Watch Moses Sumney Make One Hell Of A US TV Debut On Colbert

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Mosey-SumneyMoses Sumney is a pretty incredible live performer. I’ve you’ve been to enough music festivals over the past few years, you already knew that. And Sumney is also someone who can fill up a camera frame; his astonishing self-directed video for “Virile” proved that well enough. Last night, Sumney got to combine those … More »

Moses Sumney – “Cut Me”

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Moses Sumney is releasing an ambitious new double album, græ, this year. The album’s first part comes out sometime later this month, with its second part to follow in May. We’ve heard a handful of tracks from it already — “Virile,” “Polly,” and “Me In 20 Years” — and … More »

Moog to release updated version of its iconic vocoder

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Moog to release updated version of its iconic vocoder658423744

Moog has resumed production of its iconic, 16 Channel Vocoder, first introduced in 1978. Following its debut in the late 70s, the hardware was swiftly embraced by musicians as a means to transform synthesizers, electronically encode sound, and transmute vocals.

Although the Vocoder will get an update in Moog’s 2020 rerelease, its purpose will remain the same. The new Vocoder includes 16 frequency bands from 50Hz to 5,080 Hz, external patching, and a sample and hold feature that allows users to lock specific tones. Moog has yet to set a price for the piece, but offered potential buyers a first glimpse of the Vocoder in a new promotional video that shows Moses Sumney performing with the model. A market launch date is forthcoming.

Moses Sumney – “Me In 20 Years”

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Moses-Sumney-Me-In-20-YearsMoses Sumney is a pioneer in the art of stretching out the album rollout. This year, Sumney will release his new album græ. He’s putting it out in two parts, like it’s a serialized novel or something. He’ll release the first part of the album in February and the second in May. And right now, … More »

Moses Sumney – “Polly”

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Moses-SumneyNext year, Moses Sumney will release the much-anticipated new double album græ. The work will arrive in two installments, with the first arriving in February and the completion coming in May. A few weeks ago, Sumney shared the bugged-out, self-directed video for “Virile,” his ambitious art-rocker of a first single. Today, he shares … More »

The 20 Best Music Videos Of 2019

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Music-videosThe streaming services are starting to figure something out: People like music. People also like to throw on things to watch casually in the background. That means we’re now getting Netflix-funded projects like Paul Thomas Anderson and Thom Yorke’s Anima short film, or like Beyoncé’s Coachella concert movie Homecoming. That’s only beginning. We’re going to … More »

Grimes Responds To Zola Jesus Calling Her “The Voice Of Silicon Fascist Privilege”

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GrimesGrimes was the guest on theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll’s Mindscape podcast this week, where she talked about the intersection of music and technology and the possibilities of AI creating music. And like a lot of things that Grimes does, her appearance has proven to be somewhat controversial. More »

Moses Sumney – “Virile” Video

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Moses-Sumney-graeBack in 2017, the astral-soul art-rocker Moses Sumney, who had already made a name for himself with some exciting EPs, released the enormously promising debut album Aromanticism. Today, Sumney announces that he will follow it up early next year with a double album. Sumney will release the new effort græ in two installments … More »

Bon Iver – “Hey, Ma” & “U (Man Like)”

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Bon Iver - "Hey, Ma"Bon Iver are back. Justin Vernon’s ever-evolving musical project just shared two new songs, expanded their fall tour dates, and unveiled a mysterious website. More »

James Blake is *POSITIVELY DEFINITELY* releasing new album Assume Form this month!

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You might remember seven [cold] days ago when we hit you with an unconfirmed-but-certainly-credible-and-up-to-accepted-journalistic-standards report that a certain Mr. James Woods, I mean: William Blake, I mean: James Blake was plotting the release of a new album titled Assume Form later this very [chilly] month.

Well, as it turns out, seven [freezing] days makes quite a difference in the music biz, because it’s finally been confirmed that Assume Form will assume form this month — NOT on January 25 as previously (and irresponsibly!!!) rumored, but on the much more attractive date of January 18. That’s seven [ostensibly not warm] days earlier!

Coming via Republic Records, Blake’s fourth studio album features ROSALÍA, André 3000, Travis Scott, Moses Sumney, and Metro Boomin (as previously and RESPONSIBLY rumored), as well as last year’s single “Don’t Miss It.” But it does not contain neither hide nor hair of 2018’s “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead” (so don’t miss THAT, either). Check out the full tracklisting (which you’ve definitely never seen before) below.

Pre-order links for Assume Form are conveniently (and responsibly) aggregated here. Just think: only eight more [likely painfully frigid] days until we get new Bucky O’Hare, er, I mean: James Blake!

Assume Form tracklisting:

01. Assume Form
02. Mile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
03. Tell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
04. Into the Red
05. Barefoot In the Park (ft. ROSALÍA)
06. Can’t Believe the Way We Flow
07. Are You In Love?
08. Where’s the Catch? (ft. André 3000)
09. I’ll Come Too
10. Power On
11. Don’t Miss It
12. Lullaby for My Insomniac