Lana Del Rey – “You Must Love Me” (Madonna Cover)

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It makes a certain sense that Lana Del Rey would love show tunes. After all, you could argue that she’s been playing a character on stages for the past seven years now, and her public image is nothing if not glamorous. And given that Del Rey’s contribution to a new Andrew Lloyd Webber compilation is … More »

Lana Del Rey Appears To Be Working With Jack Antonoff

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Jack Antonoff seems to have worked with pretty much every other big name in pop, so why not Lana Del Rey next? A recent Instagram Live session from Del Rey shows Antonoff in what looks like a studio, and of course now everyone is speculating as to whether or not they’re joining forces for new … More »

Like The Stay Puft Man Before Him, Marshmello Just Keeps Getting Bigger

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Who knows how many centuries the fortune under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson went untapped before the Grosh brothers happened upon it. The Pennsylvanian preacher’s sons had become seasoned prospectors during the gold rush years of the mid-19th century, and that experience served them well in Nevada’s Virginia Range southeast of Reno, where in … More »

Lana Del Rey Tearfully Addresses Fans In First Show Since Thwarted Kidnap Attempt

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Some scary news this past weekend: A man was arrested in Orlando for stalking and attempting to kidnap Lana Del Rey. The pop icon played her first show since the incident last night in Atlanta and found herself overcome by emotion upon stepping on stage at Philips Arena. Crouching down, she told the audience: … More »

Man Arrested For Stalking, Attempting To Kidnap Lana Del Rey In Orlando

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Police arrested a man outside Lana Del Rey’s concert in Orlando Friday night (2/2) for aggravated stalking and attempting to kidnap the singer with a weapon. More »

BØRNS releases sophomore album ‘Blue Madonna’

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Garrett Clark Borns — aka BØRNS — catapulted himself into the stratosphere seemingly from nowhere, with the release of debut album Dopamine. On his sophomore effort, Blue Madonna, Borns dives further into the deep glitz-rock dreamscape that defined his singular sound from the start.

Save for a feature from Lana Del Rey, the album, released on Interscope Records, sees Borns occupy center stage. Opening track “God Save Our Young Blood” is a pointed entrance into the journey known as youthful salvation. “Climbed up the tree of life,” sings Borns, undoubtedly there are times when the facade of youth becomes a bit overdrawn. “Kicked out of paradise” he continues, the effort is welcome regardless its simplistic lyrical approach. The album’s kick off track sees two of glam-pop’s most forthright purveyors synthesize their artistic prowess successfully. The project plays through in its entirety fairly quickly, too, with “Man,” the album’s longest, clocking in at a modest 3:57, that provides fans with an easy entry.

Aside from a few notable pitfalls, the project’s central focus around the thematic concept of disillusioned youth simultaneously nods to a variety of influences ranging from Bowie to Tame Impala‘s Kevin Parker to Beyoncé herself. BØRN’s latest project is an eager step forward and, for all its imperfections: a welcome one.

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Børns – “Blue Madonna” (Feat. Lana Del Rey)

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Lana Del Rey appeared on “God Save Our Young Blood,” the opening track from her Interscope label-mate Børns’ new album Blue Madonna. As it turns out, she sings on the title track, too. Now that the album is out, you can hear it for yourself if you so desire. Here: … More »

Radiohead’s publisher denies the band is suing Lana Del Rey

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Despite recent reports that Radiohead might pursue legal action against Lana Del Rey on the grounds of copyright infringement for her track “Get Free,” which allegedly borrowed numerous sonic elements from the bands seminal hit “Creep,” the band has denied that the accusations have been brought to court.

Del Rey recently announced via Twitter that they had. “Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by ‘Creep,’ Radiohead feel it was and want 100% of the publishing,” she said.

Although, now, a spokesperson for Radiohead’s publisher Warner/Chappell has denied the existence of a lawsuit with the release of a statement:

“As Radiohead’s music publisher, it’s true that we’ve been in discussions since August of last year with Lana Del Rey’s representatives. It’s clear that the verses of ‘Get Free’ use musical elements found in the verses of ‘Creep’ and we’ve requested that this be acknowledged in favour of all writers of ‘Creep.’

To set the record straight, no lawsuit has been issued and Radiohead have not said they “will only accept 100%” of the publishing of ‘Get Free.’”

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Radiohead’s Publishers Dispute Lana Del Rey’s Claims About Copyright Dispute

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Over the weekend Lana Del Rey seemed to confirm rumors that Radiohead were suing her over “Get Free,” the closing track on last year’s Lust For Life, due to perceived similarities to their 1992 breakthrough hit “Creep.” (Notably, Radiohead themselves lifted parts of “Creep” from the Hollies’ “The Air I Breathe,” which later … More »

Lana Del Rey Talks Radiohead Lawsuit Onstage, Says “Get Free” May Be Removed From Album

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Yesterday, Lana Del Rey claimed on Twitter that Radiohead were suing her over her song “Get Free,” which has a chord progression similar to Radiohead’s breakout single “Creep.” In that tweet, Del Rey wrote that Radiohead wanted 100% of her publishing for the song and that the band’s lawyers had been “relentless,” even after … More »