UK music fests call for investigation into Live Nation’s ‘market dominance’

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UK music fests call for investigation into Live Nation’s ‘market dominance’Aif Live Nation Festival Accusations

The UK’s Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has publicly renewed their call to competition authorities, citing dangerous and increasing dominance and control of large music events by Live Nation. Currently, Live Nation controls a slew of the country’s biggest festivals, including Reading & LeedsParklife and more. That level of dominance is something the AIF says will stifle the competition, specifically by attempting to lock acts into exclusive deals requiring them to only play Live Nation-controlled events.

“Nobody wins from that,” one festival organizer told The Guardian. “We’ve all got an interest in the bands and the scene flourishing.”

To support the public declaration of concern, the AIF even created a map showing prominent UK events and the 26 percent of them currently under the control of Live Nation. Additionally, the organization is launching a “Stamp of Independence,” with the goal of giving festival-goers the power to support independent businesses in the UK’s music scene. AIF chief executive Paul Reed further explained the impact Live Nation’s growing influence could have on music fans.

“Allowing a single company to dominate festivals reduces the amount of choice and value for money for music fans,” Reed said. “It can block new entrants to market, result in strangleholds on talent through exclusivity deals and stifle competition throughout the entire live music business.”

Live Nation has yet to comment on the AIF’s accusations.

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Top 5 Sets You Won’t Want to Miss at Imagine Music Festival

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There’s not much more time before Imagine Music Festival takes over Atlanta! The line up this year features a variety of artists that we can’t wait to see. From ZedsDead to Cashmere Cat, there’s something for everyone. In no particular order, here are the top 5 must-see sets at Imagine Music Festival this year! ZedsDead

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Festival Goers: This App Pays You In Crypto For Walking And Dancing

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The new app, Sweatcoin is making waves in the crypto and fitness industry. It pays it’s user for walking with it’s own coin. Over the course of months users can accumulate enough Sweatcoin to purchase higher end fitness products, or convert the coin into USD which is then sent to the user via Paypal. I

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Tomorrowland Announces Stage Hosts For 2018 Festival

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As Tomorrowland has grown to become one of the most successful music festivals in the world, the Belgian festival has officially announced the stage hosts for 2018 and the list is massive. From Carl Cox’s Cocoon to Tiesto’s Musical Freedom to Mike Darlington’s Monstercat, Tomorrowland 2018 is ready to showcase a wide variety of talent

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Halsey Calls Out Firefly Festival For Not Booking More Women Artists

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Soon after Firefly Music Festival announced their lineup with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Artic Monkeys, The Killers, ODESZA, Lil Wayne, Martin Garrix and MGMT, Halsey was quick to respond to the lack of females present on this year’s lineup. Despite SZA getting booked, the festival heavily lacks on the amount of female artists billed for the

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FestEvo set to transform music festival landscape

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The music world has been radically transformed by the rise of festival culture over the past decade. What began as an esoteric subculture has blossomed into a full-blown global phenomenon. Music lovers from every walk of life have created an alternate reality, the likes of which the world has never seen. Festivals have more or less become an integral element of our society, because they provide a very necessary escape from the confines of everyday life.

As these escapes feel far more real and fruitful than the days spent outside of them, FestEvo has risen as a new and inventive platform that provides festival-goers the resources and connectivity that they need to strengthen an ever-growing community.

The platform and accompanying Android and iOS app offer solutions to many problems people face when attending festivals by providing technology, education, and gear tailored for festival-specific usage. FestEvo is the brainchild of CEO and Founder Tucker Gumber, also known as “The Festival Guy.” Over the past seven years, Gumber has attended over 126 festivals, totaling 430 days with a cumulative 10,000+ hours. His journey began in 2011, and as he attended more festivals, he began to notice several universal challenges and set out solve them.

The term “festivaling” may sound foreign and even awkward to some, but to many of those who live and breathe music, it is a very real passion. As challenging and beneficial as any other outdoor pursuit, festivaling should be viewed in the same way that hiking, fishing, and biking are. However, unlike those other more traditional hobbies, the activity lacks widespread legitimacy and a collective code of conduct.

The FestEvo platform was created to:

  1. Legitimize Festivaling as an outdoor hobby by establishing much-needed etiquette
  2. Incentivize fans to discover and support up-and-coming artists
  3. Unite the festival community
  4. Create the gear FestivalGoers always needed and promote the industry’s top vendors
  5. Reward FestivalGoers for being active participants in the community

FestEvo’s gear store gives FestivalGoers access to products designed specifically for their needs for the first time. To make travel to and from events simpler, FestEvo has partnered with Priceline to offer members great travel deals. FestEvo Preferred Vendors also features some of the hottest fashion (and function) in the festival industry, from brands like SpiritHoods, Grassroots Colorado, and JUCY RV rentals with exclusive deals and discounts for FestEvo members only.

Alongside the release of the platform is the launch of The FestivalGoer’s Guide, a 164-page book that brings together festival philosophy, etiquette and hacks that veteran FestivalGoers use to achieve their best experience. The FestivalGoer’s Guide is Gumber’s second book, following 2016’s release of “The Festival Thrower’s Bible,” in partnership with Vendini.

The FestEvo platform brings FestivalGoers a powerful new way to discover new music, in addition to gear and education. The FestEvo Player allows users to listen to every artist on a festival lineup, and gives them the opportunity to rank them one after the next, making discovering new favorite artists before heading to a festival easier than ever before.

As a bonus, FestEvo is a membership rewards platform — akin to flyer miles for FestivalGoers — that rewards members for participating in the community with a currency called PROPS. PROPS are earned by booking travel, buying gear, ranking artists, and inviting friends. They can be spent by entering exclusive raffles with amazing prizes like tickets to festivals, experience packages, and gear from preferred vendors or the FestEvo store. They can also be spent as regular currency in the FestEvo store.

With this new and innovative platform, the world of music festivals will never be the same. Now artists and festivals will be able to connect with fans and music lovers in a bold and more intimate way.

Visit FestEvo 


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