Niall Horan’s Solo Album Makes One Direction Seem Dangerous By Comparison

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At this point One Direction have been broken up long enough that we’re beginning to see what each member of the once-dominant boy band is bringing to the table in his solo career. Zayn Malik fashioned himself as a mini-Weeknd of sorts, exploring 50 shades of sexy pop-R&B and coming away with some decent … More »

Poder A La “Gente”: The Latin Pop Resurgence Is On

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“Mi Gente” is the perfect name for it, really. More »

Maroon 5 Appear To Go After MRAs With New Album Title

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Although I’d argue their catalog boasts a handful of jams and that Adam Levine has various winsome collaborations under his belt, Maroon 5 have long been deserving objects of scorn among music fans of discerning taste. Soon they’ll also probably be receiving harassment from men’s rights activists. The band announced today that its new album … More »

The Path To A Hit Single Is Changing — Just Ask Miley Cyrus & Demi Lovato

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Do you remember “Party In The U.S.A.”? Ha ha, funny question, right? How could you forget it? It was everywhere. There was no escaping it. More »

Slushii Remixes Maroon 5’s ‘What Lovers Do’

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Just weeks after Slushii revealed that he is undergoing 3 different EPs all at once, Slushii is back with a new release. While it’s not the 2008-2011 style of dance music that Slushii promised in the past, Slushii has released his latest remix of Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do.” Stream Slushii’s Remix of Maroon 5’s

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When Career Artists Score A Freak Pop Hit

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One-hit wonders are a common phenomenon in the music business, and most of them have a fan base that insists their other songs are just as good. It’s rarer, though, to see a well established band break through with a surprise pop hit more than a decade into its career, “She Don’t Use Jelly” style. More »

Your (Completely Speculative) Guide To Taylor Swift’s (Possibly Imminent) New Album

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Taylor Swift has been a little too quiet lately. Some might call that a blessing; this is, after all, a woman who can saturate your entire news feed without trying very hard, and one who is also known for trying extremely hard, a polarizing figure who’s been known to wear out her welcome even among … More »

Premiere: Lipless – Brilliance (Original Mix)

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Coming off the success of a huge official remix with Kaskade for Maroon 5, Grammy-nominated producer Lipless shares his latest work: an original track called “Brilliance.”

The Australian-born, Los Angeles-based producer has had a wild past year and was nominated for Best Remixer in 2017 with Kaskade for their remix of RY X‘s “Only.” The mysterious producer says he comes from “a place exceeding perception of the physical realm, a place that connects an entirely existential level through music,” according to his Facebook page.

However unidentifiable he may be, Lipless’ skills are clearly visible. This year so far, his releases include the Maroon 5 remix and collaborations with vocalists Georgi Kay and Gabrielle Current. Though aspects of his style are distinguishable in each track, what sticks out more is Lipless’ versatility as a producer. “Where Do We Go” is a bouncier, groovier take on his smooth production, whereas “Sticks & Stones” has a more mellow, chilled-out vibe.

“Brilliance” fits somewhere in the middle of the two. The new track has a catchy bassline and summery guitar riff, making gearing up perfectly for the holiday weekend.

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Premiere: UMEK – Sneaking Unnoticed (Original Mix)

The 2017 State Of Pop Address

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LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 20:  Recording artist Drake accepts the Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album award onstage during the 2016 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 20, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/AMA2016/Getty Images for dcp)Pop music is fluid. Like any vibrant creative field, it exists in a constant state of flux. It has to, or else it would cross over from an active concern to a historical relic, a format frozen in time for museums and reenactments. Pop is special in this regard because unlike rock or jazz or … More »

Dash Berlin Gives The Remix Treatment To Maroon 5 & Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Wanna Know”

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Back in October, the pop and hip hop worlds combined to bring a powerful but unlikely duo together. Maroon 5 and Kendrick Lamar created a track called “Don’t Wanna Know,” a laid back and tropical house-oriented swayer with a fantastic music video to boot.

Now, the EDM world is beginning to take notice of the song’s unmistakable remix potential. Dash Berlin, Dutch DJ responsible for some of the most well-known dance tracks of the era, tried his hand at flipping “Don’t Wanna Know,” releasing a 3-minute rework on his official Youtube page earlier this week. Filled with immense percussion, a heightened melody and a festival-ready backbone, the track is sure to become one of the next live show classics.

Listen below to Dash Berlin’s rework.


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