Selena Gomez seeks mental health treatment after ’emotional breakdown’

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Selena Gomez seeks mental health treatment after ’emotional breakdown’Selena Gomez Emotional Breakdown Hospitalized

Selena Gomez is undergoing mental health treatment after suffering what’s being described as an “emotional breakdown.” The singer has been hospitalized multiple times over in recent with complications stemming from her 2015 lupus diagnosis, and was admitted previously this September for dangerously low white blood cell counts. Gomez is now believed to be undergoing mental health care in an east coast facility.

Gomez had been largely silent after announcing on Instagram that she would be taking a break from social media. The pop star’s mental and physical health battles have been well documented, including a 2014 rehab stint for addiction and multiple breaks from the public eye to deal with her physical and mental health. The singer is the latest in an ever-increasing string of stars seeking treatment, as mental health issues like anxiety and depression continue to rise to the forefront in the music world.


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deadmau5 to take indefinite hiatus

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deadmau5 to take indefinite hiatusScreen Shot 2017 12 08 At 12.32.49 PM

deadmau5 is going offline indefinitely, per a statement posted to Twitter.

He acknowledged his longtime struggle with mental health had taken a toll on him to fans, indicating issues had magnified over “the past several years” and a guilty feeling over not realizing his label’s vision. At the beginning and end of his note, deadmau5 offered an apology to those he’d offended in the past with unfiltered comments that he admitted were offensive. These two items are what ultimately led to his decision to “go off the radar and taking time necessary to work on myself.”

It’s unclear if by “going off the radar,” deadmau5 meant be taking a break from social media only, or his career/pursuits in general. He simply advised he’d be seeking professional help to aid him in his mission to become a better person. This departure follows up one where similar issues were cited in 2015.


deadmau5 to take indefinite hiatusDeadmau5 Twitter

Study says music industry workers are subject to inordinately high levels of stress

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Study says music industry workers are subject to inordinately high levels of stressScreen Shot 2017 10 19 At 11.21.18 AM

A new study conducted by Skiddle concluded that much like musicians active in the music industry, industry workers are also susceptible to unusually elevated levels of stress. Eighty-two percent of those surveyed who hold jobs in the music industry reported “continuous levels of stress.” Skiddle’s study surveyed more than 500 industry staff members who hold a number of different positions, ranging from venue operators and event organizers to promoters. Forty-seven percent stated that their work in the music industry prompted “constant” feelings of anxiety and sadness.

Anxiety and depression were prevalent among study participants: 67 percent of respondents attested to feeling anxious, while 40percent said that they had experienced depression. Another 10 percent of employees indicated that they had begun to present symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a direct result of their job. At 65 percent, more than half of promoters cited an “intense and unmanageable level of pressure,” due in part to concerns regarding an unstable and unpredictable regular income, and a general “lack of support.”

Skiddle’s findings echo those of Help Musicians UK’s 2017 study, in which the independent charity for musicians in the UK determined that artists may be up to three times more likely to suffer from depression as compared to the general public. The first phase of the study sought to survey musicians, focusing on their working conditions in relation to their overall mental well-being via an industry-wide survey that recorded responses from a total of 2,211 artists. As Skiddle and Help Musicians UK’s research collectively illustrates, careers within the music industry, whether as a musician or otherwise, can subject working individuals to accentuated stress levels that differ in intensity from those induced by positions in other industries or fields. The respective reports collaboratively underscore an ensuing need for mental health awareness, given the pressures of the music industry’s characteristically fast pace.

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Ekali speaks out against homophobia, comes out to fans as bisexual

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Ekali speaks out against homophobia, comes out to fans as bisexualEkali Biseual

Ekali has been spreading his truth on Twitter. Recently, he spoke out against homophobia, letting his followers know he’s bisexual and to stop the hateful, gay rhetoric. Alison Wonderland, Y2k, Chet Porter, Hotel Garuda responded in support.

Adding to messages that obviously come directly from the producer’s fingertips, Ekali also recently come out with his epileptic phenomena, speaking out against micro-aggressions online on behalf of mental health.

