WHIPPED CREAM shows her dark side with new single, ‘You Wanted It’

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WHIPPED CREAM shows her dark side with new single, ‘You Wanted It’WHIPPED CREAM 2

Vancouver Island-based producer WHIPPED CREAM displays her flair for the dark side with her newest single, “You Wanted It.” Inspired by her personal life, the track is ominous yet energizing, and it’s the perfect representation of WHIPPED CREAM’s hard-hitting style.

The track itself features cinematic soundscapes and her own vocals. The build is nothing short of soul-grabbing with heavy bass notes coupled with intense staccato chanting that envelop the listener. The producer spoke about her motivation behind creating the track in an official release, stating, “‘You Wanted It’ is about the memory of someone who is toxic still lingering in my mind. It’s a song to myself. I wanted it…but not anymore.”

“You Wanted It” is the beginning of a big year for the producer, and it’s out now via Mad Decent.

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Diplo and Octavian team up for new chilled-out track ‘New Shapes’

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Diplo and Octavian team up for new chilled-out track ‘New Shapes’Diplo Mon MVMT18 Bryan Mitchell 199

From his 2018 collaboration with the rising afrobeat artist Burna Boy to his earliest Major Lazer work, Diplo‘s penchant for finding emerging international talent is no secret. Continuing this trend, the superstar DJ and producer has just released “New Shapes,” a track featuring the UK-based hip hop artist, Octavian.

Working with Mura Masa and receiving a remix from Ross From Friends in 2018, Octavian is no stranger to working alongside electronic production. He brings his subdued bars to a chilled out beat, with intricate yet subtle percussion encasing the chorus. A heartfelt offering from the two artists, the airy vibe is a departure from both of their signature styles. His second international collaboration this year, Diplo’s pursuit of artists from across the pond shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

Diplo’s Mad Decent inks new joint venture with Big Deal Music Group

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Diplo’s Mad Decent inks new joint venture with Big Deal Music GroupBig Deal Mad Decent Diplo 2019 Billboard 1548

Diplo‘s Mad Decent signed a joint venture deal with independent imprint Big Deal Music Publishing company. Under the terms of agreement, Big Deal will administer songs for Mad Decent while the two companies will sign new talent together.

Mad Decent was started by Diplo alongside his manager and business partner, Kevin Kusatsu, in 2006. The label has grown into a tightly curated culture center for some of the hottest up-and-coming acts and writers in electronic music, eventually expanding into the events space with the beloved Mad Decent Block Party circuit. Most recently, Mad Decent signed the Picard Brothers’ who have publishing credits on Mark Ronson‘s recent Miley Cyrus-assisted hit, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.”

Big Deal Music was founded in 2012, specializing in new talent and is administered by BMG and Peermusic. Kusatsu told Billboard in a statement, “Partnering with Big Deal gives us the best environment to be effective publishers and A&R people.”

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Producer Sessions 008: 13 releases bass-heavy ‘Old World Order’ EP and answers questions about producing [Interview]

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Producer Sessions 008: 13 releases bass-heavy ‘Old World Order’ EP and answers questions about producing [Interview]13 Old World Order EP Interview Press Shot Min

Producer Sessions is a series from Dancing Astronaut meant to shine a brighter light on the producer community. Each volume will guide producers towards professionals in their field.

13 released his Old World Order EP off Mad Decent, which was produced exclusively with analog gear including a Moog Sub 37, Behringer Model D, and bass guitar. The two-time REZZ collaborator, on “DRUGS!” and “The Crazy Ones” off her Certain Kind of Magic album.

The incognito artist is known for his eerie sound design and bass heavy tilt, having toured with REZZ on part of her her Certain Kind of Magic tour. Old World Order is a three-track EP that features the previously released and body trembling “Uppercut,” the slashing “Lost Voices,” and the ground quivering “Rude Boy.” He joined Dancing Astronaut for an exclusive, producer-centric interview on his process, top gear items, and more.

What was your go-to synth for the EP?

A lot of this EP is based on resampling my sound design, I find it more freeing. I like being able to warp and reprocess sounds to achieve unique results.

Any special VST that really took the production home?

It’s hard to pinpoint one, but I feel like my Moog Sub 37 & bass guitar really breathed life into it.

Which song took the most work and why?

That would have to be “Uppercut.” Once I got the initial idea down, I knew it was going to be a special one. From there I became obsessed with perfecting it. Also having the sub at 32.7hz made mixing the track a little bit of a nightmare.

What influenced the name “13”?

The more I progressed with producing, the more I found my sound, which went in a dark/sketchy direction. I felt like the number 13 reflects that sound because it’s generally thought of as an unlucky number; however, it’s also considered a lucky number in some cultures. I strive for contrast in my music. You’ll definitely see more of this in future projects.

How would you define your sound?

I’ve gone through so many musical phases. I’ve listened to pretty much everything under the sun, but the one genre that’s stuck with me since I was a child was hip-hop. I found once I started letting my hip-hop influences shine in my production, I started to get my own unique sound. It’s shines through in my drum patterns in almost all my songs.

