Producer Grant Talks College, Working with Jessi Mason and Balancing Homework with Music [INTERVIEW]

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The Monstercat-signed producer doesn’t mind that his classmates don’t recognize him.

Grant Reveals “Are We Still Young” feat Jessi Mason

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After just recently finishing his Sophomore year at the University of Southern California, Grant continues a big 2017 campaign with his bid for song of the summer with “Are We Still Young”. Featuring a familiar face in Jessi Mason who sang on “Wake Up” and “Constellations”, Jessi provides her beautiful vocals to “Are We Still Young”

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Au5 – I Miss You (Feat. Kenny Raye)

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New Jersey producer Au5 is known for his transcendent melodic dubstep tracks on labels like Monstercat, Simplify, OWSLA, and more. Over the years, fans have come to expect beautifully vivid soundscapes from the producer, but his latest release is something a little different.

In a genre he’s calling “future trap,” Au5 has released his latest song “I Miss You,” featuring vocalist Kenny Raye, on Simplify.

“I Miss You” initially appears to be completely different territory for the producer, but upon a closer listen, the components that make Au5’s music so unique are still very much present. The chorus contains heavy-hitting dubstep elements, and Raye’s vocals expertly capture the emotion of the song.

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KUURO Packs Power with “Possession” on Monstercat

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Following the duo’s fifth original release, “Possession,” among other official remixes for Dillon Francis and Galantis, the latest Monstercat mystery known as KUURO has revealed themselves with a new symbolic single. Like the duo’s previous releases, “Possession” packs quite a punch; however, KUURO’s new number may be their best track to date. It builds with

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Conro – Lay Low (Original Mix)

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Canadian producer Conro has already had an exceptional 2017, and the year’s not even halfway over yet.

On May 17, the producer put out his latest single on Monstercat: a laid-back track called “Lay Low.” Unlike his previous release, a high-energy remix of Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa‘s “Scared to be Lonely,” “Lay Low” emits a much more relaxed downtempo vibe.

David Benjamin‘s smooth vocals glide perfectly over Conro’s mellow beats in the track. The producer is consistently pushing the boundaries of conventional electronic music, and the remainder of the year is sure to be a success for him.

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Listen to Gareth Emery’s Monstercat Debut, “Saving Light” + M/V

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In the last year, Monstercat has done releases for a slew of well-established producers in the EDM scene. 2016 brought artists like NERVOSeven LionsSlushii and Candyland to the label’s roster, as well as Marshmello, whose Monstercat debut “Alone” went off to become a #1 radio single. 2017 is looking up, and it all begins with the gloriously uplifting “Saving Light” from trance superstar Gareth Emery.

However, “Saving Light” is much more than a big release. Something much more valuable is at stake: human life. More often than we’d like to admit, bullying and prejudice results in the tragedy of suicide. No matter how much regret we hold, suicide can’t be undone.

In spite of that, Monstercat is looking to make a change in the world. The music video for “Saving Light” displays the harmful effects of bullying and shows how just one friend can save a life.

Disclaimer: graphic content

Throughout the month of February, Monstercat will be donating all profits from “Saving Light” to Ditch the Label in hopes of permanently ending bullying. Donate here or buy the track below to support the cause. If you’re personally struggling with bullying or being bullied, please don’t hesitate to follow this link and get help.

Support on all platforms:

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Source: Listen to Gareth Emery’s Monstercat Debut, “Saving Light” + M/V

Tokyo Machine – HYPE [Monstercat]

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Tokyo Machine is pumping out bangers like nobody’s business, and he hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down. His newest track – “HYPE” – is just the icing on the cake celebrating six months of successful releases, and boy, he really hid it in a spectacular way.

When Tokyo Machine was revealed to the Monstercat community for the first time last July, he was instantly cemented as a fan-favorite. I mean, who couldn’t love his cutesy Japanese-themed style, catchy one-word titles and chiptune-inspired breaks/electro hybrid sound? It’s no wonder Tokyo Machine’s career has taken off so quickly.

If you’ve been a fan of his past releases, there’s no doubt you’ll love “HYPE” too. In just three minutes, the song encapsulates everything that makes Tokyo Machine a unique name in the scene, plus a little bit more. Two features that stuck out to me especially were the scratching samples and the pitch falling in the second half of the drop, which provided a wonderful contrast between retro and contemporary.