As his tweets go, so do his thoughts, as the prolific producer tweeted his segue back to what he does for a living. He’s releasing a song next week, perhaps off his upcoming Crystal Eyes EP. The producer from Vancouver, Canada is heading off on a packed North America tour of the same name in October with collaborators 1788-L and SLUMBERJACK.

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Ekali Gets Vulnerable About His Struggles With Mental Health On Twitter

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Mental health is finally becoming less taboo to be discussed in the dance music industry. After the tragic death of Avicii, artists have begun to get more vulnerable about the inner workings of their mind. Ekali has been open and transparent about his life since he first broke onto the scene. Today though, he took

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Autograf’s Jake Carpenter shares heartfelt message on touring haitus

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Autograf’s Jake Carpenter shares heartfelt message on touring haitusAutograf

The Autograf trio, comprised of Jake Carpenter, Mikul Wing, and Louis Kha, have maintained a non-stop itinerary in the last three years since their emergence. Amid constant touring and studio time, the trio’s latest Caution:Live tour has found Carpenter largely absent, and he’s now cluing fans into the nature of his sidelining.

Recently Carpenter took to social media to share a heartfelt message to fans, describing suffering a severe mental breakdown that challenged his ability to tour with his band. Carpenter feared he “would tour again” though after an extended period of rehabilitation with friends and family away from the road, he’s preparing to rejoin Autograf once again. The Chicago-based producers hadn’t publicly spoken about Carpenter’s absence prior to the recent Instagram post.

Artist mental health has been a rising issue in recent years with the unrealistically strenuous nature of the dance music industry. With electronic music’s young talents emerging into the lightning-fast world of touring and promotion, hopefully we see artists take measures of self care away from the road like this more frequently going forward. Read Jake Carpenter’s full statement below.

Hey everyone ❤ We haven’t publicly said anything until now- but I was off tour for 5 months. At the end of 2017, after 3 incredible years of practically non-stop touring, I had a severe mental breakdown which forced me to miss our big headline tour. I didn’t think I would tour again- I felt a shadow of my former self. But being home and surrounded by my friends and family for 5 months, and taking care of myself and seeking out help has done me a world of good. I feel so incredibly blessed to have Mikul and Louis as bandmates and have so many talented people working on our team. Everyone has been very understanding of my need to take a step back from it all for a minute and I couldn’t be more grateful. Taking the time to go back to my roots making art and sculpture again has been very therapeutic. I feel balanced, stable, and healthy- and in the process got to spend lots of time in the studio writing music, sculpting, drawing, and creating. I can’t wait to share all the new projects we’ve been working on and I’m so excited to come back on tour and get involved with all of you guys again! Love, Jake 📸 @willselviz

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Chromeo cancels Australia tour for health reasons

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Chromeo cancels Australia tour for health reasons857216 10152112799284485 1067381324 O

It’s no secret that touring artists encounter numerous struggles that often weigh on the overall wellbeing of the artists themselves. Being on the road for days on end can lead to extreme exhaustion, poor diet, and pressure to continuously perform and plaster a smile on your face.

This just so happens to be the case with Chromeo on their current tour, where they just recently announced that they will not be doing their three Australia dates. In an open letter to fans they wrote:

“We are truly sorry to announce that our upcoming July shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Splendour In The Grass have been canceled. It’s been so long since we’ve visited you last and we were so excited to play for you. Unfortunately, the rigors of our touring schedule have caught up with us and we need to prioritize our health and well being. We’re being told that this period would be best served as a time to rest. This was not an easy call to make. We hope you understand. Please know that we’re doing everything we can to reschedule our time in Australia. We will see you all soon.”

This is also not the first time that the guys of Chromeo have spoken up about health. Recently, member David Macklovitch shared with the world his struggles with anxiety and depression, and did so to try and enlighten others that might be going through the same things as him. He mentions all the days he couldn’t get out of bed, and all the stigmas around treatment for these things that are very much a disease.

In recent years, the dance music world has seen an increase in artists speaking up and drawing awareness to the toll constant touring can take on the human body and mind. Artists like Chromeo, who openly talk about their struggle and gracefully take time for themselves when they need to, show that health should always come first in order to deliver the best versions of themselves as artists to an audience.

