74 Artists On Their Favorite Tom Petty Song

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I once got busted trying to steal a magazine from my hometown library. The 8/8/91 issue of Rolling Stone apparently had one of those sensors on the last page and it beeped from my backpack on the way out. I was gonna bring it back. I just wanted to take it home to read the … More »

Mark Eitzel – “An Answer”

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Mark Eitzel - Hey Mr FerrymanVeteran songwriter Mark Eitzel’s latest album Hey Mr Ferryman is rapidly approaching, and today we get another advance peek in addition to “The Last Ten Years.” Whereas that song is brisk and chipper, the new “An Answer” is a romantic ballad with a grand, string-laden scope. Explains Eitzel: … More »

Mark Eitzel announces new solo album Hey Mr. Ferryman on Merge, shares lead single

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“Spent the last ten years/ Trying to waste half an hour”

Mark Eitzel has announced a new album, Hey Mr. Ferryman, due January 27. The lead single off the record, “The Last Ten Years,” is also available to stream now.

Hey Mr. Ferryman will be the tenth studio effort in the reflective San Francisco singer-songwriter’s catalogue. Although he self-released his previous collection of songs, 2012’s Glory, for this one Eitzel’s back on his long-time label Merge. The album was recorded in London with the help of ex-Suede member and acclaimed producer Bernard Butler.

Eitzel originally composed “The Last Ten Years” for American Music Club, the group he founded in the 1983. It was inspired by “an especially toxic year spent in New York’s Lower East Side.” According to the press release, the album’s sound harkens back to the “the vivid melodies long associated with Eitzel’s former band,” whose 1991 album Everclear is considered a cult classic of pensive, woeful indie rock.

Listen to “The Last Ten Years” below: