Lane 8’s ‘Little by Little’ LP sees a treasure chest of remixes from Dirty South, ATTLAS, and more

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Lane 8’s ‘Little by Little’ LP sees a treasure chest of remixes from Dirty South, ATTLAS, and moreLane 8 Little By Little Remied

Lane 8‘s albums have been more than just perfunctory collections of songs for the deep house star – they’ve been legitimate works of art, defining individual eras within his catalogue. The producer’s sophomore LP, Little by Little, has seen him embark on tour across the globe, while his tracks seep into the collective consciousness of his fans. In a fitting finale, the artist has opened the door for some of dance music’s most emotive names to reimagine the album on Little By Little Remixed. The 10-track pack is a stellar mix of mainstays and rising talents. Among cuts from established artists such as Dirty South, ATTLAS, and Tinlicker, the album has a wealth of up and comers to be heard including This Never Happened signee Anderholm and recent Anjunadeep artist Ben Böhmer.

Little By Little is an album flush with gorgeous vocals, and the remixers take on the challenge of reframing them fearlessly. ATTLAS spins the deep longing of “No Captain” into a symphony of bright synths, while Khåen takes “Stir Me Up” down an eerie side-street. Elsewhere, Fairchild injects Lane 8’s frequent set opener “Daya” with a brilliantly shuffled percussion groove that supercharges the synth-driven melody. Tinlicker’s rework of “Clarify” is a surefire standout, its hypnotic arps already having provided what Lane 8 himself described as an “amazing moment” in live sets this year. Though the meticulous album was surely a daunting task to complete, Lane 8 did so beautifully, yielding a range of ethereal takes fit to extend his latest artistic era further into the future.

Lane 8’s ‘Little By Little’ remixes continue with Tinlicker’s take on ‘Clarify’

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Lane 8’s ‘Little By Little’ remixes continue with Tinlicker’s take on ‘Clarify’Tinlicker Dancefair Masterclass

Tinlicker is the latest to get in on the extensive remixing of Lane 8‘s 2018 album, Little By Little. The Dutch duo whose futuristic progressive style has solidified them as creative, focused producers whose star is on the rise in their own right. Joining recent remixers Dirty South, Anderholm and Ben Böhmer, Tinlicker has brought their touch to Lane 8’s “Clarify,” a track that in its original form drew up a melancholy cinematic expanse, featuring moody vocals from Fractures. Set up nearly as a blank landscape with an opening for the addition of melody and complexity, Tinlicker took their opportunity seriously.

While Lane 8 might share some stylistic qualities in his music that complement Tinlicker’s own musical vision, the end result of this remix is stunning. It’s like they’ve taken centuries to build this piece brick by brick, constructing at a slow but “just right” pace. Eventually unveiling melodies that intertwine in a daydreamy, entrancing dance together, this remix poses big opportunities for Tinlicker in their future. It also continues the anticipation for the release of many more remixes from Little By Little.

Old and new Anjunadeepians, Lane 8 and Ben Böhmer, converge to create celestial sonic babies

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Old and new Anjunadeepians, Lane 8 and Ben Böhmer, converge to create celestial sonic babies21167308 1621164124582516 8262895326888040930 O E1537542533850

One of Anjunadeep‘s newest breadwinners, Ben Böhmer, has proved himself an austere presence within the Anjunabeats sub-label, melding his visceral, atmospheric sound to its most intimate foundations. His latest remix of Lane 8‘s “Hold On” further solidifies his vocation to that lofty, singularly Anjunadeepian deep house.

Though now running his own rapidly sprouting label, Lane 8 spent years nurturing his heavenly emblem on Anjunadeep soil, still regularly mixing for the imprint and even performing at their first-ever Open Air festival in London this year. Naturally, Böhmer adopted the particularly tranquilizing track as part of Lane 8’s official remix album for Little By Little

Böhmer leaves the polished patriarch’s creation still starkly recognizable, slightly pitching up and restructuring the lead synth line, and leaving Fracture’s exploratory vocals ringing true through the chorus. The remix, like the Lane 8 original, is the ideal soundtrack for flying over a sea of snowy mountain peaks, or a long rest atop a vapory mass of clouds.

The young German made his Anjunadeep debut last year with his miraculously mellow “Flug & Fall,” which appeared on the label’s fourth Explorations album installment. He soon followed up therein with the warming tones of his stirring Morning Falls EP.

Dirty South drops stunning rework of Lane 8’s ‘No Captain’

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Dirty South drops stunning rework of Lane 8’s ‘No Captain’Dirty South

Dirty South does a Lane 8 catalog favorite justice in his remix of Little by Little lead single, “No Captain.” A deft dabble in electronic subtlety, the original foregrounded the vocals of featured artist, Channy Leaneagh of POLIÇA. Laid atop a lush bed of melodic multi-chord synths, Leaneagh’s piercingly clean vocal contribution and the ascendant progression of “No Captain” engendered an ethereal quality that distinguished  the song as an album standout even before Little by Little made its highly anticipated arrival.

