74 Artists On Their Favorite Tom Petty Song

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I once got busted trying to steal a magazine from my hometown library. The 8/8/91 issue of Rolling Stone apparently had one of those sensors on the last page and it beeped from my backpack on the way out. I was gonna bring it back. I just wanted to take it home to read the … More »

Landlady’s Adam Schatz Releases Two Songs In Honor Of Jessi Zazu [Stream]

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Landlady’s Adam Schatz has just shared two new songs to honor the late Jessi Zazu of rock band Those Darlins. This includes an original “Share a Tree” and a cover of Al Green’s “Love And Happiness.” Both songs are full of joy and feel like a celebration of a truly beautiful life. Read Schatz’s statement on this project below:

“I am putting two new Landlady recordings out into the world today. I’m going through a lot of pain right now and I know others are too and listening to songs can help, so I see no use in holding it in.

Jessi Zazu Wariner was one of my favorite people on the planet and I will need a lot more words to say why in full. Here’s a few that are relevant.

The first song, the Al Green song, was our closing number on our tour this past February. Jessi couldn’t make it to the Nashville show because she had chemotherapy that day, and did so in a Landlady T-shirt. I was able to get to town the night before, my guys dropped me off and I slept on her floor, we stayed up talking and I can’t remember about what.

The second song in this pair, the original song, is a song I wrote years ago, for and about Jessi, Nikki, Linwood, Those Darlins and the complicated depths of the relationships carved out when making music with people long term. Nashville has long been a second home for me and it’s because of them. I would play Jessi new recordings I made long before they came out, and if she ever didn’t like something I would have burned it up. I sent her this song a few weeks ago, and received a glowing approval. I felt instantly big. She had that power over me. I feel incredibly lucky she left me feeling good, especially when I currently feel so bad.”

You can give to Jessi’s memorial fund here.

The Wild Honey Pie Presents The Beehive Northside 2017

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Artwork by David Ostrow

As spring continues to heat up around us, it’s about time we put on another free show! We’re throwing a bash at The Well in Bushwick as part of Northside Festival, hosting a carefully curated line-up of some of our favorite emerging bands, including plenty of home-grown NYC artists. Get ready to dance along to your favorite tunes and enjoy drinks courtesy of Polar Seltzer, a snack buffet from Harvest Snaps, backyard games and food trucks. Friday, June 9th is the date, and we’ll be celebrating from 6pm to 2am. The best part is that you and your friends can RSVP ahead of time to get in for free, or simply pay $15 at the door. There’s also a Facebook event ripe for the RSVP’ing and sharing.

Admission is limited to the venue capacity and the event is 21 and up. Northside Festival badge holders need not RSVP — just flash us your badge at the doors. We can’t wait to see you!


Event: The Wild Honey Pie Presents The Beehive at Northside Festival
Night: June 9, 2017
Hour: 6:00pm
Place: The Well, 272 Meserole St (Brooklyn)
Price: RSVP/21+


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