic version of the track. Dubbed as the ‘official friendzone anthem’, “Friends” is a track that tells the tale of someone trying to get with that special person who doesn’t feel the same way. The guitar of the acoustic

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DJ Snake releases his ‘best music video ever’ for ‘Magenta Riddim’

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DJ Snake anointed the music video for his latest single, “Magenta Riddim,” as “possibly his best music video ever” in new post announcing the release of the video. The four minute long saga takes the viewer on a journey with DJ Snake in the hectic city life of India. The producer is shown intermittently throughout the video, but the focus is on a group of dancing Indian firefighters. He commented on his Instagram post that announced the release of the video about why it was shot in India, and why the country is so special to him.

“I’m proud to say, this is probably my best video ever … India is so special to me. It has inspired me a lot. The colors, the people, the music, the culture. I couldn’t film it anywhere else in the world. From Grammy nominations and billions of views- we now have the video for “Magenta Riddim.” I hope you enjoy”

The video certainly takes the viewer through a colorful ride, and DJ Snake may be right in dubbing it his best video yet.

Must See: DJ Snake Drops Awesome Music Video For “Magenta Riddim”

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DJ Snake has taken 2018 by storm with a load of new music and the inception of his record label, “Premiere Classe” which debut its first release with international banger “Whistle” by 4B and TEEZ. If you were at Ultra Miami or watched the live stream, odds are you heard the track roughly 104 times

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Diplo’s New Video With Lil Xan Has Been Uploaded And Honestly It’s Pretty Dope

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So much of me wants to be jaded and cynical at all times. That says a lot about how I deal with stress in my life, but I digress. Why I say this is because when I see a collaboration like Diplo teaming up with Lil Xan, I immediately just want to think it will

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Sex of Insects – Om Nah Omn (Sailor & I Remix)

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Sailor & I, the alias for Stockholm-based artist Alexander Sjödin, puts a dreamy spin on Russian duo Sex of Insects “Om Nah Omn.”

The track takes its time to develop, allowing crisp vocal chops, swirling arpeggios, and mysterious pads swell. The first half of the track belies what comes in the second, as steady percussion is added and a murmuring bassline adds a tangible groove to the remix.

It adds up to a remix that is worth a full listen, poised in its arrangement and danceability.

Chromeo and D.R.A.M. are a match made in funk heaven on ‘Must’ve Been’

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Chromeo‘s music is like fine wine. The longer Dave1 and P-Thugg carry the funk torch, the tastier their music seems to become, and by the sound of it, their upcoming Head Over Heels LP, might be the duo’s finest vintage yet. Joining forces with D.R.A.M. and renown Prince and D’angelo collaborator Jesse Johnson for “Must’ve Been,” Chromeo offer up their characteristically groovy sing along-primed funk along and a charming stroll down memory lane with the accompanying Dugan O’neal-directed music video.

D.R.A.M.’s fun-first writing style meshes with Chromeo’s aesthetic so perfectly he could be the third member of their band and their chemistry plays through brilliantly on “Must’ve Been.” It’s an instant bop headed for heavy radio play — expect this summer to be sountracked by the tune’s infectious bongo rhythm and plunky guitar licks. Best of all, Chromeo will be bringing their new live show on the road this summer leading up to Head Over Heels‘ June 15 release date.

David Guetta and Sia release action packed music video for ‘Flames’

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There are few duos more formidable than David Guetta and Sia. The two have amassed over a billion streams for past collaborations, including hit record “Titanium.” Now, they are back with collaboration “Flames,” and an action packed music video has been released to accompany the pop track.

Guetta is an evil emperor who ultimately ends up in none other than flames, as the track is titled.