LISTEN: The Official EDC Las Vegas 2019 Compilation Is Here

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Get ready to have the best three days of your life at this years EDC Las Vegas. In true EDC fashion, Insomniac has gone above and beyond with a stacked line up. On top of that, the festival will be featuring its usual out-of-this-world art installations, carnivals rides and more. Prepare for the sounds you are

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Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summer

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Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summerFlume Michael Drummond

Flume shares another hint at new music on the way. In creative Flume-fashion, it’s hidden beneath a vail of a photograph with him and three goats. Each goat has an Instagram account and the Hi, This is Flume mixtape producer kindly asks his followers to follow his new four legged friends @totemgoats1, @cutegoatguyyy, and @hayfanatic69. The bio of @totemgoats1 read “Hi This Is Goat (Mixtape) out 6.21.19,” which was changed to simply read “6.21.19 • [2/7].” Maybe the 2/7 means 2nd mixtape and seven tracks?

Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summerFlume Goat

Further proof comes from r/Flume on reddit, from @totesmgoats1 answering questions on Insta Stories.

Flume hints at second mixtape coming this summer2jqn9qa1dmw21

Flume has hinted that more music is coming. His Hi, This is Flume mixtape came out on the first day of spring and the dates on his goat’s Instagram is the first day of summer.

In other Flume news, he released behind the scenes footage of his 40 plus minute music mixtape visualizer for his highly-anticipated and dutifully delivered project.

Ekali Releases Awakening Mix #7 Featuring Flume, San Holo And More

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Summertime is nearly here and Ekali has a ready with his new Awakening mix 7, “For Hot Summer Nights”. The 42-minute mix is full of downtempo tracks perfectly mixed to ensure total relaxation. Being the seventh mix in the series, Ekali still hasn’t failed in bringing a different tone to each one but still having

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Travis Scott, more mixtapes, and an eye on the copy cats: seven things we learned from Flume’s recent Reddit AMA

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Travis Scott, more mixtapes, and an eye on the copy cats: seven things we learned from Flume’s recent Reddit AMAFlume Performing At Festival

Recently Flume stopped by Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything) with fans. The Q&A couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, taking place shortly after the release of Hi, This is Flumea surprise visual mixtape that essentially halted electronic music in its tracks on March 20. The AMA also came after the Grammy Award-winning beatsmith, born Harley Streten, was announced as a headliner at this year’s iteration of Lollpalooza. After abruptly ending his production hiatus with a momentous new mixtape that seemingly came out of nowhere, fans’ questions were understandably stacking up, and luckily Flume was there to answer a handful of questions—hyping what should be a banner year for the Aussie experimentalist.

The AMA was even the release platform for an additional new surprise track, “Friends” featuring Reo Cragum. Though, with the loads of exciting information alluded to in the online Q&A, it’s nail down the best part. Here are Dancing Astronaut’s top seven highlights from Flume’s Reddit AMA:

A Travis Scott collaboration could materialize.

One of the most common questions in the AMA thread was about collaborators. Flume has always been a highly collaborative artist—hearing him wrap his effortlessly fluid production style round different artists is a major element of his appeal. But one fan specifically asked Streten about his thoughts on Travis Scott and if he thought a collaboration was viable. Flume’s answer reflected interest in collaborating with the “Sicko Mode” rapper, who also has a penchant for innovative sounds. Since the two are already connected on social media, Flume suggested a link could actually materialize.

More mixtapes like Hi, This is Flume are on the way

The day Hi, This is Flume landed, the overwhelming nature of music’s collective reaction made it hard to tell—was this actually another showstopper from a once-in-a-generation talent or were people just really starved for new Flume? As it turns out…both. But something about the mixtape’s surprise roll out suggested more was underway from the Skin producer, and during the AMA he confirmed he plans of delivering additional mixtapes and this spring’s project wasn’t just a one-off home run.

Expect Flume to strike a different balance going forward

Occasionally artists need to create for themselves, not their audiences. It seems counter-intuitive in some ways, but after two full length records and the never-ending press junkets and tours that ensue, Flume needed to take a break, then ultimately come back and make one for himself. When asked if he’ll continue to lean in this heavily experimental artistic direction, Streten suggested he’s going to cover, “Both ends of the spectrum baby.” Expect chart-toppers like “Never Be Like You” to rub shoulders with more unconventional cuts like “Daze 22.00” more often going forward.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Back to the notion of one for the fans, one for the artist. Flume’s self-titled debut LP, and his sophomore follow up, Skin are rife with fearless experimentation and avant-gardism, but his recent mixtape delivery was a decided departure in style from his first two long plays. When asked about the stylistic switch-up, Flume gave a succinct, yet telling answer. “I get bored, I can’t do the same thing over and over so [I’m] forced to change. Also people copy me,” replies the “Helix” producer. Flume is often credited by fans as the father of the future bass genre, essentially creating it and then allowing it to permeate into something relatively different from his own sound over time. Flume himself however doesn’t take much credit for pioneeringanything on his own, though here he gives a rare acknowledgement to the copy cats in his answer, suggesting he’s aware of the competition and he’s clearly still two steps ahead of them.