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James Blake opens up about mental health and depression

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James Blake opens up about mental health and depressionJames Blake Press 20140531

After speaking out about mental health earlier this year, James Blake recently took part in a panel at the Performing Arts Medicine Association’s annual symposium in Orange County, California. Titled “You Got This: Managing the Suicide Crisis in the Arts Population,” Blake opened up about his personal experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Speaking on his early entry into the music industry, James says he was  “taken away from normal life essentially at an age where I was half-formed.” He reports that the “surface level” experiences artists have in the fast-paced industry do not allow for deep discussions of mental health, but instead, superficial conversations about the “good stuff.”

Blake also discussed the dietary issues that have surfaced in his career. “I would say that chemical imbalance due to diet and the deterioration of my health was a huge, huge factor in my depression and eventual suicidal thoughts,” he said. “I developed [dietary] intolerances that would lead to existential depression on a daily basis. I would eat a certain thing and then all day I would feel like there was just no point.”

In relation to the strenuous lifestyle that comes with being a touring artist, James Blake suggests staying realistic in what one person can do.

“Honestly, a lot of catharsis just came in telling lots of people to fuck off. And saying no. Saying no to constant touring. No [amount of] money will ever be enough… we’ve reached a critical point. We are the generation that’s watched several other generations of musicians turn to drugs and turn to excess and coping mechanisms that have destroyed them. And there are so many high-profile people recently who’ve taken their own lives. So we, I think, have a responsibility to talk about it and to remove the stigma.”

Anyone in need of help can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1–800–273–8255 or

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers project

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Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEFF2018 0621 225858 2820 MVA

When Bassnectar released a heart wrenching video in conjunction with Electric Forest and To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), the creative PSA went immediately viral with over 1.5 million views on Facebook. The video featured footage inside Sherwood Forest, where several roaming Forest Family members were captured answering a ringing telephone. On the other end of the line was Lorin Ashton, remaining anonymous throughout the call, as he asked questions about friendships, family, and hope.

Electric Forest has been partnering with TWLOHA since 2016 when it’s producers, Madison House and Insomniac, made it their mission to slate more mental health awareness activities into their programming. They reached out to Chad Moses of TWLOHA, whose role at the organization over the past decade has been using music as a platform for discussing mental health. They granted him a 10′ x 20′ space in the festival grounds to construct a creative project in support of community, togetherness, love, and mental health.

The initial project involved simple business cards, where Forest attendees were to write down “the one thing you need to say to yourself” upon entry into the festival. They were instructed to then come back at the end of the weekend and write down “on thing they needed to hear the most.”

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEF17 BASSNECTAR SKC THUMB.00 05 37 17.Still009

“The next year, EF calls and asks us what else we can do to raise awareness,” said Moses.

“They told us Bassnectar would love to be apart of this kind of project. They then talked to their artist director, who had a wonderful idea: what if we got this project off paper and quite literally electrified it? What if we used phone lines to get people to open up anonymously about things that may be heavy on their hearts?”

The projects continue to evolve and thrive with each passing year, according to Moses. “Pretty much every conversation I’ve had with their team has been amazing, it becomes bouncing ideas off each other, and they’ve never once told me ‘no’ for any reason. These are inherently creative people who love the process of creation.”

For 2018, TWLOHA has partnered with Electric Forest once again to create the Breaking Barriers Project, located on Main Street in the campgrounds. Quite literally: a wall, created with the acknowledgment of  everything that seeks to keep separate us from our fellow Forest dwellers – the Forest Family built a physical wall together, decorated and dominated by their aspirations for growth, with their barriers left in the past.

DA sat down with the non-profit organization during Electric Forest weekend one to learn more about the groundbreaking creative project.

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEFF2018 0621 133715 9893 MVA

The thing we love most about TWLOHA’s projects are how they grounded in identity politics. Last year, there was a feminist underpinning to the anonymous calls to Bassnectar. This year, the Breaking Barriers project is rooted in post-colonial/post-race concepts — particularly the notion of Border politics. Can you tell us if this inspired the idea behind the wall project?

