Rocket League Soundtrack Will Get An Update With The Help of Monstercat

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Ever since Monstercat teamed up with Rocket League for Volume 1 of the Rocket League soundtrack, gamers have fully given in to the idea of gaming music. After accumulating millions of streams on streaming platforms, gaming and music has shifted the markets for the music industry. To expand on this shift, Monstercat has a signed

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Modestep and Dion Timmer team up on ‘Going Nowhere’

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modestep dion timmer going nowhere

Modestep and Dion Timmer make their 2018 Monstercat debut with a cutthroat collaboration, “Going Nowhere.”

They introduce their partnership with a build-up of emotive vocals, powerfully stating that “we ain’t going nowhere.” The anthemic build of the verse leads into an energetic, dubstep-packed chorus, complete with chopped vocals and pounding bass.

The artists’ passion is crystal clear in the verses, and the heavy wobbles of the chorus appeal to a party-ready audience of listeners — making this collaboration a surefire hit.

Delta Heavy – I Need You

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delta heavy i need you

After making their Monstercat debut in 2017, UK duo Delta Heavy are back with a feisty drum & bass heater, “I Need You.”

“I Need You” showcases the pure power and energy behind Delta Heavy’s music. Despite its drum & bass classification, “I Need You” contains elements of heavy dubstep in the first drop, blasting the listener with a relentless pattern of wobbles and bass. Just after the halfway mark, the duo build up into pure drum & bass madness, dashing to the end of the track in fast-paced fury.

The pair have been making waves on the label since their October show-stopping collaboration with vocalist HOLLY, “Stay,” and its accompanying remix package, which was released in late January.

Stephen wows in inaugural Monstercat releases, ‘Play Me Like a Violin’ and ‘Stay’

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stephen play me like a violin

Since the release of his debut album, Sincerely, in May 2016, singer/producer Stephen has been relatively quiet, aside from a few vocal features. He burst onto the scene with memorable tracks like “Crossfire,” which has amassed more than 12 million plays on SoundCloud since its initial release in December 2015. Stephen made two follow-up tracks to the hit song, “Crossfire Pt. II” and “Crossfire Pt. III,” which enlisted the talents of rappers and producers for the next chapters of the song.

In the time since, the talented musician has been gearing up for two back-to-back releases on Monstercat‘s Instinct brand, with “Stay” and “Play Me Like a Violin” coming out on Feb. 8 and 9, respectively.

“Play Me Like a Violin” features gorgeous layered harmonies contrasted with a gritty string melody. The song allows Stephen’s emotion-packed vocals to take center stage, supported by a backbone of subtle instrumentals.

Stephen enlists Lindsey Cook to create the core of “Stay.” The simple audio drop of her saying “all I wanna do is stay” sets the mood for the track, assisted by a simple guitar melody. Stephen’s vocals soar in the verses and chorus of this beautifully uncomplicated track.

The two tracks mark Stephen’s compelling return to releasing music, and we can’t wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve.

KUURO – Omen

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KUURO - Omen

On the heels of their debut performance at Holy Ship 13.0, Luke Shipstad and Jordin Post — aka KUURO — are back to test the boundaries of bass music with their newest Monstercat release, “Omen.”

Listeners may want to plug this one into an enhanced sound system, as the duo’s outwardly turned approach to production is primed for high-decibel output.

“We started ‘Omen’ with the goal of making one of the gnarliest and gritty basslines we’ve ever done,” Shipstad says of the track. “We love how it just cuts through the song so aggressively.”

The track is a forward thrust into bass-laden chaos, with KUURO commanding the attention of listeners.

The duo have also announced a U.S. tour, making club stops in Salt Lake City, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, and many others. In addition, they will be making their southern California debut at Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, as well as a festival appearance at Phoenix Lights.

Pegboard Nerds & Lug00ber – Bring Me Joy

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Monstercat mainstays Pegboard Nerds and Norwegian newcomer Lug00ber are kicking off the first week of February with an upbeat drumstep tune called “Bring Me Joy.”