What DAW do you use and why?

I use FL studio. One of my good friends Dan introduced me to it back when I became interested in producing, and I’ve stuck with it since. I’ve considered switching to Ableton, but I’m comfortable with FL.

What is your production process like?

My production process is a little chaotic, I don’t start with anything in specific. I’ll go through a whole bunch of different ideas before I finally settle on one, it usually starts with some sort of phrase that catches my ear. I typically have days where I’ll solely only work on drums, leads, fills etc. Then I’ll sit down and find one I want to elaborate on, and more often than not I’ll have another idea that fits right in with it.

What was the most difficult sound to conquer on the project?

The drums on “Lost Voices” was a tough one. It was clashing a lot the subs, but I loved how full it sounded. Finding the balance between the two took me awhile but thank god for multiband transient shapers.

Do you have any unique studio habits?

I’m not sure if this is unique, but if I’m stuck on something, I’ll stay up late and use sleep deprivation to my advantage. I’ll take ideas into a completely different direction than I normally would. Then the next day, I’ll sit down with a more focused and rested mind and tackle it head on.

You’re playing Beyond Wonderland in March, what can fans expect from your set?

Expect a heavy, bass-centric set with lots of hip-hop mixed in. Also expect lots of unreleased tunes from yours truly and friends.

What is next for 13?

My team & I have a lot of exciting things planned for 2019. Expect more music, audio/visual releases, and shows. There’s so much happening right now, and I’m beyond excited to share it all.

Diplo announces new EP, ‘Europa,’ with new French hip-hop single and music video, ‘Boom Bye Bye,’ featuring Niska [WATCH]

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Diplo announces new EP, ‘Europa,’ with new French hip-hop single and music video, ‘Boom Bye Bye,’ featuring Niska [WATCH]Diplopress

Diplo released a French hip-hop single and music video, “Boom Bye Bye,” with rapper Niska from the Parisian suburbs. This is the first single off the A-list producer’s forthcoming “prequel” EP to last year’s California, Europa, adding to his locally focused extended play projects.

“Boom Bye Bye” caresses listeners with lush keys and hardened percussion over a flowing French verse of hip-hop and singing. The catchy hook hits with soft, trap horns and dissident wide-ranging vocals on a loop. The Mad Decent label boss mentioned to Complex last year that he wanted to work with a new generation of hip-hop in pursuit of his new developing projects which also includes Silk City with Mark Ronson and LSD with Sia and Labrinth. This unfortunately means a disbandment of his decade-long dancehall project, Major Lazer, although if this is a peek into what Diplo looks to work towards, there is still a lot of the world for Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr. to bring to the mainstream.

Party Favor throws it back to 2012 with new Mad Decent release

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Party Favor throws it back to 2012 with new Mad Decent releaseParty Favor Koury Angelo

Party Favor has demonstrated his versatility as a music producer over the course of the past several years. He’s started 2019 by throwing it back to his earlier years with new release “2012,” out now on Mad Decent.  The track is inspired by the sounds that were coming out around that time, and the producer aptly titled the record thanks to the sonic elements that reminded him of the sounds that helped kickstart his musical journey as a touring artist.

2012 is the year he started touring, and the track itself is a worthy party-starter with a commanding tone and dance-inducing melody. The listener takes a journey back in time to the early days of the EDM movement, as chanting vocals grow louder and a clapping bass slap builds into pulsing trap synths.

Photo credit: Koury Angelo

Valentino Khan and Kayzo terrorize with new collaboration, ‘Novocaine’

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Valentino Khan and Kayzo terrorize with new collaboration, ‘Novocaine’Valentino Khan 3 White Rabbit

Valentino Khan and Kayzo have given us a musical shot of “Novocaine.” It serves as their first release of the year. Both artists are known for their heavy-hitting releases, and this collaboration is no exception thanks to its intense drops and unrelenting energy. The track begins with hardstyle-influenced kicks that lead into jarring and distorted synths, effectively numbing the eardrums before drilling into the sonic cavity with a heavy dose of bass.

Khan and Kayzo have recently announced big tour plans, with Khan making his debut at the legendary Hollywood Palladium and Kayzo embarking upon an ‘Unleashed’ tour, which he’s advised will contain the biggest production he has had for a show yet. “Novocaine” will be a fitting addition to the artist’s respective sets, and the track is out now via Diplo‘s Mad Decent.


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Party Favor Brings Us Back To “2012” With Latest Single

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Back in the Tomorrowworld days, I stumbled across a stage in the woods and was taken aback by a sound that I had not yet been exposed to. I sat on a small hill beside the stage and felt a tingling sensation sent from my nose to my eardrums. Weird description I know. I’m not

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10 songs to listen for during Diplo’s Belly Up Aspen extravaganza

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10 songs to listen for during Diplo’s Belly Up Aspen extravaganzaDiplo 2017

Belly Up Aspen is none of Colorado’s premier winter music festivals, showcasing a diverse range of genres and artists of every caliber. Their calendar was stacked high in 2018 with memorable performances by Keys N Krates, Nora En Pure, Lost Kings, and Cold War Kids taking the same stage as superstars like Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, deadmau5, and Stephen Marley.

