Diplo announces new six-cut EP, ‘Europa,’ due Feb. 22

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Diplo announces new six-cut EP, ‘Europa,’ due Feb. 22Diplo Mon MVMT18 Bryan Mitchell 199

March 2018 saw Diplo deliver California, a seven-track effort that emanated the warmth of the EP’s namesake state. Diplo’s first solo production since 2013’s Revolution, the collaboratively diverse EP coalesced the likes of Lil Yachty, Goldlink, , and more for an effervescent showing that continues to fizz with sonic personality, even as Diplo announces the imminent arrival of California followup, Europa.

Poised for a Feb. 22 debut, Europa will transport four Diplo originals from the electronic chameleon’s studio to listeners’ speakers. Diplo diffused some of Europa‘s sound two preliminary singles from the six-track, European inspired EP, “Boom Bye Bye” with Niska,” and most recently, “New Shapes” with UK hip-hop entity, Octavian. The remaining four cuts will call upon the talents of Soolking, IAMDDB, Bizzey & Ramiks, and Bausa. Diplo has continually proven his musical craft to be the antithesis to creative pigeonholing, and as such, fans can expect Europa to be a project that only further exemplifies Diplo’s commitment to conceptual and artistic versatility.

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There’s Never Been A Pop Song Quite Like Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next”

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Ariana GrandeIt all happened so fast — and it keeps happening faster. More »

Lil Yachty preps new album Nuthin’ 2 Prove, stars in How High 2, just really loves the aesthetic qualities of the number 2

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Just when you thought yachting season was well over: Lil Yachty — a.k.a. The Tiniest Boatswain — has come thru with details on his latest voyage into the choppy high seas of album-making. That’s right: Boat’s next project of prestige yacht-hop is called Nuthin’ 2 Prove, and it drops October 19.

Earlier this year, Yachty commissioned the Lil Boat 2 mixtape and christened song-of-the-summer “Who Want the Smoke?” featuring doubly-unstoppable power couple Cardi B and Offset. He’s also set to star in the recently announced feature-length motion picture How High 2, which will finally bring together the disparate worlds of weed culture, post-’90s MTV culture, start-up culture, and auto-tune culture. (Personally, I think he’d be more suited to a sequel of Jean Vigo’s 1934 classic L’Atalante, but that’s just me).

Check out Nuthin’ to Prove’s unsurprisingly nautical-themed album art below, and wait patiently for the ship’s manifest (i.e. tracklisting and rundown of featured artists), which has yet to be revealed to anyone — even his closest friends, who I lovingly call the Yacht Club. Now someone get ahold of Sandra Bullock and Jason Patric (he’ll be happy to hear from someone), because there is no stopping this boat!

Weird Al, Lil Yachty, Quincy Jones, & The Muppets Appear In Apple’s New Carpool Karaoke Season

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Carpool KaraokeIt’s almost time to buckle up for the second season of Apple TV’s Emmy-winning Carpool Karaoke: The Series. The spinoff from James Corden’s Late Late Show favorite is slated to return for free to the Apple TV app at 1:00PM ET on Friday (10/12). There will be a new episode every Friday on the Apple … More »

6LACK Wishes He Was A Rapper, But As An R&B Singer He’s On The Right Track

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6LACK“I’m an R&B nigga with a hip-hop core.” That’s 6LACK, the Atlanta singer born Ricardo Valentine, on “Scripture,” a track from East Atlanta Love Letter, the #3 album in America this week. That title and 6LACK’s stage name both reference Zone 6, the crime-riddled section of East Atlanta where he grew up. If you’re among … More »

Snapshot of Diplo, Juice WRLD, Lil Yachty in the studio suggests a collaboration could be on the way

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Snapshot of Diplo, Juice WRLD, Lil Yachty in the studio suggests a collaboration could be on the wayDiplo Mon MVMT18 Bryan Mitchell 199

Getting a glimpse of who is in the studio alongside Diplo appears a surefire way to gain insight about the collaborations that could potentially be on the horizon. If ourgenerationtv‘s recent Instagram post is indicative of the next Diplo project to permeate playlists, listeners can expect to see Diplo, Juice WRLD, and Lil Yachty‘s names on a track in the future. Shot by photographer and videographer Chris Long, the image of the three industry influencers suggests that the group could very well be at work on a joint production — one that might even have involved Trippie Redd, who contributed to recent Diplo release, “Wish.”

