Beanie Sigel Issues Threats To Meek and His Crew In Second Diss Track “Goodnight”

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Gorillaz new album will be finished in 2 weeks; check out the ‘Book of Russel’

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The fourth and final phase of the Gorillaz return kicked off earlier this week with the Book of Noodle and continues today with some news about the album from Damon Albarn himself. According to Consequence of Sound, a reddit user spoke with Albarn who revealed that the band had “two weeks left of recording” to finish the album.

The news comes along with a photo of Albarn and producer Two Inch Punch in the studio.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 3.18.46 PM

In addition to the word of mouth news, the group has uploaded the follow up to The Book of Noodle with the Book of Russel on their Instagram page.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 3.22.33 PM

Watch the entire story on the Gorillaz Instagram page.


Gorillaz co-founder, Jamie Hewlett told fans that the album would be released in 2017, and news of its imminent completion further solidifies the 2017 release date. After all, the groups last album was released on Christmas Day in 2010.

Via: Consequence of Sound and NME

Nowaday Records Release Their Brand New Fall Compilation [PREMIERE]

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Prominent French label Nowaday Records has just released their brand new compilation, the Nowadays Vol. 6 (Fall Tape), and I couldn’t be happier to premiere something so unique!

Featuring a blend of underground and more prominent artists including Fakear, Douchka, Haute, and more, there’s a wonderful mixture of both new and familiar faces to go along with 10 awesome tracks. Some of the newcomers to Nowaday Records to keep an eye out for are Lain, Woodwire, or Romain Jovion, and you should be on the look out for Douchka’s first ever collaboration, with a rapper no less, Le Vasco’s debut french tune, and so much more below.

From start to finish we’re taken on an electronic music journey exploring unusual soundscapes, odd melodies, and crazy samples that you’re just not likely to hear anywhere else on this planet! France is definitely an underrated hub in the dance music world and I feel like they’re almost in a world of their own when it comes to a lot of things. I can hear oriental influences in the melodies, percussion reminiscent of a street-show while elements common in France like filter house, nu-disco, and techno all leave subtle traces in every piece of production on this compilation.

If you’re itching to get into the more indie side of electronic music, you should definitely click that play button below.

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Source: Nowaday Records Release Their Brand New Fall Compilation [PREMIERE]

SIDIZEN KING Gives “Don’t Let Me Down” A Fresh Hip-Hop Cover

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Although The Chainsmokers’ have received too many remixes to count since their ascent into dance stardom, LA’s rising hip-hop star, SIDIZEN KING, hits the nail on the head with his fresh hip-hop cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” with the help of producer casualkimono.

When most people think of covers, it’s typically an artist singing over or adding their own flair to the original work with the original’s personality still fairly prominent throughout. However, with this cover, SIDIZEN KING and casualkimono build their own hip-hop/electronic foundation and then use a distorted version of Daya’s original vocal hook and certain percussive elements. The sparing use of the original’s elements allows SIDIZEN KING’s smooth raps to shine through while fans can enjoy sing along to the catchy hook of “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Listen to the cover below and grab it for free download here.

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Source: SIDIZEN KING Gives “Don’t Let Me Down” A Fresh Hip-Hop Cover

Sam Feldt & Deepend – Runaways (ft. Teemu)

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Spinnin Deep’s poster child Sam Feldt has contributed to some of the label’s most prized singles, fusing pop elements, piano, and breezy vocals into deep house canvases to ensure each of his productions is well-received by the mass public. Now, he pairs with Deepend and Teemu for his latest output, “Runaways.” Though Autumn has blanketed the Northern hemisphere, “Runways” takes listeners back to summer with its smooth keyboards and an emotive, guitar-laden topline that accentuates Teemu’s vocals perfectly.

Aside from providing fans with a spot of musical sunshine amid increasingly grey weather, Sam Feldt recently headlined CRSSD Fest in San Diego as well as one of its afterparties. He’s currently on tour with Bakermat across the U.S., where both acts are combining their lighter, instrumental tastes in house music to bring joy to their audiences.

