Mau5trap recruit C.H.A.Y. packs his bags with new EP, ‘Travel Far’

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Mau5trap recruit C.H.A.Y. packs his bags with new EP, ‘Travel Far’Chay

With his earliest releases gracing the upper echelons of house labels in Dirtybird and Toolroom Records, there’s little doubt that C.H.A.Y.’s productions are ready for the big leagues. But as the majority of the young musician’s releases exist in the form of collaborations and little-known singles, fans have only caught glimpses, at best, of the Floridian’s greater artistic vision. That all changes with C.H.A.Y.’s newest EP, Travel Far, a 4-track record that takes listeners on a sonic journey to the precipices of conventional electro and tech-house—and even a few steps further.

Travel Far’s title track gives an immediate sense of C.H.A.Y.’s mature, iconoclastic approach to writing club music. It builds, and boy, does it drop, but it doesn’t revolve around the expected crest-and-trough blueprint. Rather, it establishes an aural template and employs a toolbox of instruments within it to elaborate on C.H.A.Y.’s bass-turbulent agenda. It’s a rare look, but one of the few that can give a nine-minute electro song true replayability. This approach, paired with syncopations that lend a nod to label owner/overlord, deadmau5’s 2008 Random Album Title, make “Travel Far” a potent opener to C.H.A.Y’s first mau5trap EP.

Soon, the listener saunters “Into The City,” a musical potpourri. The track enlists chopped classical melodies and noir shading with just a touch of 8-bit synthwork: an electro-house homage to the glitchy, bygone complextro of yesteryear—while offering something completely fresh in the process. On the production side, the amount of tonal textures weaved into the fabric of a four-minute song is aurally improbable, and a glaring sign that C.H.A.Y. is producing well beyond his years. The EP’s third song, “Crime” is undoubtedly (and fittingly) the swaggiest of the release. Swerving its way to late-night glory with its throbbing bass and galloping kick, but also brings another layer of patina to the release as a whole, as a track exclusively comprised of sounds from C.H.A.Y.’s analog outboard.

Travel Far returns to convention with its final tune, “Floxen”, which for better or worse, is the most mainstage track on the release. Here, C.H.A.Y. opts to embrace the build-centric style, which is where “Floxen” may fall flat for some, but its 3/8 rhythm and emotive vocals recorded by C.H.A.Y. himself do more than enough to keep the EP’s final tune afloat.

Simply put, Travel Far is an excellent outing from front to back. Each track manages to be memorable and thump to its own distinct beat, all while sharing common threads throughout. However, what really shines about the release is C.H.A.Y.’s astounding production skill and songwriting tendencies that are on full display, both of which paint a picture of a musician far more seasoned than one would expect from a producer so early into his career.

Exclusive: No Mana and EDDIE unleash ‘Untitled Forever’ on mau5trap

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Exclusive: No Mana and EDDIE unleash ‘Untitled Forever’ on mau5trapUntitledForeverArtwork

Exclusive: No Mana and EDDIE unleash ‘Untitled Forever’ on mau5trapEddi Lawton Puddle Image

Allow No Mana and EDDIE to lead you through the dark and shadowy corridors of their new collaboration, “Untitled Forever.”

The two mau5trap frequenters have returned to the famed label to unleash this latest offering, which proves to be a true amalgamation of their styles. Sinister in its beat and daunting in its melodies, “Untitled Forever” is an impressive showing from both artists, who’ve found the perfect haunting vocal to accompany their production.

With the release of the song, they’ve also put together an animated music video that shows the two producers working on the song and bickering about what to name it, finally settling on “Untitled Forever” after chucking hot Cheetos at each other.

The tune marks EDDIE’s second of the year on the label, following “Zombie Mannequin” in January and Spiritual Contraband EP in October. No Mana comes to “Untitled Forever” from his April Skin release with Electrocado and Julian Gray.

“Untitled Forever” is out June 21 via mau5trap. Pre-save it here.

Dive to the deepest depths of bass on i_o’s new ‘Death by Techno’ EP

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Dive to the deepest depths of bass on i_o’s new ‘Death by Techno’ EPI O E1556902742143

Since late 2017, i_o has hacked his way into listeners’ hearts and ears with infectious techno and trance offerings. He’s had a quick rise to notoriety, building a loyal fan base that looks forward to, well, Death by Techno.

In his latest mau5trap installation, the artist has delivered a two-track EP consisting of the lethal title track and a more upbeat number called “No Sleep.” The pair of songs fit in snugly with the artist’s existing discography, pounding fans with a healthy dosage of bass on “Death by Techno” and using soulful vocals as the driving force on “No Sleep.”

In addition to the four-minute radio edit offered on Spotify, fans can find a lengthier version of “No Sleep” on SoundCloud.

Death by Techno is out now via mau5trap.

Spencer Brown and Raito prove fierce and formidable ‘Star Allies’

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Spencer Brown and Raito prove fierce and formidable ‘Star Allies’Star Allies 1

After making his mau5trap debut last year with “Windows 95 On Acid,” Spencer Brown has returned to the coveted label dwelling with the no-nonsense, Raito-assisted “Star Allies” in hand.

The equal parts foreboding and dreamy techno track melds Brown’s penchant for cosmic, crescendoing synth lines with Raito’s sweat-inducing, rave-redolent accents. Spanking percussion runs abound atop serrated synth emissions that reverberate well beyond the bounds of earth’s exosphere. “Star Allies,” therefore, is best suited for either anomalous dance floors or effective astral projection.