Listen to “HYPE” and buy the track below:

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Slips & Slurs – Haunted [Monstercat]

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Guess who’s back, back again
Slippy’s back, tell a friend

In all seriousness, it’s been six long months since Slips & Slurs last released an original. Given, that original was the absolutely astounding “Break the Silence,” but still, Slips’ fans – including myself – have been starving for more delicious bass music.

Thankfully, Slips & Slurs delivers on “Haunted,” one of his hardest-hitting bangers to date. Though the producer has been most recognized in the past as a trap producer, Slippy has more recently gained widespread popularity in the brostep scene for his greasy brand of dubstep, even gaining Excision‘s support on “WiFi Tears.”

With “Haunted,” Slips & Slurs brings back his dubstep sound in full force. However, many of the trap elements that made Slippy great to begin with are very much still a driving force in this track, so older fans should be more than pleased with this one.

If you’ve never heard of Slips & Slurs before now, I would definitely encourage you to keep up with his releases. “Haunted” is just the first of many innovating tunes he’ll be putting out this year, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Listen to “Haunted” and buy the track below:

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Monstercat & Gareth Emery Team Up to Fight Prejudice

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Next Monday, Gareth Emery is making his Monstercat debut in a very special way. While the hype of the music itself – notably the return of trance to the label – is exciting in itself, something much bigger is on the table.

Emery and Monstercat – along with UK producer Standerwick and vocalist HALIENE – are teaming up with Ditch the Label for a truly one-of-a-kind collaboration, with the ultimate goal of ending prejudice and bullying worldwide.

Following the release of “Saving Light” – and its accompanying music video – on the 30th, Monstercat will be donating a month’s worth of the track’s proceeds (streams and downloads) to Ditch the Label. Furthermore, the organization will continue to research the current state of bullying and provide life-altering support to victims.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until the song releases to support the cause. Read more about Ditch the Label here. If you feel compassion and want to offer your financial support, follow this link to make a donation.

Garth Emery, Standerwick & HALIENE’s “Saving Light” is out January 30th. Check out the trailer below:

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PYLOT – Shadowtask EP [Monstercat]

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There’s no denying that PYLOT is one of the most mysterious projects Monstercat has had to offer in the label’s history. The producer’s identity has been kept entirely secret since his 2015 debut “After Dark,” with releases being accompanied by puzzling journal entries that create an epic saga and help further explain the futuristic character that is PYLOT.

Though his story is captivating (to say the least), I’m personally much more interested in the music. PYLOT was one of the first on Monstercat to release synthwave, even before the genre gained heavy support (thank S U R V I V E for that one). Not only that, but PYLOT’s sound is virtually unmatched, and the aura of mystery surrounding the producer only makes the project even more unique.

Yesterday – seemingly out of thin air – came PYLOT’s debut EP Shadowtask. With five brand new originals, the producer’s discography has doubled since last week. While EPs released like this one often end up feeling weak and thrown together, Shadowtask seems to be an exception to the rule, with the EP carrying some of PYLOT’s best work to date.

It’s been nine months since “The Place I Once Knew” was released, and it seems that PYLOT has really stepped up his game since then. Shadowtask is a determined collection of work, featuring more instrumental elements, more vocals, more stylistic diversity and – in general – more creativity than ever before. Much of the EP is fueled by 80s-influenced electric guitar riffs, which give PYLOT’s sound the energy boost it really needed. This is especially evident on the EP’s title track, as well as its intro “Caine.”

Speaking of the title track, it only took one listen for “Shadowtask” to become my all-time favorite PYLOT track. The euphoria it brings is unforgettable, with its undeniably catchy lead and punchy percussion. The track’s Daft Punk-inspired talkbox vocals also make this one a standout in PYLOT’s discography.

The energy tracks like this bring thankfully doesn’t feel overwhelming when listening through Shadowtask, probably because there are enough points of downtime to keep the EP afloat. The slow synthwave jam “Locke” serves as one of the EP’s definitive standout tracks, throwing back to PYLOT classics like “Flashbacks.”

This EP took my notions of PYLOT being an average artist and turned him into a new favorite. Simply said, Shadowtask leaves me perplexed and eager for more.

PYLOT – Shadowtask EP [Monstercat]
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