The first half of the song is dubstep-oriented, with drops that are easily identifiable as signature Pegboard Nerds. About two and a half minutes into “Bring Me Joy,” the song winds down, drumming up anticipation before the trio tear through the remainder of the track. The four-and-a-half-minute track races through variations in tempo, reaching breakneck speeds by the end of the song.

With its rapid pace and catchy pitched vocals, “Bring Me Joy” brings heat to the cold winter months.

Has The Mysterious Producer Behind SUMR Camp Finally Been Revealed?

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The past few years have paved the way for sub-alias’ for some of the industry’s biggest names. We were given Party Marty Garrix’ Area 21, deadmau5’s Testpilot, “someone” is Marshmello and most recently (prior to today’s news) Porter Robinsons’ Virtual Self. A few months back, an artist came onto the scene with his debut track

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Ookay Set to Drop First Single of 2018

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Hitting the North American roads over the past months on his “WOW COOL Tour” (now ripping through Europe), Ookay has been hinting at what’s to come for some time now. Incorporating live instruments to his sets, bringing a fresh feel to the world and driving fans bananas at shows, everyone’s only favorite thief has more

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LAXX unveils track ‘Join Me’ featuring Dion Timmer in anticipation of forthcoming album [Q&A]

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UK-born DJ/producer LAXX (aka James Churchill) gears up for his forthcoming debut album with the release of “Join Me,” featuring Amsterdam-native Dion Timmer. Churchill, who’s gone from creating original film soundtracks to producing hard-hitting bass music and remixing for some of the best in the game — including Jauz and Slander — decided to team-up with the Excision favorite to hype up his very first artist album.

Timmer, who’s had a knack for dubstep since the age of 10, saw his career sky-rocket at the age of 16, with releases off Monstercat, an approved remix for Skrillex‘s OWSLA imprint, and more. After catching the attention of bass-head legend Excision, along with a few explosive collaborations and a debut EP, Timmer is now set for a massive 2018, already embarking on “The Paradox” tour alongside Excision with dates booked through March.

In light of the release, DA sat down with Timmer to discuss the new single, his growing career and plans for 2018:

Hey Dion! Thanks for hanging with us for a bit. Let’s start off by talking the new release…how did you and LAXX link up for this?
Whats up! Me and Jamie have been good friends for a while and we’ve been working on this tune for a good while as well. It started out with a demo I sent him a while ago. He revamped it and made a drop for it and we finished it off going back and forth.

What went into the creation process? Did LAXX’s focus on Internet culture for the upcoming album play a big role?
The creation process really links with the theme of the album; we have never sat in a studio together. The entire tune was made by sending each other bits and pieces over this year.

We were listening to some of your releases over the past year (the ‘Textacy’ EP in particular). It seems like you dabble into electro/house on tracks like “Textacy” and “Cyan” with The Arcturians. Other than your signature hard-hitting bass sound, is there any genre you’ve been trying/would like to experiment with a bit more?
I’m definitely looking into doing a drum and bass/halftime tune.. really love those vibes.

Growing up in the Netherlands, what was the music scene like for you and what were you listening to?
I grew up listening to a lot of Eurobeat and happy rave stuff. The Dubstep stuff started to catch my attention around 2012.

You’re still young in your career, now touring around with Dubstep legend Excision with some great years ahead of you…Where do you think the dance music scene is headed and what do you hope to accomplish this year?
I feel like dance music is pushing itself into the mainstream right now.. I’m definitely trying to push out this new stream of unique material I’ve been working on.

Laxx’s debut album Fake Friends will be available to stream on February 2nd. Click here for the Spotify pre-save.

Notaker Too Smooth feat. Grey MTTR

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Notaker has dropped Too Smooth featuring Grey MTTR on Monstercat today. This song is not your average Notaker track, and that excites me. As much as I love an artist’s signature sound, what I love to see more is for them to go out of their comfort zone and try something new. That being said

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