Although the development of a nascent collaboration between Diplo, Juice WRLD, and Yachty currently remains inconclusive, it’s safe to say that the producers are hardly strangers. Juice WRLD notably teased a series of song previews featuring Diplo. A brief clip of the rapper and Diplo’s offering, “Demons,” landed on Juice WRLD’s Instagram story not too long ago, indicating that the “Lucid Dreams” artist was certainly at work in the studio with Diplo. Lil Yachty and Diplo previously combined talents on “Worry No More.”

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Diplo x Yachty x Juice in the studio 👀🔥 [📸 by @chrislongfilms]

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Childish Gambino – “Feels Like Summer” Video

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Back in May, Donald Glover premiered a striking Childish Gambino music video for his new song, “This Is America.” It was an exciting teaser for a pair of lukewarm tracks that he shared in July, “Summertime Magic” and “Feels Like Summer.” My colleague Chris DeVille titled his The Week In Pop … More »

Lil Yachty & Donny Osmond Drop Chef Boyardee Jingle

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Lil Yachty Donny OsmondIn a bizarre product marketing concoction, Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond are featured together in a new jingle for Chef Boyardee. The collaboration is part of a campaign surrounding the canned Italian food’s 90th anniversary. The song, which is called “Start The Par-dee,” is patently ridiculous, of the so-stupid-it’s-funny variety. It finds Yachty rapping lines … More »

Steve Aoki talks upcoming features on ‘Neon Future III’ with Anna Lunoe

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Steve Aoki talks upcoming features on ‘Neon Future III’ with Anna LunoeSteve Aoki Jump

At 2018’s Tomorrowland, Anna Lunoe sat down with Steve Aoki on Beats 1 to talk pizza, plans for the upcoming album, and more. During the interview, Aoki reveals that there’s going to be some “out-of-the-box collabs” on Neon Future III, which is set for a September 2018 release. He mentions Blink-182 and Nicki Minaj, explaining that “Twitter is still used” when trying to get through to artists of that caliber.

It’s common knowledge that Aoki’s keen on experimenting with “out-of-the-box” artists/genres, as he’s worked with everyone from Fall Out Boy to Lil Yachty and more recently, Daddy Yankee. He’s also been hanging out in the studio with Colombian Reggaeton singer Maluma, so the possibilities feel quite endless at the moment.

Check out the full interview on Apple Music to hear more.


♫ Listen: Lil Yachty & Valee – “Wombo”

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“Beat weird as hell”
—YouTube comment by user scure

Lordy me, this beat!!! Talk about a lush background, maybe TOO lush for some rappers. Not for Boat & Valee though. Fearless chaps, those two. You already know Lil Yachty as having an affinity for left-field hip-hop approaches—at times, perhaps too left-field, e.g. the lackluster and cutesy Teenage Emotions, which was a let down for loyalists enamored by his aloof detachment on “Lil Boat” and “Minnesota”. Admittedly, those two breakout hits were successful because of the same cutesy, bubbly aura that oversaturated Teenage Emotions, but unlike his debut album, these early songs were balanced by an assured confidence that what he was doing wasn’t 100% silly. In other words, it sounded like he was taking himself seriously, but not too seriously. When it came to irony versus earnestness, Yachty’s intent was muddled, something á la Lil B or Soulja Boy, and fans seemed to revel in that. Sadly, Teenage Emotions was a step too far in the direction of puerile antics, and listening to it required the listener to embrace a cutesy, flaunting disposition.

Not trying to riff on Yachty. I’m saying all this to put into context “Wombo” (and Lil Boat 2, an album I thoroughly enjoyed), which is good in an early-Yachty way, exemplifying a bounceback from what could have been a tragic falling-off. Boat’s recent work sees him coming into himself, older, more experienced, more wary of the delicate touch required when trying to balance silly sing-song flows with earnest emotion and delivery. Which is great, because now there’s another rapper on the scene of a similar ilk, someone in a parallel lane. Valee, whose flow is certainly less goofy/fun-loving than Yachty’s, still has the flavor of someone who cares not-one-bit about what other rappers are doing, and embodies an aloof demeanor, plays around with rhythm and “beat weird as hell” producers the same way Yachty does. Dare I say the G.O.O.D. Music signee has a bright future?

Anywho, enough chat. Bump this track and listen to Lil Yachty and Valee complement each other’s idiosyncratic flows over an absolutely wavy instrumental, and hope for more collabs in the future???