Dirty South’s take preserves the layered construction of the original, interweaving dusky strings and pulsating, glinting synths that amplify the moody contemplative tone of the original. Although Dirty South by his own admission “does not do many remixes,” the XV producer called his re-imagination of Lane 8’s signature hit one of his “favorite” remixes that he’s ever done in a tweet that followed the rework’s release, and listeners will surely agree. The remix is yet another cerebral showing from the subgenre spanning visionary, slated to release his second album of 2018 on November 15. The untitled project will follow Dirty South’s ten-track February offering, XV.

Lane 8 announces ‘Little By Little Remixed’ LP featuring Dirty South, ATTLAS, Fairchild, and more

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Lane 8 announces ‘Little By Little Remixed’ LP featuring Dirty South, ATTLAS, Fairchild, and moreLane 8 Little By Little Remies

If Lane 8‘s sophomore long player Little By Little was a mixtape (and he’s definitely fond of those), it would be worn out and dinged up from binge-listens by now. The album was certified feels front to back, with Lane 8’s trademark analog warmth oozing from every track. Although the “Little Voices” producer hasn’t held back on the new music front since the LP’s release, that didn’t stop him plotting to give even more legs to Little By Little with a full 10 artists already named for the project. The list reads like a who’s who of melodic dance music, with stalwarts like ATTLAS, Dirty South, and Fairchild alongside fresh This Never Happened label mates Ʌ V O U R E  and KHAEN. The remix album promises a fresh dose of deep and emotive takes, all reaching for a very high bar set by the original album material.

The stack of reworks is set to drop October 4. Lane 8 will fittingly be in the midst of the Little By Little North American tour’s second leg. Can’t wait until release day to hear those juicy remixes? Catching them tucked into an upcoming Lane 8 set is your best bet.

Lane 8 releases final Clue to the mystery of ‘Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard’

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Lane 8 releases final Clue to the mystery of ‘Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard’DSC 0085 Copy

Lane 8‘s “The Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard” has been solved for good this time, on the artist’s This Never Happened imprint. The track first incited intrigue after Lane 8, real name Daniel Goldstein, weaved it into his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, back in April.

“The Disappearance Of Colonel Mustard” begins as many of Goldstein’s rich repertoire of deep house tracks do — halcyon, instrumental, and saccharinely melodic. However, the drop moves into an uncharacteristically dark display, that is not altogether sinister, but more shrouded in clandestine club fun, evocative of ZHU‘s shadowy allure. The track finds a surprisingly harmonious balance between light, atmospheric interludes and jolting basslines.

The new song perpetuates an already incredibly rich release year for the Goldstein, who, in succession to his wildly successful Little By Little album (accompanied by a world tour), has released a technicolor train of house singles as of late.

Lane 8 announces second phase of Little By Little Tour

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lane 8

After a series of sold out performances for part one of his Little By Little Tour, Lane 8, real name Daniel Goldstein, announced he’s hopping back on tour for another go in late 2018. This time around, Goldstein will embark on his three-month expedition beginning in the US in September, making his way across Europe through October, then circling back to the states in November.

Per the tour flyer, “Experience the Moment / Don’t record it,” the tour is backed by Goldstein’s own This Never Happened imprint, which is predicated on those exact principles. To solidify this, the Little By Little Tour does not permit phone cameras or filming on the dancefloor, so that attendees may, “connect with each other and the music in the purest way possible.”

Lane 8 reveals horde of new music in his debut BBC Essential Mix

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Daniel Goldstein, better known as Lane 8, took to BBC’s Radio 1 Essential Mix to heighten an already watershed year in the producer’s career.

The two hour deep/melodic house mix is nothing short of a transcendent expedition through Lane 8’s past, present, and future. Despite his recent album release, Lane 8 showers the listener with unreleased tracks, starting with “Bluebird” a delicate, yet rousing collaboration with fellow This Never Happened artist, Anderholm. Lane 8’s Anjunadeep days seep into the folds via an acapella version of his 2014 “Diamonds” which he mashes with his own delicious rework of deadmau5‘s “Not Exactly.” Selections from his recent LP Little By Little not only makes frequent appearances, but are heavily remixed by the likes of Dirty South, Khaen, and Anjunadeep up-and-comer, Ben Böhmer.

Earlier this year, Goldstein released his Little By Little album via his very own, This Never Happened label. The imprint is predicated on its creator’s desire to deliver raw, authentic human experience and interaction. He is currently in the midst of his international Little By Little Tour, in which no cameras and/or phones are permitted to ensure fans “connect with each other and the music in the purest way possible.”

