Christina Aguilera’s New Album Is Pretty Good. Does Anyone Care?

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Christina Aguilera - LiberationAlong with her fellow ex-Mousketeers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera proved to be one of the most durable hit-makers of the Y2K-era teen-pop explosion. Long after most of their peers found alternate careers in show business or disappeared from pop culture entirely, these artists kept sending singles to the top 10. Spears survived … More »

America’s Pop Mainstream Is Finally Making Room For Languages Other Than English

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J BalvinQuick: Who’s the biggest pop star in the world? Taylor Swift? Drake? Beyoncé? Justin Bieber? Rihanna? Ed Sheeran? These are all viable candidates, but if your list only reaches to the end of the English language, it’s far too limited. More »

Having Conquered Britain, Dua Lipa Is Coming For America Next

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“New Rules” is a great song. Using the ingredients of the moment — nimbly tapped tropical-house keyboards, complex but airy drum programming indebted to Africa and the Caribbean, a morphing stylistic terrain that veers from booming rock-indebted bridges into surging dance-infused choruses — it serves as a contagious canvas for 22-year-old British pop singer Dua … More »

Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do ft. SZA (Element Remix) [Free DL]

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Really into this flip. Element’s first ever remix to hit the internet is an epic and official remix for Maroon 5 and SZA’s record “What Lovers Do” and it is a lot more laid back than some of the artists other releases. While I’m not mad at this remix at all, it initially caught me

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Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do ft SZA (Element Remix)

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Hailing from San Francisco, Chris Cruz, aka Element, has provided listeners with a groovy rework of Maroon 5‘s chart-topping track “What Lovers Do,” featuring SZA. Tech developer-turned producer, the Brooklyn-based DJ has spent the past few years to honing his skills.

As he continues to experiment with different electronic production styles, Element decided to put a chilled-out future-bass vibe on this one. Staying true to the popular vocals of the original, he includes a variation of subtle, echoing drum hits and claps under a harmonizing assortment of bright lead synths, making this derivative perfect for any vibe session.

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NYC Subway Crisis Reaches Alarming New High

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Things are already bad enough for the commuters of New York. The subway system, drained of money and in dire need of repair, has been breaking down all summer. Trains are late. Trains don’t show up. Trains get stuck in tunnels. Subway platforms are overcrowded. And now, Jimmy Fallon and members of Maroon 5 are … More »

On Blue Lips, Tove Lo Continues Her Fall From The Clouds

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One of the world’s greatest pop singer-songwriters seemed to achieve her final form this year by having drunken sex with a muppet in a music video called “Disco Tits.” The song itself is a jam, a poised and minimal dance-floor deconstruction that toggles between spacious staccato piano stabs and synthetic bass throbs that roll with … More »

Hear Adam Levine Cover Chris Cornell’s “Seasons” On Howard Stern

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In the months since legendary Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell passed away, many artists — including a few unexpected ones — have paid tribute to the man by covering his music. And on Howard Stern yesterday, we got a truly surprising Cornell salute. Adam Levine, frontman of Maroon 5 and seemingly permanent coach … More »

Maroon 5 May Regret New Album Title: “We Didn’t Really Understand The Whole Men’s Rights Thing”

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“Red pill” is the casual colloquialism for the movement of internet-dwelling men who drink too much Mountain Dew and are very angry about feminism, which is apparently the cause for society’s ills. The name is inspired by the famous choice offered in The Matrix, where Morpheus offers two pills — red and blue … More »

Niall Horan’s Solo Album Makes One Direction Seem Dangerous By Comparison

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At this point One Direction have been broken up long enough that we’re beginning to see what each member of the once-dominant boy band is bringing to the table in his solo career. Zayn Malik fashioned himself as a mini-Weeknd of sorts, exploring 50 shades of sexy pop-R&B and coming away with some decent … More »