Flume and Arca would be a match made in heaven

The obligatory AMA question about dream collaborations inevitably had to come up, but in classic Flume fashion, the answer wasn’t some legendary songwriter or heavyweight vocalist. Flume reveals his dream collaborator to be Arca, which, when said out loud makes total sense. The pair would be two peas in the same experimental pod. Arca, known for credits on Kanye West‘s Yeezus and Björk‘s Utopia would be an obvious complement to Flume’s production style—hoping this one actually manifests in the future.

Ideas flowed easily on mixtape, but attention to detail made production more complicated

The caliber of detail packed into Hi, This Is Flume is staggering. From the mixtape’s teeming tracklist to the visualizer’s vibrant optical complements, the project was an exercise in free expression. While Streten admits the ideas flowed more easily on the recent mixtape, operating completely under one’s own creative direction means the attention to detail is magnified on a molecular level. Despite Hi, This is Flume being a liberating project to create, having the label at his back on his first two LP’s to provide creative direction and feedback, actually made the construction of Flume’s first two albums easier than making a mixtape solo.

Obligatory advice from one of electronic music’s current greats

Throughout the entire AMA, Flume maintains that his sound, his aesthetic, and ultimately his success has all been the product of relentless tinkering. Just boundless trail and error sessions that have, over time, molded one of electronic music’s brightest torch carriers. When asked to offer advice to an online forum full of fans and aspiring producers, Flume kept it simple and sweet. “Find your own production tricks/techniques. Download the most random plugins.” One size doesn’t fit all, according to Streten. The next Flume won’t come from someone trying to make the next “Holdin’ On”—rather, the next Flume should be the first of an entirely different species of producer.

Deadmau5 Returns To BBC Radio1’s Essential Mix For First Solo Mix In 11 Years [LISTEN]

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I know many years ago when I was in high school, Deadmau5’s first essential mix helped open my eyes to the brilliant world of dance music that existed just outside my knowledge. I still get goosebumps to this day, when I think of the closing line of the opening monologue – THE MAU5 SOUNDS LIKE

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Flume enters matured new chapter in ‘Hi This Is Flume’

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Flume enters matured new chapter in ‘Hi This Is Flume’Flume Credit Tyrone Bradley

“Stagnation” isn’t a word in Flume‘s vocabulary. The prodigious talent had barely turned 21 when he admissibly defined and spoon-fed the contemporary future bass sound to the masses via his debut, self-titled LP. Sure enough, a star was born. He moved on to solidify his position as one of the most groundbreaking and forward-thinking artists of the current generation after collaborations with Nick Murphy (then known as Chet Faker) and Emoh Instead under their omnipresent What So Not alias.

By 2016, he’d become a fully independent entity, dedicating all his time to solo work and treading the line of pop and electronica with finesse in his Grammy award-winning Skin album. He’d set the bar improbably high for himself. But, being the true innovator he is, Flume has managed to finish another revolution around the experimental sun with Hi This Is Flume. Short, but indubitably sweet, the mixtape stands out as perhaps his most idiosyncratic work to date.

Hi This Is Flume is the product of an artist unburdening himself his self-imposed boundaries and surrendering himself to the abstract. It’s a complete change of pace from Skin, which, likely due to its numerous collaborations, strikes a tame, and even formulaic, chord at times despite its cohesive and invariably appealing nature. This body of work feels structure-less—take for example cuts like “Wormhole” and “Dreamtime”—but united all the same. Flume’s enduring love for squelchy, staggered arrangement is the bedrock of the record, with each of its 17 tracks ebbing towards the next, as organically as the tides turn over. We’d gotten a taste of this in the Skin Companion EPs, but the Aussie talent eclipses expectations in this latest undertaking.

Flume’s work alongside Vince Staples and other rappers appears to have influenced the direction of Hi This Is Flume, as well. The mixtape is packed with low-end stunners, like the euphorically unorthodox “Ecdysis” or the resplendent, twinkling “Jewel.” His choice of collaborators this time around also mirrors this irreverence towards convention: the eternally strange EPROM makes his way into the fold on two tracks, one of which was an ethereal rework of SOPHIE’s “Is It Cold In The Water?” Meanwhile, “How To Build A Relationship,” featuring superior lyricism by JPEGMAFIA, arrives as an unearthly melding of warped bass and avant-garde rap.