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Lane 8 Releases 1st Official Remix From Little By Little, ‘Skin & Bones’ ft. Patrick Baker the Enamour Remix

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Just a few weeks after the release of Lane 8’s sophomore album ‘Little By Little’, one stand out single ‘Skin & Bones’ ft. Patrick Baker has received a remix from Washington DC producer Enamour. Enamour’s music delicately walks the line between deep introspection and pure club play, but the young star takes it super deep and

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Lane 8’s ‘Little By Little’ is a spectacular aural odyssey grounded in its exploration of the human condition

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The great paradox of the modern day is that despite numerous means of instantaneous communication, true and genuine connection is at premium higher than any point in history. Unsurprisingly, contemporary art wrestles with this, notably in Black Mirror‘s recent examination of dating apps and culture from the episode “Hang The DJ,” where the driving tension results from couples being matched up and immediately given a countdown until their inevitable split and disconnect.

Acutely aware of this strain stemming from disconnection is the melodic house maestro Daniel Goldstein, better known as Lane 8. In an effort to establish deeper contact with fans, Goldstein launched his This Never Happened series of events, which required attendees to abandon their phones and experience his mellifluous concoctions while entirely present, free from the distraction of technology.

In a discussion with DA from 2016, Goldstein delved into how important the introduction of his imprint and This Never Happened show concept was for his work:

Towards the end of last year I did a big album tour and played a ton of shows in a row and there were a few where, you know, you would look out playing ‘Diamonds’ or ‘Hot As You Want’ and just see a sea of phones recording the moment and nobody really just actually being there and experiencing it. I remember just seeing that and talking to my wife and saying, these people are not experiencing live music at all – everything is just a spectacle and I feel like that’s kind of something that’s just plaguing everything…”

Encouragingly, Lane 8 will tour his new album under the This Never Happened banner, out now via his imprint of the same name. Dubbed Little By Little, the LP flourishes in its embrace of the past, present, and future brand of his deep and melodic house music.

Lane 8

After the announcement of Little By Little, Goldstein unveiled the first single “No Captain,” featuring the distinct tones of POLIÇA‘s Channy Leaneagh. An intriguing vanguard, Goldstein embarked on a uniquely reflective journey of melodic house and evocative electronica, inspiring instrumental club ballads, and late-night memories along the way.

If standout vocal stylings are to be this album’s defining feature, then Little By Little is Goldstein’s magnum opus of stylistically evolved and meticulously-crafted curation. The producer welcomed several new vocals talents onto the LP, in the form of Australian talent Fractures on both “Clarify” and “Hold On” and the British singer-songwriter J.F. July on “Coming Back To You.” The strength of each vocalist is evident in the lift they give the record, in general, and each track, specifically. Like Lane 8’s earlier work, Little By Little is crafted with the mastery that fans have come to love amongst his catalog: a marriage of introspective and instrumental club tracks.

Each track on Little By Little presents a unique aural journey. Like Lane 8’s 2015 album Rise, Little By Little finds its poise in a form of lyrics that are equally wistful and thoughtful, driving melodies, and a meandering energy. Considering the driving forces behind “Hot As You Want,” featuring Solomon Grey, “Undercover’s” feature of Ghostly International founder Matthew Dear, or even “The One’s” highlight of Patrick Baker, it’s only right Little By Little sees that Lane 8’s use of male vocalists continues.

While each track on Little By Little touches on human connections in some capacity, Goldstein’s best captures the record’s ethos with “Skin & Bones.” “Are we seeking something more than this?” beckons vocalist Patrick Baker. The vocalist offers contemplation in his lyrics, speaking with an air of poignancy on the struggle to forge such meaningful bonds with others.

When Goldstein’s been asked to articulate the inherent meaning of his music in a number of interviews, he’s expressed, like many musicians, that his music is a cathartic medium for his listeners and that he ultimately hopes that they extract their own meanings from it. Surely, each of his tracks reflect intimate moments of his own life; that said, what he outputs is more than likely to move its listener in an entirely different way.

Little By Little is an especially bold release to kick off the new year, given the current climate that is currently straying away from albums in general. In providing such an extensive and sentimental expression of himself, Lane 8 proves that these bodies of work still serve an important purpose in the musical sphere.  This isn’t to say that artists don’t pour their heart and soul into singles or EPs. However, when artists build a labor of love over the course of several years, listeners know that they’re putting everything on the line  and challenging themselves on the immensely exposing path that is penning an LP.

“In a way, I think that’s what this album is all about — taking the time to appreciate each small step in a larger journey,” Goldstein’s expressed of the new record, and little by little, his work is allowing that journey to be all the more enjoyable for many.

Tickets for Lane 8’s Little By Little album tour are available here.

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