“What started this project was a conversation with one of Electric Forest’s producers, the kind folks at Madison House, and they came to me with a problem. They said, we have to legally set up these barriers to avoid potential tragedy with vehicles driving into the crowds at the stages; and we want to make something divisive like this potentially beautiful and creative and intentional.”

It’s postmodern pastiche. It’s progressive action. It’s spiritually ascendant, especially this element of intention setting. Most of all, it’s spewing with the most powerful creative, connective force as we know it: Love.

“Yea, the wall is super imitational and intentional, where you can take as little or as much as you want, figuratively and literally,” says Chad Moses of TWLOHA. “But the people who’ve interacted with it, you can feel their gratitude surrounding the wall.”

Where exactly are you folks heading up this project inside the festival?

“We have two booths on site. We’re back inside the venue at Ranch Lobby West, right past Tripolee, as usual. And the booth on Main Street, which is very intentionally focused on explaining the wall’s purpose and how they can interact with it throughout the week.”

So how did this idea come into fruition?

“As we’re talking and brainstorming up this idea of the wall, I get transported back into my childhood. My friend’s dad had a piece of the Berlin wall in their home and I asked, ‘What is that?’ His dad told me the dark history behind it, how it was used to keep friends separated, and how, when it came down, it was the happiest days of those people’s lives. And I was struck with the idea that there are these kinds of things that are inherent in our own lives, things that are holding us back from connecting with one another — and these things aren’t necessarily physical manifestations.

With creativity, with community, that barrier can, should, and will fall. Whether your struggling with addiction or your own mental health or fractured relationships, nothing can get in the way of the notion that these things are impermanent.”

In terms of mental health, how do you think it will help people?

“The imagery is rooted more so in yesteryear than present day, but at the same time there are still people today that are driving these walls. You know, people come to Forest every year with tons of baggage, they’re super prepared with their camping gear, and their gifts, and their fully planned out festival attire. But a lot of times, they come with deeply rooted subconscious baggage too.

The entire purpose of that wall is to acknowledge the emotional baggage that we packed for ourselves — some people are arriving at Forest with heavy heartache. EF exists for family, for purpose, for community. That purpose for us is to let people know: all that stuff that you dragged in, we will take it for you.”

How did the Breaking Barriers wall project go at weekend one?

“We collaborated with this one artist, he called himself Adam One, who happened to walk by and ask, ‘How can I help with the wall?’ We tell him we need this wall saturated with color, that this should be free flowing. He says, ‘I have an idea’ and paints this huge circle of hexagons. ‘This is a super microscopic version of a seed,’ he says.

We all have an enormous potential for growth, but it gets covered by all this crap — anxiety, self-doubt, depression, pride, ego, the list goes on. But when we break it down, it’s going to allow this seed to grow. The point then became: Can we allow nature to help us overcome all these man-made structures?”

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEFF2018 0623 164423 8484 JSL

For Forest Family out at weekend two, DA — along with the producers and partners of Electric Forest — invites attendees to be a part of an interactive growth experience at their 2018 gathering at Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan. Set an intention for the weekend, develop your goals, recognize the words and symbols that create distance between us, break down your barriers, and start your Rothbury experience with a deep breath of fresh air.

This wall represents the things that threaten to keep us apart, and focuses on the ways that we strive to develop as human beings. The Forest is built upon acceptance, kindness, freedom, respect, peace, and love. As the second weekend winds down, the wall and all of our internal barriers will be dismantled, deconstructed, and destroyed. Its pieces will then be distributed to attendees and offered as a token of our aspirations for improvement, and a reminder that the walls in our lives are not permanent. The Barrier Project pieces will be a symbol signaling that the unity we feel in The Forest can also be experienced back home.

All photos courtesy of Meg Ryan for Electric Forest.

Carl Cox Speaks Out On Avicii’s Tragic Passing

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During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 Carl Cox spoke out about the late Avicii. Following the news of Avicii being found dead, Carl Cox admits he was “very, very sad because I could see he was not in control of himself.” When Danny Howard asked Carl Cox about the mental health crisis, Carl

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