The Radar 105: From college dropout to platinum artist, Jay Pryor defies all stereotypes [Interview + The Radar Mix]

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Jay Pryor

Electronic music is many things, but being short on stereotypes is not one of them. From the stigma that electronic music producers don’t make ‘real music’ to bros wearing the ultimate wannabe DJ uniform, there is always something to make fun of. While many reject that these stereotypes are laced with reality, Jay Pryor is a living embodiment of the electronic dance music era and all of its stereotypes — in the best possible way. 

Jay Pryor is the bedroom producer who dropped out of college to become a famous musician after going to a Calvin Harris show on New Years Eve. Yes this really happened, and yes this worked out for him. Do not try this at home.

While Jay Pryor may not be a name electronic music fans recognize at first mention, it is a name that they likely will hear down the road. Think this promise is overstated? Pryor’s first major collaboration was one that he was not listed in the title for, but it has since gone Platinum. He was one of the masterminds behind hit single “Just Hold On” by Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson. Another mentor of his includes Nick Gale of Digital Farm Animals. To go from being a teen in Dublin at the skatepark on Saturdays to working with some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry, after deciding one day that electronic music was his calling, is an unusual story.

When considering where his future may take him, Pryor notes that he thinks the music industry is in a really inspirational place. He believes that now is the time for ‘fresh-faced’ producers like himself to come in with a new outlook and a unique style. While he picked up producing later on in his teens, Pryor has never been short on creativity. He even started his own graphic design firm when he was 15, and moving forward, he plans on designing his own music videos so that his tracks will be visually representative of his artistry.

Pryor is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to dropping out of college and becoming the next up and comer. He has defied all odds, and will be a producer to watch moving forward. He also is a featured artist for Dancing Astronaut’s The Radar series, where he has produced an energetic hour long mix showcasing past releasing and upcoming originals.

When did you become interested in music and start producing?
I started producing music 3 and a half years ago when I got back from a holiday with my friends after seeing Calvin Harris perform. I never really thought I had the confidence to create music and have an artist project, but once I started, my confidence quickly began to build. I realized this was the thing that people talk about, so I dropped out of college and started focusing on it full time!

Who are your musical inspirations?
Oh gosh, I’ll try and keep it short and sweet, but really I could go on and on about this. I really love where music is right now. There are a lot of fresh faced artists in the game that are bringing their own unique sound, look, and feel. Right now I’m really into Lil Skies, Bazzi, and also Tory Lanez – all those guys kill it. I also really have to mention Charli XCX too. She’s been crushing it for a minute, and her latest album is epic.

In terms of dance music, I love what DROELOE are doing. Brooks is someone I’ve looked up to for a while it. I’m also really excited by Virtual Self, which is Porter Robinson’s new moniker, and someone I used to constantly listen to when I started, and it’s dope to hear what he’s progressed to now.

Being 22 and co-producing “Just Hold On,” a track that has hit 400 million streams, must be pretty surreal. How does that feel?
Yeah, that was pretty sick. It didn’t really feel real until I saw it being premiered live on the X-Factor Final in Wembley Stadium. I’m forever thankful to Louis, Steve and their teams for that opportunity, and I just hope one day I can say I utilized that opportunity in the best way possible.

How would you characterize your style?
It’s hard to say right now. I’m writing a lot of music that is closer to my heart. I’m actually singing on a lot of my newer song ideas, and it feels really good. Of course, my music will always have dance influences and energy. But I want to portray an empowering message with my lyrics and a new sound. It’s epic, empowering, and makes you want to disrupt shit up. It makes you want to pave your own way, and do what feels right to you and only you. I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Outside of producing music, what do you like to do?
Outside of producing music… I like writing music! But for real- I’m obsessed with art. I always have been. I actually started a graphic design company when I was 15, and I wouldn’t have gotten into creating music without it. I love everything visual as much as I love everything audible. I feel like a good brand represents your sound and message as much as the music does. I also helped write the treatment for my first music video, which I’m excited for you to see!

Stop Enabling These Dweebs, Beyoncé

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Can we talk about Eminem’s Revival tracklist for a minute? It is not a promising tracklist. “Foreboding” is a better word for it. Look at these features:


— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) December 5, 2017 I have not yet heard “Bad Husband” featuring X Ambassadors, but I am certain … More »

New Music Friday: it’s a rollover week for the Dua Lipa remix, with Louis Tomlinson at the bottom and various songs in between

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Song of the last week:
Dua Lipa — ‘New Rules’ (Initial Talk mix)
There are plenty of good songs out this week, but there’s nothing that feels worthy of Song Of The Week, so we’re activating an unprecedented SONG OF THE WEEK ROLLOVER.

Wrong of the week:
Louis Tomlinson — ‘Miss You’
It’s quite an achievement for ‘Miss You’ to be one of the year’s worst singles — after all, 2017 is a year that’s already thrown up three other Louis Tomlinson releases. But here we are with a written-to-brief, no-redeeming-features meditation on life as Louis Tomlinson delivered in the style of a Son Of Dork CD single bonus track.

The lyrics reference drugs, drinking, going out and fake smiles because hey, guess what, sometimes being a famous person isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be! It’s sometimes quite bleak!! Sometimes when you are in one place and other people are not in that place you miss them!!! Nobody has ever mentioned this before!!!! Except actually yes they have, they’ve done it quite a lot actually, and they’ve managed to articulate it a lot less charmlessly than this!!!!!

Combined with the single’s sound, its artwork (Louis spotlit in a sea of faces, what could it all mean etc etc) suggests that having wafted aimlessly between genres since June Louis is now going for a ‘Life Thru A Lens’-era Robbie Williams approach and, well, good luck with that.

Either way this is a fitting way to round off a year of releases which kicked off with a hilariously softball interview in which Louis basically admitted he was a pointless and aimless popstar with no real ambition to be a solo artist and no way of explaining why he was even bothering to release music.

Additional notes:

  • The Alan Walker mix of the Ina Wroldsen single is great, though we regret to inform you that Alan Walker still sounds like the founder of a small chain of Kent estate agents, who retired in the mid-2000s and left the business in the hands of his two sons but can’t help dropping in on the office uninvited and attempting to reorganise the filing system because, you know, the way he used to do it just made so much more sense.
  • The Prettymuch and French Montana single is the first Prettymuch release to make you think “yes, this is what a boyband should probably sound like in 2017-slash-18”.
  • Hey, the Kiesza track is really good!
  • For some reason DJDS and Empress Of have covered Lana Del Rey, but the results are rather pleasant.
  • ‘Hot’ on the ‘heels’ of her Eminem collaboration, Beyoncé has now turned up on an Ed Sheeran remix. All it needs now is for Ed to guest on an Eminem song and the circle will be complete.

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Poder A La “Gente”: The Latin Pop Resurgence Is On

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“Mi Gente” is the perfect name for it, really. More »

Petition for Louis Tomlinson to call his album ‘Clint’

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There are times in life when you have to say, “do you know what, let’s not put the album title in capital letters”.

But here we are. Here we are with Niall ‘Niall’ Horan releasing a solo album called ‘Fucker’.

And you might say well, this is clearly not the title of Niall’s album. Niall’s debut album is called ‘Flicker’, you might insist.

But the more you find out about pop, and the more you find out about the way pop works, don’t you find yourself realising that nothing, not even #susanalbumparty, really happens by accident? Because you know, don’t you, that dozens or even hundreds of people saw this artwork before it went Out There, and that at a conservative estimate at least half, if not two thirds, of those people would have seen ‘FUCKER’.

And some of those people will have thought nobody else would notice. But many would have thought: this is actually quite good. This is edgy if we need it to be, totally non-edgy if we don’t. We are winning at musicbiz, they decided. We are having our cake and eating it but in fact not even eating it, we’re throwing the cake directly into the bin because we have cracked the code of 21st century entertainment and money is no longer a problem. The glory days are here again.

So what sort of fucker do you think we are dealing with here?

What are we, the global pop-consuming community, to take from all this?

Is it fucker as in “you cheeky little fucker, Harry was supposed to have all the best solo songs and now it’s all gone wrong”? Is Niall a fucker in the sense of “no bottoming for me thanks”? Or are we talking about fucker in the broader, almost spiritual sense of Niall fucking with us all by releasing an album called ‘Flicker’ which looks like ‘Fucker’ and doing so on purpose because he is — to bring us back to our first proposition — a cheeky little fucker?

Life really is a mystery.

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New Music Friday: Vera Blue at the top, ‘Chad Cooper’ at the bottom, various songs in between

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Song of the week:
Vera Blue — ‘Lady Powers’
Vera Blue is an interesting one: today she releases her debut album, except it’s not quite a debut album because she previously had one out as Celia Pavey, which was the name she used when she was on Australia’s version of The Voice. Still, as Lana Del Rey has shown the world, there’s nothing a decent rebrand can’t fix: Vera’s album is brilliant, and ‘Lady Powers’ is a super-smart pop single. If you like it, make sure you give the full album a listen.

Wrong of the week:
Chad Cooper, Robaer and Kepler — ‘Happy Song’
Imagine Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ stripped of any originality then combine it with all the least imaginative lyrical, melodic, sonic and vocal tropes of every big-streaming song of the last 18 months, and that’s ‘Happy Song’. Naturally it sounds like it could be catnip for Spotify playlists. Spotnip, if you will. Shall we try to make Spotnip a thing? Shall we? No let’s not do that.

Additional notes:

  • Desperate times call for Despacito measures: for his ‘launch’ single X Factor winner ‘Matt Terry’ has been slapped onto a new version of Enrique Iglesias’ previously-and-in-fact-still quite brilliant ‘Subeme La Radio’. We’re sure ‘Matt Terry’ is a really nice guy and that’s all we have to say about this release.
  • Speaking of Syco-related releases from people who are presumably Really Nice Guys, Louis Tomlinson (and Digital Farm Animals) join Bebe Rexha on what is essentially a Bebe Rexha single. There is swearing on it to show everyone how grown up everyone is.
  • MORE SYCO: Pretty Much, the US boyband they’ve been working on for a while, release their first single today. Perky sexualconsentbanger ‘Would You Mind’ pulls off the interesting feat of being quite excellent while also sounding like a mid-ranking 911 single.
  • Lana Del Rey’s released her album again and it’s mostly very good.
  • For reasons unexplained Lykke Li has covered ‘Unchained Melody’.
  • For reasons unexplained Ember Island have covered ‘Umbrella’.
  • Sadly the wheels have totally fallen off the WSTRN thing now, which is a shame but what can you do? (“Release better follow-up singles” — The World.)

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EDMSauce Exclusive Interview: Digital Farm Animals Talks New Music & Hidden Talents

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Digital Farm Animals a.k.a. Nicholas (Nick) Gale has been hot on the scene as one of the world’s leading DJ/Producer. His hits such as ‘Millionaire ft. Nelly’ and ‘Digital Love’ have joined the 1 million club with over 1M listens on Spotify. When DFA (Digital Farm Animals) is not making music, he keeps himself busy

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We Are Entering A Golden Age Of Pop Posse Cuts

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Who knew the Moulin Rouge-era “Lady Marmalade,” which pointed to the past in so many ways, would become such a prescient harbinger of the future? The year was 2001, and to promote his long-awaited followup to Romeo + Juliet, Baz Luhrmann rounded up a pop-star Avengers of sorts to sing a 27-year-old disco hit that … More »

Watch Steve Aoki & One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Perform On Jimmy Fallon

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If it’s got both Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson’s name on it, the track is going to be something special. The Grammy nominated producer and One Direction vocalist recently unleashed “Just Hold On,” which has already established itself as a #1 hit in 43 countries, and now the two have just performed their U.S. debut of the collaboration.

Click below to hear their televised live performance of the energized single, and you can catch Aoki and Tomlinson reminiscing about some of their more outlandish tour stories in an accessory upload.

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Source: Watch Steve Aoki & One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Perform On Jimmy Fallon

Get To Know Steve Aoki’s Recent Collaborator, Jay Pryor

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As we reported on earlier, the brand new Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson collaboration “Just Hold On” has soared into the charts since debuting at #2 this week. As noted, the song and its lyrics pay tribute to the late Johannah Deakin, Louis’ mother who tragically passed away last week.
If you look at the track’s production credits it’ll tell you that there are three producers on the track. Steve Aoki, Sir Nolan, and Jay Pryor. While Sir Nolan and Jay Pryor may both be unfamiliar to you, rest assured Sir Nolan is a known commodity in the pop world having collaborated with Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, and more.
Jay Pryor on the other hand, is a relatively unknown producer hailing from Ireland with less than 15,000 SoundCloud followers who has know found himself at #on the UK Dance charts having co-produced a song for a global superstar with another global superstar.

Having been unfamiliar with Jay’s work prior to “Just Hold On,” I took the time to browse through his SoundCloud familiarizing myself with the producer’s ‘happy-go-lucky’ house sound that’s not only evident on “Just Hold On” but some of his remixes below.

Check below for a live performance of the track between vocalist Louis Tomlinson and Aoki himself and expect to hear even more from Jay Pryor in the near future!

Image: Rukes

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Source: Get To Know Steve Aoki’s Recent Collaborator, Jay Pryor