Brown solidified his proclivity for transcendent, progressive soundscapes with his Anjunabeats-bolstered Illusion Of Perfection album last spring. He has repeatedly attributed much of his success to working alongside the late Avicii, who signed Brown to his label, LE7ELS, when the San Francisco native was still just a teenager. Raito’s rise to wide electronic recognition has been similarly swift, aligning himself with the likes of REZZ and Boys Noize, just to name a few.

STREAM NOW: deadmau5 debuts cube 3.0 on Ultra Music Festival mainstage

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STREAM NOW: deadmau5 debuts cube 3.0 on Ultra Music Festival mainstageDeadmau5 2019 1

Ultra Music Festival is well underway, marking the 2019 edition as a historical one with their move to the Virginia Key island. With numerous highly anticipated performances still yet to come, deadmau5 will take the stage to debut the latest of his large scale production endeavours with the Cube 3.0. After the recent announcement of his upcoming fall North American tour, the Canadian producer will unveil his stage set up, in all its grandiose at the Ultra Live Arena on Saturday, March 30.

To see the Cube 3.0 in action, tune into the Ultra livestream now.

Photo credit: Matt Barnes

13 releases second EP of the year, ‘Revelation,’ off mau5trap

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13 releases second EP of the year, ‘Revelation,’ off mau5trap13 Photo Credit Chatterz Photography

13 has dropped his second EP this year, Revelation, on mau5trap, serving as a follow-up to his jarring Old World Order EP, released earlier this year on Mad Decent. Melding a combination that’s both hip-hop and electronic, the REZZ collaborator continues to curate bouncing heavy bass music. “Oath” was released earlier this month, lending a taste for the mau5trap recruit. “Delusion” and “Purgatory” continue through high-energy sound design rich in glitch folly.

13 collaborated with REZZ on singles “DRUGS!” and “The Crazy Ones,” off last year’s Certain Kind of Magic LP.  Bass heads looking to slow down from the riddim can look forward to this emphatic undercard. For the illusive artist’s production heavy side, Dancing Astronaut interviewed 13 about sound curation following his previous project.

Photo credit: Chatterz Photography

13 gains mau5trap support on new single, ‘Oath’

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13 gains mau5trap support on new single, ‘Oath’Oath Cover Art Mau5trap

After his thrashing 2017 debut with REZZ, their “DRUGS!” collaboration, 13 has been working his way up the rungs of the bass music scene. After another song with REZZ and multiple on Mad Decent, 13 is back with his second release of 2019 “Oath.”

Marking his first mau5trap release, “Oath” sees 13 taking his music to the extremes of the mid-tempo bass threshold. Accompanied by an official visualizer, the track’s heavy sound matches the video’s dark, glossy, 3D depiction of the music. Haunting vocal cuts lead to a harrowing drop, with fully distorted synths crunching their way into a heavy trap breakdown. With mounting support from some of the industry’s key figureheads, 13 has set himself up for seemingly limitless electronic rank ascension in 2019.

Get lost in Feed Me’s new 10-track LP, ‘High Street Creeps’

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Get lost in Feed Me’s new 10-track LP, ‘High Street Creeps’Maresdefault 8

Jon Gooch, aka Feed Me, has been an innovator in the electro scene for years, from his mau5trap-aligned classics like “One Click Headshot” to his work with Noisia and Kill The Noise. Now back with his first full-length project since 2016, the British producer has just unveiled High Street Creeps, his second studio album and yet another mau5trap release.

Spanning 10 tracks, the album was preceded by singles “Sleepless” and “Feel Love,” which showcased Feed Me’s darker and more melodic sides, respectively. The producer finds a way to stay true to his beloved electro stylings while venturing out into some techno sounds on “Shimmer” and breakbeat rhythms on “Perfect Blue.” However, Feed Me returns the spotlight to his EDM-flavored electro for most of the album, with inspiring and complex synth work underscoring the boisterous production that Gooch is known to provide.

There’s a new Getter album in the works

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There’s a new Getter album in the works39883150 1956368227719768 94768457681207296 N

Getter fans are buzzing about the California-based DJ’s latest Tweet, announcing that another album is in the works:

This project will be a follow up to his 2018 Visceral LP released on mau5trap. While those three words are the only details, the LP’s experimental sounds have staying power, which should give fans a lot to look forward to.

Getter will embark on his “Visceral Live” US tour on February 16, starting at Insomniac‘s “Crush So Cal” and continuing through April 2019. See a full list of tour dates and ticket info here. The Vine-phenomenon turned electronic producer also stars in Real Bros Of Simi Valley, a reality show satire created by comedian Jimmy Tatro. Watch the latest season now on Facebook Watch.

Tommy Trash links with i_o for progressive house heater, ‘Let Me Go’ featuring Daisy Guttridge

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Tommy Trash links with i_o for progressive house heater, ‘Let Me Go’ featuring Daisy GuttridgeTommy Trash I O E1549984854529

i_o joins Tommy Trash, the “Reload” producer with Sebastian Ingrosso and John Martin, in his return to progressive house with their new single “Let Me Go” featuring Daisy Guttridge. In fact, one of the last songs Tommy Trash released was with i_o about a year ago: “Oxygen,” also featuring Guttridge. Whereas the former was released on Spinnin‘, this time around deadmau5 showcased the collaboration on his mau5trap imprint.

“Let Me Go” begins with Guttridge’s soothing vocals making their way to a bed of synths that lead into arpeggiated plucks a slow build. These plucks are maintained as the lead melody amidst a progressive house rhythm and vocal fills.

i_o represented on Dancing Astronaut’s Ones to Watch in 2019 list with a stellar 2018 from his debut EP, ANALOG//DDoS, all the way to his most recent bass-centric Low EP. Teaming up with Tommy Trash continues to add credibility to the rising star.