Awe-inspiring too is the amount of impact Flume manages to squeeze into such a short time span. Most of the productions in Hi This Is Flume are two minutes or less, but are so cleverly engineered, texturized, and intricately layered that they feel as expansive as a piece that clocks in at triple the length. “Voices,” another powerhouse effort crafted with SOPHIE and Skin collaborator KUČKA, is biting, with glitchy effects galore, contrasting with dreamy, fluid undertones to facilitate a cerebral and fully loaded listening expedition in all of 115 seconds. The hazy, lo-fi tune “Daze 22.00” captivates with Eastern influence and viscous synthesis that make for an off-kilter combination, without proving too jarring. And optimism lives inside a single song in “Spring”—a gracious way to end such a stunning compilation, with its subtle, saccharine buoyancy.

It would be remiss not to mention the stunning visualizer that accompanies Hi This Is Flume. Crafted by Jonathan Zawada, who’s also behind Skin’s designwork, the video is as quixotic and crafty as the music beneath it. While the record is plenty enticing on its own, Zawada’s interpretation of it in a visual medium really bolsters the entire listening experience, with its swirling psychedelia and internal/external journey premise.

Hi This Is Flume points to a new era for Flume that sees an already remarkable artist stepping away from convention, while remaining accessible. The advanced sound design and clear step outside his creative cavern showcase a matured talent who continues to carve new niches in the modern electronic sphere where no artist formerly thought to look. With news of even more music on the horizon, Flume is poised to continue throwing himself from experimental precipices for the better.



Photo credit: Tyrone Bradley

Flume expounds on his signature sound with surprise mixtape, ‘Hi, This is Flume’ [Stream]

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Flume expounds on his signature sound with surprise mixtape, ‘Hi, This is Flume’ [Stream]Flume Sacks E1469509492304

It has been nearly three years since Flume‘s sophomore LP, SkinAt the time, it was hard to image the Aussie beatsmith outdoing his self-titled 2012 debut, though with his second studio LP, the former What So Not proponent effortlessly propelled himself to Grammy Award-winning greatness with the likes of Kai, Beck, AlunaGeorge, and Vic Mensa in tow. Back in January, Flume promised new music was expected to land in 2019, then without much more than a day’s notice, announced the delivery of a surprise new mixtapeHi, This is Flume on March 20.

Now, Flume’s latest body of work is available in full, and the three-year gap since his last full release proves to be well worth the wait. Capping out at 17 tracks with a accentuating visualizer, Hi, This is Flume showcases evident growth from the “Never Be Like You” producer while still managing to hold true to Flume’s beloved brand of off-kilter, genre-twisting appeal across the tape’s 38-minute run time.

Lollapalooza soundtracks summer teaser with new Flume ID [Watch]

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Lollapalooza soundtracks summer teaser with new Flume ID [Watch]Flume Michael Drummond

Flume‘s surprise mixtape, Hi, This is Flumeis set to land any minute now, and as fans eagerly await the Aussie beat guru’s highly anticipated return, the good news just keeps pouring in. The Skin producer was just announced as a headliner at Lollapalooza this summer, signaling a huge swell in momentum for the beloved electronic experimenter. To hype the Chicago iteration of the festival this summer, Lollapalooza has dropped off a short teaser announcing ticket sales, featuring a brand new, yet-to-be identified cut from Flume.

The “Summer is Coming” trailer, which might even succeed in plugging Flume’s return more than the actual festival, features clips of the iconic summer gathering at Grant Park, soundtracked by the delightfully off-kilter clinks and clicks that only Harley Streten can do so well. Chopped vocals and rubbery percussive breaks come together with a charming, cinematic appeal in the new ID, and if the nameless track is any indicator of the impending mixtape Flume has promised, everyone is in for quite the treat.


Flume announces incoming mixtape

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Flume announces incoming mixtapeFlume Live David Wolff Patrickredferns

The wait for new Flume material is nearly over.

It’s been more than two years since the release of Skin Companion EP 2, and the talented producer has finally surfaced with a major announcement: a new mixtape, titled Hi This Is Flume, hits the airwaves on March 20. In the time since his last release, Flume’s been largely quiet on social media, only surfacing from time to time to share photos of his travels.

At the end of 2018, the Australian producer promised in a tweet that next year he’d “be back in your life,” and now it’s finally time.

Photo credit: Photo by David Wolff – Patrick/Redferns

Super8 & Tab Time Travel In Their Compilation “Past, Present & Future”

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One of the oldest traditions in DJ culture, mixtapes have given listeners a consistent window into the musical thought process of countless of the planet’s top electronic artists. Super8 & Tab are continuing this tradition with their new compilation album, “Past, Present & Future”. As you might pick up from the title, the album reflects

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