To top off a historic year, Belly Up will bring the one and only Diplo to the stage on December 29. From side projects Silk City and LSD, to releasing his first solo EP in four years, Wesley Pentz has had immense success this year, which all the Aspen Mountain skiers can celebrate. Here’s a playlist of ten songs attendees should look out for during the set:

1.Silk City, Dua Lipa feat. Diplo & Mark Ronson – “Electricity”

One of Wesley Pentz Jr.’s greatest moves this year was teaming up with legendary producer Mark Ronson. Silk City instantly popped into the spotlight, bringing in one of 2018’s hottest artists in Dua Lipa for this one. The track was pushed further with an “electric” music video.

2. Ape Drums – “Me Solta”

Miami-based producer Ape Drums is no stranger to dancehall, a genre that Diplo has coined from his Jamaican influence in Major Lazer. Drums is also a friend of the Mad Decent imprint with several features on BBC Radio 1’s Diplo & Friends. Here’s his latest release “Me Solta,” earning a SoundCloud re-post from Diplo himself.

3. LSD feat. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth – “Thunderclouds” (MK Remix)

The famed trio LSD made a lot of noise this year, with four official releases and an innovative, unique sound. “Thunderclouds” marked Diplo, Sia, and Labrinth’s third work of art, receiving a groovy house edit from MK. The Miami-raised producer has a tendency to go deep in his sets, making this remix a prime candidate.

4. Wuki – DADADADA (Holiday VIP) [wukileak]

It’s always easy to throw Wuki in the mix. The New Jersey-born producer already performed a “wukipediamix” for Diplo and Friends and has been heard in a myriad of past Diplo/Skrillex sets (having released tracks on Mad Decent and OWSLA). His wild reworks brought him into the spotlight, most notably his edit of Busta Rhymes’ “Look At Me Now” verse. Although, this one comes with a holiday twist primed for a pre-NYE show.

5. Wuki – Pon De Time [wukileak]

Here’s another gem from Wuki’s endless list of goodies on his WUKILEAKS SoundCloud page. This one stems from one of Diplo’s earliest tracks “Pon De Floor.” Mashed with the fan favorite “One More Time” from Daft Punk, is there even a question of whether or not he’d throw this in?

6. Diplo feat. Lil Pump, Juicy J, Famous Dex, French Montana – “Welcome To The Party”


This track serves as a perfect bridge between and hip-hop, featuring rap goliaths like Famous Dex, and fresh-in-the-limelight rapper Lil Pump. This electrifying single is sure to show it not only connects genres, but also jump starts a vibe. “Welcome to the Party,” was featured in Deadpool 2, one of the highest grossing movies of 2018, and Diplo would start off his farewell to 2018 with his imprint on one of the most impactful soundtracks of the year.

7. Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – “Sweet Nothing” (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix)

If Diplo is anything, it’s that hard to pin down, transcending expectation and genre. He’s an enigma that’s always working on some new project, but staying true to his nature. He’s also not one to forget the past.  Another classic Diplo remix from 2012, the year Calvin Harris’ “Sweet Nothing” with Florence Welch took hold. Diplo got together with Canadian producer Grandtheft for this one. 

8. Ellie Goulding feat. Diplo & Swae Lee  “Close To Me”

“Close To Me” features some of the industries best and brightest. Swae Lee’s vocals are starting to become familiar to fans across all genres, while Ellie Goulding has been riding with the scene from the start. This track is Diplo’s latest release and has major traction across streaming services sitting pretty at number one on Diplo’s Spotify under popular, with 73 million streams. Definitely keep your ears keen for this one.

9. 4B & Teez – Whistle (Nitti Gritti Remix)

Diplo re-posted this track on his secret SoundCloud account page “diplo approved,” and he’s been known to thread approved tracks into his sets. Additionally, Nitti gritti recently opened for Dillon Francis’ Brooklyn Halloween show and hosts multiple genre and drop changes. Diplo fans will surely recognize and get down to this track.

10. “Get It Right” feat. MØ

“Get It Right” is hot and fresh off the California EP. Diplo played this joint as recently as September 14 at the Brooklyn Mirage for Mad Decent Block Party and even brought out MØ to perform live. It’s flush with style and contemporary waves. One can only hope that Diplo drops it again for this New Years weekend set.

Nitti Gritti Talks about EDC Orlando, Drive EP, and Music in this EDM Sauce Interview

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This past weekend, DJ-producer, Nitti Gritti, took the stage at EDC Orlando not just once, but twice. The rising star performed at one of the festival’s biggest stages, Circuit Grounds, and at the Corona Electric Beach stage. The humble yet talented music maker gave it his all at this year’s event. He took some time

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