Elon Musk Ends Farting Unicorn Feud With Lisa Prank’s Dad

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Musk-PrankYou would think that someone like Elon Musk would be too rich and famous to get himself entangled in various petty Twitter feuds involving indie rock personalities. You’d be wrong! Yesterday, Musk’s girlfriend Grimes was on Twitter, talking about how she tried to get a Tesla union vote going and defending Musk’s donations to the … More »

Elon Musk & Lisa Prank Fight Over Farting Unicorn Drawing

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Lisa Prank & Elon MuskRobin Edwards is a Seattle musician who records sharp, catchy, really good pop-punk music under the name Lisa Prank. Her dad, Tom Edwards, is the Colorado-based artist and potter behind Wallyware Pottery. Elon Musk, Grimes’ new boyfriend, is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and a billionaire. All of these people … More »

Lisa Prank & Seattle’s Little Helpers – “All I Want For Christmas (Is To Be With You)”

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A year and a half ago, Robin Edwards put out a great pop-punk album called Adult Teen under the name Lisa Prank. And now, she’s teaming up with fellow Seattle musicians Bree McKenna (Tacocat) and Tristan Jemsek (Dogbreth) for Gimme What I Want, a new holiday EP out tomorrow. Lead track “All I Want … More »

74 Artists On Their Favorite Tom Petty Song

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I once got busted trying to steal a magazine from my hometown library. The 8/8/91 issue of Rolling Stone apparently had one of those sensors on the last page and it beeped from my backpack on the way out. I was gonna bring it back. I just wanted to take it home to read the … More »

Who Is She? – “Seattle Freeze”

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Who Is She? are a Seattle supergroup made up of Lisa Prank’s Robin Edwards, Tacocat’s Bree McKenna, and Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro, and next week they’re releasing their debut album together, Seattle Gossip. We’ve already heard “Top 8” from it and today they’ve shared another new one called “Seattle Freeze,” a reference to More »

Stream The Don’t Stop Now Covers Comp Feat. Abi Reimold, Jeff Rosenstock, The Menzingers, & Many More

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Don't Stop NowDon’t Stop Now is a brand new compilation of covers benefitting the ACLU, released today in wake of Trump’s inauguration. Abi Reimold covers Angel Olsen’s “Those Were The Days,” Jeff Rosenstock does “Jet Ski” by Bikini Kill, Anika Pyle (of Chumped fame) took on “Dark Moon” by Bonnie Guitar, and Chris Farren interpreted “Bamboo Bones” … More »

Songs that Inspire SAD13 on Tour

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Sad13 immediately captured our love with their first album – we loved it so much we put it on our Top 30 Albums of 2016! With Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz, another favorite, at the helm – it’s no surprise that the brand of indie-rock coming from Sad13 gets under our skin. We asked Sadie to put together a playlist that shows what they’ve been digging and what they’ve been up to during their breakout 2016. Check out the awesome playlist below and be sure to check them out on 1/14 when they play C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn benefiting the incredible Southern Poverty Law Center – it will be a great show for an even greater cause.


Sad13 has been on tour with Vagabon almost 5 weeks. OMG! That’s a loooong time to be on the road for a first tour. But luckily we’ve been playing with some great folks all around the country. (Also, luckily, we got to pet some donkeys and goats in Arizona a few days ago.) Here are a couple videos by some of the musicians we’ve been stoked to share a stage with.

Lisa Prank – Starting Again

The first time I met Robin she gave me a Taco Bell gift card–love at first sight obviously! She lost her drum machine on tour with Pwr Bttm last month (after their ENTIRE VAN was stolen 🙀) and so she couldn’t play my favorite song “Baby Let Me Write Yr Lines” when she opened up for us on the west coast. Well, my new favorite is now “Starting Again”–she ended every set with it and it’s been stuck in my head for like a whole month. I started wearing a fluffy cat ears headband on this tour because I’m jealous of Robin’s headgear, which is a homemade crown that says “PRANK,” all-caps.

Didi – Haru (Live)

The best band and the best people! So happy we got to do some Ohio shows with this four-piece. I feel like I’ve spilled so much ink over Didi in other interviews that I might as well just let this awesome song speak for itself. Fun fact for when they inevitably make Didi trading cards: “Haru” is Leslie’s middle name! 

Nyssa – Bad Girls (Elegy)

Nyssa produces and records her own music, but she’s also a major presence onstage–I wanna cop some of those dance moves. She had really cool interstitial music playing in between each song of her set, which inspired me to put some instrumental music between songs in our set (mine is a 25-minute harsh noise cover of the Sabrina The Teenage Witch theme song, so, uh, get ready for that.)

Emily Reo – Spell (Live)

Emily’s been playing in Sad13 this whole tour and now she’s FINALLY gonna play her own set, too. I’ve mostly been listening to some of her unreleased songs in the past few months but since I can’t share those with the world ;)… I love this live performance of her song “Spell,” which just came out on a 10″ in October. I think there’s a video set to drop very soon too, so if that comes out before this is published, plz swap in for the SICK FANCY VIDEO she’s been working hard on. (ed note. it’s came out and we agree that it’s SICK FANCY.)

Bijouxx (a.k.a. Kelsey Swope) – for Ame

We didn’t know anything about Bijouxx prior to playing with her in Boise, but were totally blown away by her voice and her guitar tone. A really talented performer a la Angel Olsen or Karen Dalton. 

Computer Magic – Gone for the Weekend

Danz produced the very first Sad13 song, a collaboration with Lizzo, but I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. She plays guitar on this song, which I think is relatively new for her–she’s a very accomplished producer who’s always adding to her repertoire, and I really admire that commitment to growing as a musician. Also she always looks super fucking cool. We did the first show of tour with her in a plant shop. 

Stef Chura – Slow Motion

Stef traded tapes with me in Detroit. Thank you Stef!! You rule!!

Sammus – Nighttime

The first three Sad13 shows ever were with Sammus, and she also features on my album. I could spend all day talking about how talented and important she is, but what’s even cooler about this particular video is it was done by my very ultra friend Faye Orlove! 

Kyle Bent – Supplier

I just met Kyle last night at the Boston Music Awards–I hadn’t heard his music before but his set was really tight. He went on early in the night, which was a bummer, but everyone lucky enough to be there to see him was so into it, and he wound up jumping into the pit at the House of Blues. I don’t live in Boston anymore but I’m always psyched to find out about awesome Boston musicians and Kyle qualifies. Plus he has a bomber jacket with his OWN NAME EMBROIDERED ON THE BACK OF IT. Niiiice.

Nancy Dr0ne – Unfolding Subformations

I wanted to include a Nancy Dr0ne video because I was so fascinated by her set (also the way she organizes her Ableton session looked…like… so cool) but the only vids she has uploaded are video game playthroughs and really short snippets of her live performance. So here’s one of the latter. Nancy Dr0ne please grace the world with some music vids!