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Oneohtrix Point Never to premiere Val Kilmer-starring video for “Animals” and retrospective at The Hammer Museum

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On October 18, UCLA’s Hammer Museum (great name) will premiere Oneohtrix Point Never’s new Val Kilmer-starring music video for “Animals,” off of last year’s Garden of Delete. The premiere coincides with the start of “Ecco: The Videos of Oneohtrix Point Never and Related Works,” a retrospective of sorts, and part of the museum’s ongoing “In Real Life: 100 Days of Film and Performance” exhibition. “Animals” is written by Daniel Lopatin and Rick Alverson, and directed by Alverson.

If you’re visiting this website, odds are you already know who Daniel Lopatin a.k.a. Oneohtrix Point Never is, so let’s not waste anymore time skirting around the obvious: The new Oneohtrix Point Never video stars the man who is indisputably everyone’s favorite Batman, Val Kilmer! Iceman! Doc Holliday! Gay Perry! The guy from Heat who is neither Pacino nor Deniro, yet still gets to be on the poster! Damned if it isn’t always a treat when he shows up in stuff.

“Ecco: The Videos of Oneohtrix Point Never and Related Works” will run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from October 18 to November 19, in the museum’s Billy Wilder Theater. More information can be found here. Watch the trailer for the event below. And seriously, reconsider Batman Forever. People often forget just how pretty okay it really is!

In related news, Lopatin canceled his show tonight at Florida’s III Points Festival due to “canceled flights and travel complications.” Check here for more schedule changes.

♫ Listen: Lady Mondegreen – “『 ”

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A mondegreen /ˈmɒndᵻɡriːn/ is a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. When introduced to new people, they hear Natalie, Maddie, and Maggie. At work, people address emails to Natilia and Natasha. She called her Irene, but her name is Ilene. Tiny movements, like a tic. Little edits make it. Ten years later, it happens over and over. Saying something. He says, what did she say? They say, she said! Sounds pronounced, and then unpronounced. To be understood. She said, but we know. It doesn’t need to be discussed. Misheard “Cant keep being laid off” as “Can’t keep being late on me,” and “She keeps on passin’ me by” as “Shake it for me, rewind” or “bebop,” and I thought you said, omg, I heard you say. I thought I saw…

D∆WN announces details of new album Redemption, shares track

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We’re excited here at TMT, because today, D∆WN has finally announced details of her new album, Redemption, the third and final release in her Heart Trilogy. The album follows her surprise Fade to Mind release Infrared from earlier this year, as well as last year’s stellar Blackheart, which was #20 on our Favorite Music Releases of 2015.

Redemption is out November 18 on Our Dawn/Local Action and will be available digitally, on vinyl, and as a special-edition USB. Listen to album cut “Renegades” below, and revisit her performance at TMT’s Hype Hotel event with Hype Machine and ISO50.

Watch: Gods Wisdom & Lucy – “Beep Beep”

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Gods Wisdom’s low, rumbling whisper (“beep beep….”) has been stuck in my head for like, a week now. No signs of stopping. There’s something comical about the almost-a-jingle chorus of “Beep Beep,” but it’s genuinely satisfying on a level that I can’t readily explain. From the little saxophone lick to Lucy’s ethereal vocals, the track is as mystifying as it is catchy.

Lumping the musical output of the Dark World crew under any specific genre(s) betrays the peculiarity of their art, and to be honest, I’m kind of at a loss for words anyway. I just know I really like this shit. Check out the recent Dark World feature via The FADER, and stream the video for Gods Wisdom & Lucy’s “Beep Beep” below.

♫ Listen: Scientific Dreamz of U – Kestrel Explorations; Gentle Beads of Passion

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Scirentific Dreamz of U needs to finally create that application where one can sit with their BluTooth tech or headset microphone and pick up all the languages being spoken around the user. Like, how Google Translate has that photo scanning application for special menus at your favorite non-American restaurant. Or wait, is this already a thing? Either way, this dude at the subway was dealing illegal BOOZE (I think), while I’m listening to Scirentific Dreamz of U’s Kstrel Explorations; Gentle Beads of Passion and I want to communicate to this person, “I want some too.” He’s here every Sunday. He provides samples first on the bench, then asks me to watch his food — mind you: I’m sitting in the 7-line rail-car waiting for it to “set sail” — as he leaves with some random person who just took a sip from his Styrofoam cup. Get some: