Live Nation VP arrested for filming up women’s skirts with pen camera

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The Vice President of Finance and Strategic Initiatives at Live Nation Entertainment, Andrew Macrae, has been arrested following the discovery that he routinely use a pen camera to take photos up women’s skirts on his daily London commute.

A Live Nation employee since 2004, Macrae was caught capturing the illicit images by an off-duty Metropolitan Police officer after he was observed “acting suspiciously.”

Macrae would obscure the camera by placing it partially inside of a laptop bag and then place the bag on the ground between the victim’s legs. Macrae drew the attention of the officer by “changing the angle of the bag, which he had placed between the legs of a blonde female wearing a red summer dress.” Macrae was promptly arrested and escorted to a south London police station.

Prosecutor Angela Mehadio has since informed the court handling the case that Macrae had “admitted his intention was to film up skirts for personal and sexual gratification.”

Officers have uncovered 49,000 additional images after searching Macrae’s home in Redhill. Authorities determined that Macrae had not only been filming unsuspecting victims on the train, but a female neighbor and house guest as well. Macrae has pleaded guilty to seven counts of voyeurism for the filming offences conducted from his home over a three-year period, further admitting to one count of outraging public decency between Clapham Junction and Vauxhall stations on July 19.

A married father, Macrae did not enter pleas on two additional counts of outraging public decency. Macrae is set to appear in court on November 7 for his sentencing.

Macrae has been relieved of his duties at Live Nation Entertainment.

The company has since released a statement on Macrae’s actions: “This matter is still before the courts and as such we are unable to comment on the case. We can confirm that these charges have been made against the individual personally and that he was terminated by Live Nation Entertainment in July 2017 following his arrest. Live Nation strongly condemns Macrae’s acts and is outraged by his offensive and criminal behavior which has no place at our company, city or the world at large.”

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Live Nation VP of Finance and Strategic Initiatives Arrested for Using a Pen to Film Up Women?s Skirts

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Not only was this Live Nation VP, Andrew Macrae, filming up unsuspecting subway riders skirts but also secretly filming his female neighbor and house guest!

Live Nation Executive Used Camera To Film Up Women’s Skirts

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A vice president of the world’s largest live entertainment, Live Nation, arrested for filming up women’s skirts with a pen camera during his London commute. Andrew Macrae, 43 and VP of finance and strategic initiatives at Live Nation Entertainment, was spotted by an off-duty Met officer using the pen camera device, which he placed between

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Live Nation introduces new electronic music division in Asia

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Live Nation is expanding the reach of its electronic music branch via Live Nation Electronic Asia, a new electronic-focused events division that will aim to meet the continent’s increased demand for large-scale dance music events.

Jim Wong, an independent promoter in Hong Kong will head the division, drawing on his comprehensive experience in the electronic music industry as he supervises the division’s overall development. Wong is notable for his orchestration of more than 500 concerts, festivals, and club bookings in Hong Kong and Mainland China over the past three years.

Live Nation Electronic Asia intends to broaden Asia’s accessibility to electronic music events “through both concerts and festivals.” Tiesto will appear in Shanghai in October as Electronic Asia’s inaugural performer in promotion of his next album, Clublife Vol. 5: China. The Tiesto led tour will span eight total dates across the continent.

Tiesto’s billing will be joined by a Creamfields Festival in Hong Kong from December 15-16. Another Creamfields Festival will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan on December 17.

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Pasquale Rotella discusses Gary Richards leaving HARD, big changes on the horizon for EDC brand

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In an Instagram Live address to his fans on August 6th, Electric Daisy Carnival‘s owner and poster boy, Pasquale Rotella, discussed myriad issues concerning the dance music industry, his company Insomniac, and it’s relationship to HARD Events, and big changes on the horizon for EDC structuring and mission. Here are a few keys highlights from the address.

EDC New York may not be returning. The company is putting forth new efforts to desaturate the U.S. festival market that it helped to over inflate, focusing more on “quality over quantity of festivals.” This also means downsizing certain festivals like Nocturnal Wonderland from a three-day festival to a more boutique, limited capacity sized event.

Focus will be put on EDC Las Vegas’s transportation system, especially leaving the festival. Rotella doesn’t want to make an official public statements until all changes are solidified. However, EDM Sauce ventures to conjecture that major changes may include the rumored possible future venue change to Las Vegas’ new NFL stadium.

EDC will not move to two weekends and will not be changing the experience inside the festival. Rotella emphasized that the EDC brand and experience will always stand for electronic dance music, stressing that attendees likely won’t be seeing hip-hop on the lineup beyond producers bringing out live guest appearances, a decision that belongs to the artist.

Pasquale spoke to Hard Summer Music Festival founder Gary Richards leaving HARD Presents for LiveStyle. Rotella clarified that Insomniac has actually owned HARD for the past few years, based on a creative partnership Insomniac has with Live Nation Entertainment, the event conglomerate who purchased HARD from Gary Richards in 2012. HARD was able to operate on its own up until this year when Richard’s contract ran out.

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BREAKING: Gary Richards Releases Statement On Leaving HARD To Pursue ‘Incredible New Opportunity’

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We wanted to update our readership with a development on the Gary Richards story we published earlier today. Gary has released the below statement about the news which broke hours ago. We wish nothing but the best to the father of HARD Events moving forward. “To all the HARDfam & Shipfam: I am leaving Live

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Grab tickets for J. Cole LIVE at the United Center on July 24th & 25th

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On July 24th & 25th, J. Cole is back in Chicago for two nights of fun at the United Center. …

Parents of dead EDC attendee suing Insomniac, Live Nation

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On June 12, 2015 during that year’s Electric Daisy Carnival, 24-year-old Nicholas Austin Tom overdosed after ingesting MDMA. His parents are now suing the production companies behind the event, Insomniac Holdings and Live Nation Entertainment, alleging that the two companies were unprepared to offer adequate medical assistance at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway when their son needed it most.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Tom suffered a seizure and then collapsed after ingesting the illicit drug. Other attendees were then slowed in their attempts to get him to the proper personnel by the large crowds and loud, disorienting music. Further, upon arriving at a medical tent, the lawsuit claims it was unattended and Tom was left alone for 30 minutes—during which, he died.

Tom’s parent’s lawsuit claims that Insomniac and Live Nation didn’t have proper medical supplies or trained staff available on-site to properly administer to their son, though during 2015, there were more than 1,400 medical calls placed, with more than 24 attendees admitted to the hospital and 0 other casualties.

At the time, an Insomniac spokeswoman issued a statement reiterating the company’s zero-tolerance regarding illicit drugs at their events.

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Live Nation increases security measures in wake of Manchester bombing

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In wake of the bombing in Manchester last weekend at an Ariana Grande concert, Live Nation has increased its security measures in hopes of preventing future catastrophes.

A notice issued to venues reads as follows:

“Due to enhanced security procedures, no bags or backpacks will be permitted into the venue except for small personal bags or purses (12″x12″x6″ max) or clear 1 gallon bags. All bags will be subject to a search. We encourage you to not bring in any bag whatsoever and make use of the express ‘no bag’ lanes.”

The statement was originally posted on Sasquatch Music Festival’s Facebook wall, but it has since been hidden. The extent of the new guidelines and how they will affect individual festivals has yet to be seen.

Live Nation is the company behind some of the country’s biggest festivals, such as EDC Las Vegas, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and more.

View the full notice below:


Featured image via Live Nation.

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Live Nation Is Offering To Refund Concerts In The UK

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Concert-promoter behemoth Live Nation is offering refunds to ticketholders fearful of attending upcoming shows in the UK. Following the terrorist attack in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande show that left 22 dead and dozens more wounded, the UK has raised its threat level to “critical.” Prime Minister Theresa May warned citizens that British … More »