The Best & Worst Covers Of 2018

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I know this year’s been kind of exhausting music-wise. It’s been exhausting everything-wise, but stopping to think about how music felt just dredged up nothing but malaise: Post Malone going all Individual-1 about “fake news”, grotesque Soundcloud rappers turning out to be all-problematic/no-faves, the final demise of anything resemblingMore »

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships: 27 Memorable Music Tweets From 2018

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TwitterA lot happened in the year of our lord 2018, and a lot of it happened on Twitter. Beefs were had: Ariana Grande and Piers Morgan, Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks, Lisa Prank and Elon Musk. Love stories began: Grimes and Elon Musk, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Kanye and … More »

Essential and Interesting 2018 Year-End Music Lists

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The Largehearted Boy List of Essential and Interesting 2018 Year-End Music Lists

I will aggregate essential and most interesting “best of 2018” year-end music lists as I have for the past twelve years, and update this post regularly.

See also: Largehearted Boy’s Online “Best Books of 2018”.

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The A.V. Club (best metal albums)
Alt.Latino (best music)
Atlantic (best albums)
Aquarium Drunkard (music)
Billboard (best songs)
The Bitter Southerner (best Southern albums)
Complex UK (best songs)
Consequence of Sound (top songs)
Dazed (best albums)
Decibel (top albums)
Drowned in Sound (best reverb, delay, drone, and distortion albums)
Drowned in Sound (favourite albums)
FACT (best albums)
The FADER (best songs)
Flood (best albums)
Gorilla Vs. Bear (albums)
Gorilla Vs. Bear (songs)
Guardian (top songs)
Happy (best Australian music blogs)
The Line of Best Fit (best songs)
MOJO (top albums)
New York Times (best songs)
New Yorker (best albums)
New Yorker (favorite songs)
Nialler9 (best albums)
NME (albums)
Noisey (best albums)
Noisey (best songs)
NPR Music (best albums)
OkayAfrica (Best Ghanaian songs)
Paste (best albums)
Paste (best folk albums)
Paste (best jazz albums)
Paste (best songs)
Pitchfork (best albums)
Pitchfork (best songs)
PopMatters (best music lists)
The Quietus (best songs from new weird Britain)
The Quietus (best reissues)
Remezcla (best electronic & experimental songs)
Resident Advisor (best albums)
The Ringer (best songs)
Rolling Stone (best albums)
Routes & Branches (favorite albums)
Slate (best albums)
SPIN (best albums)
Stereogum (best albums)
Stereogum (best electronic albums)
Stereogum (best new bands)
Stereogum (great EPs)
Treble (overlooked albums)
Uncut (top albums)
Vulture (Christmas albums)

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The 20 Best Music Videos Of 2018

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vidsIn the early days of this century, you could still turn on your television and, every so often, catch a music video. It didn’t last. Music videos still exist on television, but niche ventures like the MTV Jams Channel only exist in the shadowy nether reaches of cable subscriptions, and that’s not where music videos … More »

The 10 Best Jazz Albums Of 2018

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The Best Jazz Albums Of 2018The last few years have been a wild time to be a jazz fan. On the one hand, legendary players and crucial figures in the music’s history continue to pass away. This year we lost pianists Henry Butler, Cecil Taylor and Randy Weston; trumpeters Jerry González, Roy Hargrove, Hugh Masekela, and Tomasz Stanko; saxophonists Hamiet … More »

The 10 Best Electronic Albums Of 2018

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The-Best-Electronic-Albums-Of-2018Over the summer, I found myself at Hammerstein Ballroom surrounded by more than 2,000 ecstatic Vocaloid fans, each equipped with a color-changing wand (something between a lightsaber and those conical lights that ground control uses to direct runway traffic at airports). Without much warning, the crowd would sync up their movements in spontaneous choreography along … More »

The 2018 Music Power Couples Power Rankings

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The conceit of this list is simple: Which music power couple dominated the year? In 2018, there is no easy answer. This, after all, was the year of Grusk, Pete & Ariana, and super secret weddings between men who write songs and play guitar and certified A-list actresses. I devised a complex, scientific formula to … More »

The 10 Best Metal Albums Of 2018

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Best Metal Albums 2018First, some housekeeping. In place of what would have been November’s Black Market column, you are now (in early December) getting our TOP 10 METAL ALBUMS OF THE YEAR (*terrifying thunderclap*) MINUS A MONTH AND A BIT (*sadder, softer thunderclap*). At the end of this month, as a sort of “special edition” of December’s Black … More »

25 Great EPs From 2018

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Best EPs Of 2018Every year, the parameters for this list get a little more specious. With the rise of streaming services and the decline of physical media, the distinctions between a 7″ and a 12″ have largely faded away. Today, everything is a “project” or a “collection” or (groan) a “playlist.” Artists are still releasing EPs in name, … More »

The 50 Best Albums Of 2018

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The legends, for the most part, stayed quiet in 2018. Your Radioheads, your Beyoncés, and your Kendrick Lamars were not entirely silent; Thom Yorke, Johnny Greenwood, and Kendrick Lamar all had movie-music things going, while Beyoncé and JAY-Z wrapped up their internal-affairs trilogy with a shrug of an LP that felt more like an excuse … More »